Diary of a slave merchant – 2008 (part 6)

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January 15th, 2008

This night went from strange, to just plain bizarre.

I went in to the punishment room, and Catherine was lying still, not making a sound. I walked around and sat on the edge of the twin bed, facing her. She looked up at me.

"Mmmm?" she said.

I sat there and looked at her for a while, trying to figure out how to handle this one.

she repeated, louder this time, annoyance obvious in her voice. She seemed remarkably calm.

I reached over and pulled the duct tape off of her mouth, hoping I wouldn't soon regret it.

she yelled, stretching her mouth out a few times. I think she is half drunk.

Kevin?" she demanded.

"Gone." I replied.

"Gone? Where'd he go?"

"I don't know."

"Well… when will he be back?"

"Two weeks."

"Two… why?"

I said nothing.

"What is this?" she asked, looking around, "Some kind of or something? I don't drink that much."

"Oh?" I prompted.

"No! I don't!" she insisted, loudly.

"OK, I believe you."

"Then why am I here?"

"Because Kevin doesn't want you anymore."

"Wha… he said that?"

"He put a rope around your neck and helped me carry you down here."

she replied, "So, why am I here?"

I said nothing.

she began, "Kevin is insane. He's been getting worse and worse lately."

"And you don't want to get mixed up with him."

"Believe me, you />
"So, just untie me and call me a cab. I'll go home, straighten him out, and we'll forget all about this.

"What do you mean />
"I />
"Listen… I love Kevin." she started.

"I could tell." I interrupted.

"I… I do love him."

"But he just needs a some help. Whatever he told you, whatever is going on around here, you don't want to get in trouble, so just let me go and…"

"He told me you were a gold-digging, bitch, that used him for his money."

"He said what?… he said that?"

"And you believed him?"

"Well, it's pretty />
"What does that mean?"

"Let's see… hot girl marries rich, skinny, nerdy guy, 15 years older than her, with a pack of Smarties for a dick…"

She just stares at me.

"And only fucks him twice, in… how many years?"

"That's insulting! I love him. What do you think I am?"

"I think you are a gold-digging bitch, that uses her looks to get what she wants."

"That's not true!"

"I think it is."

"Listen, my neck is hurting. Can you please untie me now?"

"Please, just let me go. I won't tell anyone."

"Please… what is this place? Why did he bring me here?"

"He has sold you in to slavery."

I said nothing.

"He… sold me?" she sobbed, "You can't just sell a person!"

"Well, he didn't exactly sell you."

"But you just said…"

"I know, but he actually just gave you to us."

"Wha… gave me? Why?"

"To be rid of you."

"I don't believe you!" she was begging to look more concerned.

"It's true. That's what we do here. We train sex slaves, and sell them at auction."

"Sex…? I… I don't believe you. Untie me…Now!" she started to struggle against her bonds.

"You will be trained to please your master, then you will be sold to the highest bidder."

"You're crazy! Let me up!"

"You will not leave here until you are sold."

"This is insane! You can't just… I have rights!"

"Not here, you />
"Listen, please… just let me go… please."

"Hmmm, and what would I get out of the deal?"

"You get to stay out of prison!" she screamed.

"Hmmm, not a good enough offer."

"I… I can give you money."

"I doubt you can give me as much as you will sell for. Any other offers?"

"I… I can have Kevin… he could… what do you want!?!"

"I didn't have anything particular in mind."

I said nothing.

"What? Is it sex? Is that what you want?"

"Hmmm… I'm />
"I can… I mean, I could let you…"

"I could have sex with you, alright? If you let me go, I will have sex with you. Please, just untie me now."

I remembered my thoughts as I watched her walk up the driveway, and wanted to see how far this girl would go.

"I don't know… I have a girlfriend for that…"

"Then what do you want? Please tell me…" Her eyes began to fill with tears.

"Well, there is something I've always wanted to try, but was afraid to ask my girlfriend to do it?"

"What? Oral sex? I'll do it. Untie me and I'll give you oral sex, then you call me a cab."

"Well, it does involve your tongue…but… on the other side…"

"What do you… Oh! You are />
"Well, if you don't want to…" I trailed off, getting up off the bed and walking towards the door.

