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Chapter One: The dream

Rath's eyes scanned the room before him slowly taking in the sight. He couldn't quite recall how he got to this room, or even why he had come here, but he didn't dare leave. His trim, muscular body was exposed except for the tight shorts he wore. The chilly night air that slipped in from the window to his left blew his lush brown locks to and fro as he looked upon the goddess before him. He could scarcely believe he had been so lucky as to come across such a stunning woman.

The figure stood at five foot five and had the ideal figure, at least in his mind she did. From her lovely lips that he could just picture wrapping around his rock hard member all the way down to her amazing little ass that he would just love to take over. Her skin was like silk on his flesh, her tongue could work magic that the galaxy had never before seen. The only hair on her entire body rested upon her head and cascaded down her bare back all the way to her tail bone.

Rath stepped forward slowly, taking a seat next to her on the bed. A grin crossed his face as she pressed her fingers and nails into his chest forcing him down onto his back. Her lithe fingers disappeared under the waist band of his shorts and gently began to pull them down. Slowly he could feel the cold air washing over his newly exposed skin. Her emerald eyes sparkled in the moon light as she looked into his eyes, her hand wrapped around his semi-erect member and traveled up his already impressive length. He truly had taken after his father.

Her mouth was practicly watering for a taste of him and she wasted no time taking his large member into her mouth. She moved her tongue over his head a bit, getting him to harden even quicker in her mouth. The woman drug her fingers all the way down his chest, leaving deep red marks from her nails as she moaned onto his cock. She couldn't help how much she loved the feeling of one hardening in her mouth, especially one that almost filled it when soft. She quickly showed her skill, not wanting to waste any time it would seem. Rath had no idea why she was in such a hurry, but he didn't really care at the moment.

All he could think about was thrusting his erect member all the way down her throat as she worked her tongue over him, taking him in a bit deeper each time she went down. As the pressure began to build he snaked his fingers into her long hair, twisting them in to the point it would be quite the task to get them undone. As she lifted her head he began to exert pressure on the back of her skull, forcing her downward as he thrusted up. He could feel her almost gagging and he could only grin as he continued throat fucking her for a minute or so until he felt the pressure in his balls tighten up. He knew he was about to come, but he didn't bother informing her.

He knew she could tell just from the way his cock was twitching. With one final thrust deep into her throat he came, shooting rope after rope of his thick white seed down her throat. After about the forth shot some of it began to drip out of her mouth. His moans of ecstatic pleasure could only be rivaled by hers. The vibrations that his own personal cock sucker sent down his shaft were amazing and only prolonged his orgasm as she milked him completely dry.

Before he had a chance to even catch his breath, or wipe the sweat from his brow she was standing over him licking the jizz on her lips away and kissing him one last time. He could taste himself fresh on her lips for the few seconds their tongues wrestled, but everything faded away all too soon as his alarm began to go off, signaling it was time for him to wake up..

Chapter Two: Daily Doings

The tent that Rath had created with his sheets didn't please him too much, but he knew if he didn't hurry up and do something about it that Rose would notice. That was the last thing he wanted, for his sister to walk into his room on their freighter and notice the mammoth boner he had. She would freak out on him, blaming him for her not knocking and just walking in on him. He quickly got up from his bed and wrapped the thin blanket around his body before heading off to the refresher.

He let the blanket drop away before entering, as he didn't want it to get wet while he was in the shower. His green eyes stole a glance at the mirror just over the sink. He was tall enough that he could see his erection in it and he couldn't help but pause to look at himself in the mirror. A sly grin crossed his face as he began to pose a bit, flexing his muscles in various positions. Always the one to love the way his body he looked he wasted a good five minutes just looking at himself in the mirror.

With a simple flick of his wrist, the force jumped to obey him by activating the shower. He waited a few minutes for the water to get the point of almost scalding hot before getting in. It was too cold in space to have anything but a steamy shower, that and Rath enjoyed it hot whenever he could get it. Slipping into the shower he let out a sigh of contentment as the water rushed over his body. Seconds passed as he stood just beneath the shower head letting the water rush over him.

He had almost forgotten why he had decided to take a shower when he heard a steady stream of water hitting the ground. When he looked down he chuckled at the sight of the water running down his weighted down length and dripping onto the shower floor. He lowered his right hand and wasted no time in gripping his cock in it. He shuddered at the sudden sensation, taking his sweet time since he had nothing important to do this morning. He ran his hand up and down slowly, stroking himself and thinking back to his dream the night before.

It had only been a few days since his last dream like that, but they were beginning to get more and more frequent as of late. It was never the same girl in his dream, but always the same setting. It was starting to get to him, but he had no way of finding out anything about such dreams in the middle of a journey through hyper space. Perhaps the next time they touched down on one of the larger core planets he would seek out someone for advice, but for now his attention was focused on his hard on.

He had always been skilled with his hands and it was no different when it came to stroking and toying with himself. In fact, he was better when it came to that as he always took special care of himself. After all, who wouldn't do such a thing? His left hand cupped his balls and pulled at them a bit as his hand pumped up and down his water slicked length quicker now. Five minutes passed before his knees weakened slightly and he had to plant his left hand on the wall in front of him to keep himself standing up right.

