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What the fuck is taking her so long! I thought to myself. "Come on sis damn!" I screamed up the stairs at Tracy, my 14 year old baby sister. My mom, who I call Maggie around everyone but her, came around the corner with a sexy glare. "Don't use such foul words in this house mister!" Then turned to the stairs and yelled "Tracy move it because you know you two can't afford to miss anymore." After a few minutes Tracy came down the stairs saying "Okay Okay, I'm going. Had to put on my make-up! Peter you know I won't go with out it!" You don't need that shit anyway, I thought to myself. Man, being in a house with two women is hard and I mean HARD! If she only knew what she does to me when she wears shit like that. I say this because she had on this 'Girls Rule' shirt, which is orange with purple lettering and hugged her perky little tits! Control your self cause you still have the whole day to go! Maggie was still in her pale pink pajamas with fairies all over them. God, Tracy defiantly gets wearing her clothes too tight from her. I caught myself staring at Tracy's tits and wondering what they looked like without the shirt and bra. "What are you looking at Peter?" Tracy said. "Nothing, I was spacing out", which is what I always if they catch me looking. "Let's go!" I said turning to open the front door. I let her walk out first so I could get a really good view of her asscheeks through her purple mini skirt. I could tell she was wearing a thong! Mmmm!! The thought of that tiny string between her taunt cheeks. God, I'd love to be the string against the rose bud, Damn! I couldn't stop thinking of her body! She yelled right before I ran the red light. Watch what you are doing! What's your problem? Let me guess SPACING again. You need help Peter! Without thinking I blurt out, You could help me! Tracy gave me a weird and confused look. What do you mean, I could help you? "Never mind," I told her pulling into the school parking lot. Turning off the car I just sat there. Then turned to her and said, "Sorry sis, I'm just frustrated is all. I didn't mean to be hateful!" She smelled so wonderful. Tracy leaned over touched my hand to with hers and said in a soft gentle voice, "It's okay, guess I better go before I'm late!" She got out an ran to her building which is right by mine. Shit, that was too close. I made it to class just has the bell rang!! All I could think about was that beautiful ass as she ran off. I excused myself from class to go to the bathroom. It didn't really matter cause the teacher, Mrs. Butts (really was her name) was a free grade class. Down the hall and pushed open the door to the bathroom. Closed and locked the stall door behind me. Pulled down my pants which are baggy. I took my semi hard cock and began thinking about Tracy's body. I've never really seen it with out clothes, except one time she was walking into her room with only a towel after she showered. All I seen was her back. Anyway, her tits I think is about a 24B, small but enough! With tiny pink nipples. She has a flat tummy, she works out so she can be a cheerleader next year. Finally her untouched pussy. It is not trimmed, but has very thin brown soft hair. I wish I'd seen her body, it would be a better fantasy. My rod is 8 inches and about 2 inches thick, so not bad. No one has had a problem with it, lol! It is fully at attention with the thoughts of my little sisters lushes body. I let my mouth water up with saliva, bend down and spit on my pecker for some lube. Slowly I work my fist up and down then every now and then I squeeze my nuts, wishing it was my sis' hand giving me pleasure. Damn it, I bend over and take it in my mouth and suck it like I'd tell her too! With both hands free, I raise up just enough to spread my ass apart to get my finger close to the bud. I rub it! Letting go of my meat with my mouth, I suck and lick my middle finger. Sticking it in my fudge hole as far as I can, then returned to suck my own fat cock. In a nice rhythm, I feel that warm tingling in my balls. Quickly letting it go and stroking it with my finger still in my ass. AHHH, letting go a steady stream of jism down my knuckles. Pulled up my pants and washed my hands, I returned to class. The day went fast with thoughts of Tracy. Walked out of the doors and looked toward my car. Oh God, she was sitting on the hood, her legs crossed an her hands messing with her hair. It made her tits bouncing slightly. when