Cupids curse part 4

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When I woke the next morning, a wave of terror overtook me. It suddenly came, like an electric shock and froze me in place. My muscles turned to stone. Every pore of my body gushed sweat, and my legs began to tremble. My best friend Noah was dead. Not just him a woman was lying beside him. I held my breath and listened, but I couldn't hear a thing. The pounding of my own heart reverberated in my ears with such force I couldn't even hear my bedroom door open. The door was opened by a slim young man with short hair and extremely regular features. He was possibly the handsomest man I have ever seen in my life. But even more than his features, what caught my eye was his clothing. He wore a shirt of almost painful whiteness and a deep green necktie with a fine pattern. Not only was the necktie itself stylish, but it even had the perfect knot, every twist and dip exactly as one might see in a men's fashion magazine. His pants were dark gray, and he had worn black loafers. Everything looked brand new, as if he had just put it on for the first time a few minutes before. He was somewhat shorter than I. The hint of a smile played about his lips as if he had just heard a joke and was smiling now in the most natural way. I took a deep breath. Here I was in my room with two dead bodies. The air in the room was chilling and smelled of the dead body corpse. I began to explain the situation, but he gave his head a slight shake to signal that it was unnecessary for me to say anything. Holding the door open inward, he ushered me into the hallway, and after a quick glance at Noah, he closed the door, saying nothing all the while. He looked at me with crimson red eyes narrowed as if to apologize. I was now standing in my living room. We were met by a man wearing green sunglasses. The young man gestured me to take a seat. As soon as I sat down he removed them and stared at the lenses for a while and then he put them back on. He wore what looked like a brand new white polo shirt under a navy cotton sports coat. There was a glass of iced tea on the table in front of him, but he had apparently not touched it his drink yet. No one said anything. The man appeared not to have even notice that I had arrived. The young man behind me made little throat clearing sounds as if testing a microphone but still he said nothing.
The man was the first one to speak. “I have very little time to spare, so let's make this as simple and straightforward as /> “Make what as simple and straightforward as possible? “I asked
At last the man took off his sunglasses, folded them, placed them on the table, and looked directly at me. His eyes were red just like mine and the young man, but his gave off this murders intent aura. As he gazed me in my eyes it felt as he was looking into my mind, mentally raping every thought that ever pop into my mind. After a few seconds that felt like days the man started to grin. “Are you afraid of me? “The man asked.
“No, “I said.
His grin began to slowly turn into a smile as if someone had told a joke. “Good, I would hate if you were weak. I've been watching you since the day of your awakening like father asked.” The man said, while picking up his untouched iced tea.
“You know my father? “I asked. The man took a long sip of his drink before he decided to speak.
“I shouldn't be so surprise you don't know anything. As I recall your mother was never one to share secrets. But if you still can't tell by now from our red eyes, the three of us are brothers. I am your eldest brother Aeron, and the one behind you is Eden.” He showed no sign of lying. I watched him sitting there and said nothing. “I’m sure this is quite a shock to you. Finding your friends dead and finding out you have brothers. I'm not here to do you any harm believe me. So you don't have to look at me that way. I'm just here to help my baby brother.”
Unlike Eden I couldn't read Aeron; he was too perfect to be called a human. “Do you mind if I smoke?” He asked. “I was trying not to before, but sitting here and talking like this without a cigarette is like torture.” Finding it hard to speak, I simply nodded. Aeron took a filtered cigarette peace from his pocket, and place it between his lips, and made a loud, dry scratching sound as he lit it with the match. He sucked the smoke into his lungs with obvious pleasure. Each long puff made the end of the cigarette glow bright red like burning coal. Once he had sucked all the nicotine he needed into his lungs, he gave a sign of relief and produced a strange look on his face that hovered somewhere midway between a smile and a smirk. Then he opened his mouth. “Well now, let me start cleaning up before we get an unwelcome guest.” He gave a simple nod to Eden and shoved his hand into his pockets, pulled out a key ring with one key attached, and held it up for me to see. “Jaden let's go for a ride,” Aeron said.
I asked, my voice sounding somewhat mangled. Aeron face changed.
“Jaden I'm not asking you, I’m telling you to get your sorry ass dress and get fucking ready to go.”
Eden gave him a gentle look; I would guess trying to remind him about the blood bath in my room. Aeron gave Eden a simple nod and without a word Eden disappeared into the dark hallway. Shortly after a few moments he returned with a few of my things. My black with white stripes hoodie and my navy blue jeans, and my pair of white air Nikes. While putting on the jeans I notice a strange looking snake tattoo on my wrist, wrapping its way up to the back of my hand. It looked so real, I could feel its cold gaze draw me in closer and closer. “Jaden stop playing with Mother’s marking,” Aeron shouted.
“What do you mean marking?” I asked.
“It doesn't matter now,” Aeron said while lighting another smoke. After I got dress Eden was told to put a blindfold over my face. A thick layer of artificial darkness soon surrounded.
“Don't be afraid, brother won't hurt you.” Eden whispered in my ear. His small voice had calmed down my heart.
“This is only going to hurt for a minute,” Aeron said. Soon after those trusting words I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and blacked out.

