Brotherly love: big brother likes it in the ass

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Brotherly Love: Big Brother Likes It In The Ass
By Blackdawn

Chray Yanu couldn’t help it, groaning in lust, he secretly shifted his steadily growing groin from the pocket on his pants suit as he trailed their new Sales Rep. across the floor level of their 32-story building. She was a fine piece of ass – young – looking to be in her 20s her file said she just got out of college, her brunet hair dyed blonde that was pulled back into a fashionable bun, a few strands of stray hair falling out against her long neck, blue eyes shined brightly behind her thick framed glasses, about 5’5, some where in the 100 pound range, size D breasts and a wonderfully tones ass.

The outfit she wore made her body look even sexier, she wore high heels and though her tan dress pants were baggy around the legs were hugging the roundness of her ass, even wedging up to her pussy. Every once in he could see the shape of her camel toe from behind. Her blouse involved two layers, the top unbuttoned down to the middle of her breasts, but they were so large were pulling against the seams, beneath that was a white satin tank which covered what would have been showing cleavage.

She bent down and Chray felt his dick jump forward, it was bobbing up and down like it had a mind of its own. His eyebrow twitched as she bent down to pick up some paper she dropped, the shape of her camel toe in full view, he looked up and seen a white lacy thong going up her butt crack. Looking passed that, he realized she had bent down in front of an office window, the blinds had been pulled down which created a reflection and could see her hanging breasts from inside the white tank. He could tell they were real because of how they hung, the fact that they flopped around.

His eyes grew wide when seeing her face in the reflection, she was looking right back at him and grinning from ear to ear, a look like, “You naughty boy you.” He frowned, looked her body over again before heading for the private elevator.

This was his family’s company, a corporation in fact that spanned world wide as one of the top medical supply companies, they supplied to both the United States, other countries and needy countries – the low cost supplies of which were free, plus a lump sum of cash, that though was to make their family name look good, and to not pay any taxes. Because he was an employee, and she as well, he had to keep his dick in his pants when on the job premises. His position amongst the company was harder, he couldn’t just walk around trying to bang chicks and say, “Woe is me.” if he got fired for it, not like the regular employees could. He had to keep his hands clean and watch his composure, anything stupid from his actions could send a rippling effect through his entire family, through the whole corporation, and they were dead set on keeping their noses clean and making sure their name remained pure, despite what the tabloids said.

Hitting the button for the 32nd floor, Chray stuffed his hands into his pockets and tried vainly to not fondle himself, looking himself in the reflection of the chrome doors, his immense height and size taking up most the doors. He was 24, 6’6 and packed with solid muscle, his brown skin clashed violently with his light gray suit, his nearly bald head and massive tribal tattoo extending from the back of his head then going around to above of his ears and ending with his eyes in between the deadly curls made him look like a mobster, his black hair design was something of the Egyptian times – starting with a small patch of hair behind his head but was long and braided into individual braids.

Everyone referred to him as a black man and his father hated him acting out like the African-Americans some times. He wasn’t a true black man, only looked liked one from his Mother’s side because she was human, and Caucasian. His Father was the one pertaining the black pigmentation, but was not human, an animal alien that were referred to as the Techx, but the humans knew not of their existence.

He grinned sheepishly with viewing the apparent bulge in his pants. Charellee was going to like this.

The elevator stopped, the doors opened and he walked into an empty hallway, turned left on the red carpeting and to a double set of large oak doors on the right. Not bothering to knock, he let himself in and found his older brother sitting at the far end of his large, extravagant office, his nose buried in something at his computer. If it were himself, he knew he would be looking at porn, but knowing his brother, he had submersed himself with something pertaining work via the company.

It was unbelievable that they were brothers, they didn’t look identical at all, more so because they held completely different skin differentials, Chray was black, and Charellee was pale white, so white that the veins under his skin looked like a marker had been run across various parts of his body. Any more whiter and he would have been deemed albino. The other thing that set them apart was that Charellee was bigger than himself, it was no joke when he referred to his big brother as “Big Brother” despite them only being about 9 months apart, Big Brother stood a whopping height of 6’8 with a massive square girth making him look small and lean compated to his big brother. All his clothes had to be specially tailored because of his size.

All this resulted from the fact that they were only half-brothers, both men shared the same Mother but different Fathers, both Fathers being Techx.

Charellee at first peered above the frames of his reading glasses, looked to Chray then back to his computer. “What do you want Chray?” He didn’t sound irritated, but didn’t sound so enthused with him being in his office either.

