Flying the first time by herself

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I looked at my watch again . . .25 minutes until my flight. In the background the video poker machines were continuously making their annoying "ding, ding, ding noises. I looked a second time at my watch and computed the time difference between Nevada time and Montreal. I had heard about the infamous "red-eye flights" but had never actually taken one. I had broken even, during my stay in Vegas . . . which compared to many of my friends reports . . . was pretty good. Still one of my goals was to possibly meet a nice young lady . . . but I had struck out in that department.

Time suddenly slowed to a stop . . . as she walked up to the check-in desk. She carried a small purse appropriate for her young age and a carry-on that looked much too full for her to manage. I knew it wasn't polite to stare, but her body and face were very thought-provoking to look at . . . so I kept my stare trained on her young body.

Her titties had just begun to sprout and her tight little ass looked the absolute best in her shorts. She was facing the opposite direction but it didn’t matter. I suddenly over heard the clerk say "27A" and my heart began to beat rapidly. I took out the ticket in my breast pocket and it indicated 27 B! I was going to sit next to this angel the entire flight back to Montreal.

Should I run up to her and introduce myself and explain that we would be sitting next to each other the entire flight? No, that would be much too aggressive Michael . . . I said to myself. No, it would be better to just be patient and see what happens. Just my luck she would not only be a virgin, but never have had any experience with a guy either. But would that really be such a bad thing?

The video poker games kept their rhythm in the background but the noise didn't distract me anymore. A much more beautiful distraction was now sitting not twenty feet away. I pretended to look at my magazine, but my mind and thoughts were much more interested in the vision across the aisle. She had on a light blue tank top with spaghetti straps that left her bare tummy showing and a somewhat short pair of blue jean shorts. Her titties barely pushed out the front of her top, but I was almost certain she wasn't wearing a bra.

Her feet were adorned with a pair of brown sandals and I couldn't help but fantasize about making love to this young nymph. Would I even have the courage to speak up and begin a conversation with her? She looked over at me and I nervously dropped my eyes back to the vintage Star Trek magazine I had brought along. I suddenly felt stupid reading a sci-fi magazine and wish it was something more along the lines of People Magazine that we could at least begin talking about. After a few seconds I looked back up and she was looking out at a woman who had just won one of the quarter machines and was placing her cup under the spout to catch the coins that were pouring out of the machine.

"Sounds like a winner," I said . . . not knowing where the courage had come from to say anything at all.
"I watched my uncle play this afternoon," she said, somewhat annoyed.

"Did he lose much?" I asked, suddenly amazed that my conversation skills were excelling even slightly.

"A couple hundred," she said. "Were you lucky at all?"

"I think I broke even, and I feel lucky to do that. Are you on the 11:55 flight to Montreal?" I asked . . . of course knowing the answer.

"Yes . . .how about you?" she smiled with a twinkle in her eyes. And not just any smile . . .one that would stop any male's heart.

"Me too . . ." but I hesitated to divulge our seating arrangement.

"Do you go to work or live in Quebec?" she asked.

"I go to school and I came here for a few days of getting away from the books and stuff," I shared . . .getting concerned that the conversation was now getting boring.

"Flight 256 non-stop to Montreal now boarding at gate 14", blared the P.A. system.

"That's us," she said with enthusiasm and stood up. I noticed her tiny breasts and was suddenly even more excited. I was now certain that she was either wearing a very thin bra . . . or none at all. I certainly hoped the later. She leaned over to pick up her carry-on and my question was answered. I bravely peered directly down her top . . .almost to her twin pink nipples. The angel of beauty was not wearing any underwear . . . what-so-ever! I too picked up my bag.

"Can I join you on the short walk?" I asked.

"Sure . . . maybe we'll even be sitting near each other!" she stated with enthusiasm and a sexy wink. Well, it was all I could do to keep my feet on the ground as we checked in at the counter just before the door that led to the jet. I followed her down the long hallway and entered the jet. Very few passengers had been seated yet and thirty or so rows of triple seats were banked all the way to the back of the plane. I knew 27-B was almost to the back . . .having ridden in the same style plane on the way there. She looked at her seat and then turned around to look at me.

