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“Oh, here comes my mom now,” said Matt as a blue mini-van rolled up to the curb outside the high school.
“How was the meeting?” asked Matt’s mom. She was a 40-year-old mother at 5’9” and 150 pounds. She had a big set of tits that had a little sag that had to be a DD. Her wasn’t exactly the prettiest, but then again it could be worse. She had long brown hair with some blonde highlights.
“Oh it was good,” said Matt.
“What did you think John?” questioned Matt’s mom.
“It was alright,” said John who was a 15-year-old 9th grader at about 5’7” and 130 pounds. He had a couple of girlfriends, but only got past kissing with one of his couple of girlfriends he had through the past couple of years. The one time he got past kissing was when he had sex with a cute, little girl in his grade that he was still going out with.
The rest of the car ride was uneventful with Matt’s mother on her cell phone and Matt checking his homework. Then Matt’s mom hung up the phone.
“Matt when we get home can you start dinner while I take the girl’s shopping I’ll drop John off before we go,” said Matt’s mom.
said Matt.
They arrived at Matt’s house and he got out.
“See ya John,” said Matt.
As Matt entered his front door his sisters exited. They were nothing too special. Monica had a face like her mother with hair that always seemed to be frizzy. She was Matt’s twin so she was John’s age. She was about 5’5” and 120 pounds. She had about a B-cup and her dating situation was worse than John’s seeing as she had only had one boyfriend and had only kissed once.
Behind her was her 10th grade sister, Megan. She also had a face similar to her mother, but her hair was also not frizzy like her mother’s. She was 5’4” and weighed about 100 pounds. Her bust couldn’t have been more than a small B-cup. She had a similar dating situation as her sister.
The girls opened the car doors.
“Hey look it’s John,” said Monica.
“How do you like the club?” asked Megan.
“It’s alright,” said John.
Matt’s mother drove down the street and passed the road where she would turn into John’s neighborhood.
“Mrs. Kendrick, you just passed my said John.
“I know John, but your going to have to do something for me before I drop you off,” said Matt’s mom.
that?” asked John.
find out,” said Matt’s mom.
She drove a couple streets farther than made a left. John saw she was driving towards an old, abandoned house. She parked the car and she led the 3 teenagers towards the house. She led them up a couple of flights into what appeared used to be an old bedroom. There was still a king-sized bed with a mattress that had been through a lot.
“Remove your shirt John,” ordered Matt’s mom.
“Why do I have to remove my shirt and why are we here?” asked John.
“Well my two girls are virgins and I want that to be no more. If they can’t get a guy for themselves I will get one for them,” said Matt’s mother.
At that John thought, well I am not a virgin anymore so I should just do this to get home even though these girls are not much of lookers. Then John just decided to remove his shirt. He revealed a nicely toned 4 pack with a trail of thick brown hair from his bellybutton and disappeared under his basketball shorts.
“Oh that’s nice,” said Matt’s mom, “Megan your first.”
Matt’s mom and Monica sat on two chairs in the corner watching towards the now shirtless John.
“Stroke his stomach,” said Matt’s mom.
Megan reached out two trembling hands and felt the hard stomach on the guy in front of her. She then started rubbing the stomach and she loved the feeling of the “happy trail”.
Then John picked up Megan and took her to the bed. He then took off her shirt and pulled down her short shorts leaving her laying there in her small little red bra and tiny little thong. John bent forward and kissed her on the lips shoving his tongue deep into her mouth. This sent shocks of electric to Megan’s nipples that were hard as rock and her pussy leaked some juices.
Then John ripped the bra right off of her body revealing her small tits with small, brown areolas. He massaged each of them in his large hands before taking a nipple in his mouth. He sucked on each eraser-sized nipple before he got up and looked down at her soaked panties.
John then ripped off the soaked panties revealing a small pussy. The little hairless pussy looked so tasty to John. He stuck one, two, three fingers into that tight little pussy. Megan was moaning so loudly as his fingers met up with her hymen. He wanted to save that for later so he started playing with her little clit. He then stuck his face near the little, hairless pussy and smelt her juice. He then licked up both her thighs and finally licked around her little pussy lips. He started tongue fucking her extremely hard and soon she was shaking violently and out flowed her juices into his awaiting mouth. He pulled his face up and around his mouth and dripping from his chin was her juices she also noticed her juices flowed down her thighs.
