The girl scout – 29 workout room therapy at doc rosens

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(Girl Scout Lisa was kidnapped and subjected to terrible horrors both by street hoods
and the police who were supposed to help her. She was befriended by Maddy
who had nursed her back to health and arranging her return home. Maddy betrayed her
and she has been sold to Russian criminal types who use her for their soccer games entertainment.
She is used for soccer ball target and made to run for her life. The Russians are having a party
and Lisa is the entertainment. The Russians are letting their Pit Bulls assault her. She is taken to Doc Rosens to recover and rehab. Lisa takes care of Doc Rosen so she can get her pain Meds and now it is time for Physical Therapy)

Doc was red in the face, trembling but holding back while Lisa eager for her pain meds kept sucking and licking his cock , her arms reached up, fingers fondling his balls. They fought against each other, Lisa wanting him to cum, Doc holding back.

Doc groaned loudly, no longer able to wait, he shot his load into Lisa’s mouth. Lisa didn’t swallow, she let the slime roll out of her mouth and down her forehead and into her hair. That is what Doc loved to see. Doc grabbed his camera and shot photos of the teens face dripping cum for his album.
With the top of her face covered in goo, Doc rubbed the remnants off his dick onto her chin.

Lisa still lying over the bed and wiped the cum off her face with her fingers slowly sucking in the cum and swallowing while Doc watched. “You like that Lisa?” “You like my cum.”
“I love it.” smiled Lisa.” “OK, get up and get your med.” Doc gave Lisa a cup of water and a cup with her meds.

“Ok Lisa, time for morning workout. Lisa put on her thong underwear, that is all Doc would let her wear and they headed off to a little workout room Doc had set up.

Poor Lisa walked down the hallway nude except for the thong underwear. He opened the door at the end of the hallway. It was a room filled with workout equipment. Doc led her over to the treadmill.
“OMG, who is that.” Lisa exclaimed.
That is my assistant, Hilda. She will help with your rehab.

“What kind of rehab is this.” “What are you going to do”
Hilda was a busty bitch, blonde around 50, black leather pants and a black tight fabric top.
The assistant walked over with a neck collar.
“Why do I need that?” “Lisa don’t ask so many questions, you will see.” Answered Doc Rosen.
“Please, I don’t want that.” But even as she talked the assistant buckled the restrain collar around Lisa;s neck. Lisa tried to pull away but a second woman, Anna, appeared and held Lisa while the collar was attached.

Hilda pulled Lisa by the neck to the treadmill. “No, I don’t want to go”. Lisa cried pulling away.
“Get the fuck up there.” “No, I don’t want to do this.”
“Take me back to my room.” Lisa was panicking.

Hilda slapped Lisa across the face. “Get up there you little cunt.”
Anna, helped drag Lisa up on the treadmill.
Doc Rosen took a chain attached to the front of the tread mill and clipped it to Lisa’s collar.
Hilda wrapped a heavy chain around the front bar and attached the ends to the cuffs on Lisa’s

Doc Rosen had his movie camera rolling.

Lisa was crying. It was starting all over.
“OH GOD NO.” “Please Doctor Rosen, I will do what you want. Please.”
Doc Rosen was in front of the treadmill smillng at Lisa, filming.
“MY dear, we have some surprises for you. Be a good girl and stand still or else.”
Lisa stood crying. Anna squeezed Lisa’s left nipple and before Lisa knew what was
happening , attached a heavy duty electrical alligator clip.

As the clips teeth bit into the tit meat, Lisa cried out. Anna released the chain attached to the clip
the bell at the end clanking, the chain ragged Lisa’s tit downward. Anna held up another chain,
“Look I have another one.” Hilda held Lisa while Anna squeezed Lisa’s nipple and then attached the second clip.

Each chain had a series of weight’s and a bell on the end. Anna swung each of the chains, the weights
pulling on Lisa’s tits. The bells were clanging. Lisa moaned as Doc Rosen zoomed in filming the torment on her face.

Two more women entered the room, Maria and Olga. Like Hilda they were busty full sized women
dressed in leather. The four women walked around the poor teen tethered to the treadmill.
Lisa twisted her head trying to watch then

“Ready for a workout Bitch.” Lisa felt a hands grab her ankles. She tried to pull her legs away.
“Let go of me.” Stop this.” Let me go.”
Even as she struggled, leather cuffs were strapped to her ankles. Maria clipped a short heavy chain between the cuffs.

Lisa looked down. “What are you doing.” How can I walk with that?
“NO NO NO” Lisa cried out again as Anna wrapped a blindfold over her eyes.
“Take that off Please. “ The teen shook her head but the blindfold was secure.

A hand grabbed Lisa by the hair and lips pushed on hers. Hands were on her breasts and butt.
Anna squeezed her throat. “Open your mouth Bitch.” Anna spit into her open mouth.
“Suck that down bitch.”

Suddenly it was quiet, Lisa stood on the treadmill. Her arms were chained to the front bar, legs hobbled,
blindfolded, clips on the tits with with a heavy chain and bells. Lisa waited. Silence. She felt the treadmill click and the belt started to move. Lisa stepped slowly with the speed of the belt.
The belt moved a little faster. “It is too hard, the chain is heavy.” The chains hanging from her tits
began to sway back and clanging louder and louder. The chain between her legs dragged along behind her short heavy steps.

Lisa screamed as a heavy leather paddle smacked her ass.
“Keep moving your ass or you will be dragging along the belt”
“Keep moving”. “Move Your Ass.”
The leather paddle shook Lisa ass.

“God NO stop. I will fall.” The treadmill kept moving. L isa walked with short hobbled steps.
The swaying chains pulled on her nipples. The bells clanged. Doc Rosen moved around.
“KEEP WALKING.” The four women were screaming at her. Taunting her.
‘Move that ass.” “Keep going.”

The belt moved faster. Doc Rosen filmed the teen from behind. He zoomed in as the paddle smacked her ass again.

The paddle smacked her ass. The women screamed. Her small steps were faster and faster, the chain clanging as she walked. Doc and the women were laughing. Doc was filming. Lisa blindfolded
could not see the slap across the face coming, then the belt. She struggled to stay on her feet.
“Doc please stop, I can’t keep up. Please.”

Anna, Hilda, Maria and Olga surrounded her. Olga stood in front of her screaming in her face.
“Move your ASS, move faster Bitch.” />

(To Be Continued)

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Author: bigbob1200

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