Fruit of the vine

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Fruit Of The Vine

Since grapevines grow grapes and grapes make wine, then wine is the fruit of the vine as some old song used to say.

Well I grow a variety of grapes, assorted berries, and fruits that I make my own wine from. The Government allows me to make two hundred gallons a year for my own consumption. Well I make a great deal more than that and I let my friends and neighbors come over for some samples too.

Given enough time anyone can get drunk. I especially like it when the good-looking ladies get drunk and need a helping hand. I cop a feel whenever I can. Boobs are real nice to hold someone up with but a nice handful of pussy works for me too.

I always offer to help the ladies to the bathroom and offer to hold their hair too while they throw up. Of course I take advantage of the situation any way that I can.

When it comes time for letting minors drink I insist that at least one parent be present and that they serve their own children. I encourage the fathers to bring their daughters over. I encourage them to bring their wives over too.

I like to entertain them without getting too involved myself. My entire basement is a family playroom slash bar. I have a big card table with plenty of chips and decks of cards. There are various board games including a great chess set. I even have a slate bed pool table.

This morning when I got up I found one of the wives asleep behind a couch. How Shirley got there I didn’t know, however I heard her snoring quite loudly. So after finding her half naked I got my video camera out and started recording her as she slept. She had been rode hard and put away wet. Her T-shirt and bra were up above her tits and her jeans and panties were down to her ankles. There was dried cum on her pubic hair too. Obviously she had been fucked. I filmed her from every direction and zoomed in on the good parts. Shirley snored, she belched, and she even farted. She had puke in her hair too. I filmed her for over a half-hour before she started to stir. I got out of there and got rid of the camera.

When I returned Shirley was just starting to crawl out from behind the couch. I acted as if I had just gotten up and asked her what she was doing there. She was still out of it. She didn’t even know that her pants were around her ankles and that was why she could hardly crawl. When I grabbed one of her tits to help her up she thanked me and then she realized that her tit was bare and that I was holding it. Of course she thought that I had fucked her but I assured her that I hadn’t.

I got her up the stairs and into my shower so that she could get cleaned up and she could wake up at the same time. I stripped myself down and got in with her. I washed her beautiful hair, her great tits, and then I washed her puffy pussy. She could hardly care if I was using a washcloth or just my bare hand. I ran my fingers into her wet slit, into her used hole, and up to her tender clit. I rubbed her through two serious orgasms. That sure woke her up. Shirley then grabbed a hold of my cock and worked it into her pussy. She was fucking me!

As she thrusted into me she said, “God damn it all to hell. I got fucked last night and I didn’t even get to enjoy it. Whoever the fucking bastard was I hope he rots in hell. I don’t get fucked often enough to NOT enjoy it.”

I asked, “So you’re not mad about it?”

She laughed and replied, “Hell no! My old man has been worthless ever since that motorcycle accident a year or so ago. He can’t get the damn thing up even Viagra doesn’t help. I still have my needs though. He tried to satisfy me with oral sex but that only lasted about two weeks and he stopped that too, not that he was any good at it.”

Shirley said, “Oh God” then shuddered in her first orgasm. “That was so fucking good. You can’t believe how badly I needed that.”

She wasn’t done because I wasn’t done yet. I fucked into her with a desire to make up for the fucking that she had missed the previous night and all of the ones that she had missed out on since her husband’s accident. I managed to give her one more orgasm before pulling out and cumming on her tummy. Shirley was very thankful. As though I was done with her! I hadn’t cum inside her because I wanted to eat her out before doing that.

I took Shirley right to my bed while she was still wet and wild. I threw her down on the covers and went straight for her pussy. Those two orgasms of hers had moistened her up nicely. She tasted so good that I was going to consider her breakfast. The breakfast of champions as they say. I must have been a lot better at eating pussy than her husband was because she never stopped moaning. Although I had better incentive than he had…I was going to fuck her again. In fact if I was better than she had ever had before I just might get to fuck all of the time. It was certainly worth the effort. I put everything I had into satisfying that woman. Even when my tongue and jaw started to ache I didn’t stop until after she begged me too. I had lost count of her orgasms but I knew that it was around six or seven.

She still had water from the shower on her tummy so every time I thrust into her and our bellies slapped together I could hear the splat of moisture and the sound of a clap. Being my second time I was good for almost ten minutes and I gave her my all. I watched the expression on her face and tried various thrusts until I hit upon the one that excited her the most. She loved it when I got as close to her clit as I could on the in stroke. My cock must have rubbed her clit raw before I finally filled her pussy with my cum.