"Wait! Please… not that! Anything else and I'll do it."

"Sorry, not interested." I opened the door to leave.

"Wait!" she sobbed, "Wait… I'll… I'll do it… one time."

"Well, I'd get an awful lot of money from selling you. I think I'd need more than one quick lick." I said, walking back in and closing the door.

"One lick! That's it."

"No deal." I opened the door up again.

"Wait! OK! I'll do it!"

I said, walking back around to face her, "Just so we're clear, you are going to lick my asshole, is this correct?"

she sobbed.

"And you will do it until I tell you to stop, correct?"

she said, tears streaming down her face.

"And you are going to stick your tongue up my ass and French kiss it?"

"Oh, God! I didn't say that!"

I know… *I* did."

she begged, sobbing loudly.

I said nothing.

"OK… OK… just please, untie me."

"Not until you are done."

"OK… let's just do this and get it over with."

Her tone had changed. The crying and sobbing were gone. I almost felt as if we had just completed negotiations on a business deal, and she was ready to fill her end of the bargain and be done with it.

"But" she added, "You have to get me another vodka when I'm done… just to wash my mouth out."

"We'll see."

"Come here." she prompted.

I dropped my pants, turned around and backed my ass up to her face.

"Closer, I can't reach you." she said.

I smashed my ass in to her face. I could feel her nose slide in to my crack.

She stuck her tongue out and quickly found my asshole.

She twirled her tongue around, and over, my hole. It felt good, but it wasn't her tongue I really wanted. What I wanted was to degrade her, to make her grovel and lick my ass, repulsed and on the verge of puking the whole time, but doing it out of desperation to save herself. She kind of took the fun out of it by being so business-like about it.

I ordered.

I felt her tongue plunge in to my asshole, wiggle around and then slide back out.

She plunged it back in.

"Fuck me with it!" I demanded.

she moaned, as she started fucking my asshole with her wet tongue.

"I'm done!" she announced, pulling her head away from my ass.

"No, you're not." I said, pushing my ass back in to her face.

"Nnnnnnn! she groaned, her tongue darting in and out, working my hole again.

"That's enough!" she said, turning her head to the side.

"It's enough when I say it's enough!" I growled, "Get busy!"

She tongue-fucked me for another minute or so, then turned her head away from me again.

"That's it!" she insisted, "I'm done! I'm going to vomit!"

I turned and looked at her. She had a ring of saliva around her mouth, with a barely perceptible discoloration.

I picked up a towel, and wiped her mouth off once.

"Then the deal is off." I declared.

"No way! I did what you said! Untie me, you bastard! Get me my drink. I can still taste you."

I picked up the loose duct tape and put it over her mouth.


I bent down to look her straight in the face.

"You *will* be trained… and sold…" I taunted.

"But, the good news is… anyone who can afford to buy you is going be very… very… rich."

She immediately fell silent. I could almost see the gears turning in her head, through the windows of her calculating eyes.

"You are… *truly* pathetic." I said.

"MMMMFFF MMM MM HHHMMMFFF!" I think she was calling me names.

I turned the lights off, closing the door on my way out, her muffled curses barely audible as I walked up the stairs.

January 15th, 2008

I'm starting to get concerned about the girls. It's almost midnight and they are still not home yet. Baby is not answering her phone, but she is is bad for forgetting to charge it.

I should not have let them go alone.

And something just curred to me. It's going to be rather awkward if they bring the girl home, pull in to the driveway and Flower can't get out of the car because she's chained to the seat.

January 16th, 2008

The girls finally got home about 12:30am. When I saw them coming down the road, I turned the porch light on and walked out to the driveway with a flashlight, pretending to be looking for something in the other car.

I waved as they pulled in, trying to be as non-threatening as possible in case the girl was with them.

She was. She had dark brown hair and eyes. She was wearing a t-shirt with some rock band on it. Apparently, she didn't own a coat, or it wasn't cool to wear one or something.

My first thought upon seeing her in the back seat was that if her body was decent, she would sell for more than Flower. She's not necessarily prettier than Flower, but her dark eyes were just dead sexy.

