A life undone

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’Do you like it kinky?’

She looked at me with those big brown eyes that had mesmerized me the moment I had met her in the hotel bar earlier tonight. We had danced to the tropical rhythms from the Puerto Rican band all night. Now I was lying naked on the bed in my hotel room and she was sitting by my side, her long slender legs doubled beneath her and her blouse opening to a black brassiere and her slim brown hand stroking my erect penis.

‘Sure. What do you have in mind?’

She was a cute little thing from Cuba, face like an angel, long shiny black hair, a round red mouth like a flower, and a thin brown body that could melt an iceberg. Not the kind you ever wanted to say ‘no’ to.

‘How about… I tied you up?’

She reached into her purse and pulled out four handcuffs, which she dangled noisily above my face. Her eyes lit up with an intense glow.

‘Hmm, I don’t know. What will you do when I’m all tied up?’

She brought a finger to her lower lip and looked up to the ceiling. It was studied, but cute in the way she did it.

‘Let me see… I might do all sorts of things to you.’

‘Things like what?’

I might make you lick my pussy.’

‘Naah. I don’t go down on women. It’s />
‘Oh. Maybe I could suck your dick, then.’

Better. I inclined my head and raised my eyebrows in suspended approval.

‘And then maybe I could lick your balls. Would you like me to lick your balls?

It seemed she had caught my drift. What I liked about her was her resourcefulness. Most bar pick-ups were dull fucks, hardly an improvement over whacking off into the toilet bowl. This one was different though. She had initiative.

‘Sure. And maybe you could lick my ass too while you’re down there.’

My dick was jumping in her hand. She turned around to look at it.

‘You like that? To have your asshole licked?’

‘Oh yes, absolutely. Gets me off every time.’

‘OK. I guess I can do that too.’

She leaned forward and pushed my right arm back. My face was inside her open blouse while she tied my wrist to the bedpost behind me with one of the handcuffs. She smelled of jasmine and sweet vanilla.

‘I will go down between your legs and stick my tongue into your ass crack.’

‘Oh />
She straddled my body to tie my left wrist to the other bedpost. I got a peek of a white tanga beneath her skirt. I held my breath. I had no plans of finding out what she smelled like down there.

‘I will circle your asshole with my tongue and then I will make it hard and place it right in the middle.’

‘Mmmm />
She moved to the foot end of the bed, where she tied my ankles in the same way.

‘And then I will fuck your asshole with my tongue.’

‘Yes yes yes!!!’

She jumped off the bed and went over to the chair where I had draped my jacket.

‘Hey, where are you going? Come here, I’m ready.’

I lifted my ass off the bed and pushed it out in her direction as best as I could, to show her where I wanted her to get started.

‘In your dreams, sucker.’

She pulled my wallet from the inside pocket of my jacket and emptied it on the seat of the chair. She counted the money before she folded it and slipped it into her bra.

‘What are you doing?’

I was hoping it was some sort of game. I rattled the handcuffs on my wrists and ankles to see if she had tied them for real. She had.

‘I need the PIN numbers for these.’

She came up to the bed with my credit card sin her hand.

‘Listen, lady, if this is a game, it just stopped being funny. Tie me loose.’

‘Not until you give me the access numbers for these cards.’

‘Are you out of your mind? I can’t do that.’

She stepped onto the bed and straddled my head.

‘Listen, creep, I am not in a playful mood, and I’m fresh out of />
When I didn’t answer, she placed the heel of her right foot on my nose and pushed down hard. I yelled in pain and turned my head to the side.

‘Hey! That hurt!’

hurt a lot more if you don’t give me what I asked for.’

Her foot was on my cheek now, pushing my head into the pillow. The pressure on my skull became unbearable as she gradually transferred her full weight onto her right leg. I pulled on the cuffs in a desperate attempt to break free, but it was no use.

She was standing on my head with both her feet now, and I felt like my head was about to burst like a ripe melon. Panic froze my mental processes.

‘So you think you’re a tough guy, huh? Well, let’s see how tough you really are.’

She stepped onto my chest, one foot first, then the other. My breathing became tortuous, I was barely able to suck air into my lungs. I tried to contort my body in an attempt to get her off me, but she kicked me in the kidneys and I lay still. She looked down at me with a smile on her face while tears of pain rolled down my face.

What had possessed me to agree to being handcuffed? Handcuffing was for sissies who liked being dominated by women. Not my cup of tea at all. I was always in control. I always got women to do what I wanted, without caring too much if they got theirs. Not until they had supplied me with at least an hour’s worth of sucking and licking and rimming, and that had to be of top quality or they’d not get more than a hard ass fuck out of me.

