Family ties (part one) genesis

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I've been watching them for months. I've been planning this for years. I've been craving since puberty. Of course, I never thought I'd be able to pull it off; even the thought of it seemed like such a outlandish and far fetched idea that I only ever thought of it as a fantasy; a very real and powerful fantasy, but a fantasy nonetheless.
Until one fateful Wednesday night; at the age of only 25, all my dreams came true. On a whim, I purchased a Powerball ticket. Not that I ever imagined it would pay off, it had simply gotten too high to not throw my hat in on the action. I've never been much of a betting man, but that all changed after my eyes landed on the sign outside the gas station reading $425 million jackpot.
So i thought 'what the hell? It's only 3 bucks.' I didn't even check the numbers that night, the ticket ended up forgotten about for the night in my pants pocket on the floor of my fuck buddy's bathroom floor. It wasn't until I had gotten home the next morning and emptied my pockets out on my dresser and there it was; the ticket, wrapped up in a wad with my last $10 bill. I had some time before I had to get ready for work so I pulled out my phone and opened the Google app. I typed in the words 'Powerball winning numbers' and pressed enter.
I found the website immediately and clicked on it, after one more click, the numbers appeared on my screen. I uncrumbled the ticket and held it next to my phone. My eyes darted back and forth, again and then again. I blinked, rubbed my eyes and looked again. I couldn't believe my own eyes, to the left to the right
I refreshed the screen and checked again, my eyes grew large and I let out a yell, "I won? I won!" I opened a new page and looked up the address to where I could pick up my prize. I grabbed my keys and ran out to my piece of shit car and turned the key in the ignition and turned. Of course, it didn't start right away; it never did, but after bruising my palms on the stearing wheel, I tried again.
This time, it started right up. Luckily, I didn't come across the path of any police cars on the way because I honestly don't remember ever so much as glancing down at the speedometer. The only thoughts I had durring that drive was what I was going to do with all that money: houses, cars, drugs, boats, top shelf booze, men… boys! I could finally make all my sweetest and darkest fantasies come true; that was the first time I honestly gave any real thought of doing what I had previously only dreamed about.
By the time I had gotten to the lottery office I had a chubby, I had to tuck it in my waistband before I got out of the car. After the giant check, the pictures, and the hand shakes, I went straight to the closest bank and opened a new account. After taxes and opting for the lump sum amount, I ended up depositing a little more than $200 million.
For about a year, i simply enjoyed the money, but the plan I had started forming so long ago was never far from my mind. It was constantly evolving, constantly growing better, constantly becoming more real and less fantasy. I purchased about 400 acres deep in the dense forests of the north-east: far from civilization and prying eyes.
I quickly hired company to come in and clear out the trees for a large plot in the center of the property and around the perimeter around the property. I hired another company to build a 20 foot tall red brick wall complete with barbed wire curled around steal spikes on top. Just that cost a small fortune but it was completely necessary.
I left a space for an electronic gate and had yet another company pave a road leading to where the house would soon stand. I purchased a backhoe and began digging out a 4000 square foot hole where my basement would go, I spread the dirt out around the property. It took some studying and a few YouTube videos but I sat the foundation and built the basement myself. Single story, thick concrete walls, 9 rooms, 5 feet of Styrofoam installation to cancel out any noise (or screams for help).
Finally i poured the concrete to make the ceiling of the basement flush with the ground, leaving a secrete hidden entrance to a stair case up to where a small closet will go. Lastly, I hired a company to build the house exactly to my blueprint specification. A year and a half and millions of dollars later, it was finished and i was ready to begin the final phase of my plan. Finding the right family proved every bit as difficult as building their accommodations. I must have sat in front of every elementary school in the state.
Hours and hours spent in vain looking for the perfect target, they all had to be perfect! I could only risk doing this once, they must be the right ones; they must be perfect. Another 6 months had passed, I was beginning to think it hopeless. That was until… I seen them: the Townsend family. I had spent that week in a Denver hotel, spending my days watching parents comings and goings with their children to and from school, at the park, at chucky cheese, yet; like all the weeks before, no luck.
Call me picky if you like, but I could always find something wrong with every family I came across. Until, after giving up for the day, I went to the local grocery store to get a few things. While loading my bags into my car, there they were; the perfect family. The father, about 30, was perhaps 6ft tall, maybe 130lbs, and very lean. The mother, no more than 30, was about 5 and a half foot tall, 90lbs soaking wet, narrow hips, thin waist, with a C cup breast size.
Following close behind the young couple were three boys, arguing and whining vigorously between themselves. All three were the spitting image of their father, all shared their parents blond hair and blue eyes, without an ounce of fat on any of them. The oldest, maybe 4'5ft, the second standing at about 4, the youngest maybe 3 1/2ft.
