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I had a younger sister. She was just a pesky, spoiled brat sister, until…. I noticed she was getting tits and a nice ass. She liked to come in my room and be a pest. Now she wanted to talk about sex. She confided in me that she had not had sex yet, and was disappointed. We discussed masturbation and she didn’t know much, but that rubbing her little slit felt good. She ask me quietly about her pussy and did I know this and that. I told her about her clit and her G spot, and about nipple stimulation.

The next day she came in my room and put her arms around my neck and started kissing my neck. She said ‘thank you’, that she had a very good time playing with herself last night. She said: “To bad you’re a boy, and can’t feel what I felt last night.” I informed her that had there own feelings, and I was getting plenty of them. She was so curious to know all about boys stuff, she began to ask details. “How do boys get ‘good feelings’ , she wanted to know. I told her about wanking. She was fascinated and wanted to know every detail.
(I think her tits were growing bigger by the day.) Her waist and hips were taking on curves that got my attention. Weeks went by and she noticed my attention to her body. She started wearing skimpy night clothes and showing off her body to me at her late night visits, after mom and dad had gone to bed. Do you like this? Do you like that? She kept the attention going. Normally she was just a pest…but now I was liking her body to look at and she loved to hang on me.

She would come up behind my computer chair and put her arms around me and rub my chest, mess with my hair and kiss my neck. I was to liking it more and more. She liked to rub her tits on me. My arms at first. She would put my arms around her and lift my arms up to feel the bottom of her tits. One night she was doing this and whispered: my tits, they’re getting bigger.”)

That was the night I started getting hot for her.

We were standing with her back to me. She backed up to me and took my hands and put them on her nice soft tits. She moaned softly and guided my hands all around her tits. I automatically felt for her nipples. She sucked a big breath…and shivered as I rolled her nipples between my fingers. They got firm and perked up. She whispered: (“..oh my god, oh my god, that’s giving me a hot flash of good feelings. Just keep that up… please.

How can nipples give you a tingle in your pussy?”) I was in a nice daze and said: “I don’t know, guys don’t get that.” My boner was growing fast now and she felt it in her butt crack. She gently moved her butt around feeling it. She was breathing hard now.
She />
(‘Oh my god!…he’s getting a hardon over me? I’m liking making my slit feel wet feels wonderful. I guess I’m not just ‘the little pest’ now, am I big brother. I got plans for him, I want more of his male attention and now I sure know how to get it. I can’t wait to tell my girlfriend what’s said her brothers try to cop feels on her, and peek at her when she’s dressing or in the shower. He never did that to me, but I think that’s all changing now.’)

She came in my room late on a Saturday night, and sat on my bed. She look all bummed out. She told me she finally had her first sex. It hurt and was so quick, then the guy left. I sat with her and explained about some boys who don’t know girls very well yet. She had started fixing her hair hot, and wearing cool make up. She looked hot. She laid her head in my lap and said I knew how to make her feel good.

(My boner heard her and came to life.) She felt it on her head and smiled. I looked at her. Her baby face was now a hot girls face with a body to match. She got up and pushed me back on my back. She crawled on top of me and my boner went right between her legs. I held her and told her the next guy will be better, I’m sure. She started kissing my neck and slightly moving her pussy around on my boner. My arms went around her automatically. She began to purr like a kitten. She took her feet and spread my legs apart and pushed her pussy down on my boner. I felt her sweet little ass, as she squirmed it on me. She whispered: and dad are going to be gone tomorrow night for the night. Will you show me what good sex is all />
I said her next boyfriend will do that, but in the mean time we’ll just practice a little. I said you have to get the guy to warm you up first, and try and slow him down. This is the fun and exciting part. She whispered: (“..is that how you do it?”) I said to never mind that, I had to learn too. I said that tomorrow night we’ll have time and privacy, and I’ll show you some things. Now my boner was sticking straight up between her legs of her long nightgown. She started rubbing her pussy up and down on it.

