Busted! (pt 1)

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Rose's mom was gone at work, her boyfriend was over, and they were going to do it. But Rose's
younger brother doesn't like when he's over, and disrupts them every time. Maybe this time he'll
learn to leave them alone?

Rose was 17, a redhead, 5'2 and had a very sexy body. Nice boobs, rounded hips… her boy-
friend loved the sight of her. It was love at first sight between them. Nate was 18, had black wild
teenage boy hair, he wore glasses, 5'7, and was very masculine. They had been going out for
a year and a half, and were going strong.
Rose had been scared to do it the first time, but she knew and trusted Nate. They did it
nice and gently, and it had not been as scary as she thought. Now she loved doing it, and
over the months, they experimented with new toys. Nate had bought handcuffs for her for
Valentines Day, and they were eager to try them out.
He came over at 6:30, half an hour after their mom left to ensure she was gone. Rose's
little brother had been sworn to secrecy not to tell that Nate was over, and he finally agreed
after Rose promised him $1 every time. The only thing was, Jeff, (her brother) was at that
stage where his big sister's buisness had to be his own. Age 10. He didn't understand that
they liked to be left alone, and everytime he asked them if they did anything together, they
denied it.
"Hey Nate!" Jeff yelled when he came through the door.
"Hey, my man!" Nate said, smiling. He looked over and saw Rose standing in the door
way to her room, hearing him arrive and eager to get him alone.
"Hey, babe." he said, still smiling.
"Hello, handsome." she responded, now smiling herself.
"Go watch TV or play the computer." Rose told Jeff. "We need to–"
"Study for a test." Nate said, saving the moment.
"Okay." Jeff said, not feeling like arguing.
"Come along, Nate." Rose said, winking at him. He nodded.
She moved out of the doorway, and he walked in. He was holding a small bag, which
had their new handcuffs in it. He didn't tell her he was bringing them over, but wanted to
surprise her. She knew about them, just that he didn't bring them.
Rose led him over to the bed, where they both sat down next to each other. He placed
the bag down by her, and the keys inside the bag rattled against the cuff chains. She
looked up at him.
"What did you bring?" she asked.
"It's a surprise." he said, smiling.
"Well, I've got one for you, too…" she said, and placed her hand on his arm. He said nothing
as she began tracing her finger down his arm. He was wearing skinny jeans, and she noticed
a bulge had appeared where her hand was getting close to…
"Oh, man…." he moaned, and closed his eyes.
she whispered, smiling naughtily.
"But can we do it before your mom gets home?" he whispered.
"We've done it before. Plus, we still have three hours." she told him. Then she leaned
forward and kissed him on the lips passionately. She closed her eyes too, and they let
their tongues wrestle for a few moments. After those few moment, Nate broke the kiss
and leaned away.
"Stop for a sec," he whispered, "or I'll shoot in my pants."
She laughed, and eyed how his bulge had grown. She reached down between his legs
and carefully unzipped his zipper and took his dick out. It looked like he would go off at
any time, and she wanted him to. She put one hand around his dick, and the other on the
head of it.
she whispered, "I'm going to make you…come!" As she said it, she squeezed
one hand around it, and stroked the head with the other. Nate sucked his breath in, and
got even closer.
"Oh yeah?" she teased. "Well, I guess I have to use my secret weapon…."
Before he had a chance to say or do anything, she had taken her
hands off his dick, leaned over and put him in her mouth. She had blown
him before, and she did a very good job of it. She relaxed the muscles in her throat so she
could get him all the way in.
"Oh, you naughty girl." he said. "Didn't your mother tell you not to put things in your mouth?"
She took him out for a moment, and said, "Yes. But she also told me there were some
exceptions." He moaned, and she put him back in. She used her tongue and went up and down
his shaft, feeling him get harder and harder.
"Come on, bad girl…" he moaned. "Suck my dick like it was a lollipop." She went faster,
and he was very close now. He put one of his hands on the back of her head and pushed it
down furthur on his dick. She let it go down her throat again, and Nate did one of his moans
like right before he went off. She quickly pulled it back out, and with one final lick, he went
He moaned as he went off, and she felt the white stuff squirt into her mouth and onto her
tongue. When his O was over, he opened his eyes and took his hand off her head. He looked
down and saw her. She ws playing with the cum on her tongue, and when he was watching,
she swallowed.
"Oh, good girl." he whispered. "Now it's your turn."
"Is it part of your suprise?" she asked, nodding towards the bag by him.
he whispered. He turned away from her and reached into the bag, and carefully
so the keys wouldn't make too much noise, took the cuffs out. Holding them in her lap, he