When I awoke I couldn't tell where I was at, the blindfold blocked my eye site. It was so utterly still that when I held my breath I was overtaken by the sense that the world had stopped in its tracks. Before long, as women opened a door and stepped quietly into the room. I knew it was a woman from fragrance of her perfume. This was not a sent a man would wear. I could hear the slight sound of the woman's clothes rustling as she crossed the room and gently lowered herself next to me. So lightly did she settle into the cushions of the sofa that is it was clear she was a small woman. The women, never moved.
Eventually, the women reached out and placed her fingertips on my penis, very carefully, as if inspecting some valuable, fragile thing. Then she began to caress it. I didn't know how to react to this, or how I was expected to react. The women said nothing. Aside from the sound of rustling clothes, the room was enveloped in a deep silence. The women traced her fingertips over my skin as if trying to read some minutes secrets that had been engraved on it. Finally, she stops caressing my penis. She then stood up, came in front of me, and, instead of using her fingertips, used her tongue. The way she did it, was far more mature then the way my sex slaves and Ella had done it.
Her tongue moved and clung to my flesh with far greater skill. With varying pressure, changing angles, and different movements, it tasted and sucked and stimulated my penis. I felt hot, moist throbbing below the waist. I could feel my penis grow bigger in her mouth. I didn't want my curse to activate. To do so would have been all too meaningless. But I couldn't stop myself. My better half started to take over, I could feel my blood ragging, my cock becoming hard as a rock. Then I felt a small prick in my neck. “Jaden you must clam your spirit, or you will fail your right of passage.”
It was Eden. For no clear reason, I felt that those words of his were something I could believe in. Soon after, I felt my muscles stiffening, my mouth and throat going dry. “What was going to happen to me?” I ask myself. The women stop sucking my penis and slowly guided her fingertip up to my face.
“Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to fuck you until I'm full with nothing but your semen.” She started to kiss me all over, taking special care of my mouth. She had the breast of a little girl. I caressed them and took her nipples in my teeth, then slid a finger inside her warm, moist pussy and began to move it. With my fingers in her pussy, I moved my lips up her neck to her ear and took a nipple with the fingers on my other hand. As the women breathing intensified and her throat began to tremble, I could feel her slim legs part ways, as she eased my penis in her. “You won't get me pregnant will you? If you do you will take care of it right?” The women murmured in my ear. “I'd be so embarrassed if I got pregnant by my brother”
I shouted.
“Just relax,” she said.
When I was all the way in, she trembled and released a sigh. She started to rock her hips slowly, without warning, I came. It was an intense, unstoppable ejaculation. I clutched her in my arms as my semen pulsed into her warm hole again and again.
“I'm sorry,” I said. “I couldn't stop myself.
“Don't worry Jaden,” said the women claiming to be my sister giving me another kiss on the mouth. “You don't have to worry about that. Do you always worry about that when you're doing it with your slaves?”
/> “Well you don't have to worry about that with me. Forget it. Just let yourself go as much as you like.”
I didn't care any longer if she was my sister or not. I flipped the women on her back. Growing harder, I went inside her again. She held her breath and twisted her hips beneath me. I moved slowly and quietly with my arms around her, and we started talking. I felt at ease to talk that way. I found out her name was Anthea. We held each other like that for a very long time. “Oh this feels marvelous!” Anthea said. not bad either,” I said. “Go ahead. Give it a try.” I lifted her hips and went in as far as I could go and savored the sensation of moving in a circular pattern until, having enjoyed it to the full, I let myself cum. Altogether, we joined our bodies four more times. At the end each time, Anthea would lay in my arms trembling slightly, and release a long sigh.

After lying still for some time, I heard a clapping sound. “Well done brother, to think you were able to make the mighty slut Anthea to cum.” The voice was from Aeron. “Eden take that blindfold off of brother. Jaden I hope you’re not too tired from playing with sister, because tonight the whole family is here and we have a lot of catching up to do.” Eden finally took the blindfold off of my eyes. My eyes were met by 2 naked men, and 4 women.” No way! Why are you here Mother? />

Sorry for the short story. I promise the next chapter will make up for it. Here's the thing i'm currently writing 3 different stories right now and i need a little time to focus on each one individually and that's where my fans come in. I will let you guys decide which story I should spend the weekend working on. How you may ask? Its easy the story that has the most positive votes between Cupids curse, Dream girl, and The Amazing life of Toothpick will get my full attention for 2 chapter. Thank you again for reading my stories it really means a lot to me. If there is anything you would like to see in the story or you hate about the story please feel free to comment or you can talk to me one on one on kik @ taurus95gol and again thank you for reading!

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