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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex on this story.


I have just been wrestled into the backseat of a police cruiser with its multicolored lights flashing in the early morning sun. When the officer goes to withdraw from the seat with my hands cuffed together and anchored to a loop anchored to the floor, he mistakenly forgets to bend over and bangs his head on the door post. I then heave up with my feet and with my hand on his jacket kick him into the doorframe. With this he passes out and I retrieve his keys and undo my cuffs. I reach into his jacket and confiscate the slim flat gun there. Also, I take his belt and a shoelace and then beat it for the bushes to create my disguise.

I know that the officer is not badly hurt, just unconscious and after a few days will be as ornery as ever and maybe a lot more careful on how he withdraws from the backseat of his cruiser.

In the bushes, I mount his decorative belt around my chest and with decorative buckle in the front, anchor it into place with the lace suspended from around my neck. With that it looks very much like a suspended amulet to any passerby. And then I tuck the gun into the belt near my armpit under the loose jacket that I had on. The best disguises were either very bland or have misleading noticeable features to throw trailing trackers off. Alternating them works almost every time.

With this, I avoided the main streets and looked for an alley in a family home’s neighborhood. I found one just a block away and looked for one with kids toys in the back yard. It was the third one. I figured that any man in this neighborhood worked and since it was about seven in the morning, would likely have already left for his job. So, at the target house, I moved up to the back porch and I was in luck, the door was unlocked. I moved in to the back hallway and heard a young woman’s voice call out, “Honey, is that you?” I didn’t answer but did walk very quietly and purposely as if I didn’t have a care in the world.

When I entered the kitchen, there was a lovely young mother feeding her baby in a high chair. The baby’s face showed the evidence that it was being stubborn about this feeding and had its food all over its face. The mother raised her hands up to her face and then moved to be between her baby and me. When she saw my gun, she covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming out. I nodded at that and whispered to her, “clean up the baby and move to put it to bed.” She nodded and retrieved a kitchen towel wetted and had him cleaned up in quick order. Then we moved to his bedroom with me tailing the both of them. I had guessed that he was a boy by the blue of his clothing, that I could see when he was out of his chair.

She laid him in the bed and caressed him and he quickly fell to sleep, evidently tired from struggling to avoid being fed by mother that morning.

I then motioned for her to move to her bedroom right across the hallway and with lowered voice told her to disrobe. I was not only quite a bit horny from the strain of the situation that had developed in the last hour, but wanted her in a subservient state so that I could control the situation. Her being nude and having a baby next door would double trump any foolishness that might come into her mind. Besides, by my attitude towards the baby, she had good reason to suppose that I was no real danger to it, unless she did something foolish and risky to me.

To calm me down and to somewhat diffuse the situation, she lowered herself to the floor on her knees and took out my cock to be ministered by her mouth. She gently caressed it and kissed it and then with her saliva wet hands began to stroke it up. When it got somewhat risen, she opened her sweet momma’s mouth and took it to inside of her there. Her lips and tongue began to work it over and with a very strong sucking action got me up near to shooting my cum down her throat. But, evidently her eyes in studying me decided that I wanted something else.

So, to serve me, without getting an unwanted baby from me, she moved up to the side of the bed, put a couple of pillows under her still swollen belly and invited me to take her up the ass. I sympathizing with her decision, wetted my dick from her soaking pussy and then moved myself up deeply into her dark chamber. It took only a few minutes with her accompanying back pushes with my plunging penetrations to have me cum up deeply into her ass. And with this, she looked me in the eyes and seemed to thank me for not making things any worse than they were.

With that, we both heard a knocking at the back door, and she sent me into the baby’s bedroom and went down in her robe to deflect whoever was there disturbing this still very dangerous scene. It was the police seeking out the hiding place of an accused dangerous criminal and wondered if he might have entered and was hiding in her house. She asserted that only she and her baby with her brother was there, and that he was upstairs tending to the baby, since they had disturbed the household with their early morning accosting. One of the officers moved through the house to where he supposed that the baby’s bedroom would be located and found a young man in his T-shirt patting a sleeping baby in its crib. Seeing no reason for alarm, he and the other officer left behind in the kitchen excused themselves and left the premises.

