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I'll be honest; I was in the Navy at this time. I know, I know, ha ha ha. That's a log story, not about a sexual experience. I'm not attracted to men; I love a woman's figure, all the way. If anyone has been to Virginia, you'll believe this.

I was bored one night, and went to a bar just outside of Portsmouth, by the shipyards. I didn't know anyone, so I sat at the bar, and just got a beer and a shot. After my second beer, and about two more shots, I was buzzing pretty good, and started to look around. There was a dirty blonde at the end of the bar still alone. She was talking to the bartender, and seemed a little upset. I figured he was family, or maybe a protective father figure. She noticed me looking and gave me a hollow smile. noticed me, and raised an eyebrow. He shot her a "watch it" look, and came down to see if I need another drink. I asked the all too familiar, "What's up with her? She family?"
"My niece, from Brazil." Was all I got out of him. He gave me the, "Don't fuck with her!" look. She was looking my way, with a nervous smile, s I decided to go talk to her.
"You know, a girl as pretty as you shouldn't be sad. You should smile, and brighten up the world." Corny line but I'm a guy, and I was drunk.
"Nice line, not too original, but nice." She smiled. Her uncle was glaring at me, and she looked a little nervous under his glare. You could tell she was interested but very nervous with me as well. I just chalked that up to my appearance.
I'm not a big dude, but I'm fit, and strong. I'm what they call a snipe. I work in the hole, greasy and sweaty. I'm also on the Fire Party, so I have to be strong to hold that fuckin' hose down. I also shave my head to hide my Ben Franklin hairline. I was bald at nineteen. I've been told that it looks intimidating.
"You can relax, I'm not gonna hurt you." I smiled.
"Only my feelings." She whispered, with a nervous smile. The smile turned to a frown. "I'm not like other girls. My father, whom I haven't seen since I was eleven, told me to get the fuck out of his face, and never come back. Every boyfriend I've had since I came back to the states, have dumped me, or beat the shit out of me. So please understand, I think you’re very cute, and sweet, but I have reasons to be nervous. Like I said, I'm not your typical girl."
"Well, as long as it's not like a Springer thing." I smirked at her. She winced and looked away. "What'd I say?"
"You wouldn't understand." She started to get up.
"Wait, I'm sorry. What ever it is, I'm sure it's not that bad."
"You'd be /> It was getting late, so I asked if she wanted to get some coffee another time. She smiled, and replied, "Yeah, that'd be nice. I'll be in here the next three nights, working for my uncle. I get off at 3am, we could go then."
"Sounds good, I'll see you day after tomorrow. I've got duty /> "I'll see you then. My name's Alex, by the way. What's /> "I'm Ryan. I'll see you then."
She got up, and I could see her frame as she walked away. She had strong thighs, and a beautiful Latin ass that bounced when she walked. A thin waist that tapered in like an hourglass. She wore sexy "Fuck Me" boots, and had nice medium firm tits, that bounced with every step. I was in love.

The whole next day, was torture. I convinced my LPO (boss) to let me have the next day off, so I might be able to get lucky. I couldn't wait to see Alex again.
I showed up at 8pm to see her. She was behind the bar getting some fat slob a beer. I walked up and said, "Hey, can we get some service here for Christ's sake?"
She smiled at me and brought me a beer. "This is from the lady at the end of the bar." She smirked. I looked down and saw what had to be the greasiest fat assed, Sea Donkey, I've seen in a while. I shivered, and took a long drink.
I tipped the bottle at her, and got her attention. I said again, and winked at her. She gave ma a puzzled smile, and waved, then turned back to the bar. "Yep, I'm gettin' lucky tonight." I took another drink, as she slapped my shoulder.
an ass!" She smiled.
"Hey, I was being thankful. I'm might be able to get with that."
"I'm not woman enough for you, am I?"
"If I can't get with her, you'll be next in line baby." I looked at her tanned face and pretty brown eyes. We both just stared for a moment. Until her uncle thumped the bar.
"Alex! You gonna work tonight girl?" He gave me his tough uncle look, and turned away.
"Sorry, I gotta go. I'll talk to you in a few hours?
"I'll be here. I'll probably be drunk, but I'll be here."
She gave me a kiss and ran her hand down my chest before turning away. Instant wood. I loved watching her ass sway.