‘You know I am not stopping before you give me what I need, don’t you?’

She stepped onto my belly, driving all air from my lungs. I tried to tell her to stop, but I was unable to get a word out. I felt her foot move on to my crotch, nestling itself between my limp dick and my scrotum. She slowly increased the pressure on my balls, until they were crushed beneath her weight. I managed a croaked scream.

‘Are you ready to talk?’

I nodded with tear-filled eyes.

‘Spill it.’

I gave her the numbers. They were the same for all credit cards, so she had no need to write them down. She stepped off the bed and snatched her purse.

better not lie to me. You know I’ll be back if I find you lied.’

you untie me?’

‘Do I look like I’m stupid?’

‘Y-you can’t just leave me here like this.’

‘Sure I can. Just watch me.’

She stepped to the door. I decided to give it one more try.

‘You could at least give me the blowjob you />
It seemed reasonable. She was going to get a nice sum of money from the ATM. My cards were practically limitless. She froze with the door knob in her hand and turned around.

‘Say what?’

I gathered that if I could get her to give me a blow job, I could somehow overpower her with my legs and force her to throw me the keys for the handcuffs.

‘I-I think I deserve that much.’

‘I’ll tell you what you />
She dropped her purse by the door and came over to the bed. I cringed, thinking she was going to hit me, but she turned around instead and gathered her skirt around her waist. She pulled down her briefs and pushed her narrow brown ass into my face. As my nose slipped between the thin ass cheeks, her body tensed above me. After a few seconds, a feeble hissing sound escaped from her ass and I was choking on the foul smell of a fart.

‘There. That’s for making me wait.’

I held my breath for as long as I could. Her ass was still on my face, trembling with the effort of pushing. I finally had to exhale and just as I breathed in again, a louder and longer fart prattled from her ass. I could feel the bursts of gas explode on my nose and lips.

‘And that’s for being />
She remained in position and kept pushing for another minute, but nothing further happened. She finally straightened up and pulled up her briefs.

lucky I already took my daily dump. I was going to shit your mouth full.’

At the door she turned around one more time.

‘You know, you should have humored me when I offered you to let you lick my pussy. I would have untied you after you’d fallen asleep and just taken the cash. Courtesy goes a long way with me. But no, you had to be a jerk.’

Then she was gone. I yelled and raged for over half an hour, tearing at the cuffs and even trying to overturn the bed, but it was no use. Exhausted, I finally fell asleep.

I was wakened by a knocking on the door. At first I thought it had all been but a bad dream, but I soon caught up with reality.

‘Room service. Anybody here? I’m coming in to make the bed.’

Oh no. The humiliation. Being found like this, stark naked and tied to the bed. I could not bear the thought. On the other hand, it might well be the only way for me to get out of my precarious situation. Before I could make up my mind, the door opened and the maid stepped in.

She was a large woman, huge chest, fat belly, broad hips and thick arms. Mid fourties, with short curly hair and a sullen look on her face. She didn’t seem surprised when she saw me. I guessed she had seen it all.

‘My my, you sure are in a bit of a fix, aren’t you?’

‘Untie me, please.’

She put the clean sheets and towels on the dresser and approached the bed, looking me over from head to toe.

‘Had a bad night?’

‘This is no time for joking. Untie me.’

But she didn’t move.

‘Why should I? You’ve been here for almost two weeks and I have yet to see a tip from you.’

‘I’ll tip you. I’ll tip you good. But please untie me.’

‘Naah. I know your kind. I don’t trust you. Tip me first and I’ll untie you.’

‘But I can’t. I’m all tied up.’

your wallet?’

‘It’s in my jacket. Inside pocket.’

She fumbled through my jacket.

‘No wallet.’

‘I… it must have slipped under the chair.’

She got down to her knees and stuck her enormous ass into the air. She came back up and threw my empty wallet onto the bed.

‘See, I knew you were a lying son of a bitch.’

sorry. I was robbed. But if you would just untie me, I’ll go to the bank and get money.’

‘I don’t think so.’

She had placed her hands on her hips and was looking down at me with a strange glow in her eyes.

‘But how can I tip you then? I’m />
‘Yes, I can see that. Utterly />
She was licking drool from her lips. Something was going on in her mind.

‘You have to help me.’

‘Not before you tip me.’

‘B-but how?’

‘I think I know just how you can tip me.’

She undid her apron and started to unbutton the front of her uniform.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Well, as you seem to be out of money, the only way you can pay me would be with />
‘Service? W-what kind of />
She let the uniform slide off her broad back. Underneath, she was wearing an enormous bra and a pair of large white briefs, grandma style. She hooked her thumbs behind the elastic band and pulled them down. Then she climbed onto the bed, which creaked and sagged under her weight.