I had on my robe and my boxers were tenting high. I wanted to fuck her right I rolled her off of me and whispered: She whispered back: She was making it so hard not to fuck her, but I sure didn’t need mom and dad catching us. I got up and pulled her up. She immediately felt my boner and I had to pry her hand off of it. I turned her around and guided her out my door.
The next morning mom and dad cornered me and dad said: going on with you and your sister?” I said: “ Nothing, why?” upset about a talk you and her had or something. “
I said: “She had some ‘boy’ questions, I answered them and we talked about it. She’s fine.”
They said they saw her coming out of my room and bla, bla, bla,
They ragged on me for about 20 minutes about how I should have answer those questions.

you get any ideas about your little sister, you know better than to touch her,” dad said.
They went on and on about their old time ways and how sis will wait until she’s 21 before she has sex, and of course be married to the proper man. I managed to not smile and just listened.
If they knew she had sex LAST NIGHT, a quickie with a strange guy, and how she wants to fuck me!, it would be heart attack time for them both.
They finally left that evening, but not before giving me warnings about looking after my sister properly! Sis and I waved bye bye and closed the door. Her hand went right for my cock as she giggled. I got her from behind and felt those new tits of hers. She backed up on my rising boner and humped it. I stuck my hand down her tiny shorts and fingered her pussy. She yelled: “Mom…Dad, he’s attacking me!…and I like it!” I said: a bad little girl, so naughty, go to your room and /> “And what, big She held my hand, still on her bare pussy and moved it up and down. I reach up under her blouse and bra and felt those sweet tits bare.

She moaned and then broke away and ran. I watched her sweet ass wiggle half way up the staircase where she stopped. She started doing a sexy strip for me. Slowly taking off her blouse, tossing it at me, then the bra, and hiding her tits behind it. Slipping down her tiny shorts and playing peek a boo with her slit. My pest of a little sister was now sexually teasing me real good. I acted like dad and said: make me come up there, young lady!, and you get those clothes right back on!”

ya gonna spank me daddy, bet ya to old to do that. Do I make your little pee pee get hard?….to bad you can‘t have my pussy.”
What happened to my little sister? Now she was a sex me to go chase and fuck her. I just smiled as I went up stairs. I went in my room. There on my bed were her panties, all laid out nice on my pillow. I picked them up. They were wet in the crouch. She had turned into a nympho over night.
I was on the computer when she came in my room giggling. I told her tonight we were just going to talk about boy-girl stuff, nothing more. I would show her some things that boys like and teach her about what girls can do to turn a guy on. She whispered: a real slow learner, it may take you all night to show me I turned quick,…. and she ran out of the room.
I had not wanted to really get into a fucking my sister thing, but she was getting to me. She knew all the right buttons of mine to push. She got sexier by the minute. I just kept thinking about her and that sexy body and not having a real good guy to fuck her like crazy. I had a hot girlfriend, but sis was so much sexier and was using it on me, many hours each day. How much could I take. If I closed my eyes for a second, I saw her firm nipples in my face.

I wanted to suck them so bad. Her skin was so smooth and warm. She always smelled so good. She had the sweetest wet little slit. I could taste it, even in my sleep. The fact she wanted me to fuck her was hard to deal with. She teased me so good I loved the feeling of wanting to fuck her and make her moan loud as she climaxed for the first time with my cock in her. All the to do with a sister weren’t doing a thing to dampen my urges one little bit.
Sis lay in her bed /> ‘Tonight we’ll have our real togetherness. I want him so bad, he knows all the right things to do. I’ll get him so hot he’ll have sex with me, I’m gonna have it. I don’t want to waste any more time with a new boyfriend, that will come later. Right now I want hot sex with my brother, and I’m going to have it. No more waiting, wishing, dreaming, fingering. Let’s just fuck like we both want to.

No restrictions, rules, laws or anything else, I want him tonight! I’ll play dumb, and ask him how to fuck a guy, with him showing me for real. “Oh brother dear, how do I suck a cock, can I try it on you…hmmm?, ..am I doing it he’s gonna fuck me tonight one way or another and we’re both gonna love it. Finally!’
/> She had the bigger bed, so she came in and got me and pulled me in her bedroom. We stood face to face as she said the guy kissed with an big open mouth. No tongue or anything. I said no, no, that not how to kiss. I put my arm around her and before our kiss I started feeling her up as she did me. Her hips and ass were so smooth and warm,

I got lost in thought and just kept going further and further. I felt her tits and nipples as she felt my balls and cock. I wasn’t at ease with the kissing your sister thing, so I just closed my eyes and pictured her as a girlfriend.
That changed everything.

I whispered to her: (“.. close your eyes and just imagine I’m a guy you’ve always wanted and this is your first time together. He wants to turn you on , and you want to make him hot for you. Now, put your arms around my neck and start with a soft kiss, but let it build into a hot tongue kiss. Push your pussy slightly into his hardon. Her heart was banging away on my chest.