By the end of the night, I was feeling pretty good. She came over to me and sat on my lap. "How ya feelin' babe?"
"Great, Just waitin' on you girl."
"I'm getting off in half an hour, you gonna be okay then?"
"Mind if I watch? I slurred. I wasn't hammered, but I knew if I laid it on thick, I could get away with more.
"If you’re a good boy. Now, I'll get you some coffee." She kissed my cheek and brought me a cup of coffee, which I drank straight to get my senses back. She brought me a second cup and one for her when she came back. She sat down next to me and asked if I wanted to go back to her place. "I'll drive." She said quickly.
"Sure, I'm game. Just don't bring Sunshine." I pointed at her uncle wiping down the bar.
"Yeah, we kinda need to get soon, so he doesn't see you leave with me."
"Well, let’s get then." I said, in my thickest redneck accent. We got up and headed for the door. I waited till we were outside to put my arm round her, and she guided me to her car.
"I live two blocks up, so you can get you car no problem when it's daylight. It's not safe to walk this in the dark." We got into her car and drove the quick trip to her apartment. It was a bit of a dive, but the inside was clean. I sat on the couch and she got us both a beer.
When she sat down I asked, "What, are you trying to take advantage of me. I just started to sober up."
"I like you Ryan, but I can't do much with you right now. It's my time, but I can do other things." She kissed me, and put her hand on my cock. I was instantly hard. She stroked it through my pants, and licked my ear, biting my earlobe. I put my hand on her back and put the beer down, so I could play with her tits. They were firm and soft. Might have been implants, but they still felt good. I pinched a nipple and she moaned in my mouth. I moved my hand to her ass and squeezed it.
She pulled away and said, "Remember what I said. No further, it's gross down there. Please?" The last word was almost begging, so I said okay. Man, some girls are weird about that.
I moved up, and started playing with her tits again. She took off her shirt and bra, and I sucked one into my mouth. I kissed her stomach, and noticed the sexy bellybutton ring; it had a jewel on it. I tickled it with my tongue, and licked my way back up to her tits. She took off her shoes and pushed me back on the couch. She pulled off her socks and told me to take my shirt off. I did as I was told and she put her soft feet on my chest. Rubbing them into my chest hair she pinched my nipples with her toes. I rubbed my calloused hands on her soft feet and kissed the ball of her foot. She pulled them back and rubbed them on my crotch, stroking my cock through my pants. I started to unzip my fly, but she stopped me. "I'll do that." She smiled as she used her toes to hold the top and the other foot to unzip me. She had some talent with monkey feet. She definitely liked to play. She fished one foot in to find my cock. "Um, soft boxers." She purred. She got her toes through the front of my boxers, and used the other foot to fish my cock out. I've never ad a foot job before. I liked it so far. She ran her feet up and down on the shaft of my cock. Her long skinny toes look hot as hell rapped around me, and the little toe ring matched her gold nail polish. It felt wonderful, I just watched her fee and would look up to see her smiling, intently looking it her job at hand. My cock was throbbing, and the head was bright red, my veins were popping out. I was ready to come.
"Your gonna get a mess on your pretty feet, if you don't watch out." I breathed heavily.
"Hold that thought baby." She smiled, and got on her knees in front of me. She took my cock into her hand. Looking up at me, she ran her tongue up the shaft, breathing hot wet breath on me. I felt my ass tighten as the shiver erupted through me. My eyes rolled back into my head as she rapped her whole mouth round me and sucked me into her hot mouth. It was so hot! I could feel my balls tightening, and my cock ached to cum. I growled and grabbed her head. When I thrust into her mouth, she sucked even harder. She wanted to taste me. I forced into her mouth one last time and filled her throat with my cum. She jacked and sucked me dry, then showed it to me. She smiled, open mouthed and played with my cum before swallowing it. I looked down at her, wearing nothing but her jeans. Beautiful. She got up as I put my cock away, and sat on my lap, resting her tits on my chest. I squeezed her ass and cupped her chin. We kissed and I moved a hand to her thigh. I caressed her leg as we kissed deeply. Moving up, I noticed something wasn't right. She pulled away instantly, as I grabbed her crotch. "That's not a fuckin' pad!" I yelled as I threw her to the floor. “What the fuck! You’re a fuckin’ dude!” I stood over her, it, looking down in rage.
“Please, don’t hurt me!” She cried, tears welling up in her eyes. She covered her head with her arms, whimpering. My heart sank, and I felt sick to my stomach. I was so confused. I wanted to be angry, but I felt ashamed. I towered over it, no her. She was a girl. Maybe she wasn’t totally female, but she was all girl. I felt like a bully, a bastard who fed on people’s weakness. She had given me so much pleasure, and I just attacked her. “I’m sorry Ryan! Don’t hurt me, please!” She had crawled to a corner and curled into a fetal position, rocking back and forth.
“No.” I breathed shamefully. “I’m sorry. I won’t hurt you. I couldn’t hurt you. I had no right. Please forgive me. Please, get up. I’m the bastard here. I’ll leave now, Don’t be afraid of me. I’m sorry.” I turned, and picked up my shirt.
not going to hurt me? They always hurt me when they find out.” She lowered her arms and looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes, red and wet with tears. My heart sank, I wanted to puke. I wanted to beat my head against a wall, to hurt myself like I’d hurt her.
