Bungalow 106 chapter 1

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Katie threw open the patio doors in the master bedroom and inhaled deeply, filling her lungs full of ocean air. It had been years since she had been to the beach and she really needed a vacation. She had done tons of research online and was thrilled when she found this little beach side bungalow for a bargain price of one hundred and fifty dollars. That had been seven months ago and she had been counting down the days since. It was going to be three days and two nights of utter bliss in her own little piece of paradise.

The location of the bungalow was amazing. Her bedroom patio was literally on the beach, and the closest neighbor was about 250 yards away, and she was pretty sure that place was empty.

The bungalow had obviously been around a few decades, but it had been well maintained. The open floor plan suited the place. The living room and dining area were to the left when you opened the front door, and were sparsely furnished. There was a couch and chair, along with a small entertainment center that held a television and radio. Beyond the dining room table was a bar that separated the small kitchen. The hallway ran down the length of the house on the right side. There was a small spare room to the right and a half-bath on the left.

At the end of the hallway was the entrance to the master suite. There was a king-size bed with fresh white linens and night stands on either side. There was a dresser and a vanity on one adjacent wall and the patio doors on the other. Across from the bed was the large bathroom and closet.
She hung her clothes in the closet and decided she needed a glass of wine to sip while she unpacked. She turned on the radio as she walked through the living room. A slow, beachy instrumental filled the house. She reached the kitchen and took a wineglass and corkscrew from the box on the counter, then she grabbed the bottle of Moscato from the freezer.

She turned to find a man. “Who the hell are you?” She asked. Her tone wasn’t rude or demanding. Actually, her tone was playful.

He hadn’t been expecting to see her, but watching her as she moved to the soft music in her own little world amused him. “I’m Brian. Who the hell are you?” He retorted with that same playful tone she had given him.

“I’m Katie. Can I help you?”

She was coy. He smiled to himself; he liked coy. “I should be asking you the same thing. Not that I am complaining, but why are standing in my />
“Your kitchen? This is my kitchen. This is my bungalow. I made reservations here months ago.”

“So did I. I specifically asked for this bungalow. My friend told me he came up here last year and said it was amazing. He was right, it’s got a great view.” He was looking dead at her when he said it, but she didn’t notice.

She stood there twisting the corkscrew, thinking. She pulled the cork out of the bottle, carefully poured herself a glass of wine, and took a sip, letting the cool liquid slide down her throat. “There must’ve been some sort of mix-up at the front desk. We’ll ride up to the office and they will straighten this whole thing out.” She took another sip of wine and added, “You drive.”

“Ladies first,” Brian gestured, with a hint of southern charm. He stepped out of the doorway and allowed her to pass. She wasn’t a small woman, he thought. She had to be five-foot-ten barefooted. And there was only one word that came to mind when he looked at her frame: voluptuous. She had curves and lots of soft flesh. Brian liked that in a woman. She was wearing a strapless shin-length cotton sundress. It was white with pale yellow flowers printed sporadically all over the material. She had a thin, black belt high on her waist. She dressed well for her body type, he thought. Her hair was auburn, shoulder length, and fell in hundreds of curls that surrounded her adorable face. She wore glasses, and behind them she had the most beautiful green eyes Brian had ever seen. He could get lost in those eyes.

She chuckled, “Are you coming?” He was just standing there. She looked him over. He was about an inch taller than she, and had a stocky build. Though he wasn’t what she would normally call her she was attracted to him. His head was close shaved, and there was about three days worth of stubble on his face and neck. He was dressed in khaki shorts and a blue shirt that really brought out his piercing blue eyes. He was older than she was, at least ten years she assumed. But he was good-looking, and there was something appealing about him. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, put she was digging it anyway.

He snapped back from his thoughts, “Oh, yeah. Sorry.”

They climbed into his Jeep and rode the short distance to the office, each in their own thoughts, each actually thinking about the other. Brian glanced at her from out of the corner of his eye as he drove down the sandy path that led to the office. She was beautiful. Her skin was only slightly tanned, her complexion was flawless, and she had this aura about her. She seemed completely comfortable with herself and who she was. Confidence wasn’t something he was used to seeing in a woman, and it drew him to her.
Katie was in her own world thinking about the man driving. Her Tarot reader did say this weekend would be full of surprises, not that she really believed in that sort of thing. It was just fun to think about. But still, there he was. And boy was he a surprise. First, she was surprised to see him standing in her kitchen while she swayed to the music. Then, even more surprised when she caught him ogling her. She was always pretty confident, and didn’t think she was unattractive. So, she was a little over weight. It didn’t really bother her, most days anyway. But she had never been ogled before. She kind of liked it.