She then rushed back upstairs to find the same situation that the officer had and took him by the hand back to her bedroom and again doffed her robe to move this intruder’s mindset from any thought of harming her or the baby. Especially the baby. So, she then moved him onto the bed while he was pondering his next steps, she then decided to throw caution to the wind, and so opened up his pants again and mounted herself over and then onto his uprisen cock. To not overplay the scene, she lightly smiled down to him and gently rocked her still post birth rounded tummy forward and backwards to eventually bring him again. Few men who have cum twice in that short of a time would have the energy to cause any trouble to her and the baby, she figured.

It took almost twenty minutes of that effort to bring him again and by then he had figured out a method to get himself away from this house and this very brave mother and her dear child. When she also came, she leaned forward and took him into her arms and in low tones, begged, “Please don’t hurt my child!” With a couple of tears in his eyes, he nodded that he wouldn’t and he silently thought to himself, he wouldn’t hurt her either.

When they got up from the bed, she got a washcloth and washed his privates clean, ignoring herself for the moment. They then moved down to the kitchen and he grabbed the six bottle carrier with six empty milk bottles in it and had her write out a grocery list to take with him. He had her sit down at the table and informed her that he had friends in town that would be a danger to her if she cooperated with the police over him. She nodded at that and he then with a jacket and hat of her husband’s moved out the back door to walk right through the searching officers with the bottle carrier and grocery list in each hand.

At the little neighborhood store, he used a couple of the dollars that he had confiscated from the young mother and bought himself a small package of Twinkies to fuel him up to his further escape efforts. Then he informed the clerk that the mother would be in later to pick up the new bottles of milk and he wandered seemingly carefree out the back door.

He moved to the side of the building to the public phone there and called a number to facilitate his escape. They told him that they would be there in the area in about seventy-five minutes. He gave them instructions and then rang off.

So, he had about an hour to use up so that he wouldn’t be in public view for too long.

He moved back to the rear of the building of the store and noticed that the store only took up the front of it. So, he moved around the back and found an open window and looked in. Inside he saw a young woman, perhaps fifteen, who was dressing, evidently after a shower because she was still naked with a school uniform laid out on the bed.

The girl turned to see him at the window, but showed no fear of him and then turned to start putting on her panties. With that he moved to the back freight delivery door and entered the opening and then ducked to a back door that obviously led to the living quarters. When he moved into the small apartment, he saw immediately where the girl’s bedroom would be and dashed to it and then rushed through the door and took the girl up into his arms. At this she did become very frightened and tried to struggle away from him.

He then whispered to her, “If you stay calm, no harm will come to you.” And with this she stopped the struggling and in a hopeful spirit relaxed a little bit. He put his finger up to her lips and signaled for her silence and then reached back and moved her school clothing to the chair next to her bed. He then motioned for her to take off her panties and settle back on the side of the bed.

He then asked her how many minutes till she had to leave to catch the bus and the young girl said forty-five minutes. He then said that he would get her out on time. And she nodded at that.

He remained standing, and she considered how this might turn out very badly and so decided that she needed to keep him very busy over the next thirty-five minutes or so. And since she was already naked and he was looking at her in a very interested way, she made the move to engage him sensually.

She stood up and moved into his arms and began to whisper into his ear, “Relax and let me calm your worries.” So, he lowered his arms to cup her twin ass cheeks and left the next several minutes into her hands.

Since, he was the one that was enthralled with this, she moved him down on to his knees and opened up her pussy region to him. He got the message and began to kiss and lick about her lower belly and groin area. And she made sensual sounds to show her appreciation and growing sexual heat.