"What's your seat number?" she asked looking at the numbers under the overhead compartments.

"Uhhhhhh . . . .27-B!" I said with obvious emotion in my voice. Maybe too much emotion I thought. She stopped and turned.

"Well great . . . that's right next to me!" she beamed and then slowed her pace and stopped. "Well, sir . . . I'll let you find our seats then," she said with a mischievous look on her face. My heart was thumping so loudly I was certain she would hear it. I suddenly took the lead and moved the next ten or so rows to our seats.

"Want me to put that up for you?" I asked looking at her much more closely than before. Her eyes still sparkled and I could now see a pair of young lips that begged to be kissed.

she said and I took the heavy carry-on and lifted it up and placed it in its new home. She slid over to her seat. Inside the opened compartment door were several small pillows and a blanket.

"Think we might need these? I asked showing her a pillow.

"That would be perfect. They don't have a blanket up there do they? The air conditioning is freezing." I now began to grow a hard-on as I noticed her pert nipples were bursting outwards, in response to the cool air.

"Sure do . . . " I answered as I found the purple blanket and lifted it down. I sat in my seat and handed her a few pillows and placed the blanket on her lap. Just above the blanket, were two very visible nipples adoring themselves on her young chest. She opened up the blanket after clicking together her seat belt.
"Want to share?" she offered opening up the blanket and covering my lap without waiting for a response. Once the blanket covered my legs, I felt her wonderful hand squeeze my knee. I wondered whether she had seen my bulging erection that had appeared only seconds before. Part of me wished that she had, as it continued to grow . . . This would be a VERY special flight for both of us!

We had been reminded to have our seat belts fastened several times. The Air Canada jet had taxied down the runway and the takeoff was now a memory. The flight attendant had offered us a snack . . . peanuts of course and we both laughed. I did buy a beer (and then which had begun to make their effects known on my lust filled bodies. She watched me drink the bubbly liquid and wondered whether she could have a sip. I not only gave her a sip, I invited her to keep the can, but to move it out of sight so that no one would see.

I ordered four more and after a while her red eyes were giving away her new inebriated condition. I asked her if she had ever drunk before and she said that her parents never allowed it. I told her that she would probably start feeling a little light headed and she smiled and indicated she already did . . . one can ago. The flight attendant took away the empties and I reached under the blanket and placed my hand on her bare knee.

"I think we are going to have a LOT of fun tonight," I said as I gently moved my moist hand around her knee and slowly upwards on the inside of her thighs.

"I think I'm getting a little drunk," she said, oblivious to my moving hand.

"Ladies and gentleman, it is customary on this flight to turn off the cabin lights to allow our passengers the opportunity to sleep. Individual lights above your heads will allow those of you who are reading to continue. We are flying at 42,000 feet and we will most likely be 10-15 minutes early due to tail winds. Enjoy your flight and thank you for choosing Air Canada."

Almost instantly, the cabin lights were extinguished and Kylee and I were almost totally in darkness. Our eyes adjusted to the dim lighting within a few minutes. During this interval we remained silent. The flight ended up being only half full and we were several seats away from anyone else and no one was even opposite us in our aisle. It was almost as if divine guidance had selected the seats.

"Do you want the light on?" I asked.

"No . . .its fine . . .but one more brewski might be fun," she said, looking at my eyes. A flight attendant left the rear of the jet and I saw the opportunity.

"Could I have a couple more beers?" I asked.

"Let's see if there are two Labatt’s Blue left," she said stopping and turning around, with a smile on her face.

"I think she knows there's a party going on," said Kylee laughing. Under the blanket that was now covering both of us, her hand gently squeezed mine. The amount of affection that was suddenly passed between our bodies with that gesture . . . can't be measured. I squeezed her hand back and her reaction was once again a smile that lit up her face. A few moments later the attendant came.