she saw me, a huge smile came to her face. "What," I asked. her face was a little red, but she was still smiling. can I tell you something an you got to promise you won't tell mom! Ok what!? Penny brought a magazine to school and it showed naked men! OMG some were really big! I couldn't stop looking at them! You won't tell will you? No, I said, but remember this morning? Yes, you wanted me to help you. Yes, I'll help but with what? Wait till Maggie leaves with her friends tonight and I’ll tell you then, k? She nods and smiled. After we got home we did our homework, ate supper, then the door bell rang. Time for me to go kids. Don't have to much fun. Then the door shut. I walked into the kitchen where Tracey was doing dishes. I took one of her slender wet hands and said "come with me now!" I basically dragged her to my room. Told her to sit on my bed an I locked the door. Do you want to see a real cock? I want to show you a big dick, if you want. Her face turned red. She shrugged and said I guess. You mean yours? Yes, i'll show you and you can show me what you got? My private place?!?!? With a grin I said "yes." I don't know Peter. I knew she wasn’t trying to back out. So I stripped down to my boxers. My bulge was starting to grow and come alive. She stared at it. I walked over to her and stood, so she could clearly see my dick getting bigger. Her mouth dropped open. Pull my boxers down sis so you can really see it. I couldn't believe it. She did it without any pausing. When it sprang free it rubbed up fast and giggled. Can I touch it? Fuck yeah, right now it is all yours baby! She gently stroked my hard on. Shit, it almost made blow. Had to gain my control back. Give it a kiss Tracy. You mean in my mouth?! Lol no…not yet anyway. I don’t know peter, what if we get caught! Maggie isn't home and when she does, i'll stop. I promise! She licked her lips and leaned toward my man hood. Gave it a kiss and a lick! ahh, that feels so good sis. Please don't stop! With that she began licking it every where. I grabbed her head and pushed it against her lips. Suck it sis make me feel good and i'll return the favor! It glided in her wet hot mouth. Ooo Tracy, now suck when you bring it back out. I watched her cheeks cave in when she let it come out, but only to the head! My prick started to burst forth. Faster Tracy, I wanted to fill her mouth. She picked up the pace like a pro! I want you to drink my cum sis. I didn't give her a chance to think. I exploded in her hot mouth. She took every last drop. It is still hard. I didn't do it right, did I? Yes you did, but you turn me on with just the sight of you! Now get undressed and i'll make you feel good too. With one movement her shirt and skirt was off and on the floor. I stopped her, so I could take her bra and thong off. So I was right a thong. They was matching lace see through brown. I did her bra first and let if fall on its own. Her small breast were perfectly set and her nipples pink. Set straight out very far. I couldn't resist the temptation. I took it in my mouth. She moaned softly. i moved to the other titty flesh and bit it. She moaned louder. Touch my pussy peter! Obeying, I removed her thong. My fingers were met by her moist pussy. Is it gonna hurt? No, have you never made yourself cum before? No, I don't know how. I've played with my pussy and made it wet, but that’s it. What about the clit? The clit, she said confused? Lol, let me show you with my tongue. Quickly laying down, she said "ok." I pulled her to the edge of the bed to get a better view. Put your knees up and let you legs fall to the sides. it was a beautiful sight. It was shaved. All but a small patch just above her sweet place. It was about half a inch wide and one and a half inches long. The lips were already puffy from being so horny. The clit was swollen and ready to be licked, so I took a big breath to smell her woman scent. My cock was aching to fuck that ripe twat! As soon as my hard tongue touched her clit she jumped. she exclaimed. Don’t be it is very sensitive. I'll be gentle. Just using the tip, I started to lick that clit softly. Every time i did this she moaned. Her breathing was heavy and fast. I put two fingers in her cunt. Not to far in cause, felt the cherry. Didn't want her to be scared of the pain, just yet. Her over flowing pussy was on fire. I started sucking the clit, she shook and grabbed hand full’s of my hair. She was in bliss! Her first cum and I was more than happy to give it