turned back, and he saw her eyes light up.
"The handcuffs!" she whispered.
"Yes, now you can be my prisoner." he said.
"Do me a favor, and get my fedora before we start, please?" she asked, and pointed to her
dresser where the hat stood. He smiled. It was kind of an accident how they discovered the
hat trick, but they're glad they did. After she had bought the fedora, he had come over. She
was trying it on in her room, and he came in and scared her. She tackled him, thinking it was
her younger brother. When he pulled the hat up from over her eyes, and onto her head, he
realized how naughty it looked. This was also the night they discovered cowgirl position…
and from then on, she wore the hat, and nothing else, every time they did it.
He got up off the bed and walked over to the dresser, and picked up the black hat. He felt
himself get hard again with the image of her in it, bouncing wildly on top of him. Turning back
around to face the bed and her again, his jaw dropped, and he almost dropped the hat.
Somehow, she had undressed and was in nothing but her favorite thong. She was laying
sideways facing him on the bed, with her head propped by her elbow. He was hard now, and
hoped he wouldn't come again before he got to do her.
"Coming, Nate?" she whispered, and giggled. He almost forgot to walk at the image of
her. He swallowed and moved his foot in attempt to make himself walk again. Finally, he
remembered how to, and walked back over to her. He was once again standing by her
bed, ready to do it.
"I've been a bad girl, and now I have to be locked up." she whispered to him. He held the
handcuffs out to her.
"Yes, you've been very naughty. Lay back and I'm locking you up." he said. She lay back
so her head was laying on the pillow, and she held her wrists out to him. He clicked the cuffs
until they were comfortable on her. Then he fussed over making them stay on the bed slats.
He made them as small as he could, and then leaned back to admire his prisoner.
He leaned over, and carefully slid his pants down. He quickly took his shirt off, and she
admired his six-pack. Then, he crawled up on the bed and scooted between her legs. Nate
saw that Rose was already aroused, and he couldn't wait any longer. He dove between her
legs and tasted her little clit.
Rose moaned out almost at once, and he smiled. He stuck his tongue out again and put
his hands on her legs to spread them. She automatically spread them and he placed his
hands on her knees, to keep them apart when she got close. He put his tongue on her again,
and caressed it slowly.
"Ya like that?" he whispered, more to her clit from this angle.
"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "Come on!"
"Come on what?" he teased.
"Come on and do me!" she whispered, getting close already. He took his his tongue away,
took his hands off her knees, and got up. She groaned, so close and yet so far…he went to his
abandoned pants, and pulled a condom out from the pocket. He tore the wrapper, and took the
condom out. He unrolled it slowly, teasing her, and when it looked like she couldn't take it
anymore, he put it on.
Nate went back to the bed and kneeled between her legs. His protected dick stuck straight
out at her, and he put his hands on her legs again. She spread them and he went for her
entrance. He entered her slowly, and when he was in, he grabbed under her legs and held them
up for more room. He thrusted good and hard, and she moaned again.
"Yes, yes!" she whispered. "Talk dirty to me!"
"My prisoner wants me to talk dirty." he said.
"Yes, come on…" she whispered
"You naughty girl." he whispered, "you like it hard. Dirty."
Her moan was proof that he was doing good.
"Ohh, I'm a dirty little girl…" she whispered.
"You're so naughty." he whispered, urgently, feeling himself about to go.
"Oh, Nate, it's going to happen.." she whispered, knowing she'd go anytime.
"Come for me." he whispered. "Come."
she moaned, urgently.
"Yes." he said, knowing she'd go over.
They both immidiately stopped, and looked towards the door Jeff had just kicked open.
"Jeff!" Rose yelled, more out of surprise than anger.
"What are you two—" he began, and stopped when he realized.
"OH MY GOD!" he yelled.
"Get out of here!" Rose yelled, now angry.
Jeff noticed. "Oh my God! Sex!? Don't you dare get her pregnant!"
"OUT!" Rose screamed, and Jeff finally obliged. He slammed the door shut, and they
heard him storm down the hallway back to the living room. Both of them sighed, and
closed their eyes.
"Feel anything anymore?" Nate asked after a few moments.
"No." Rose said with no emotion in her voice.
"Damn." he said, dejectedely. He put her legs down and pulled out, and angrily
took the condom off. His cock was now soft, and he sighed. He went back to the
bed and looked at his prisoner.
she said.
"Not your fault." he said.

They sat in more silence.

What do you guys think? Should I do a part two? 😀

story by: LilLesboChicka69

Tags: fiction blowjob teen male/teen female bondage and restriction oral sex fan fiction sex story written by women

Author: LilLesboChicka69

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