Educating the girlspart 4

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Educating the girls

By Anon y mouse

Chapter 4: Shopping
Conrad was in remorse for what he had done to his daughter. The fuck was one thing but he had gotten carried away by the moment and having an audience. His wife Ruby was showing her concerns too as Bonnie lay limp on the sofa. The Henderson’s were also expressing a concern at Bonnie and her current condition.

It was Bonnie who broke the spell when she announced she was fine. It had hurt her when Father put his cock in her bottom but it was easing now. Like when he fucked her pussy for the first time next time would be easier she was sure.

Angela out of concern was already hugging her friend. The two of them were openly kissing. Conrad breathed a sigh of relief. Ruby and Betty had been masturbating themselves whilst Conrad fucked his daughter. Jerry had spend his sperm over his daughter’s hand.

Angela had automatically licked her hand clean and her Fathers cock. The tension out the way Ruby got up and made them all a coffee, whilst the girl’s preferred a soft drink.

“Wow” said Jerry “That was something else”

she good my little princess” remarked Conrad

Nods of approval all round and Bonnie blushed

“So Jerry thought about letting Angela lose hers” Ruby asked

“After watching her rub my husband’s cock and then sucking him dry seems we might as well complete the job” remarked Beth

“You going to do it yourself” Conrad enquired

thought that through” Jerry replied “And you are bigger than me it would hurt too much for you to try”

“I agree” said Beth “After all that is why you went Dr. Patterson

“Yes” Ruby chipped in “He was remarkable “It cost us $200 but worth it”

“OH as much as that” said Jerry “Think that would bust the bank.

“Then only one thing for it do it yourself Jerry” said Ruby

“Still large though” Jerry remarked “Really need someone smaller to start”

“Why not your brother the Jerry” Beth piped in “His is smaller”

Jerry had confirmation how his wife knew that. Many a time when Mark was having marital problems Beth would console him and take away the ache. All was done with Jerry’s approval. Mark never knew that Jerry knew his brother fucked his wife. That was what made it exciting when Mark had been round and Beth told him it seemed to intensify their lovemaking.

It was also a stimulus when the Jackson’s Ruby and Conrad had moved next door and they shared wives. Watching his now friend Conrad fuck his wife was a real turn on and the bonus was he got to fuck Ruby.

said Ruby “I suppose I better get dressed I need the market”

“I’ll come with you” said Beth

“OK see you at yours in 10 minutes”

Beth left to go next door and dress as Ruby went upstairs to do the same.

“Are you going to fuck me now Uncle Jerry?” asked Bonnie

Jerry looked at Conrad

said Conrad any time you want to use my Princess you are more than welcome

“Geee Thanks and once we sorted Angela the situation will be />
That sorted the men left their separate ways to get on with their respective day leaving the two girls still naked chatting at the table.

“So ya like what you seen”

“Your Father’s looked nice”

“Yes not as big as your />
“Big enough I would like to try it out”

“It felt good when I handled it and he squirted his stuff”

“Did you taste it?”

“Nice ain’t it when ya taste it did you swallow any”

“Some most went on your carpet look”

Angel pointed down to the small stain on the kitchen carpet. There was also a stain on the Sofa in the corner. The girl’s giggled

“You gonna let your Father fuck you?” Bonnie asked her friend

“I want to, but it looks big and you had Dr Patterson first maybe I should do it that way”

The girls were both unaware that as they spoke Angela’s Father was on the phone to her Uncle.

The girls went into Bonnie’s room and dressed. Both were the similar build and they often swapped and shared clothes. Looking in the closet Bonnie wasn’t sure what would be suitable. She felt she needed to dress more sexy but there wasn’t much that suited. Only one thing for it she thought shopping. As she was dressed and waiting on Angela to finish she planned the sort of clothes she would like.

After dressing both Bonnie and Angela went into Conrad’s den. He was surprised to see them both.

“Nice outfit’s girls but I can’t play right now I have to work”

“No Father that’s OK we just came for some money”

“Money for what?”

“Princess you got clothes”

“Sexy clothes I mean”

Conrad was speechless. He still looked on them as 8 year old girls. Yes they now knew about sex but they were still littlegirls

“And where would you wear these clothes”

“At the mall and in the park”

“Princess that is the last thing you want. All the boys and men will want to ogle you and get into your panties”

“Well let them look Father but you know I would not let them,……. Father just think if we was out and you saw all the men staring at me knowing they could not have me”

Conrad thought for a second and thought Bonnie had a point. If she was on his arm dressed like a tart knowing only he could fuck her might be a turn on.

“Give me 1 hour princess and I will come with you and help you choose />
“And for Angela too”

“Let me check first with Jerry OK he doesn’t have much money to buy extra stuff. Now go and do something till I am ready. I will call you”

The girls left the room and Conrad phoned Jerry

“Hi Jerry listen I want to run something past ya”

“Sure go ahead I’m />
“I am taking Bonnie to get some new clothes and I thought Angela might like some too”

“She got clothes”

“No sexy ones like Beth and Ruby have”

“Geez Conrad I’m not flush at the moment I mean sorry mate”

“Let me worry about that if I pay will you let me help them choose”

“Well sure if that’s the case but don’t go to too much expense I remember that Basque set me back $150”

“Let me worry about the expense in general give me free reign yes and you won’t be />
“OK mate I trust you”

Conversation over they both put down the phones. Conrad pondered a little and then went on the net to see if he could get some ideas of what he could get for the girls. Not much it seemed the market was of course aimed at older girls 15 plus. He did spot 1 shop that advertised and it was only about a 2 hr. drive so he phoned to check. Satisfied he decided to forgo work and call the girls.