So, he moved to licking up and down her pussy slit, and she opened her legs even more and his tongue then took in her clit and pussy hole for his determined attentions. When she was fully leaking her girl cum, she turned around and bent over to steady herself on the bed and he moved in to now give her anal area the same treatment.

She increased her already high sensual state and then almost lost it when he moved his tongue up into her anal hole. But, she didn’t want to have this over too soon, so she turned again and raised him up to her mouth and began deep kissing and tonguing him. She could tell that he especially liked her tits up to his chest and so moved his mouth down to them to stall for a few minutes. And he played along with her and suckled on them until she indicated the next sensual step in their interchange.

With her eyes on her clock, she then moved to her back and invited him into her intimate ‘love room’ and had him up to the far wall before he knew what had happened. No hymen to delay the trip. With time running out for her to move on with her dressing for school, she began to moan and whimper with strong thrusting up at his plunging down and he soon emptied up into her.

She then pointed at the clock and he got up and let her towel off first to get ready to leave. And she had her clothing on ready to go with time to spare. He mentioned to her the need for her to cover this episode over and she recognized that a public grocery store was a very vulnerable, so agreed to leave this between them.

With that he moved down the bluff behind the store and scampered down to a pier on the river below. There he found an electric small boat with still a charge on the battery and he untied it and left to go down the river. A couple of miles south, he pulled over to the opposite side of the stream to tie up at the dock there of the last village before the stream hit the bay.

He then moved up to the store there and got some change to make a local call again and then waited for the response while sitting on a bench facing away from the road.

In about ten minutes a bright green van with plain wheel covers moved up to him and he jumped in. Then about a mile out of town, all of the guys in the van including the driver got out and from a barrel in the back took detergent and long brushes and washed all of the water soluble paint off of the van which left it now black. They also changed the license plate to back being its light red self and took off the generic wheel covers to have a fine set of mags show up. Then they gathered up all of the obvious supplies and moved off down the highway. They passed several police cars, but none of them paid any attention to the ‘obviously, not the van they were looking for,’ vehicle.

When they got to his cousin’s home, they took him in and he was immediately guided to his cousin’s sister’s bedroom. She had been a former lover and so took him into her bed and loved him up to relax him and then slept in his arms for the family to decide what to do about all of this.

It so happened that one of the cousins had a friend who was a city policeman and when he inquired of him, without giving anything away, the officer shared with his friend that there were no usable fingerprints to be found. The only ones that they had located were in the car and boat and none of them were in shape to identify anyone.

So, the police only had a vague deion, a missing gun, worthless finger prints and no pictures and no idea of who the escapee really was. But, they did get on the local radio news that day and lied to assuage the concerns of the local public with the statement that they were evaluating all of the facts that were known and that an arrest was expected soon. This was to try to smoke someone out by them doing something rash to cover their tracks, but Juan only rode back to his father’s little restaurant on Maplewood Way and took his apron and went right to work.

The only thing that they knew for sure was that he was a young Hispanic man wandering in the middle of the night in a predominately white neighborhood. Someone out early in the morning had reported this to 911 and when the officer arrived already dead tired from a long night, he overacted to Juan’s natural resentment for being roughed up when he had done nothing. So, Juan was never caught nor identified and the young officer after a trip to the Emergency Room got off with just an impressive head bandage and a week off to nurse his injuries with a very young and fecund wife to pamper him until he went back on duty. Rather inconsequential compared to what too often happens in those kinds of emotionally charged situations.

A couple of weeks later, Juan got into the very embarrassing situation with Maria (Penny) at her condo. His ear hurt from this for several days, but he then settled down to make something out of himself and over a number of years, he did eventually, and then with the same Maria that he had embarrassed himself with those many years before.

Nothing ever came of his escapee adventure.

story by: James Dylan Dean

Tags: fiction blowjob coercion male / females sex story

Author: James Dylan Dean

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