They pulled into the office parking lot and Brian stepped out of the Jeep first. He walked around to help Katie down, but she was already headed toward the door. She was tall, he thought. He opened the glass door and gestured for her to go first. Brian was a few steps behind her and he couldn’t help but notice how she glided up to the counter, still bare-footed. The afternoon sun was beaming in through the windows and Brian could see her silhouette through her cotton dress. She stood up straight and walked the way a woman should, with a little sway in her hips that seemed natural. It also made him look at her ass. It was large, and round. Her hips were wide, but not out of proportion. Brian felt a surge of lust as he watched that glorious backside move in front of him. She said something to the clerk behind the counter, and he nodded and walked through the door leading to the back office.

“Where did the kid go?” He asked as he reached the counter, realizing that he was standing a little closer than he intended to

“He went to get the owner.” He was standing really close to her. She could smell his cologne mixed with the scent of the sun on his shirt. The smell was almost intoxicating. She breathed him in, and felt a small twinge in her nether regions. Another surprise, especially since she had only just met this man.

“May I help you?” An older man with gray hair and suspenders asked over thick rimmed glasses. His nametag read />
Katie gave him a smile. “I believe there has been some sort of booking error. This gentleman says that he has booked Bungalow 106 for this weekend, but so have I.”

“Okay, let me take a look. Ah, yes, here it is. Oh, this is He looked at Brian, Mr. Greene?” Brian nodded and Pops turned his eyes to Katie, “Ms. Owens?” Katie nodded. “It looks like you both have booked the bungalow. Y’all don’t know each other?”

Her smile was gorgeous. Her whole face lit up when she smiled. Brian’s stomach fluttered a little, and he cleared his throat, more trying to clear his mind. He barely knew this woman, and she couldn’t be more than 25. “No,” Brian answered, “we have never met before today.”

The innkeeper looked at them with amusement in his eyes. “Well, you have both paid for half of the bungalow, although I am not sure how this happened, since you have never met before today.”

“No wonder I got such a good deal,” Katie mused. “There is always a catch. So, is there another bungalow that one of us could take?”

“Let me see,” Pops thumbed through the book he had laid in from of him. “No, ma’am, we are booked solid for the next four weeks.” ‘

“And after that?”

“We close down for the season.”

“Of course you do. Nothing has gone right this week.” Katie was aggravated. After her huge screw up at work, and the idiot blonde in the apartment above her leaving the bath tub running all day and flooding the place she really needed this weekend to calm down and relax. “So, you tell me, what are some possible solutions to this />
The old man smiled, “Well, we do have a ‘No Refunds’ policy, but in this case I might be able to make an exception. Only problem is, the bank deposit has already been made today, and the bank is closed. Won’t be able to get your money until eight o’clock tomorrow />
“Is there another hotel in the area.”

“Yeah, but they are probably booked up too. It’s festival season ‘round here ma’am. We got people from all over comin’ here over the next month or so. We can give it a try though.”

Pops disappeared into the back room, and Katie flashed a smile at Brian. “Before I am done here, we will both have a free weekend. I’m about to turn on the charm.”

Brian was already charmed, “Oh, yeah? You get more />
Katie winked, “Oh, yeah! You just wait and see, baby.”

Brian smiled at her and she felt a tingle in her thighs. Man, he had a great smile. She let her eyes wonder down his body for just a second. He has a nice everything she thought.

After a few moments, Pops returned with the phone book and an old, beat up corded phone. “I’ve called all the ones here in town, and none of ‘em have any vacancies. There are a few hotels down in
Sytherston, but that’s about 45 minutes away. The weather man said there was a storm comin’, so I’d be />
Katie shifted her weight and leaned on the counter. Storms made her nervous, and she hated driving in the pouring rain and wind. “How far out is the storm?”

said it’s ‘bout 30 minutes out.”

Katie bit her bottom lip, and turned back to Brian, “As much as I hate to admit it, storms freak me out, and I especially hate driving in them. There are two bedrooms in the bungalow, so do you think that we could share, just for the night?”

Brian didn’t hesitate. He had been trying to muster up the courage to ask her to stay, but he didn’t want to look like a creep. “Yeah, that would be fine.”

“Great, thanks,” Katie turned back to Pops. “So, Pops, I think that Mr. Greene and I have been very understand and cooperative throughout this whole scheduling mix-up, don’t you?” Her tone was playful, and slightly flirty.