to her. I've never been so hard as I was then! I moved up her body leaving kisses all the way. I moved into position to make her a woman. I laid down on her slid my arms under hers and held her shoulders so she couldn't inch up the bed. The head went in easy and pressed against the cherry! OMG, I'm scared Peter. Everyone said it hurts the first time. I won't lie it might hurt, but don't you want it two be with someone you trust? I didn't think of it that way. You ready baby? Oh peter, make me a woman. I pushed easy, but it didn't pop, so she grabbed my ass and shoved hard as she could. Biting her lower lip, I slammed her with all my pecker. She popped her own cherry with my dick! Damn it didn't take long for me to cum. Fuck, I pulled out of her tight hole and jismed all over her shaking tits. Now lick me clean before Maggie gets home, my sexy little sis! The next morning, I got up, dressed and went down stairs. Maggie had two of her friends over and was drinking coffee in the kitchen. So where are the kids Mag? Tracy went to stay at a friends house, I think penny's. An peter is still asleep up stairs. Holy shit, now finish your fantasy! "Which one," she said with a devilish grin. The one about the mystery man that breaks in a ravishes you. Wow, I didn't know Maggie thought that way! What a idea though, me ravishing my mom! Got to get this plan going since Tracy will be gone tonight. I knew the voice that asked Maggie to finish the story, it was Tina Collins, but everyone calls her TC. The way she acts and talks I knew she was a freak! She has to have the stuff I need at her house for sure! I'd been to her house with Maggie before loads of times. She never leaves her doors locked so I went in and headed right to her room. It wasn't hard to find since she lived in a small 2 bedroom house. The first room looked to be a spare so I shut the door an moved on to the next door. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was outstanding. A huge mirror above the huge bed with chains strung through the poles of the bed so she could be chained up! On a chest in front of the bed was some glass goblets with vibraters all different kinds. Some was big and multi color, other were slender an glass, so kool! In the chest was some costumes of waitress to cat suits. I am gonna have to get with her after this, lol! I closed the chest and put the goblets back were they was. I walked to the closets with French style doors an opened them up. A light came on. There was shit everywhere! Whips, paddles, cuff, and rubber peckers again in all shapes and sizes, damn girl was kinky as hell! Ahh… back to the subject at hand. I grabbed some stuff to use on Maggie and left the house. I just hope TC doesn’t notice any shit missing! When I got back Maggie, TC and probably Amy had already left. Maggie left a note on the kitchen counter that read ‘Peter, I went with the girls for awhile. I’ll be back tonight so I left you $40 to get something to eat, Love you Maggie. I had plenty of time to set up, man It is gonna be good. I put the cuffs on her bed between the headboard and mattress, so she couldn’t see them. I hooked them so she won’t be able to move them. I put the mint chocolate flavored lube. A 8 inch black rubber cock, come ass beads and a leather handled spanking paddle, which has two cubbies to hide things. I can hardly wait for her to get back! Just hoping TC and Amy don’t stay. The time isn’t going fast enough. Fuck, hurry the hell up. I get on the computer to pass the time. Of course I check my mail and a few porn sites. My girlfriend sent me a email from, got to check this out. I’ve asked her to be waiting another girl for some time now. I even told her just tape it for me, that way she won’t be uncomfortable with me there. So I hope each time I get shit from her that, that is what it is. Always wishful thinking he he he…I clicked on the link from her email and it took me to her myspace page then to her videos. OMFG, did she really do it! Hell yeah, it came up with her, oh my girlfriends name Sherri if you was wondering, an Joy. Joy wants to be a freak. She has always teased Sherri about having a threesome. I’ve always said I would, but Sherri says no, but Joy got her to be with her. Damn wish I was there to help out with anything. I’d do anything they’d want me to do. Shit was that the front door? Logged off and jumped in bed. Here we go, just the beginning of so much to come! Maggie still checks on us right before she goes to