He stood up next to the bed and the tent in his shorts was pretty obvious tent sticking out. Megan then went over and pulled down his basketball shorts revealing nicely shaped legs leading up to the penis straining in the thin fabric of the boxers. She slowly revealed the rest of the trail of hair until it turned into the large bush of curly, brown hair on top of his piece of meat. Out flopped 7 ½ inches of long, white meat that was extremely thick. It had thick veins all over it and the head was swollen and red. Out leaked precum that went down the shaft making it glisten. Below was a large, hairy ball sack, which hung low. Now Megan had never seen a cock in real life let alone one this big.
“Ugh stroke it,” said John.
Megan wrapped one of her small hand around the cock and moved her hand up and down. She realized she could put a second hand on it and she stroked the thick piece of meat with two hands. Precum was leaking like crazy from the tiny slit on the swollen head. Slowly she stuck out her tongue and licked some up. She thought the clear liquid tasted a little funny, but she liked it. Slowly she took her one hand holding the base of his cock while her tongue massaged the shaft. She then took one hairy ball in her mouth and then the other. She then opened her mouth and took the head of his cock in her mouth.
“Oh yeah suck my cock you little bitch,” said John.
She sucked about half of it down and it was down her throat. She was gagging from inexperience, but she kept going. With her one hand she stroked the rest of his cock while the other played with his balls. So far the blowjob was all right, but it was nowhere near as good as his girlfriend. She sucked on his cock, until John pulled out.
“Fuck her little virgin pussy Johnny,” screamed Matt’s mom.
John was not going to disappoint as he pushed Megan on her back. He put the huge mushshroom-shaped cock head at the entrance to her love tunnel. He slowly pushed until the head was in and he continued pushing until a couple of inches in he came to a resistance. He then remembered when his huge cock pushed through the hymen of his girlfriend and with that he pushed. The hymen broke with a scream from Megan as John filled her until his bush was pushing against her pussy. Soon Megan adjusted to the cock in her pussy and she noticed she felt extremely full. John slowly pumped his cock in and out of the little, hairless pussy filling the tight pussy pulse around his cock.
“Ugh yeah you little bitch take this cock in your virgin pussy,” said John.
“Oh yeah fuck me yeah your cock is so thick,” screamed Megan.
John kept fucking the tight little pussy.
“Oh yeah I’m cumming uh fuck me faster fuck me harder,” said Megan.
With that John started pistoning his cock in and out of the hot pussy as his balls slammed into her ass every time he entered her fully. Megan cummed 3 more times before John felt a tingling in his balls and which he pulled out.
you stop,” said Megan feeling empty.
want to get you pregnant now do I,” said John.
“Suck my cock you little whore,” said John.
Megan took the pussy juice-covered cock down her throat which was only about 4 inches, but then John put a hand on the back of her head and shoved his cock all the way in. He continued to fuck the hot, little mouth while the tingling in his balls increased as they swung against her chin. After 5 more minutes of hot mouth fucking John shoved his cock in so her nose was buried in pubic hair. His balls tightened and his cock became more rigid as it let loose a bucket full of cum down her throat. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight shots of hot, salty cum hit the back of her throat which quickly ran out the corners of her mouth down onto her chest as she tried to swallow. She swallowed as much as she could and sucked the last bit out of the flaccid cock before licking it off her tits.
“Wow that was the best,” said Megan as she walked towards her mother.
“Your turn Monica,” said their mother.
Slowly she walked towards the hot male in front of her and before long she had half his cock down her throat stroking the rest and playing with his balls. Not to late after that he ripped took off her shirt and her short shorts leaving her laying there in nothing, but a black bra and thong. John leaned in for another tongue kiss before ripping off her bra revealing a nice little set of tits with pink areolas. He massaged both of them before sucking the little nipples. After he worked on them he ripped off the juice soaked panties revealing a cute little pussy with a lot of short brown hair above it. He again finger fucked her making sure not to brake her hymen and then he tongue fucked the shit out of her until she came with such force on his face.