The oldest, having only the lightest fuzz beginning to grow on his legs. "He probably beats off 10 times a day" I thought. I remember wandering if the second oldest had stated masturbating yet, I know I was having dry orgasms and wet dreams every night by the time I was his age. The youngest, so innocent, was going to be my favorite. They had no idea what they were in for! I quickly finished loading my bags in my trunk and got in my car.
I continued watching them in my rearview mirror as they got into their blue minivan. I followed them out of the parking lot and onto Main Street. I carefully kept my distance but kept them in sight for the short trip back to their house. They pulled into their drive way and in the garage, closing the door behind them. While passing their house, like it was meant to be, I noticed an open house event just across the street. I pulled in seamlessly to the house up for sale like it was my destination the whole time.
I walked into the open house and allowed the realty agent go through her sales pitch for me, my 5 inch cock stayed hard as a rock through her entire sales pitch. God Damn I didn't want to wait, but I had to; getting caught was not an option, this had to be the perfect crime. I interrupted her and asked to use the bathroom, she gladly gave me directions to the downstairs bathroom.
I walked in and closed the door behind me, locking it. I needed a way to get back in the house, and just my luck the bathroom window was just big enough to crawl through. I knew I couldn't wait for release, so I quickly pulled down my pants and rubbed one out. Shooting my load into the toilet, I flushed, pulled my pants up, and unlocked the window before walking out of the bathroom and the house.
Returning back to my hotel room, I knew I had to keep that house across the street from my beautiful family open and available for reconnaissance purposes without leaving a paper trail. I got to bed early, it was going to be a long day tomorrow. Early the next morning, I looked up the address of the city's code enforcer office.
While I had some time to kill after acquiring the address. I went on Grindr and had a few young men meet me at my hotel and fuck me like a little bitch for a few hours; it was fun but it wasn't the two of them that I was thinking about as I had one of their cocks up my ass and one in my mouth.
Around 2pm, I had the two leave and hopped in my car on my way to the code enforcer's office. I sat in front, waiting for the end of the work day and followed home the enforcer with the oldest and most trashy car in the lot. He pulled in to some white trash duplex about 10 miles away from his office. After he walked into his home, I parked, stepped out of my car, walked up to his door and knocked.
He answered the door with a dead look in his eyes, he was a fat weasely man and was obviously miserable with his life. I knew he would see me as the answer to his prayers, I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and told him it was his for only a few minutes of his time. He agreed and invited me in. Sitting on his couch, I told him that my wife and I were going through a bitter divorce.
I told him she was awarded the house and was trying to sell it. I wanted to make her plans as difficult as possible and was willing to pay handsomely, anyone who would help me do this. I offered him $100,000 to make up some reason to hold up the sale for at least 90 days. He agreed and we shook hands before I left.
We were both as good as our words and I had my base of operations. Late that night I returned to the grocery store and bought enough canned goods, water, and toilet paper to last me a week before returning to the empty house. I crawled in through the bathroom window I had left unlocked earlier that day and opened the garage door to hide my car inside. I spent the next two months hidden in the house, learning the Townsend family's schedule and routine.
Through November and December I noticed the family spent their holidays without a single family visitors. No grandparents, no uncles, no aunts, no cousins, no obvious person to miss them or to keep the case from getting cold.
The children attended the local schools and got home around 4pm. The father, a young doctor with a private practice, usually returned home around 6:15, and the mother, a home maker, would go grocery shopping every Friday from around noon until 2pm. Such a loving and normal family… for now.
The children returned to school from Christmas break about a week into January and there, I saw my opening. The first Friday of the year, that was when I would make my move. The family would be off all weekend with no one to notice their absence until Monday: they would be safe and sound in my locked basement by then. As soon as I saw the mother leave for the grocery store, I knew I had to move quickly.
I had spent that morning shaving my head and body clean of any hair then cleaned the house I had been living in over the last two and a half months, washing away any forensic evidence I may have left behind. I wiped down all surfaces with oxyclean and vacuumed every room with my Rainbow vacuumed cleaner.
I loaded everything into my car and had it ready to go for when I came back for it. This next part would be the most dangerous, I knew that one mistake could prove fatal. It was a weekday afternoon, this worked to my advantage: the neighborhood was like a ghost town. Of course, it being winter in Denver and well below freezing, it wasn't unusual being covered from head to toe in thick clothing without so much as my race showing like I was.
I had gone to a Wal-Mart just outside of a Chicago suburb months beforehand. Where I had purchased a pair of blue jeans, a pair of work boots, a long sleeve thermal shirt, a leather jacket, pair of gloves, ski mask, scarf, and aviator sunglasses. After paying for the items with cash, I tied up the items in the store bags then put those bags into a new trash bag before ever even getting into my car. Only opening the bag when I was ready to go and after I had cleaned the house. No chance of transferring my DNA to the crime scean.