I walked over to the passenger door. They were all laughing and barely noticed I was there. I knocked on the window and it startled Flower. She jumped and shrieked, then they all started laughing again.

Flower rolled the window down and the smell of marijuana hit me in the face. I bent down and looked over at Baby, who smiled and wiggled her fingers at me. I was already planning how many strokes she was going to get for this. I can't believe she would be this fucking irresponsible.

"Hi, girls." I said.

"Hi, Uncle Ed." Baby replied.

"You girls out having fun tonight?" I asked.

"Hell, yes!" Flower yelled, raising her fist in the air, They all started laughing again.

"Well, why don't you take the party inside." I suggested, "The bar is stocked an ready to go!"

Baby yelled, and got out of the car.

The girl started to climb out of the back seat.

"Wait just a second." I said to Flower, patting her arm, "I need to talk to you for a second."

"You guys go on in." Flower said, "I'll be right there."

"I have to pee!" the girl said, dancing around a little in the cold, rubbing her arms with her hands. Her body was just fine, her tits perky and proportional.

"C'mon, Katie!" Baby urged, "It's friggin' cold out here."

I watched Katie's petite, tight, ass as she trotted to the front door in her faded jeans. In the space of about five seconds, I pondered the evolution of man, the hard-wired brain patterns of the human male, and searched my own soul for the reason why, in God's name, with Baby, Flower, Ruby and even a brand new girl that I could have any time I wanted, the only thing I wanted at that moment, was to grab that ass and fuck her until she couldn't survive another orgasm and begged me to stop.

Flower said, breaking me out of my trance.

"What is it?" I growled as I unchained her ankle.

"Master, please don't be mad." she pleaded, "We didn't have any choice! She wouldn't come with us at first because she wanted to buy some pot so we offered to take her to get it so she came with us and we drove her to some trailer and then she started smoking it on the way here and we couldn't say no or it would look weird and…"

I barely heard what she was saying. I thought back to my youth and how fun it was to catch a buzz and laugh with my friends. They got home safely, with the girl. What the hell, let them have some fun.

I interrupted, "It's OK. Go inside… have fun."

"Thank you, Master!" she squealed, running toward the front door.

I walked in just as Katie was coming out of the bathroom. I stepped behind the bar.

it be girls?" I asked.

The girls all told me what they wanted and I made it for them as Katie rolled another joint. Sorry if that's not what it's called anymore. It's been a while.

"This so weird!" Katie said, passing me the lit joint, "It's like getting high with your dad!"

The girls all laughed.

I purposely took light drags and drank very slowly. At least one of us had to stay relatively coherent, but I was feeling pretty good.

I kept filling the girls glasses. The more drunk Katie was, the easier it would be to subdue her.

After about half an hour, I grabbed a fresh bottle of Jack and put it on the coffee table.

"Well, girls," I announced, "It's past this old man's bedtime."

The girls giggled as Flower grabbed the bottle from the table.

"Good night, Uncle Ed!" Katie said. The girls all laughed loudly.

I went upstairs and got in bed. I wasn't really that tired, I was just out of place there. They were being polite to the sad, old man, but I knew they'd have more fun alone.

I tossed and turned for an hour or so, my head still buzzing. I remembered back to my youth and how when I was high from pot and had sex, the orgasm was much more intense and I could feel it all over, like my body was one giant penis.

I got out of bed and turned the video monitor on. I saw that the girls were asleep, or passed out. Katie was on the couch, Flower was sprawled out on the floor and Baby balled up in the recliner. They didn't have blankets or pillows, so I assumed they had passed out.

I switched cameras to the punishment room. Catherine was still bent over the saw horse and limp, her pants still pulled down to her knees. I watched her for a few minutes to make sure she was still alive. She was.

Switching over to the slave bedroom, I saw that Ruby was fast asleep. Hmmm… Catherine or Ruby? I decided to decide when I got downstairs.

I crept through the living room, walking around Flower. I nudged her head with my foot. She was out.

I continued down to the basement and went in o the punishment room. Catherine stirred.

"Mmmfff mmm hmmm hmmm!" she cried, in a pleading tone.