"Sir that's all there is and technically I can't serve you anymore. Enjoy your night, I have to go back up front and finish some chores." And with that she headed back up the aisle and soon was gone. I peered to the side and ahead and you had to go up ten or more rows to find a reading light that was currently illuminated.

I opened Kylee 's can for her and passed it over. She reached out from behind the blanket and grasped the cold beer. She brought it up to her lips and at that moment the plane hit a slight air pocket and she spilled it on her chin and laughed.

"Whoa there little lady," I said and reached up and gently wiped the carbonated liquid from her chin. Her other hand found its way up and gently grasped my wrist and kept it touching her face. She guided my fingers back up to her lips until one finger slipped its way into her mouth and she began to gently suck on it. Erotic images suddenly passed through my mind.

So stirring was that gesture, that my finger left the inside of her mouth and touched the outside of her pink lips. I traced the pink skin and gently circled the outside of her mouth. For the next several minutes my single digit went in and out of her mouth several times, further causing the rock hard organ in my shorts to become fully erect. I slowly withdrew my finger after several precious moments.

It was time to kiss this beauty and I prayed she wouldn't object. I placed the hand whose fingers had begun the magic around her neck and she moved forward slightly allowing me to do so. I leaned forward, closed my eyes and our lips met in splendid paradise. For the next several minutes we embraced each other as I pulled her close to me. Her breast touched my shoulder and her rigid nipple triggered my fantasies to work over time.

Soon our tongues were touching with the warm slippery lubrication of our saliva intermixing. I had never felt this sexually aroused before even with an older woman and I sensed her gentle quivering to mean the same. I couldn't get enough of her soft pink lips as we continued to show our emotion to each other in this romantic yet silent message of silence.

I knew the blanket had slipped down into our laps but I wanted so badly to touch her firm naked breasts and at that point I didn't care if the flight attendant or anyone else found us or not. Her stomach was bare and I gently began my journey upwards after teasing her for a few moments . . .by allowing my fingers to curl into the elastic of her shorts.

I wish I could sense her thoughts as my large hand slipped under her top. I began to make tiny circles with my fingers as they slowly moved closer and closer to the base of her small breasts. As I grew bolder, her kisses became more intense and I sensed that meant she was ready for more action. Soon her soft hillocks were touched and I began the journey every boy dreams about as I moved upwards towards her aureoles and nipples.

Her skin had crinkled as my fingers came to the slightly raised skin at the foundation of her nipples. I began to circle her areolas and the tiny ridges of excitement added to my own. My erection was nearly out of its covering as I continued to tease her breasts by circling first one breast and then pass the sweaty slight valley in between and over to the other. I wanted to touch her nipples, but wanted even more to excite her to accept my every move. She had begun to softly pant with desire and it was time to fondle her nipples.

My index finger rose slightly and gently came down on her rigid bud. It was so firm its texture was that of a small pebble. I barely touched it, but began a slow lewd tracing, causing her further excitement and an increase of her teen heartbeat. Its mate received similar treatment as I moved back and forth between her dark pink buds. As I moved my thumb to seductively join the sensual duet on her firm nipples, Kylee’s hand moved onto my knee and began its slow journey on the inside of my thighs . . .and up closer and closer to my throbbing steed.

I discovered my inner thighs were almost as sensitive as my raging cock as her fingers teased the soft skin. Almost in harmony with my gentle pinching of her nipples, her fingers covered my rod and circled around its excited head over my shorts. She squeezed with a soft passion . . . my dark purple head as I did the same to her pink buds. Soon my entire hands were cupping both breasts as I moved quickly from one tittie to the other, my heart racing with lust.
Kylee had found the tab on my zipper and had begun to pull the brass stem downwards. I worried others might hear the tab move along the ridges of metal, but as her hand touched my aching balls, I was relieved to feel my naked cock leave its former prison, slip through the opening in my briefs and be gently captured by her fingers.