‘Tongue />
Leaning over, she placed her hands on the headboard and straddled my chest with her thick thighs. My lungs deflated as she sat her fat ass down. Then she started to shuffle upwards, sliding her fat belly over my lips and nose until the thick bush between her legs tickled my chin and her belly settled on my forehead. A muffy smell of fermented sweat and stale urine engulfed me.

‘W-what d-do you m-mean?’

My voice was muffled by the mountain of flesh on top of me.

‘Tongue service. Stick out your tongue and lick my sweet little snatch. Is that so hard to />
‘But you can’t just… I can’t do that!’

She lifted her belly and pushed it aside to look at me.

‘Why not?’

‘It’s gross.’

‘What is gross? My snatch?’

‘Yes. It stinks. And it’s all wet and sticky.’

A viscose liquid had started leaking from her cunt onto my chest. I could feel it sliding down my neck, leaving a warm slimy trail.

‘Well, you’d better clean it out, then.’

Saying this, she pushed her hips forward and my face slid into the slimy crack of her fat cunt. I threw my head violently from side to side, struggling to free myself from her suffocating embrace. She withdrew, unplugging my face from her hairy cunt with a smacking and grabbed me by the hair to steady me.

‘Listen, do you want me to untie you or not?’

‘Y-yes, />
‘Then you’d better stop talking and start licking. I can’t wait all day for you to decide what you want. I have other rooms to do.’

She pulled me back into her. My mouth was full with her slimy flesh and thick coarse hair.

not />
She had both hands on my head now and was slamming my face into her cunt with sloppy thuds. Although I was disgusted to the degree of nausea, I decided that the only way out of this was to do as I was told. I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue into the fleshy folds. When she felt my tongue, she relaxed her grip on me and thrust her hips forward. I licked shyly up and down the soaking crease of her cunt.

‘Harder. I can hardly feel you.’

I broadened my tongue and pushed it further into the jelly-like mass. I could feel her cunt slime gather on my tongue as I licked upward, and reluctantly swallowed it. She started to rock to and fro on my face, sliding her cunt up and down until my eyes, nostrils and mouth where full of her sticky slime. She started to groan and whine as the rhythm of her rolling hips took up, and after about two minutes reached a roaring climax. Her thighs hardened around my temples as she pumped flood after flood of her cum juices down my throat. After a while, her body relaxed and she sat back.

I coughed and gagged beneath her. I was short of breath and a cunt hair had lodged somewhere in the back of my throat. She didn’t seem to notice though, or if she did she didn’t care. She remained seated on my chest, making it difficult for me to breathe. My chin was still stuck inside her cunt, which seemed to be trembling. Suddenly, a thin stream of a warm liquid started to gush shyly from between its thick hairy lips. It trickled down the crease of her cunt and over my lips into my mouth. It was then I realized she was pissing.

Before I could take evasive action, the stream gained in strength and broke free, forming a small arc before splattering happily onto my lips and teeth. The bitter salty taste became stronger and I moved my head to the side to keep her piss from entering into my mouth. But the woman grabbed me by the hair again and pushed my face into her spouting cunt. My mouth was right over the fountain and I had no choice but to swallow as much as I could to keep from drowning.

The stream let down after about a minute and a half of uninterrupted pissing. I thought she was done, but then she started pissing again for another minute or so. A series of short squirts announced the end of her evacuation.

‘I’m sorry about that. I always have to pee after sex. I hope you didn’t mind. Some men seem to enjoy it. Did you like it?’

I coughed and spat but was unable to get rid of the piss taste in my mouth.

‘Like it? It was horrible. I have never been so disgusted in my life.’

‘Listen, buddy, no reason to become offensive, OK? I’m just trying to help you.’

‘Help me? You’re taking advantage of me. Now tie me loose, bitch!’

‘Now now, that’s no way to talk to a lady, and much less in the position you’re in.’

no lady! You’re fat stinky cow!’

‘OK, I am not going to listen to this.’

She heaved her body off the bed and looked down at me.

‘Untie me, you fat lazy slob!’

better watch that mouth, sonny, or I’ll have to shut it up.’

‘You can’t shut me up! I’ll say what I want! Let me go, cunt!’

‘OK, that’s it. You asked for it.’