Pops grinned like a blushing school boy, “Yes ma’am, a lot nicer than some woulda been.”

“Thank you! Since he and I are both slightly inconvenienced by this little mix-up, I think that we should each get a free weekend in Bungalow 106 next season. And we will tell all our friends how you were so gracious and ready to accommodate our needs as />
She had charmed him. Not so much with what she said, but with her tone of voice and pleasant demeanor. “Yes ma’am, I think we can arrange that. Come on back ‘bout 10:30 in the mornin’ and well get you squared away.”

She reached out and touched his arm. “Thanks, Pops. Have a wonderful evening, and mind the storm.” Katie turned away from the counter and winked at Brian.

When they reached the car Brian spoke, “You know, I would’ve let you have this weekend. You just took charge of the whole conversation in there.” She saw a smile in the corner of his eyes.
“Oh, sorry about that. I just have to have a kind of attitude at work, and it has kind of seeped into my />
Brian hoped that she wasn’t so demanding in all aspects of her personal life. Some things were best when they were drawn out. An image of her laid out on that king sized bed in the bungalow popped into his head, and he cleared his throat. “There is a country store just up the road. We should go check the house and see if we need any supplies, in case we lose power.”

Katie smiled, “I like your />
They arrived at the bungalow in minutes. The wind was starting to pick up and some nasty storm clouds were rolling in. Katie’s stomach flipped over. Ever since she had been trapped in a ditch off the main road of her hometown during a hurricane a few years back she wasn’t fond of storms. “We better hurry. I think thirty minutes is pushing it,” she said as they made their way to the front door. “I’ll check the closets for candles and a battery powered radio. You check the kitchen for water and food supplies.” She realized she was doing it again, “If you don’t mind that is.”

She hadn’t meant to be bossy he thought, she just wanted to make sure they were out of the storm in time. “No />
Each moved around the bungalow with swift efficiency. Neither wanted to be caught out when the sky opened. After five minutes they met back in the living room and headed for the door. “We need lots of candles, a flashlight, a radio and batteries.” Katie said as they walked down the porch stairs.

“And there is nothing to eat in the house, and nothing to drink but beer and wine. We both made sure we had enough alcohol,” Brian joked as he backed out of the driveway. “We should hurry though. I didn’t check the weather before I headed out, and I didn’t bring the roof or the doors to the Jeep. Add a tarp to the list.”

The ride to the country store was short, and before Brian had even gotten the Jeep in park Katie was headed for the entrance. When Brian caught up with her she was loading a shopping cart with candles. “How many do you think we’ll need?”

Brian smiled and looked down at the contents of the cart. She had to have twenty candles in the bottom. “I think that should be enough.”

Katie grabbed two more, “For good measure,” she said. “Why don’t you go grab a couple gallons of water and I will get the flashlight and />
They gathered a few other supplies; food, toilet paper, matches, a small hand-held radio and the tarp. With bags in hand, they hurried back to the Jeep. Large drops of rain had begun to fall from the sky. The pair jumped into the truck and pulled onto the main road. It was only a few minutes before they reached the turn-off for the bungalow. As soon as Brian made the turn, the bottom fell out of the sky. Huge wet raindrops poured down from the dark clouds overhead, and within moments Brian and Katie were drenched.

Brian almost parked on the porch when he pulled into the driveway of the bungalow. Katie grabbed the bags and ran to the porch. She dropped them and dug for the tarp. “Brian, the tarp,” She called as she jogged towards him.

“Go in the house, I got this. No sense in both of us drowning out here.”

“I’m already soaked, let me help you.” Katie pulled at one end of the tarp and drug it over the top of the Jeep. The blinding rain had already made puddles in the floorboards. The wind was whipping which made controlling the tarp nearly impossible.

After what seemed like hours of fighting the wind and rain, they finally got the tarp secured around the Jeep’s frame. Brian said as they stepped under the porch, “It’s not perfect, but it is better than nothing. Thank you for your help, Katie.” He opened the door and she stepped in. Brian retrieved the bags and set them in the foyer, closing the door behind him. “Look at you, you’re soaked.” Her hair was plastered to her face and her dress clung to her. Make-up streaked down her cheeks. She had taken her glasses off and Brian got a good look at those deep green eyes.