Not saying a word, Chray took quick strides to his desk, stepped past the two leathers chairs placed in front of the desk and placed his fists onto the surface of the desk as he leaned down. “I need some help big />
Charellee didn’t vocally acknowledge him, merely looked passed his frames to his round face, then his eyes trailed down and stopped dead center and Chray’s bulge. Chray grinned as his big brother eyed his arousal, proud he could catch the attention of his big brother in such a way.

Charellee grunted, then shifted in his chair and turned his gaze back to his computer. “Not now Chray, I have work to do.”

But Chray’s grin grew even bigger, despite the words said, he heard the tone, he knew the tone when his big brother really wanted dick. So he leaned across the desk, placed two fingers under his big brother’s chin and guided his gaze from the computer back to him. “You know you want to big brother, it won’t take but a few />
He watched as his big brother’s black eyes jumped around, ciphering through the decision. Without warning, Chray shot forward planting a deep kiss across his brother’s lips.

It was instant for Charellee to struggle but soon calmed down and melted into the kiss, after another minute their mouths opened for a deep kiss and interlocked their tongues, both the brother’s breathing through their noses.

Chray’s dick jumped, sending adrenaline pumping through his vein, and without breaking from the kiss hopped onto the desk and over, he was sitting with his brother between his legs and was caught off guard when his big brother embraced him tightly, his grip so tight he groaned and grimaced in pain as a hand was brought to his head and pressed his lips hard onto his brother for an even dipper kiss, to the point his teeth were driving into his lips splitting them.

Minutes later Charellee pulled back in a gasp, his eyes looking up to his brother in lust as his hands wondered up Chray’s pants and settled onto his raging hard on, his dick jumping up and down, eager to be touched and stroked. Charellee didn’t take no time at all to unzip his younger brother’s pants and pull out his full erection of 9 inches.

Chray moaned as his brother’s hands trailed up and down his veiny shaft, pre-cum already leaking out creating self lubrication, Charellee gave a tight squeeze with his stroking movement causing Chray to yelp in ecstasy, he titled his head up, eyes closed and moaned for his big brother to start sucking him.

Happy to comply, Charellee removed his glasses and gorged himself on the massive offering.

Chray’s eyes and mouth shot open in shock at the sudden wave of pleasure that hit him, no body could suck dick better than his brother could, Charellee knew exactly what to do at the right time. Heart pumping a million miles an hour and placed both hands into his brother’s short hair and pushed him down onto his dick, another wave of pleasure hit when he felt the tip of his dick slide directly down his brother’s throat. He didn’t know how his big brother was able to do it, but he could some how suck his entire dick with it lodged in his throat like that. Sending him into over drive and found himself pumping his dick into his brother’s throat, eager to release his sperm into his brother’s mouth. So he pushed his brother back some and placed both hands on the edge of the desk where he started doing a form of push ups with his arms, only backwards. Looking down, he watched as his dick come all the way to the tip just to go right back in, watching his brother give him a blow job turned him on even more.

His brother sucked hard as he started sliding back out which caused him to jolt and slam his dick into the gaping mouth and latch onto his head, feeling the tingle his balls and cried out loudly, head titled back and face pinched with teeth showing as he felt his load coming up.

“Oh shit big brother! Oh shit! I’m going to. . .I’m gonna, I’m cum Big Brother. Oh Shit! Oh Shit! gonna. . . . Ahhhh!” He forced his dick in all the way and held it there as his cum penetrated the confines of his brother’s throat, moaning and groaning as he let it all loose, making sure to get every last bit in his brother. It felt great with him sucking, even better knowing his big brother was going to drink him dry.

The wave passing, he collapsed onto the desk in a great heave and already sweating, laying there in bliss as he listened to his brother’s own moans, still sucking his throbbing cock.

It had to have been about five minutes of him laying there, having already slipped out of his jacket and shirt, shirtless, cooled off and feeling great with his brother still sucking him and running his mouth up and down until Charellee stopped.

“Your turn little brother.” He said lustfully, leaning onto the table letting the hard on in his pants touch his hard cock.

Smiling, Chray slid off the desk and directly to his knees where he took position himself in front of the crotch. Charellee already going shirtless, he unzipped his brother and swallowed hard at the massive mound of meat that knocked him slap in the face. Chray liked sucking his brother but found it hard to do, he wanted to return the favor and deep-throat his brother like what was done to him, but he could never do it. Charellee’s 11 inches was just too big for him, and it wasn’t slim either, it was fat and thick.