I walked around the block and jumped the family's privacy fence. I pulled out the lock pick set, spending no more that 30 seconds in the yard before gaining entry into the house. After closing the door, I walked straight to the thermostat and turned on the air conditioning: couldn't be taking off any of my clothing for fear of leaving DNA evidence, best to keep my skin covered throughout my visit.
I pulled out my .38 revolver and equipped the home made silencer to its barrel, I walked up the stairs, sat down and waited: couldn't be having anyone seeing me from outside. It wasn't long before I heard the electric garage door opening; its showtime. After sneaking quietly downstairs, I came up behind her in the kitchen quickly and grabbed her, placing my hand over her mouth and whispered in her ear. "Do what you're told and you'll live a long life, don't and I'll kill you and your entire family".
I showed her the gun with the silencer, "and no one will ever hear a thing". I led her to the basement, tapped her mouth shut and hog tied her with the zip strips I had brought with me. I stayed there with her until I heard the kids come home and call out for their mother. After reminding her of my threat, I quietly walked up stairs.
I found the kids sitting at the kitchen table, they had made themselves an after school snack. I came from around the corner behind the oldest; moving quickly, I grabbed the oldest boy from behind and put my hand over his mouth. The other two boys were in shock, they froze in fear, looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes.
My dick twitched at their beauty, quietly but sternly I told them, "Do what I tell you and stay quiet and I won't hurt you, don't do what I tell you or if you make any noise and I'll kill your mother". I kept hold of the oldest to control the biggest threat while I led the boys down to the basement. Once in the basement the the two youngest boys cried out and ran to their tied and gagged mother, the oldest thrashed in my arms.
I jerked him tight and held him close. I could smell the young teenager's hair and literally shivered, my dick grew hard and I could feel it pressing up against his back but I doubted he could feel it through the thick clothing. I ordered the youngest boy to tie up his two older brothers, he did as he was told. While waiting for my last victim, I sat with the family tied up and laying on the floor, except for my little angel, the youngest: he sat in my lap, he was how I would control the father.
Around 6pm, I bound the family together and facing away from each other. I would have to leave them alone for a while, I needed to have the father come into the house and see me holding the gun to his son's head to insure he wouldn't fight me. After making sure that there was nothing the family could get a hold of to free themselves, I carried the youngest upstairs and sat in the living room recliner.
I sat him in my lap and told him in a sweet and gentle voice that he had to be quiet. I turned the chair facing away from the door and waited. I heard the door open and close shortly thereafter. "Hey! I'm home!" He yelled out. "You won't believe the day I've had!" I turned around in the chair to face him with the gun to his son's head. "You ain't seen nothing yet", I said to him. Our eyes met, fear gripped his face, "take whatever you want, just leave my family alone".
I smiled at him, 'your family is what I want' I thought, but only told him what I had told the rest of them. I led him down to the basement, and had his youngest tie him up next to the rest of them. I couldn't try to get them out of the house yet, it was far too early: I had to wait until at least 3am.
When the time came, I untied them, taking all the tape and binding I had used with me when we left and led them upstairs to load them in their own van. I kept the now sleeping youngest one in my arms with the gun out and gently pointed into his side. I climbed into the van and sat in the last row of seats before ordering the family into the van. I took off my jacket and sunglasses but left on the mask.
I told the father to drive and reminded him of what was at stake if we were to get pulled over by police: none of us would be taken alive, and told him to get on the freeway and head north. Two and a half hours later we were pulling into my driveway, I gave him the code to open the gate and we continued down the driveway.
Once we reached the house and parked the van in my garage, the sun was just coming up as the garage door closed, I ordered them out of the van. "What are you going to do with us?" the father asked. "Shut up and get in the house" I ordered. I led them into the closet and down the hidden staircase. Walking through each room, I secured each family member to their own bed in their own rooms.
Each left too exhausted to cry or beg any further, they were just happy to have a bed to lay in. I locked each in their individual rooms with their legs shackled to their respective bed. After having them all locked away and secured, I removed my mask and returned to their van. I had already dug out a 20 foot by 20 foot by 20 foot hole with my backhoe.
After using a large rock to push down the gas pedal, I put the van in drive and crashed it into the hole. I spent the next few hours filling in the hole and burying the van as well as the evidence. I walked in the house and crashed for a few hours in my own bed. Almost done I thought. All that was left was to drive my truck back to the house late the next evening to retrieve the car I had left in the garage and bring everything back home. Once finished and back home early the next morning, I laid on my couch and thought about all the pleasure the next day held for me. It didn't take long to fall into a deep sleep, I would need all of my energy for tomorrow.

story by: Dreamindirty

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