Dad can play, too. pt 3

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I carried my little girl into my bedroom and gently placed her on the bed. I looked at her, laying there. Her bikini top was askew from our make out session on the couch. Her skirt was bunched up around her hips. Her eyes had a glazed look in her eyes, part lust, part orgasmic high.

I put my hands to her hips, my fingers slipping under her skirt, she immediately lifted her hips so I could pull it down and off of her. Then I told her to roll over, and I undid her top, and she took it off. I got into bed, still naked, and we began to kiss again.

It felt incredible to feel her naked body against mine. My hands roamed up and down her body, caressing, rubbing, exploring. Our tongues continued to dance, in and out of each other's mouths, while we rolled around in the bed. I don't know how long we kissed for, whenever I think of it, I only remember brief glimpses. Her on top, panting, lips parted…my little girl under me, her arms reaching towards my head to pull my lips back to hers…my right hand on her left breast, gently squeezing her nipple…her lips leaving a trail of kisses, down my neck, my chest and then back up to my lips…three of her fingers in my mouth…my thumb in hers…a glorious jumble of images of lust.

We slowed down our kissing, our caresses getting softer. I was on top of her, my rock hard cock pressing into her thigh. I gave her lips one last kiss, then started working my way, slowly, down. I kissed and licked her ear, working my way down her neck. Nibbling, sucking. Further down her body, to her big breasts. I took a nipple into my mouth. She gasped, then moaned louder. I held her nipple in my mouth, trying to suck in as much of her areola as I could, and flicked her nipple with my tongue. Trying to giver her an idea of what I was about to do to her clit. I let her nipple fall from my mouth, and covered it with my hand as I mouth went to her other nipple, and gave it the same treatment. I kissed the tender undersides of her breasts. I worked my way further down her body, kissing, licking. I kissed all around her belly button before sticking my tongue inside it. She giggled and moaned out I kept working my way down. I started kissing down her right leg, not wanting my lips to lose contact with her silky thighs. By this point I was on my knees, between her legs, bent over, my mouth at her thigh. As I straightened, kissing up her knee, her calf, my dick came in contact with her lips. It took all my willpower not to just thrust into her. It helped knowing she was a virgin, I wanted this to be the best experience of her life, I wasn't going to hurt her like that. I kissed the sole of her foot, softly, slowly. I took her toes into my mouth, all at once. My tongue swirling between each of her digits, licking slowly. Then I sucked on each of her toes individually. Savoring the taste of my little girl's feet. Then I switched feet. I did it all again, but backwards. This time, starting by sucking each one of her toes, then taking them all in my mouth. She squeezed my tongue between her big toe and her second toe, made me moan. Then I kissed down the sole of her foot. I took her achilles' into my mouth, sucking. I worked my way up her calf, slowly lowering myself to the bed between her legs. I kissed my way up her thigh, I stopped working my way up once the side of my face was barely touching her pussy. I started sucking on her inner thighs. As I switched from one leg to the other, my lips would barely brush up against her pussy lips. I kept doing this until she screamed "Please, daddy! Lick me!"

I took her legs and pushed them up, she got the hint and pulled them towards her chest. Now I was looking at her beautiful slit and tiny puckered asshole. I bent my head down, not wanting to freak her out, I placed my tongue at the bottommost part of her pussy, then gently licked all the way up to her clit. Without removing my tongue, I worked my way back down, like a painter with a paintbrush. I kept doing this, slowly, my tongue only just touching her, each time I licked downward, I'd go a little further, until I was licking between her asscheeks as much as I was between her legs. I slowed down my licking so that I could try to work my way into her asshole on each lick. I also started sliding my tongue into her pussy, then I'd swirl it around her clit and work my way back down. I let her put her legs down on my shoulders, as I started to concentrate on just licking her clit. I rubbed her lips with my fingers as I worked my tongue into the folds of her pussy, then back up to her clit. I moved my fingers higher up to the top of her pussy and spread her lips, enamored with the site of her erect clit. I placed my mouth on her clit, and used my tongue on it, much like I had with her nipples. She moaned loudly. While I had her clit in my mouth, I started working my finger into her pussy. This time, when I felt resistance, I didn't stop. I continued to push my finger into her, speeding up my licking. Just as she started to cum, I managed to break her hymen with my finger. To this day, I'm not sure that she noticed. I continued to lick her, she continued to cum. I pulled my finger out of her slowly, then worked two fingers into her. She was very tight and I again met some resistance. I kept licking her, having slowed down, I picked up the pace and she started to come again, and I used to opportunity to push my two fingers inside of her. I wanted to make sure that when I slid my cock into her, she'd be ready. I licked her to two more orgasms as I slid my fingers in and out of her. After her fourth orgasm, I slowed my licking gradually until neither my tongue or fingers were moving. I slowly slid my fingers from her pussy and lifted my head. I got up off the bed and used some tissues that were on my nightstand to clean the blood from them. Then I went between her legs and cleaned her up, too. I knew there'd still be some blood on my cock when I finally fucked her, but I didn't want her to see any now if she were to look down.