She discovered the slippery pre-cum at the tip of my organ and lewdly spread the love juice over the head of the oversized helmet. I had realized this wasn't her first time with a man, and I beamed with joy. Once it was liberally spread, Kylee began to pull the organ through her fingers and me closer and closer to my certain climax. My fingers left her young breasts and moved down past her navel and into the waistband of her blue-jean shorts.

We were both acting like first time teenagers as she continued to frantically kiss my lips and bring me closer and closer to orgasm. My fingers slipped into her silk-like panties and gradually found her hairless pussy and the entrance to her damp tunnel. My heart was pounding loud enough to alert the captain in his cockpit as my fingers touched her outer love lips. As she continued to move her hand up and down my rigid cock, I desperately searched for her clitoris, wanting to match what she was doing to me.

Suddenly she groaned softly in my ear and I knew I had found her sex. Meticulously I rubbed her erect clit with my finger as I edged one and then two fingers into her moist virgin hole. We were both racing towards orgasm as our quivering lips continued to bring us closer and closer to orgasm. Her juices were liberally leaving her pussy as I continued to bring her closer and closer to total satisfaction.

Within seconds, my heart wildly applauded as her entire body began to shake and shudder. She moaned my name as her orgasm took control of all her emotions. This display was all I needed, and soon ropes of semen were leaving my shaking body and I traveled to a point of total ecstasy that I had never felt before.

Minutes later both our fingers were still sticky from our lovemaking. I got up first and went to the bathroom that was only a few feet away. The cabin lights were still dark and by now most of the overhead reading lights had been extinguished. I went into the bathroom and turned on the light and slipped the sign across that read My jism had dribbled on my shorts and I did my best to wash it out. I also washed my tubular treat with soap and wiped it off with the toweling provided.

I was surprised at all the mirrors in this very small cubicle. There was one over the seudo-sink and one on the door as well. My penis began to grow with a fantasy I had always had about fucking a young girl on a jet while in flight. Would Kylee be willing? I would have to see. Feeling refreshed I opened the door and went back to my seat. Kylee slid through the seats before I sat down.

"Be write back," she said. I heard the occupancy bolt slide in place as my erection continued to grow. I peered over the seat to scan where the flight attendants were sitting and because they were done serving they were in the front galley . . .far away from my bawdy intentions. After a few minutes, I heard the bolt slide open and without hesitating I left my seat and met her in front of the bathroom.

"Let's go back inside," I said giving her a wink. She starred at me for a second and then that beautiful smile lit up her face. She entered the bathroom and with some difficulty I did the same. I closed and locked the door and then immediately began to kiss her. My arms went around her soft shoulders and without hesitation I slipped the spaghetti straps of her top off her shoulders and let the garment fall to her waist.

I looked to my right and her developing breasts were in full view in the mirror. She was not to be outdone and she playfully yanked down both my shorts and briefs all the way to the floor. I stepped out of them and lifted my shirt over my head as well. Being totally naked with this lovely nymph felt absolutely wonderful! It was her turn to look in the mirror and to capture the head of my naked cock in her fingers. I pulled her top over her head and immediately began to pull her shorts and panties off as well. She giggled with excitement as she watched my face within inches of her bare hairless pussy as she stepped out of her clothes.

"Look," I said and we both glanced in the mirror. My raging stallion was touching her naked stomach as I reached behind her back and slid my hands down to her tight ass. I pulled her closer yet and the image in the mirror was one of a lewd beginning. We both watched my hands travel up to her breasts and gently cup them, causing her nipples to poke outwards into the palm of my hands. I barely had the space, but knew I had to lick this angel on her tasty young pussy. I gently lifted her up on the counter, hoping she wouldn't be too uncomfortable. She placed her hands back to get her balance and I pulled her legs open and kneeled down in front of her. The image in front of me was truly a beautiful pussy . . . ready to be fucked. Without any hesitation I leaned forward placing my hands on her inner thighs and gently placed a special kiss on her outer lips.