It probably was very uncomfortable the way she was positioned. I'm not too worried about her comfort, but I was concerned that it might cut off the circulation to her arms or legs. I loosened her feet, and removed the rope from her neck.

She started to rise, trying to stand up. I knocked her back down on the saw horse and grabbed the handcuffs that were holding her hands behind her back, jerking her arms up her back.

she screamed in pain.

"You move when I move you." I growled.

I let go of the cuffs and pulled the blanket off of the twin bed, dropping it on the floor.

I grabbed another pair of handcuffs and tossed them to the foot of the bed, then grabbed her by the hair in the back of her head and pulled her up.

she sobbed.

I walked her over to the bed, her pants falling closer to her ankles with every step. Knocking her down on the bed, I roughly pulled her pants the rest of the way off and jerked her feet toward the foot of the bed. I put the cuffs on her right foot, securing it to the foot board.

I turned her on her side and removed the cuffs from her left hand, securing it it to the headboard. Both her right hand and right foot were now secured.

I grabbed her left leg and pulled it away from the other, spreading them wide.

"So…" I began, looking down at her fully exposed cunt, "This is the 'golden pussy', huh?"

"Hmmmm, hmmmm!" she cried, moving her free left hand to cover herself.

I jerked her left leg farther out. She yelped in pain.

"Move your hand!" I demanded.

She slowly pulled her hand away from her snatch, nervously moving it around, just above her hairline, wanting to cover herself up again, but afraid to do it.

I grabbed her left hand and secured it to the headboard with another pair of handcuffs.

I pulled her legs apart again, stood back and and gazed at her gaping hole for a few moments.

"This is it?" I asked in disbelief, "This is the pussy you think is worth so much?"

she sobbed, apparently answering in the negative.

"It looks about like every other pussy to me." I said, "There has to be something here worth so much money."

I reached down with both hands, and unbuttoned the button of her blouse just below her tits.

she cried.

I inserted my hands in to her blouse, paused briefly and then sharply pulled both sides outward, causing the buttons to fly off in all directions.

she screamed, terrified.

I pulled the knife out of my pocket and opened it. Her eyes widened and she started crying />
I slid the knife under her bra, between her tits, and cut it open with a quick snap of my wrist. Moving the cups out of the way to expose her naked breasts, I stepped back, folded my knife and returned it to my pocket. I stared are her for a while, waiting for her to calm down.

I began, pinching my chin with the fingers of my right hand, "These are nice tits… but, I mean, just… 'nice'. I've definitely seen better."

She lie there, naked except for the sleeves of her blouse still covering her arms, thoroughly humiliated, and sniffing tears.

"So, what is it that makes you such an expensive piece of ass?" I wondered aloud.

She tried to say something through her sobs, and the duct tape, but I wasn't paying attention. I looked down at her for a few moments, enjoying her humiliation, when I suddenly realized what a fool I was. It had to be the pot preventing me from thinking clearly.

nothing special here." I concluded, "You're just another piece of meat."

I turned the lights off and closed the door as she continued to sob.

Grabbing a chain, collar and lock from the cabinet, I made my way upstairs, where I had a new, fresh, young girl passed out on my couch, just waiting to be molested.

January 16th, 2008

It was about 3:30am when I nudged Katie, who lie on her back on the couch. She didn't stir, so I shook her a little, pushing on her right shoulder and quietly called her name. She is out of it.

I slipped the collar around her neck, connected the chain and locked them both in place. Wrapping the other end of the chain around the loops in the cast iron end table legs, I gave it a good tug to make sure she would not be able to drag the table too easily.

I looked down at her, admiring her cuteness. She is not what you'd call but she is definitely cute. She will attract a lot of interest at the auction. Given her age, I expect her to sell for the most.

I nudged her again to make sure she would not wake up on me, then gently grabbed her right tit. It was nicely firm and sized just about right. I kneaded it, being careful not to do it hard enough to wake her.

I switched hands on her right tit, and grabbed the other one, playing with both as I looked at her sweet, sleeping face. I bent over and kissed her on the lips, gently inserting my tongue until I felt it touch hers, then slid my tongue under and around hers several times.