“Ready girl’s we going />
Bonnie and Angela tripped over themselves as they raced downstairs and both had smiles from ear to ear.

“It will be a bit of a drive” Conrad told them “Seems the best place I could find is about 2 hrs away so we can make of day of it”

The girls did not answer but nodded and eagerly climbed into the car. As they were driven along both looked at each other from time to time, giggling and smiling, and occasionally holding hands.

The drive was not too over long and took in actual fact 1hr and 35 minutes which mused Conrad is quicker than going to the office. That is why he did a lot of stuff at home, his den was his office from the office.

Looking at the shop it did not appear to be what the advertisement said. There was a window which was blackened out and a small door. The Paintwork was crumbling and the masonry looked as though it needed attention too. He had driven for all this time so he decided they might as well look in.

Bonnie had also noticed the state of the place asking Father if he had the right place. Being assured this was the correct address they all 3 walked through the door. As they walked in a buzzer sounded. Inside was better than out it was painted brightly and the lighting was good. There did not however appear to be any sign of clothing suitable for little girls as they surveyed the racks.

In glass cases on the walls were samples of clothing that would have done the trick, if they had not been several sizes too large. Conrad shrugged and was about to leave when an elderly gentleman appeared and asked them what they were looking for.

Conrad explained what he had in mind and the old gent looked at the girls.

“First I will have to take the measurements “The old guy said

“Sure go ahead”

“It will be better in the back room more privacy”

Conrad said “Lead the way”

The old man weaved through the store and they arrived at a well hidden door. He punched in a series of numbers it opened and they followed him through

be too careful” He explained “Cost of stock these days”

Conrad nodded and eventually through a hallway they reached another door. Again the old man punched in a series of numbers and they walked through into an area full of racks all full of clothes.

“This is the 5 to 10 section” the old man pointed out

Conrad had noticed that there were other racks marked 0-1, 1-3 and 3-4. Did people really allow younger children to wear such outfits. Some of them were so flimsy and see-through. He kept his council as Bonnie and Angela were looking through the racks that the old man was pointing out.

“Now I need The old guy continued

“Go ahead” Conrad said “We are in your hands”

The old man told them he was called Joseph and he had done this many times.

“In order to do this girl’s I am going to have to ask you to undress”

He looked at Conrad who nodded his approval and the girl’s disrobe.

“You have to undress fully” He explained “I cannot get proper if you are not completely naked”

Neither Bonnie nor Angela flinched as the Joseph looked at them without clothes. He asked them to do a twirl and he complemented them on their bodies. Setting about his task he measured round their chests admiring their little buds. Next their waists and hips explaining that this was to get a better pantie-line. Then he asked them to stand feet apart as he made the inside leg measurement Commenting on the nice little pussies and smoothness. Each measurement was recorded in a little book and when he had finished he turned to Conrad.

“Very nice young ladies”

“Thank you”

“I take it they are not virgins”

“Well 1 is not the other”

The old man mused that in his mind

“So you are the Father?”

“To one” pointing at Bonnie “She is not a virgin”

“I see and the other one”

“Her friend and we are friends of the family too”

“So you planning to take her later yes”

“No her Father is sorting with her Uncle we are here to buy them clothes to look sexy in”

“And I have plenty of choice” The old man said.

Bonnie and Angela were both holding up bits of outfits and as there was so much choice. Conrad was wondering how he would get the best ones.

“May I make a few suggestions for you?” Joseph asked Conrad

“I would be grateful for the help yes”

“Then tell me for what purpose apart from making them look sexy will they be wearing them?”

Conrad had not considered past taking them in the street and having men’s and boy’s eyes looking at what they could never have. Joseph however was more helpful

“Sir if I may interject it may be that you wish them to wear clothing that before you fuck them becomes part of a fantasy”

“Such as?”

“Well they may be fairies, or water nymphs, or even hookers”

This was something to ponder

“First Sir if you will allow me to sort a variety of costumes and jewellery we can dress them up and see how you feel?”

“Yes by all means” Conrad said

The old man shuffled off around the racks picking here and there and came back with an assortment of clothing.

“Some of these may be a little lose to start” He explained “But I can alter them”

Joseph helped the girls in and out of a few costumes. Conrad noticed he spent the time to adjust each one paying special attention to the fit around their pussy and bottom. As the man’s hands were touching the naked girls Conrad noticed he never broke into a sweat nor did did not get excited merely did his job.

Both Bonnie and Angela liked the man touching them and gave little giggles and squeals as his hand brushed their bottoms, or lingered around their pussies. They also liked the outfits taking twirls as each one was completed and allowing the man complete access to both dress and undress them in turn.

During this process the phone rang a couple of times and the man would go into another room and
answer it. Conrad was admiring the professional way the man operated. Then a loud buzzer went off which threw him and the girls off balance.

“Ah the shop won’t be a moment” and Joseph left them to it.

Conrad and the girls were speculating on which of the costumes to take. tTey had agreed on a hookers outfit which was so short the tips of the panties were visible. When the girls bent down the whole thing would make any man have a standing hard on. Then there was a fairy outfit that had a white see-through leotard as a base and a wrap around skirt complete with fairy wings. They had tried and rejected a Jane of the jungle look. They were all in two minds about the nurses outfits.

Within a few moments Joseph reappeared

“Another fitting” he explained “If you are OK I can do you all at the same time, or you can choose to go into an anti-chamber and continue in />
“Who are they” Conrad enquired

“Another 3 girls but younger than yours with their Uncle” He grinned

“I think we will go private if you do not mind”

“Very well Sir this way”

To be

story by: anon y mouse

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: anon y mouse

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