She turned around until her fat ass hovered inches above my face. Reaching between her legs with one hand, she pinched my nose shut so I had to open my mouth in order to breathe. With her other hand, she pulled one ass cheek aside. Then she lowered her ass onto my face, inserting my nose into her fat smelly crack. With a sideways movement, she hooked her left ass cheek behind my chin and centering again, she achieved full spreading of her ass so I was looking straight into her stretched hairy asshole. It was pumping furiously in and out until a thick purple ring pushed out that almost touched my lips. It vibrated as a fart exploded into my mouth and invaded my lungs. It smelled of fresh shit and I knew immediately what was coming. Before I could close my mouth, the purple fleshy ring split right down the middle and spat out a thick brown ball of slimy shit that shot into my mouth right to the back of my throat. Then another, longer and fatter turd slid from her swollen asshole and overflowed my mouth. She lifted her ass a bit and curled two more turds onto my face. Then she got up and turned around to contemplate her work.

teach you to foulmouth me.’

She had executed the whole maneuver with such ease and swiftness, that I had no doubt it was not a first for her. Much to my surprise, somewhere deep inside I admired her skill and resolve. But that feeling was soon overpowered by the bitter numbing taste inside my mouth, and I spat out her nauseating load.

‘Oh, what a waste. There was no need to do that. That was a perfectly good dump. You should try and appreciate what people do for you, you know.’

I was numbed out and too weak to speak.

‘Now, do you want me to untie you?’

I nodded weakly.

‘OK, but you’ll have to show some gratitude first.’

My eyes turned to question marks.

‘Eat my dump and I’ll set you free.’

What give. I was tired of it all and wanted no more than to get out of my predicament. If that meant that I had to swallow some shit that had already been in my mouth anyway, than so be it. I turned my head to the side where the turds had slipped off my cheek onto the bed and tried to grab one between my lips. When the woman saw that I was unsuccessful, she took one with two fingers and stuffed it inside my mouth. I chewed on it carefully, but could not avoid a gag reflex. I waited for a few seconds, than started to chew again. The taste was nauseating, but I managed to reduce her shit to a soft mushy mass. I swallowed it with my eyes closed. She continued to stuff the rest of her dump piece by piece into my mouth until I had swallowed the lot.

‘See? That wasn’t so hard after all. Now say thank you for a nice tasty dump.’

‘Thank you’, I croaked.

‘No. Say it the way I said it.’

‘Thank you for a nice tasty dump.’

better. Would you like to rinse that down?’

I nodded.

‘Say it.’

‘I’d like to rinse it down.’

‘Pretty please?’

‘I’d like to rinse it down, please.’

She cleaned her fingers on the bed sheet and straightening up, spread her cunt over my face.

‘Open your mouth. You cannot rinse with your mouth shut, now can you?’

I opened my mouth. She stood above me with her cunt spread for almost a minute before a thin stream of piss started to trickle from it. She had to push her hips further forward to allow it to drop into my mouth. After the shitty ordeal, any kind of liquid was a relief. I drank it down avidly, but after the long piss she’d had on me earlier, her bladder was quickly depleted.

‘I’m afraid that’s all I have for you. Are you OK?’

I nodded.

‘Yes, thank you.’

She grabbed the far end of the bed sheet and wiped her ass with it, then she got dressed.

‘I don’t see any keys. I’ll have the hotel locksmith take a look at those cuffs.’

Before I could protest, she was out of the room. I cried softly. It seemed there was no end to my ordeal.

In the aftermath, I came away from the experience with three life-changing realizations.

One, that all things considered, I had gotten what I deserved. Greed had made me gullible and careless.

Two, I had come to see women in a different light. All my adult life, I had treated women like shit. I had never even acknowledged that women could have desires and needs of their own, all I had cared about was my own satisfaction. Now I had met two women who not only had bluntly manifested a proper will, they had also found a way to impose it. They had, each in her own way, earned my respect. The incorrigible lady killer had found his master, not once but twice in the same day.

Three, the most surprising realization, somehow I found that I liked being under a woman’s command. I had been my own man since I was sixteen, escaping from a brutally cruel mother who had made my youth hell. I had worked my way through college and landed a job in a major law firm. As I traveled a lot, I became quite expert in picking up women in hotel bars. I guess I was taking revenge on my mother, because I found pleasure in treating them badly. Yet after nine years, I had started to realize it was a lonely and empty life. Something was missing. After my ordeal, I knew what it was. I needed to belong. I needed to be desired. I found it is much more fulfilling to give than it is to take.

I now have a new mission in life: serving women. I don’t have a clue where or how to start, nor what lies in store for me. I feel like a small child exploring a new world. If any of you out there reading these lines can help me out, I will be much obliged.

story by: nunkie

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Author: nunkie

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