God, this was turning me on more that I thought it would. The other night when Flower was sleeping was exciting, but this was a whole new level.

I already had her secured, so if she wakes up, it won't be an issue since we would have subdued her in the morning anyway, but I found myself dearly hoping she didn't wake up until I was done with her.

I moved my lips down to her soft neck, kissing and lightly licking it. She still did not stir.

I pulled out my pocket knife and cut her shirt away, opening it but leaving her lying on it so I didn't have to move her too much. Cutting her bra away, I saw that she had nice, light brown nipples. I bent over and put my mouth over her right nipple, softly nibbling her supple skin with my pursed lips, feeling her nipple gradually become erect and stiffen against my lips. I repeated this on her left tit, causing both of her nipples to stand at attention.

Licking my way down to her waist, I unbuttoned her pants, slid the zipper down and continued to lick and kiss my way to the top of her panties. I stood up and grabbed her pant legs near her ankles and cautiously slid them off. She let out a short moan and turned her head to face away from the couch.

I waited a minute or two to make sure was still out and then, since she so kindly provided the opportunity, I bent down on one knee, pulled my cock out and put the head up against her lips. I could feel her hot breath flash across it, causing it to grow and throb. I watched her chest rise and fall with each blast of warm air.

Pinching her chin between my thumb and index finger, I pulled her mouth open, just enough to insert the tip of my cock. I was afraid to put it in too far, fearing it may wake her up, but I managed the hole head, plus about another inch. I gently fucked her mouth, trying to time my strokes between her slow, deep breaths.

I looked down at her, lusting over her fine, young body, naked except for her pink panties with a small white bow at the top. I thought about how much I wanted to play with her tight ass, but realized I'd never be able to flip her over without waking her. I decided I'd have plenty of time for that later. It was time to go for the gold.

I took my boxers off, leaving me completely naked, and crawled between her legs. Picking the knife up off the floor, I carefully cut the straps of her panties and peeled them away. As expected, her bush was dark brown. It was untrimmed, but not overly hairy.

Now for the tricky part. I grabbed a decorative pillow from the edge of the couch and slowly, very slowly, slid it under her ass, raising it several inches off the couch.

I spit in to my hand several times, and lightly rubbed it in to her cunt, gradually opening the lips and lubricating the inside.

At this point, it was the challenge more than the actual sex. I badly wanted to fuck this girl without waking her up.

I crept along her body toward her head, getting my cock in position. Feeling her warm, wet snatch brushing against it, I nudged the head in to her, ever so slightly. Even as high as I was, I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. If I felt any real resistance to my probing, I would stop. I didn't want to lose another virgin.

As it was, my cock slipped fully in to her on the second or third push. It was a snug fit, but she definitely was not a virgin.

I lowered my head and began to 'kiss' her again, as I cautiously took long, slow strokes, burying my cock in her each time.

After about 30 seconds, she began to stir. I froze in place. She reached her arms up and put them around my back.

she moaned, then dropped her arms and was out again.

I remained frozen in place for about 15 more seconds, then, confident that she was out again, returned to my long, slow strokes.

I could feel my balls tightening, the orgasm building up to it's imminent release. Suddenly, she stirred again, opened her bleary, sagging eyes and looked at me in confusion.

"No… no…" she quietly gasped, raising her hands to my chest and weakly trying to push me away.

"No…" she gasped one last time, then was out again.

I couldn't stand it any more. I dug my arms under her back, pressed our bodies together so I could better feel the sensation of her warm, soft skin, and began to plow her cunt, unconcerned any longer with waking her up.

It took all of about 10 seconds. My whole body exploded with orgasmic joy. I gasped, shocked at the intensity, a trail of slobber dribbling down my chin. It was the most wonderful, full-body orgasm I have ever had. I gradually slacked off, not wanting it to end.

I looked down and she was out. I have no idea how she did not wake up after that, but she lie there naked, come dripping from her cunt, oblivious to what had just been done to her.

Drained, exhausted and stoned, I crawled off the couch and over to Flower, still lying on the floor in the same position as before. I pulled a blanket off of the love seat, put it over us, cuddled up next to her and fell asleep.

story by: eyToad

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Author: eyToad

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