I lay down beside her. She was still trembling from the orgasms I had given her. I lay on my side and started to stroke her face. I leaned over and gave her a kiss. She returned the gentle kiss and opened her eyes. She was still panting. I let my hand work it's way down her body, gently caressing her all over. After she'd caught her breath and started breathing normally, her hand worked it's way to my cock and felt how hard I was. She grabbed it with her fist and started to stroke me. I enjoyed the sensation of her hand on my cock for a few minutes, then gently grabbed her by the wrist and took her hand away. She pouted prettily while I got back on my knees. I got between her legs again, lifting her feet to my face. Her left foot was on my right shoulder, I had her right hand in my left hand, holding the toes to my lips. My right hand was wrapped around my cock, and I was rubbing it up and down her pussy lips. Every few seconds, I'd stop rubbing her and stroke my cock, spreading her juices all over my cock. I switched feet as I continued to lube up my cock with her juices. When I finally decided I was as lubed up as I was going to get, and my little girl was practically fiending for my cock, I removed her left foot from my mouth, and placed it back on my shoulder. I placed my cock at her entrance and paused. I couldn't believe how fortunate I was. Here I was, on my knees, my sexy daughter laying in front of me, her beautiful feet within licking distance on my shoulders, my hard cock at her entrance. I wanted to prolong this moment for as long as I could, so I oh sooooo s l o w l y started to push into her. She gasped as my head spread her beautiful pussy, I could see the look of ecstasy on her face, and it spurred me on. I pushed into her until half my cock was inside her, then I started to pull out. I was glad I'd taken the time to break her hymen with my fingers. I didn't want her to feel any pain the first time I pushed my cock into her, and she hadn't. I stopped momentarily with only my head inside her, then I continued pushing into her, going in just a little deeper. I kept stroking in and out of her, each time going in a little deeper until finally, my balls were resting against her, and I was completely buried inside her. She spread her legs, then beckoned to me with her arms. I leaned over, supporting myself on my arms and we kissed. This was nothing like the gentle kiss we'd shared after I'd eaten her pussy. This was animalistic. Our lips mashed against teeth, our tongues fought from one mouth to the other, and I slowly started thrusting. She stopped kissing me as my thrusts increased in speed and force and just held on. She held onto my shoulders with her arms, and put her ankles at my hips. I started to fuck her harder and harder. The room was filled with the noise of my grunts, her moans and our flesh slapping together. She used her arms and legs to start meeting my thrusts, wanting me inside her as deep as possible. I silently said a thank you that she'd blown me earlier, otherwise I wouldn't have lasted once she started meeting my thrusts with her own. She was still weak from her earlier orgasms and could keep up the pace for long. She let go and let me fuck her. I slowed down and gave her a soft kiss before getting back on my knees. I lifted her legs onto my chest once again, and grabbed her ass with my hands, tilting her pelvis up a little. I started in again, this time, with short shallow strokes. I was starting to wonder if I should make the angle a little more extreme when she started to hiss "Oh God! Oh God! Oh GOD!" until she was screaming it. I'd found her G-spot. Her ass lifted completely off the bed, my cock still inside, she was using her legs against my chest for leverage as she came again. She collapsed once again, panting on the bed. I didn't give her a chance to recover, and started to fuck her once again. I'd been close when she started coming, but I'd held off, not wanting to cut her orgasm short by a second if I could help it. Now, it was daddy's turn, and I was gonna fill up her pussy like I'd filled up her little mouth. I started thrusting hard, the room once again filling up with the sounds of our sex. I could feel myself get harder and bigger inside her, she sensed what was about to happen and tensed her pussy and I was gone. I started cumming inside her. I surprised myself at how much I came considering she'd already milked me earlier. As my orgasm began to subside, she slowly relaxed her pussy muscles, then quickly tensed them again, making me shudder, sending waves of orgasmic pleasure from my cock throughout my body. I couldn't keep myself from slowly stroking in and out of her clenching pussy. I was finally too weak to continue my thrusts, but she kept tensing and relaxing her pussy around my cock until I finally had to beg her to stop. She smiled mischieviously as she stopped, and couldn't resist clenching one last time as I started to pull out of her for good. I cried out in ecstasy and had to grab her legs to keep from falling. I gave her a questioning glance and she nodded. I pulled out of her, then lay down heavily beside her. As I lay there, trying to catch my breath, she rolled over and kissed my neck right below my ear.

"I love you, daddy."

"I love you, too, />
"I'm gonna go get my stuff, ok?"

"What stuff?"

"You think after that, I'm ever going to sleep in my own bed again?"

I smiled, "Hurry back."

The next day, we both woke up sore. She stayed home from school and we somehow found the energy to do it all over again, all weekend.

That was the first time. It wouldn't be the last. We continued our relationship throughout her schooling. She started dating during her senior year of high school, none of her boyfriends lasted very long. She'd come home and tell me how the date went, where and how they'd tried to touch her, what they'd tried to get her to do. I had few girlfriends during those years, I told my little girl every detail. She commuted throughout college so that she'd be home every night. We'd been lucky that first night, she later told me that she'd wanted to expose herself to me for a week before she actually did it, but couldn't because she'd been on her period. I got her on birth control pills the following Monday, and I didn't come in her pussy until we were sure the pills had taken effect. She eventually got married, and had kids of her own. She'd bring the whole family around for holidays, and she'd sneak into my bedroom at night and we'd relive old days. She still has the sweetest pussy, and still knows how to completely milk my cock.

story by: TSLogan

Tags: fiction consensual sex first time incest oral sex older male / female sex story foot or shoe fetish

Author: TSLogan

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