John then sat in between her legs with the large cock head at the entrance to a young, virgin pussy for the second time tonight and with that he slipped it in up until the hymen. Monica’s cherry also popped with a scream as he pushed all his cock in making Monica feel full. He slowly and methodically slipped in and out making Monica cum.
“Oh yeah big boy fuck my pussy raw with that big cock of yours,” screamed Monica in pleasure.
He thing picked up his pace and fucked her hard. For the next 15 minutes he fucked her making her cum 4 more times until as his balls slapped her ass he felt the sensation for the second time that day. He pulled out and Monica started sucking him off before he took control and shoved his cock down her throat having his hairy balls slap her chin until he felt the cum rising in his cock so he shoved all 7 ½ inches down her warm throat before releasing 6 shots of sticky, white cum down her throat. Of course it was a repeat of Megan’s gagging, but she like Megan eventually swallowed every drop. Monica walked towards her mother and John started putting his boxers back on.
“What are you doing,” said Matt’s mother as she walked towards him.
“Getting dressed to go home,” said John with a puzzled look.
“Your not done yet,” said Matt’s mom while she grabbed hold of his cock through his pants.
Slowly she pulled down the boxers as she worked her hand up and down the flaccid shaft bringing it back to life. She pushed John of the bed and licked from his bellybutton down the line of hair until she had a hairy ball in her mouth. She then worked the other before taking the whole shaft in one time.
“Your thicker than my husband even though your just as long,” said Matt’s mom as she came up for a breath.
She then took off her shirt and revealed her tits because she was wearing a bra hung out as she let John grasp them. He massaged the two melons before sucking each of the long, brown nipples in his mouth. He then removed her pants revealing a tiny, red thong in which John ripped off immediately revealing a little, hairless pussy. He finger fucked her with three fingers roughly before sticking his tongue down and fucking her hard. Her breathing had grown heavy and rough before she unleashed a huge amount of pussy juice all over John’s face.
He then was laid back on the bed as Matt’s mother slowly impaled herself onto the long shaft. She wasn’t even close to as tight as her daughters and he slipped right in with only a little trouble. She bounced up and down hard releasing a couple more gushes of her juice before John told her he was cumming soon.
“I’m on the pill, but I want to feel you cum on my tits,” said Matt’s mom as she rubbed her tits together.
“Tit fuck me Johnny boy,” said Matt’s mom.
With that he was going to get his second tit fuck. His first was from his present girlfriend who only was about 5’2” but had a huge C-cup rack. Anyway he slipped his cock in between the two milky white tits as she pressed them together. The pussy juice lubricated the fucking well as his huge rod slid back and forth easily. After about 10 minutes he had all he could take as he said he was going to cum soon. Matt’s mom let go of her tits as John stood up and stroked his meat slowly. Soon the last of the boiling cum was erupting from the tip of his cock as it splattered all over the two tits below. After all the sperm from John’s balls were emptied out on her tits she sucked the flaccid cock of and sperm it had left before licking the rest off her tits. They all got dressed with the exception of 3 thongs and 2 bras as they walked out to the car. John got dropped off at his house.
“Thanks for the ride,” said John with a wink before walking towards his house.
The 3 women walked around the store not thinking of anything, but John and his monster cock. They returned home 3 hours after they said they would leave.
“Where were you guys shopping for that long and not getting anything,” said Matt.
“Oh we got something all right, but we had to return it because it have any juice left in the batteries and it was the last one,” said Matt’s mom smiling.
“Oh okay,” said Matt.
Monica then ran to her room she had to tell a friend about this.
said Devon.
“Hey Devon you would not believed what just happened,” said Monica.
“What /> “Well do you know John from school?”
/> “Well my mom wouldn’t drop him at his house unless if he fucked me, Megan and mom. And oh boy did he fuck us.”
“Oh my God, are you /> “Dead /> “How was it?”
“It was amazing his cock was huge.”
“Oh you’re making me so horny right now.”
“Well I can’t stop feeling empty right now.”
“Uh that is hot.”
“Yeah we got to get him to fuck us both /> “Yeah we do.”
“Well all I know is that we have to keep this a secret so he would fuck us because if he lost his girlfriend cause she found out she fucked other women she would dump him.”
“Yeah well how can we get him to fuck />
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