His dark locks fell before his eyes, watering pouring down past his eyes and over his body as he muttered a few incomprehensible words. His member began to swell in his hands as he grew ever closer to finding the release he had sought after. Rath threw his head back, his hair flipping up over his head and tossing water everywhere as he did, and let out a low moan as his entire body shook from the beginning of his orgasm. He shot out rope after rope onto the shower wall, only to be washed away by the water that quickly followed it.

He let his body slid down the shower wall when he was finally finished. All traces of what he had been up to was washed away almost instantly, but he didn't particularly care at the moment. His vision was still slightly blurred and his breathing was erratic at best. Things were only just returning to normal when he heard the soft voice of his sister from just outside the door..

"Rath! Hurry the hell up! Other people have to use the refresher too you know!"

He let out a sigh as he stood and quickly finished up his shower. At least she hadn't interrupted a few moments earlier and interrupted at the most inopportune time. When he was done he dried himself off, taking his time to look himself over again just to piss of Rose a bit before he slipped into his robe and left the refresher all to her.


Rose smirked at her brother as he walked out of the refresher in a robe. She could feel a bit of heat from below already just from the sight of him right after his shower, knowing that the only thing separating her from his body was the the thin robe her wore. Rather then say anything she just shoved him to the side as if he had made her mad and walked into the refresher. The steam that hit her in the face caught her by surprise, causing her to blink a few times before getting used to it.

Since he had taken it upon himself to make her wait the extra few minutes to get in here, no doubt looking at himself in the mirror again, she decided to get a bit of revenge of her own. Closing her eyes she focused on him and reached out to grip the subtle tendrils of the force. She could hear his yelp of surprise as his robe was ripped from his body and plastered to the ceiling just out of reach. She couldn't help but laugh at him as she heard him take off for his room.

She took her time in the shower, not really in a hurry to leave. It was always relaxing to be in such a warm shower after walking about the freezing ship. Even if she was even colder afterwards if she didn't dry her hair properly. Rath never seemed to mind anything about the time they spent in space, but she did. It was always so lonely only having one person to talk to, barely anything to do, and rarely anything to do that was interesting. Over the year or so her sex drive had been working none stop. Every since they had been on Naboo…

Her and Rath had decided to land the ship near one of the lakes on the planet so they could go for a swim. The moon was hanging low in the sky, thousands of stars pricking the never ending blue sky here and there. They stayed the night there, wasting it away having a good time swimming and just hanging out. That was one of the few good things about their life…they had each other. They never fought and always enjoyed the others company. Near the end of the night Rath was getting out of the lake when he heard Rose burst out laughing at him. It was only then he realized he had lost his shorts in the water, most likely from too much water gathering in pockets not meant to be filled with water.

He quickly dashed back into the water and even in the dark Rose could make out his bright red cheeks. A smile crossed her own face as her cheeks light up with a similar shade of red. Of course, her smile and lightly shaded cheeks were for another reason. She had just seen something she had never seen before, but the fact it was her own brothers manhood made her a bit sickened by her thoughts about it. She had never done anything with a man, but she had thought about it plenty of times.

Since that night every time she thought of any thing along those lines she couldn't get the picture of her brothers cock out of her mind. She wanted it for her own, it was simply magnificent…yet it was her brothers so every time one of the thoughts came up she would push it away. Up until about six months ago when she had come up with a plan and set it into action. Things had gone smoothly, yet she always felt so guilty about it. She would have to tell him one of these days, but every time she thought she had worked up the courage too…the sight of him caused her to lose it. She didn't know how he would react…

Yet again she pushed the thoughts from her mind. Slipping out of the shower she dried off, looking at her body in the mirror for a few seconds. Her eyes flashed from violet to emerald, one of the benefits she had inherited from her father. She hadn't really ever met him, he had disappeared so long ago, but he had left both Rath and her with more then enough money to make a living off of, not to mention a vast well of information pertaining to the force and his own enhancements. Rose had gained his power over the body, she had become a biomancer just like him. She had yet to inform Rath of this yet.


The two of them sat on the stools at the bar they always had breakfast on. The holonet was on in the background spouting off various news reports that neither of them ever paid attention too. Rath had already been eating his own breakfast when Rose entered the room, but it wasn't like either of them ever bothered waiting for the other when they got hungry. After a while Rose spoke up, her voice soft, but just loud enough to be heard over the holonet news story of the next act of Genocide being committed by the Empire and it's Admiral Phillep.

"Sleep well?"

"Yeah, you know me..always a deep sleeper." He flashed her a grin as he swallowed down a bit of his cereal.
Rose couldn't help but chuckle at his words. She knew he was a deep sleeper. The ship could plow into the surface of one of the thousands of planets in the Galaxy and he probably wouldn't even wake up in time to notice anything was amiss. She kept quiet and he didn't bother asking how she had slept. It would be another boring day…or night which ever you preferred to call it. In the depths of space you couldn't really refer to any point of time as day or night, it was when you were awake and when you were asleep out here.

story by: Waffles

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Author: Waffles

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