“I’ll never hurt you. I’m sorry Alex. I’ll leave now.”
“Please, don’t go!” She jumped up. go! You’re not mad?”
“You should be the one mad, not me. Don’t you want me to leave?”
“Not if you don’t want to. I’m confused, you’re not mad. I have a dick.”
“Yes, you do. Yes, I’m a little confused to. I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m not gay, but I’m attracted to you. I’m curious about you. Hell, I don’t even know what to call you!” She frowned and her lip quivered with that. “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. You are definitely a girl.”
“I can be what ever you want me to be. If you’ll let me, if you’ll try to let me.” She smiled nervously.
take some getting used to. Are you going to finish the /> “I was, but I have to save the money up first. I will return to Brazil for that. America has too much red tape. But it will be a while. Are you willing to work with me till then?” She put her hand on my shoulder, timidly caressing me. “It could be up to another year.”
“I’ll try, but you have to be patient with me to. You’re not going public with this are you?”
“God no! You’re the first who didn’t beat the hell out of me, when you found out. I’ve lived in four states because of this. I can’t go public.”
“How can I make it up to you? I’m sorry I acted like such a shit.”
“First, you could stay. Second, you could talk to me like I’m you’re girl and not some freak show. I want to be you’re girl.” I put my arms around her and kissed her. I wiped away he tears and carried her back to the couch.
“You wanna get naked, and let me get used to this?” I whispered. She smiled and undid her pants. I helped her pull them off and the thong she was wearing under them. Her cock was dangling in front of me. It was a bit strange to look at, but I wasn’t freaked out anymore. I reached out and cupped her balls. She gasped and started to pull away. “Are you okay? Did I go too far?” I asked.
She grinned and sat back on my lap. She took my hand and put it back between her legs. “I’m sorry baby, I’m not used to that.”
“Does it work? I mean can you get hard?” I asked nervously
“I don’t have the money for estrogen treatments, so yes. My breasts are implants, and the rest of me has always been girly. I was picked on in school for it, and I always wondered why I was born a boy. Do you want to see it hard?” She looked into my eyes hopefully. I could feel her getting thicker in my hand. She shaved everything down there. I stroked it like I stroke mine, and she moaned into my neck as she nuzzled under my chin.
“Lay down.” I pushed her down and climbed between her thighs like I was going to eat her out. I rubbed her cock on my chin and cheek. It was getting harder and was not a bad length. Not as thick as me, but about as long. I felt a little relief at that. If it was going to make it in my ass eventually, at least it wasn’t real thick. I ran my tongue up the shaft and cupped her balls. I didn’t know how to suck cock, so I tried to do what I would want. I stroked the shaft and bobbed my head up and down, sucking it hard. She was moaning and rubbing her feet on my back.
“I’m gonna cum, please stop.” I did as I was told since I wasn’t ready for that just yet. I kept stroking her though. “Will you fuck me? I want you to fuck me. I want to cum with your cock in my as.” I put my cock in her face.
“You might want to get it wet first” I smiled.
KY jelly in the drawer, for my ass.” She said a she took my cock in her mouth. “Think you can find it while I do this?” She said with the head between her lips. I giggled and she did to as I fished hastily in the drawer for the lube. I held it up like a sword and pulled the cap off. She spread her legs and brought them back to her chest, exposing her asshole. She spread her cheeks and sucked my cock hard. I forced myself to concentrate so I could apply the lube. I could see her smiling devilishly as I tried to do my deed. I put the tip to her asshole and squeezed some into her ass, and smeared some on the opening. I pulled my cock from her mouth and got between her legs.
“Spread it baby. Show me you want me inside you.” She spread her cheeks and raised her feet back to her head. I put some jelly on the tip of my cock. I put the head at the opening of her brown eye. I pushed the head into her ass. She closed her eyes and whimpered. “Am I hurting you?” I stopped and leaned in.
“Just a little. Go slow at first, but don’t stop. I want you to fuck me, not baby me. It hurts, but I like it. Fuck me, fuck my ass baby.” She spread her legs and stroked her cock. I pushed harder and slid my cock all the way in to the balls. I grabbed her ankles and started to fuck her faster. She rubbed her cock faster and moaned. I could feel her ass squeezing my cock. She was rocking up and down as I fucked her ass, and she started to shoot her cum all over her chest. I let go and rubbed it into her tits, and fucked her faster as I started to cum myself. “Cum in my ass! I want you to cum in me!” I let go and filled her full of my cum. Her ass was squishy and wet with my cum. I left it in her and leaned forward kissing her lips. She lifted her leg up and rolled to her side, pressing against me to hold me in. I laid behind her and held her close as I slowly fucked her ass for a while rubbing her belly and kissing her neck. We slowly drifted off to sleep.
I moved into her apartment the next day and we lived together for 8 months as a couple. I let her fuck me once in a while, but most of the time Alex wanted to be the girl. She moved back to Brazil and we kept in touch for a while, but she eventually stopped writing back. I wasn’t happy about that, but I got over it, and went on with my life. I do think about her a lot, and wish she would’ve came back to me. It goes without saying that I haven’t found a girl like her again.

story by: snipe

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Author: snipe

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