Comforting tracy after catching husband having an affair

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I had arrived back into Dallas after being out of town for two weeks. I knew it would be two long weeks of no sex. I arrived on a Sunday night and was feeling a little down and decided to check out my black book to see if I could arrange for some company. I didn’t see names that appealed to me so after about an hour I just gave up and went to bed. On Thursday afternoon I was sitting in the gentleman's club, when my phone rang.Tracy was calling asking to see me that she needed some help.

We talked on the phone for about 20 minutes and she seemed pretty upset. She agreed to come to my condo around 9PM. Right at 9 there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Tracy walked in. Tracy is hair, 43 year old , nice tits and nice legs and ass. I offered her a drink and she thanked me and finished it quickly. I gave her another one and soon after that she relaxed and became more talkative. We talked for about half an hour. During a lull in the conversation, I gestured toward the envelope I had placed on the TV. She took it and placed it in her purse. She also went on to tell me that her husband is involved in a long term affair. I agreed to let Tracy stay the night, she went to the second bedroom.

She felt me nibbling her neck, while my hands fondled her breasts. She had taken off her clothes earlier, and the effect of my hands on her breasts, felt like an electric current passing through her body. She arched up offering more of herself to me, inviting me to take more of her. She feels my heavy weight on top of her, pinning her arms to her sides with my legs so She can't struggle. I force her legs wide apart. She feels more exposed than She ever has, and still She can't help but feel herself growing damp between her thighs. She prayed that I wouldn't notice, part of her knew that I would. My hands sliding over her skin; kneading her thighs and stomach roughly She was certain there would be bruises.

She knew that She could not fight me off. I had her pinned to the bed, was on top of her and She was naked. She shook her head to let me know that She would cooperate, the pressure of my hand increased. She gave in, letting her body relax and give in to my explorations. I realized, she was mine to do as I pleased. I could smell her desire just before slowly beginning to lick her exposed pussy tenderly. She writhed under my touch, disgusted with herself as She felt her arousal begin to burn in her groin far hotter than it ever had before.

One finger begins to enter her pussy. Tracy whimpers " it hurts please " and then moans " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" She twists and tries to squirm away, ." Please, be gentle it hurts," as one finger becomes two and then they begin to move in and out of her pussy. With a hard jolt, I push two fingers deep inside her and stop. Tracy feels my fingers beginning to spread her open. " It hurts, please, please " she cries, but the fingers continue to spread open her pussy. The two fingers retreat, but three enter into her pussy. She begans to feel hot as my thick fingers fuck her pussy roughly, She can feel her muscles tightening down on my fingers, making them feel bigger inside her.

She can feel the bed growing damp underneath her from her juices, and She blushs in desire. Her head swimming, and her body on fire, tingling with need. Waves of orgasms over taking her, and then suddenly, my mouth and fingers are gone. Her senses are hazy, She can hear the sound of a zipper being yanked down. She shudders, her body is screaming for more. Her senses are concentrating on my thick cock.

My hard thick cock throbbing, oozing with pre-cum as I stand beside the bed. I climb between her spread legs, she feels my rock hard 9 inch thick cock pressing aganist the lips of her pussy, she bucks as my hand runs up and down her pussy lips, stroking her clit. I slide my long thick hard cock against her, teasing her slippery pussy. I tell her, I want her to fuck her, and She protests, tears running down her face. She is not sure why She is crying, She so badly needs to feel me deep inside her.

I continue to slide myself against her, and She weakly asks me to fuck her hard and deep, her words barely audible. Tracy lays still, breathing heavily as I begin licking her pussy, then caressing her inner thighs. I ease myself over her body, straddling her thighs and lay forward so that my balls and hard cock lay at the junction of her bush. With my fingers I maneuver the long hard thick shaft and cock's bulbous head to lay flat and lengthwise up from her vee to her belly.

Tracy looked down at her pussy, and my thick cock looking like a snake resting on top of her stomach, the glistening flesh of my cock making a strange shading contrast aganist her skin. I was lying in this position for a purpose. I wanted Tracy to see to what depth my cock would be penetrating her. I saw from her expression that she certainly understood, that she was trying to imagine what it would be like to have that cock thrust up into her tight pussy. Tracy groaned " that this man's penis is so long and thick and will be delving deep into her.

I lay heavily on her firm body, pressing my mouth aganist her lips. I press hard on the front of her silken body; I knew it would be only seconds before I felt some sort of response from her pussy. In a very short-time, Tracy was feeling the urge from within herself, she pushed her pelvis up aganist me, trying to writhe her thighs aganist my thighs, trying to get pleasure by pushing her belly to and fro aganist that hard long thick cock that was like a bar of iron sand-whiched between our legs.