As we lay there side by side Shirley said, “I think I had better get back on birth control if we are going to keep doing this.”

I asked, “What about that fuck last night?”

Shirley replied, “Well I really should be safe. I just finished my period yesterday but I’ll still be a little worried until my next one.”

I asked, “Do you want another shower or try to clean my cum out?”

Shirley smiled and said, “No! I want to feel your cum in me all day long.”

We got dressed and she put her old clothes back on. I got a fantastic kiss goodbye before she said ‘see you later’ and left.

Her husband came by looking for her after she had left. I told him that I hadn’t seen her but offered him some wine. He was pretty well wasted when some of the other guys came by. They started a card game that I stayed out of.

Later Shirley arrived with a couple of the other wives and a teenage girl that I hadn’t seen before. She introduced me to her niece Beth. Beth was fourteen and sexually active as Shirley put it. Beth also likes to drink until she passes out hence the sexually active part. There is always someone around to take advantage of a young girl like her. Like me for instance.

Well Shirley quickly became the life of the party and got the other women to join in. They danced and they drank. They dirty danced and they drank some more. They did the limbo with skirts on and they drank even more. Beth could get down the lowest and with her knees spread and her miniskirt almost to her crotch I got a fantastic view of her white panties. I could see a wet spot growing in them too from her excitement of me staring at her. She loved the attention and she showed off even more for me. She actually hiked her short skirt up to her waist for the last one.

Soon Beth was completely out of it so Shirley asked me to help her up to a bed. Together we steadied her while she walked. Of course my hand was holding one of her tiny boobs the whole time. At the top of the steps Shirley suggested that since Beth was getting heavier that maybe I should be holding her up by her crotch. So I slipped my hand under her miniskirt and grabbed a handful of panty covered pussy. She was hot and she was damp.

I took her to my bedroom and flopped her down on the bed just as Shirley kissed me hard on the lips. Then Shirley told me to undress Beth while she watched me. Okay! I pulled her top up over her head and unhooked her little white bra to reveal her tiny tits. Beth’s nipples and areolas were a bright pink almost red. Shirley said that Beth’s breasts were an A-cup now but that her mother had bigger ones than Shirley had. She always hated the fact that her younger sister had bigger tits than she did. Shirley was thirty-five years old and her sister was only thirty. She had Beth when she was sixteen years old.

I looked at Beth’s titties for a few moments and then unfastened her miniskirt and pulled it down her legs and off. Next I grabbed the waistband of her white panties and removed them. I smelled the crotch and placed them in my nightstand drawer. Shirley just smiled at me.

As I looked down at Beth I noticed that she had a nice tuff of fur on her pubic mound but that the rest was bare. Shirley told me that she had shaved Beth before coming over here. I also noticed how bright red Beth’s pussy lips were. Shirley told me that she had been bore like that. As a baby they used to call her red which confused people since Beth had dark brown hair. Her pussy lips looked sunburned.

At Shirley’s request I lifted Beth’s knees to her chest and checked out her red asshole too. As long as I was there I decided to drink right from the source of the panty odor. She had a pungent taste that I quickly got used too. Shirley told me that Beth and she had been trying to satisfy one another whenever they could. In fact Shirley had lick that red pussy just before coming over here and after shaving it for me. Wow, she had shaved Beth’s pussy just so that I could see how red it was.

After eating her pussy Shirley told me to go ahead and fuck Beth too. She said that she was a virgin but that Shirley had used some pretty good-sized dildos on her so she knew that Beth could take it. She also said that Beth was on the pill because her mother didn’t want any more accidents like the one that she had.

So I got in position and Shirley grabbed my cock and helped me aim it at that good-tasting young pussy. She said that she wanted to be a part of it so that we were both guilty of rape if anything really came of it. Rape! Well she was only fourteen and she was certainly not giving her consent so it must be rape. For some reason my cock got even harder and Shirley noticed it. With one hand on my cock and her other hand on my ass she pushed me into that virgin pussy.

Together we fucked Beth. My cock may have been in her pussy but Shirley was just as involved as I was. She kissed Beth and played with her nipples. She held my balls and rubbed Beth’s clit. She even cheered me on. Then when I cum Shirley smeared it all over Beth’s tiny titties and her flat belly so that it would crust on. She told me that Beth was going to spend the night in my bed too…with me. Shirley offered to suck me hard if I wanted to fuck Beth’s ass too. I told her, maybe later. Then she said that we should have videotaped it. I told her that we really didn’t to keep evidence of our rape around. She agreed but wished that we had anyway.

