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My life changed when I turned 12 years old, I no longer played with dolls, games or any childhood things!

The reason being that my Dad saw me looking at his dick while he was in the shower, I was just being

curious, atleast that's what i thought then, however I realize that my true calling was occuring!

I weigh 86 pounds, have carmel skin, brown eyes and blonde hair. I am about 4'2…….. Now this is how I

became a rag />
'Melissa, what are you doing in my bathroom?' my dad said, I was to scared to reply. "If I ask you a question you know to answer me!!!" I knew Dad was drunk again, which was nothing new, however I still never answered him….

Come over here missy and dry my back! Dad stood at 6'3, so as i tried drying his back, he turned around fast and I screamed, There was his cock standing straight out inches away from my face! Smack, my left cheek was the hell up, you'll wake your brother & sister up!'

i was crying, sobbing and looking down at the floor when Daddy crab a handfull of my hair and yanked my head up quickly. "Melissa, only sluts look at mens private parts," he was talking so quietly, that I couldn't hear him, Smack, he slaps my face this time, I was seeing white little stars……

"Are you a slut ?" daddy asked, no sir, Was all I could say, and I put my head back down, I didn't want to see his penis again, "Oh , I see, I have a sumissive bitch here!"he said. No sir was all I could say, because I didn't know what submissive was.

"Get down on your hands and knees and crawl to my bed!", without questioning him, i dropped to the floor and crawled to his bed, I sarted to stand up when he smacked my soft baby bottom with his wet towel, i dropped down holding my ass, all I could feel was a bump and burning!

I don't remember what happened next because it happeened so fast, all I remember is waking up on top of dads bed and one of my eyes was swallon shut and my sleep shirt cut in half!
For now on, he said, you will never look at me, you will address me as sir at all times, except when I tell you to call me Master…… Here I was laying on the bed, in a fetal position listening to him talking about these new rules for me, as he said, " You are my ragdoll, from now until I get tired of you!"

I felt his cold hands rubbing the welt on my butt, It felt like he was putting some cream on it, but then I felt his thumb pushing on my little butt hole, it felt good but strange, then I felt his other hand rubbing my pussy,
I have masterbated a couple of times already, so when he started inserting one of his fingers in my cunt, I was wet…………. He snatched his finger out and slapped my face again, "You bitch, you like this don't you!"
he slammed three fingers in my cunt, and I screamed so loud, his nails cut my pussy, his fingers were stretching me extremely, Dadddy, took the pillow and covered my face with it!
I was gasping for air, crying, and my head was throbbing….. Then agian, I don't remember what happened, All I know is I woke up with a burning sensation in my kitty cat and the filling of daddy's whole hand inside of me while he was mumbling about me being a slut like my mom!!

I don't remember much more about that night , that was 6 months ago, I am 13 now, and I am Masters Rag My body, my cunt and my life is his……… I train daily….. 24/7…..
My life now as a slut is harder then you think!! When Master leaves for work tommarow, I will write more….. and tell you exactly my day consists
Daddy says rag dolls are for fucking, sucking, serving, and tossed around, if thats true then why does the Master peirce my body, burn his name on my butt and most of all why doesn't he let me get dressed, or go to school, all day long I have to stay in his with a plug in my

story by: IENVYU

Tags: fantasm sex story

Author: IENVYU

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