Katie caught a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror. “Good Lord, I look like a drowned rat,” She laughed. “Please excuse me while I go get into something dry.” Katie dripped down the hall, being very careful not to slip on the hardwood floors. She reached the bedroom door and closed it behind her. She was chilled. She quickly got out of her wet dress and hung it in the shower to drip dry. She grabbed a towel from the rack and patted her chest as she looked in the mirror. Her make-up was running down her cheeks and her hair was sopping wet. She removed her silk strapless bra and panties and wrapped the towel around her naked body. She took a wash cloth and turned on the hot water. It heated quickly and Katie began scrubbing at her face, slowly getting the make-up off. After a few minutes with the blow dyer and a little frizz control cream, she was starting to look presentable again. She re-applied a little foundation and mascara. She hung the towel up and strolled into the bedroom, stark naked.

“Katie, I…” Brian’s jaw nearly dropped. She was naked. She was gloriously naked. Her body was even better than he had imagined it. Her breasts were perfect melon-shaped globes with small pink nipples. She had a small horseshoe-shaped ring in each of them. Her stomach was smooth and milky. Her long legs turned into thick thighs, and at their apex was a patch of tight auburn curls. So she was a natural redhead, he mused. Brian felt the blood starting to flow into his cock and he fought the urge to lick his lips. She looked delicious. “I’m sorry Katie, I should’ve />
Katie was frozen. This, she thought, was definitely a surprise. She wasn’t even trying to cover herself; she was just standing there as his eyes roamed her naked form. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she could feel the blush rising from her belly. Then she felt the tingle. She supposed she had been ignoring it ever since Brian had stood so close to her at the office earlier. But now that he was standing in her bedroom staring at her exposed body she couldn’t ignore it any longer. She felt her pussy clinch with arousal and the first drops of moisture dampened her. They stood there not saying anything for what seemed like days, but was probably only twenty seconds. Katie broke the silence, “Did you need something Brian?”

He was still standing there he realized. As much as it pained him, he adverted him eyes, “Could you just grab me a towel when you come out,” and he shut the door.

Katie dressed quickly in a black pair of yoga pants and a pale pink tank. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail and got a towel for Brian. She looked herself over in the mirror before, and approving at what she saw, shut off the light.

She should have been embarrassed to face Brian after that little encounter, but she wasn’t. She actually kind of liked him looking at her, and he didn’t run away screaming, so that was a definite plus. If she didn’t know any better she might think he’d liked what he saw. The way he had moved his eyes from the tip of her head to her toes turned her on. Now that, she thought, was ogling. And she definitely liked it.

Brian was embarrassed enough for the both of them. He just hoped she hadn’t seen his cock swell at the sight of her. But damn, was she sexy. He was only human, after all. Anyone would have stared. And it wasn’t just her physical traits that attracted him to her, though that did not hurt one bit. He was also attracted to her wit and charm. The way she could get her point across without being a total bitch, another thing he wasn’t used to in a woman. He could tell she was a woman to be reckoned with if she got angry though. He saw that fire in her eyes, her beautiful eyes. Brian was a sucker for a nice pair of eyes, and Katie’s were the nicest he had ever seen. He just hoped Katie wasn’t embarrassed. She had no reason to be.

The sound of Katie calling out his name made his semi-hard cock twitch. “In here.”

Katie appeared in the doorway of the half-bath and handed him the towel. Suddenly, the lights flickered and then everything was dark. “Damn, there goes the power. I’ll go get some candles. Don’t move.”

Katie blindly felt her way down the short hallway. She wasn’t completely familiar with the layout of the furniture yet and though the sun had not completely set it did little to light her path. She fumbled around in the dark until she felt the plastic bags. After a few seconds of digging through the bags Katie found the candles and matches. She struck a match and the room lit up. She touched the match to as many of the candles as she could before it got too close to her fingers.

Light poured into the small bathroom when Katie returned with a large sweet smelling candle. She slid behind Brian and placed it on the back of the toilet. “There ya go. Do you need another one?”

“No, thank you.”

Katie stepped back out of the bathroom, “I’ll put a couple in your room.”

“Katie, I want to apologize again for just barging in on you. I really should have />
Katie smiled, “It’s just skin Brian, no big deal.”

Brian washed and dressed quickly. Her words played over and over in his head. ‘Just skin’? Now that was a new one on him. Though he thought a plump woman was about the sexiest thing on the earth, most he had been with seemed ashamed and self-conscious. They always wanted to have sex with the lights of, and if they had their way some clothing still intact. He got the feeling Katie wasn’t like that at all. He wouldn’t have to coax and beg to see her with the lights on. He already had and it was ‘just skin.’ He threw on a pair of cargo pants and a tee shirt and blew out the candles. He opened the door and followed the soft glow that was coming from the kitchen.