She kissed me perfect and let go to a hot kiss with our tongues caressing each others. She couldn’t push her pussy slightly into my cock, it was sticking straight out. She opened her robe and put it between her legs. I felt the wetness from her pussy as she slid it back and forth on my cock. I lost what I was thinking about for a minute. Her pussy sliding over the top of my cock was heavenly.

Her hands were all over me, as I felt those wonderful tits of hers. She began pulling me towards the bed and finally we went down with me on top of her. We never let go of that kiss. It just was to hot to let it go. He robe was open now, as she opened mine. Laying on her naked was to much for my cock to take. It guided itself to her entrance and her legs spread. I felt the sweetest, warmest, tightest pussy ever. I moved it in slowly, then back out, then in a little deeper.

She moaned a tiny moan with her eyes closed and her arms around my neck, kissing me while trying to breath. It was so far above anything I expected, I let go with all the passion I had. It slowly built up to a steady fucking motion for us. Her hands felt my back and all around as we both panted for air. This was the ultimate pussy for me. Perfect fit, exciting girl under me and she was moaning so sweet.

Sis’s head tried to think…

‘I knew it would be good, but this is so over the top even think….I love his hands on my tits, so gentle yet his finger tips squeezing my nipples so got hot feelings all over my body….my pussy is alive with tingles, hot spots, and jolts of pleasure feeling his cock slide in and out so good. He has his fingers on my clit, exciting it with each stroke. I just never knew this could be. Something inside of me is building up, and driving me to devour him. It’s coming up and up so good, I wonder if I can stand it. that moan just came out Yessss />
I felt her climax taking over her body as mine released a torrent of cum in her pussy. I jumped with each shot. She moaned with each shot. We fucked and fucked for every last drop of good feeling we could get. I yelled something as she did too. We lost our breath completely for a few seconds. Moans took over by themselves as we held each other tighter and tighter. I thrust, as her pussy mentally lost it in pleasure. She shook some more. Her squirming we so intense I was out of cum, I had flooded her with it all, but my cock kept don’t remember the rest in detail. Just the the feelings over and over /> ————–
It was 3:15 am., as we took our first ever shower together. Our minds were content and we let our hands do all the feeling. Slick body’s, warm soapy water, excited us. We wanted more. I want to teach her about sucking cock and having her pussy licked. She was in a daze and followed me back into bed. I turned us to a 69 position and was about to talk about sucking cock when I felt her lips go over my cock. I looked at her pussy staring me in the face. Her one leg cocked up.
I just dived in.
She squealed when I teased her by letting my tongue slide up her slit and across her clit. It was her first pussy oral sex. She began to squirm as her clit was so sensitive. I slipped in two fingers in her tight pussy. She gowned when I massaged her pussy deep. I felt her feeling my balls and licking my cock gently, at first. She got real excited and began to jack and suck me hard.

Sis’s />
‘I had wanted to do this for a long time. I saw it, I just had to kiss it and suck it. No lessons needed. I loved the warm feel of it all over my face. It was exciting stroking it, knowing I was making it ready to cum. He’s doing things to my pussy I’ve never dreamed could feel that good. It’s a shortcut to another big climax, and that’s what I want. He’s my sex god, and has control of my body.

Little did I know it would feel this good. Does he know I going to climax soon!….I want to see him shoot his cum, feel it in my mouth and taste it. The other girls have bragged about doing it, but now it’s my turn. Oh…this is to much, I going a little crazy now…Oh My baby ‘

I felt her climaxing and I shot big load. She moaned with each shot on her face. She watched it and then put he mouth on it as far at it would go. I pumped more loads as she tried to swallow what she could. Her pussy moved on my fingers, as the muscles tightened and shook hard. We both got dizzy and moaned till we were out of moans. Gasping for air, was all we had left. The pulses took over and left us completely spent.
/> When mom and dad got home, they ask me all kind of question on how it went while they were gone. When dad wasn’t around, mom changed and she was cool. I think it was dad she was doing all the questions for.
My sister just smiled at me all the time it seemed. One night late, my mom slipped in my room, closed the door and sat on my bed. I wasn’t asleep yet. She was smiling and was holding a bowl and a paper. She handed me the paper. It was a note my sister had written to me and somehow mom got it. It said what a wonderful night we had and how she loved the feeling of my cock in shit!

Mom took the note back. Kissed me on the forehead and wadded up the note. She lit it on fire and placed it in the bowl. We watched it burn up. She smiled and whispered: (“..I don’t think your dad needed to see that.”) She kissed me on the forehead again, smiled and whispered:

(“I wish I’d had a brother like you.)

story by: blueheatt

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Author: blueheatt

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