bed. So I waited for her to check on me then the fun will begin. Light peaked through. As she opened the door then disappeared, she shut the door as she left. I quickly got up and did the best to open the door without knocking anything over. I wanted to fuck her so badly. Calm the fuck down, I tell myself. Lets take our time for her to begin to dose off. That way she be listening as closely. Total surprise baby! Okay, its been almost an hour. Tip toeing to her room. I cracked the door. Didn’t see any movement. I need to see if she is really asleep. My hands are shaking from anticipation. Closed the door behind me an waited for her to say something. NOTHING! Any other time she would have said something. It’s time. Now how should I wake her? I’ll start at the foot of the bed an work my way up. Gently place each hand at her feet, still no movement. Moving further up, I take slow breaths. Savoring every smell she has to give. Whether she wants to or not. She is starting to move a little. She starts to say something, but before she can, I cover her mouth. She tries to hit me. So I let her mouth go to put the cuffs on. Screaming she struggles to get free. Cuffs went on fairly easy an I retrieve a hanky I found earlier while I was waiting. I knotted the middle an put it on her mouth to muffle some of the screams. My dick was solid rock with her ever move shhh…then in a deep voice I said “enjoy it baby!” Getting off the bed I strip the bedding than myself. Grabbing her feet to dodge being kicked, I straddle her. Mmm, she was wearing a bikini with a white laced string holster top that fit tightly on her round plump mounds. Maggie’s tits are 36ds’. I know this because I went through her draws earlier as well. I rip off her panties and raise them to my nose, I was in heaven. Cock was now throbbing from the total control over Maggie in such a way. She was now in tears and softly she managed to say “Please stop.” Ha Ha Ha… not till I get some of that sweet cunt, bitch! Stop fighting it an take all 8 inches of my fuck rod! Throwing the panties down. I move toward the headboard for the lube I stashed. Placing some in my hand to moisten her lovely hole. To my surprise she had already soaked her thighs and a small part of the sheets! You like this don’t you, you little slut! Her breathing grew heavier an heavier. Biting on her lower lip, I jammed two finger to hilt. She tried to hide the feeling of what I was doing turned her on. I knew better! In and out as hard as I could. Twat like a vise and sizzling from the inside out. Wanting to taste the juices at which came from the nasty ways and provocative talk. Pulled my fingers out licking them clean. Aww, melted candy. Reaching back to the headboard, took out the ass beads an lubed them up. Spreading her legs wide I poke one bead in, she gasped. I know you like that you cock sucker! So I poke the rest in then rubbed my cock up and down her dripping crotch. Letting her feel the fat head and what was about to happen. Glided the head up to meet the well lubed pussy lips an pushed easy until just the tip was in. Then I lunged forward as hard an as fast as I could. Pounding and pounding that cunt. I felt the walls start to grip my dick. didn’t want her to cum just yet, so I stop an start biting on her neck and ears. Then I started pounding my meat in that bubbly twat again. Leaning up to my knees and held up one of her legs and with my free hand I felt for her love button. wasn’t hard to find because the clit was quite big and stuck out far. I stuck my thumb on it my next pump out then back to her click. Damn, her pussy felt great. With this fantastic rhythm of fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit, she begins to moan. Her body shakes uncontrollable. The climax made the walls squeeze my fuck tool to the points of no return. My own climax was totally awesome! I collapse on her an slide my hand under her to remove the ass beads. Every time one popped out she wiggled. Since fucking her was the main course, I wanted to have desert. So I bent down to lick and suck her pussy and asshole clean. After I walked over and turned the lamp on. She was confused at first. I just laughed an took off the hanky and cuffs. God, mom your puss felt so wonderful. Now will you do the same to me with the beads?

Till a later time….

writen by: Gemini_Girl78
to : thongman

story by: thongman

Tags: fantasy incest sex story

Author: thongman

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