Katie was standing there sipping a glass of wine fumbling with the small radio. Static poured out of the speakers as Katie slowly turned the tuner dial. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he could see her nipples through the stretchy fabric of her tank top. He felt his cock swell again. He took a beer from his cooler, twisted the top off and threw it in the trash. “Any luck?”

“I was never good at these stupid manual tuners. You wanna give it a try?” Katie handed the radio over to Brian and after a few seconds an old Aerosmith song echoed in the quiet house. “Wow, now that was talent. I love this song.” Katie closed her eyes and moved her body to the music as she sung along, “Baby, baby, ba-a-by, you’re my angel, come and save me tonight.” For a split second, she'd forgotten Brian was there. She opened her eyes, “Oh, God, sorry about that,” she giggled. “No one should ever be subjected to my singing. Ever.”

“Aw, it wasn’t that bad.”

Brian smiled and took another pull of his beer, “Yeah, ok it was.”

Katie batted his arm playfully, “Like you could do any better?”

“Not in a million years. I couldn’t carry a tune in a plastic lined box.” Katie laughed at his comment, and Brian was in a trance. Her laugh was infectious. She laughed with her whole body, a big belly laugh that wasn’t forced or stifled. He watched her breasts jiggle and his cock reacted accordingly. “So,” Brian started when her laughter died down, “now what should we do?”

“I don’t know. What is there to do on a deserted beach, in the middle of nowhere, with a perfect stranger?”
Brian debated for a moment. He would love to lay her down on that big bed in there and worship her yummy body. He had a feeling this firecracker of a woman exploded in bed. He had an intuition about this sort of thing, and right now his gut was screaming. He also wanted to get stoned. Brain was a pretty straight-laced guy, but he did like to indulge in a little herbal refreshment occasionally. So, when he decided to come to the beach, he brought the best stuff he could find. He wondered if Katie partook. There was only one way to find out. “Well, I don’t know how you feel about this, but we could,” Brian wasn’t sure how to finish the sentence, so he just blurted it out, “Get stoned.”

She wasn’t sure what he was going to say, but she knew she wasn’t expecting that. She had planned to spend this weekend in a foggy haze of nirvana, but assumed he wouldn’t be into something like that.

“That sounds great,” Katie sipped at her wine. “Yours or mine?”

Brian opened the cooler and dug to the bottom of the ice. “This stuff is supposed to knock you on your ass.” He pulled the bag out and dried it with a paper towel. “Do you prefer bowl or papers?”

“Bowl it is. I’ll be right back.” Brian picked up a candle and disappeared into the living room. He returned a few seconds with a small metal pipe and set it on the counter with the candle.

your bowl? I prefer glass. Can we use mine?” Katie didn’t wait for an answer. She picked up a candle and left Brian to prepare. She returned a few moments later and handed it to Brian. “Sorry it took me so long, I couldn’t find it in the dark.”

Brian packed the bowl and pulled a lighter out of his pocket. “Here, you can take the first hit, but I was warned not to hit it too hard.”

go in the living room. Grab the candles, please.”

Brian and Katie moved their party into the living room. Brian sat down on the soft couch and was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was. Katie placed the candles on the coffee table, then went back into the kitchen. She was holding her freshly filled wineglass in one hand and a beer in the other. “I noticed yours was almost gone, so I grabbed you another one.” She sat down in the middle of the couch, leaving about eight inches between them.

“Ladies first,” Brian handed her the freshly packed pipe and a lighter. She put the glass pipe to her lips, flicked the lighter across it, and inhaled deeply. She held her breath as she felt the tingly feeling that only Miss Mary Jane could provide creep up her body. She loved how the first pull always had that same delectable reaction. Slowly, she exhaled, and passed the paraphernalia to Brian.

Brian and Katie each took two more turns, and as Katie handed it back to Brian after her third she said, “I’m so done with that now. It really will knock you on your ass, huh?”

Brian put the bowl down in the end table and leaned back on the couch, putting his arms over his head. “So, pretty lady, now what?”

Katie was toasted, and this was probably not a good thing. Katie had a hard time keeping her thoughts to herself when she was stoned. And right now she was thinking about curling up next to Brian and laying her head on his strong chest, feeling this sexy man’s hands all over her body, wondering what delicious things he could do to her. “Well, Brian, the way I see it, we have two choices. One, we could talk.” Katie paused, “Or, two, we could not talk.”

Brian looked at her blankly for a second, and Katie saw the moment her implication hit him. “I think I’ll take option two.”

The sexual tension had been slowly building between them since they met in the kitchen earlier that afternoon, and they both felt it.

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