Michael . . .that feels AWESOME," was her response as I continued to kiss and lick her moist sex. I could tell she had washed herself with soap as the fragrance of her twat permeated in the air. I used my fingers to open up those lips and stuck my tongue inside and over her clitoris. Again Kylee moaned, not seeming to care whether outsiders heard or not. For the next five or more minutes I stimulated her love tunnel with my love wet tongue. I spun it around and around causing her to become even more aroused. Soon the entrance and deep valley was coated with my saliva.

"My turn . . . Michael" was her suggestive announcement that she wanted to excite me similarly. I slipped up onto the counter and spread my legs. She lowered herself onto the toilet seat and with one hand on my tight balls and the other at the base of my wand, Kylee leaned forward and plastered a dozen kisses on the dark purple head of my erect cock. Soon her slippery tongue performed its magic and she coated my entire erection with her juices. Looking down and watching a young girl perform fellatio on your rigid stallion is an incredible sight that can be truly treasured. I only wish I had a video tape of our lovemaking to play it back while we watched laying together in bed for additional excitement.

If I didn't stop, I knew an ocean of semen would fill the small bathroom so I gently placed my hand on her head.

I whispered, "I want to make love to you. Let me sit on the seat and have you sit on my COCK." She lifted her pink tongue off my shaft and stood up in front of me.

"I was hoping you'd be taking my virginity," was her response. I lifted my tight butt off the counter and we moved in unison so that I was sitting down on the seat. She began to slowly sit on my trusty steed facing me, but I shook my head and had her turn around. She seemed somewhat annoyed, but when Kylee realized there was a mirror silhouetting our lovemaking she smiled her approval. The mirror showed my rigid 7" cock in full erection and her naked body in front of it. Her tiny breasts showed their apple-sized shape as she began to squat down.

I held my cock in my fist and guided her moist and still dripping pussy on to my rod. When her naked outer lips surrounded my rod, the sensation was igniting for both of us. Her face had turned red with excitement as we both watched my staff slowly enter her love tunnel. She moaned loudly as I broke her hymen, exciting me to no end. Soon my aching nuts touched her outer lips and the full extension of my cock was entirely inside her warm engine.

Very slowly she began to ride my steed and as she moved her body up and down . . . I reached in front of her and cupped her small breasts, and then manipulated and fondled her nipples with tiny pinches of my affection. I looked over her shoulders and together we looked at the image of my 7" rod entering her love hole again and again.

For me who follows the interests of most male voyeurs, nothing could have been more exciting than watching myself copulate in front of the mirror. It was almost like watching a movie. Kylee 's nipples were fully taunt and together we watched my hands continue to fondle them and playfully place her dark pink buds in between my fingers and gently pinch them to even more excitement.

"Bring yourself off Kylee," I said softly in her ear. I watched her hand move down her tummy and in to her dripping pussy and then down almost to where my cock was still filling and then refilling her lovely twat. Very slowly she began to rub her clit back and forth. We continued these movements for the next several minutes, getting closer and closer to orgasm. Then a sudden sound brought us both back to reality.

The bathroom across from us had a visitor. The door latch was heard opening and then being bolted. We both looked at each other in the mirror and began to laugh. Her reaction was to tighten her muscles around my stiff cock and make it even tighter for my entry. I shook my head realizing girls had this type of muscle control and enjoyed the next several entries into her moist twat. We continued to watch ourselves in the mirror for the next several minutes. I continued to gently mold her breasts with my fingers when her body began to shake with orgasm. I looked down below and watched her finger move back and forth rapidly over her twat and I knew she had entered that extra special moment of rapture.

Michael . . ..fill me up I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmm BIG time!" and she did. She rode my stallion with a wild craving for several minutes. Once again following her lead, it was my turn to buck my hips as I made her lift several inches upwards into the air so we could watch my cock began to empty its load deep into her womb. Rope after rope of hot cum was released into her moist pussy and I knew this experience would be remembered by both of us forever.

Soon we stopped moving and closed our eyes. After several moments, the door opening across from us interrupted our silence, and we both knew we had to wash up and go back to our seats before being discovered. Damn . . . what a great time we had!

story by: stifflittlepoints

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Author: stifflittlepoints

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