He gasped as Charellee suddenly slid it in, the massive bulging tip hit his uvula and gagged, pulled back some and almost puked right on his brother’s dick, he did feel some stuff come up his throat but caught it in the nick of time and forced it back down.

Charellee’s evil chuckle came down to his ears, “Am I too much for you little />
Taking the jab to his pride, Chray opened his mouth and throat then shoved the dick back in, happy when he able to get it half way down his throat and to hear his brother gasp in pleasure while jolting, his hands splayed on top his head and looked up to find his brother’s eyes closed, mouth opened and moaning in pleasure and he started with soft thrusts.

Enjoying it himself, Chray had one hand moving up and down his dick, letting out his own moans of pleasure when pleasuring himself felt so good. He had been doing good with giving his brother a blow job but ended up getting too carried away, tried sucking a little harder and tried getting further down but gagged and choked on the pre-cum then spit the dick out coughing profusely.

“Easy now little brother, if you can’t do it then you can’t do it.”

Chray frowned, unhappy he wasn’t able to return the same pleasure he had previously received, but that’s when his big brother placed a hand under his chin making him look up.

“Hey now little brother, don’t beat yourself up about it.” He gave a reassuring smile, something else you can do to me though.”

Chray smiled and stood, knowing very well what his brother was wanting, but first, he let his tongue run along his brother’s abdomen. Feeling him gasp and shudder as arms embraced him once again, his tongue came up to his chest then over to a nipple where he licked and played with it. Charellee damned near screamed out loud in pleasure, his grip becoming tighter. Chray then bit down onto the nipple, clamping the soft tissue between his teeth, he smiled when Charellee shook violently and applied some more pressure, his brother’s waist dipped down letting his dick touch his own in a sword play and Chray closed his eyes of the sensationable feeling.

It felt almost too good to be real.

Pressing his lips onto his brother’s chest, still holding the nipple with his teeth, he started sucking and that’s when Charellee lost it, he started screaming out loud and was shaking all over with his throbbing and pulsating dick pounding unto his own until he was screaming for him to stop. Doing as told, he stopped and pulled back with a smile, he may not be so great with deep-throating, but he knew how sensitive his brother's nipples were and knew how to exploit that.

Charellee smiling back, he jokily shoved his brother’s shoulder. “Very funny Chray.”

Chray only laughed out loud.

Big brother then turned and started pulling his pants down, he didn’t need to be told what to do now, he knew how much his brother liked his dick in his ass. Reaching over and around, he pulled out the left drawer out and reached his hand all the way to the back where his hand reached a secret compartment, pulled the backing down and grabbed the lube.

Charellee had some small toys stuffed in there along with the lube and condoms.

Not wasting his time, Chray lubed up his right hand, wiped some lube onto his brother’s ass then stuck two fingers in, he smiled when Charellee gave a long and pleasant moan. Lubing up his dick, he held it in his right hand and guided it straight for his brother’s ass, met the small hole then slowly shoved it in.

His big brother gasped and waist bucked forward as he fell onto the desk, Chray slowly slid all the way in until reaching the base and gasped when his brother tightened around him, he pulled back slowly and looked down, watching as his dick came all the way then slid back in. After a few slow strokes, Charellee’s waist was soon bopping back and forth, Chray found himself gasping and moaning more and more with his brother, eventually falling on his back and proceeded with hand job for his brother. As Chray was moving forward Charellee was grinding onto his dick, and every time he pulled back his brother would shove himself back onto him, every single time his ass would contract even tighter and Chray found himself closer to his climax, he only hoped he could last until his brother came.

Charellee was soon bucking back forth, pulling his ass to the tip of Chray’s dick and ramming himself back onto it, it was then that Chray started gasping, his balls got the same tingling feeling as before and was fighting with himself to keep from cumming just yet, biting the bottom of his lip until it bled and begged for his brother to hurry. His brother moved even faster and Chray began shaking, he was starting to loose it.

“Big Brother. . . I’m about to cum, hurry.”

He felt his brother’s ass contract, felt his brother’s dick in his hand bulge then pulsate, his brother stopped moving and slammed onto his dick keeping it there and Chray let loose. Screaming as the built up cum unloaded and dumped all into his brother, hot cum spilling onto his hand from his brother’s dick and collapsed on the massive back as Charellee fell onto the desk. Both still cumming, both still moaning, bathed in sweat and lost in ecstasy, they came back down and were lost in bliss, savoring their own affection for each other, grateful they were brothers.


story by: Blackdawn

Tags: blowjob job/place-of-work fantasy cum swallowing anal gay incest sex story

Author: Blackdawn

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