She was longing to feel that long thick hard cock deep inside her. I slowly started to feel her wettness with the head of my cock. I pushed the head part way in feeling the velvety inner walls of her, her muscles contracted grasping the head. I quickly thrusted my cock deep into her wet pussy. Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh WOW! FUCK ME! OH YES! She screamed. I drove my hard long thick cock all the way into her until I bottomed out at the entrance of her womb, the cervix. ' Ooooohhhh." Tracy moans as she nuzzled into my shoulder. " Oooohhhh." These were the moans of escastsy. They were moans of one body responding to another. Moans of acceptance. " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh." Tracy continued responding to my hard thrusts. " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ooohhhhhhh." Tracy was moving in time with me, her pace increasing as mine did, her pelvic area grinding against mine.

I was slamming into her like a pile driver and she responded, moving with me, driving her hips forward to meet my thrusts. " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" Tracy clamped her mouth onto mine, darting her tongue in and out of my mouth as I did the same. Our tongues intertwined as our pace was rough and fast." OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!" Tracy moaned as she pulled me tight against her. She felt her lust was going to explode inside her, felt electrical impulses flowing through her. " OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! Tracy screamed as I slammed at the entrance to her womb. " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! Tracy groaning as her body was wracked by multiple orgasms. Her entire body was bucking and heaving, pushing me over the edge as well. " Oh God!!" I moaned as I began shooting my load into Tracy. Tracy was in the throes of her own orgasms as she felt the heat of my sperm filling her. The throbbing of my cock inside her caused her to groan as her orgasms begin abating. "OMG!" Tracy said.

I roll off of her to one side, she saw my expression change. My face now had a leer. My hot hands caresses her smooth naked skin, Tracy rolls onto her stomach, she feels my hairy legs pushing her legs apart. I begin caressing down her back to her tight buttocks, my finger traces up and down her ass crack. She shivers as my other hand pulls her cheeks apart and holds them that way with thumb and forefinger. I run a finger over her exposed asshole, making her body tense up and then…" OH GOD!" Tracy feels the pressure on her exposed asshole as my finger pushs aganist it and she bucks wildly, tensing her muscles trying to keep me out. My finger continued pressing until pushing inwards, she feels pain as my finger goes in deeper and deeper, up to my knuckle, buried in her tight virgin ass. Tracy is trying to relax hoping the pain would go away. She relaxes a little, then I start sliding my finger in and out. Tracy screams, " PLEASE! PLEASE! Don't. I have never been touched there."

My finger pops out of her, leaving her feeling sore. My hands began fondling her ass. " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" Tracy screamed. " OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!" Tracy moaned as I pushed tighter against her. "OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! Tracy screamed as I pushed hard into her, the big mushroom head popping into her small tight virgin ass. " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! Tracy groaned as her body was wracked by pain as my hard thick cock slide in 2 inches. I stroked her sides squeezing her breasts, " OOOWW, that hurts." That's nothing, wait untill my cock is all the way in your asshole.Your lesson is about to begin." I begin to push the big mushroom head of my cock into her anus. My cock was semi-dry so at the beginning, all it did was try to enter into her ass. I lubricated my cock with KY gel and again pushed into her anus. It felt like a baseball bat was driving up her ass as I continued to push and pull back and push again, each time gaining a millimeter at a time." OOOOOWWW, it's too big and thick, don't stick it into my ass," She wailed.

I pushed harder and Tracy's anus gave up to the assualt and opened to the head of my cock. OWWWWWW, its tearing me, take it out, don't push it in," She yelled. You only got the head, wait until you get all 9 inches shoved up your ass. I am going to stretch you open. I pushed another inch in, than out. The next thrust gained two inches, than back out. Tracy's asshole was bleeding from the penetration, adding lubrication to my cock for me to continue. " Here comes all of it baby" and I pushed with all my might into her asshole. 9 inches of hard cock forced her asshole to open bigger then it ever. Her asshole was stretched and torn to accept the fucking of her ass. I pulled my cock out to the head and than began the painful journey back up her ass.

My cock was gripped tightly by her ass. I began to fuck her ass hard and fast, riding her. My cock thrusted into her deeper each time, causing her to cramp as it was forced to accept my hard thick cock. Each stroke of my cock brought a fresh batch of pain to her ass. Tracy felt my cock swell as I thrusted into her, I groaned as I exploded in her. My hot cum flowing like lava in her. I collapsed on top of her breathing hard in her ear. Victoria was shivering and crying as I pulled my cock out. " Oh God!!" I moaned as I began shooting my load into Tracy. Tracy was still in the throes of her own orgasm as she felt the heat of my sperm filling her insides. The throbbing of my cock inside her caused her to groan " OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!" as her orgasms began abating. Both of us collapsed on the bed breathing heavly and sweaty.

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Author: graylover

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