When we returned to the party Shirley made sure to fill everyone’s glass especially the women. There were five other women down in the family room. There was a lot of whispering going on in their corner then Shirley told me to get my video camera and hid in the closet in my spare bedroom. Apparently she had planned some fun with the other women. Okay!

So I slipped up to my room, got my camera, and hid in the guestroom closet. It had louvered doors with a nice big crack between them.

The women entered the room and Shirley locked the door behind them. She even announced it for effect. As long as the women believed that they were safe they might get more carried away. It became quite obvious that these six women had done this before. Without a word being spoken each one grabbed a partner and started to kiss like young couples in love. After a nice long kiss blouses, sweaters, and T-shirts came off and were tossed in a corner by the door. Some were braless but they grabbed another partner and kissed again. After that kiss, the remaining bras were removed too. Topless the women went back to kissing a different partner. After another long kiss skirts, pants, and shorts were removed leaving them in only their panties. They each kissed a new woman for a while then removed their panties and kissed the last remaining woman.

Now that they were all naked three women laid sideways across the double bed. The other three women got on top of them in a sixty-nine. Shirley got on top on the woman at the foot of the bed where I was. She licked the pussy under her and then looked right at me and gave a little wave. Then she really went to town on that pussy beneath her. After a while the girls on top traded places so that I got to film another woman eating pussy. In the next hour each woman managed to eat all of the other five pussies at least twice. Orgasms were announced in various ways. Some were rather outspoken and others just huffed and puffed a lot. All I know is that every woman had at least one orgasm.

After sex they each talked about their sex life. One at a time each woman told the others all about the sex that they had in the last week. Some of the sex was with their husbands or boyfriends and sometimes both. One let a guy pick her up at a bar and take her out to the backseat of his car. Another fucked her boss in his office for a raise. Then Shirley told them that she had been raped the evening before and had been left behind my couch. Then she told them that I had given her one of the best fucks of her life. She even told them about helping me fuck Beth earlier. Then she told them that I was in the closet and had been videotaping them since they came in. I though that they would kill me to get the tape but instead one opened the closet and the others wanted to know if they could watch the film sometime. Sure they could. Then Shirley asked them if I could fuck them too on occasion. They all said that I could.

Shirley took the camera from me and told me to pick a pussy to fuck. Wow! I picked Tina a big breasts younger woman. Her husband was right downstairs playing cards. I pushed her back onto the bed and slipped my cock into her without any foreplay at all. She giggled and the others said that I really must have gotten excited in the closet. I sure had. In no time at all I cum in her and rolled off. I apologized for my quickness but she said that I had made up for it with enthusiasm. Shirley then told me to pick a woman to lick us clean. I picked one woman for Tina and one for myself. Before I got clean I got hard again so I just let that woman give me a blowjob. She seemed to enjoy it and thanked me for a nice load afterwards.

The six women played mix and match with their tops and bottoms so that no one was wearing their own clothes. They left their bras and panties on the bed. Shirley said that she would return the bras the next day but that I could keep the panties.

As we headed out Shirley checked on Beth. She was somewhat awake and Shirley told her to stay in my bed and that I would sleep with her later. Beth said okay and rolled over.

Downstairs the women were ignored by their men so they went back upstairs and invited me to go with them. Along the way they raided my kitchen. They found carrots, cucumbers, and bottles of all sorts. They really seemed to like the old glass bottle of Mrs. Buttersworth syrup that I keep around because I like the shape. One woman found a liqueur bottle with a very long neck. Others found candles, a stick of pepperoni, and even food coloring. Everything went up to my guest bedroom and the door got locked again.

The women agreed that they had had enough of pussy eating so they started out by coloring their shaved pussies. They noticed Beth’s red pussy and wanted theirs to be green, blue, yellow and various shades in between. They used Q-tips as paint brushes and trusted each other with doing a good job. They painted the inside and the outside. One woman wanted a rainbow effect and got it. After they were satisfied that they were dry they started in on the other items. They let the others fuck them with anything that would fit. One woman complained that the stick of pepperoni was burning her pussy so they covered it with a condom and fucked her with it anyway. I was totally entertained and after their fun I got to fuck Shirley one more time. She loved it so much that she was thinking of leaving her husband. The other girls suggested that she just have a talk with him and explain her needs. If he were the man that she thought he was then he would allow her some sexual freedom, if not then she could still leave him.

I had to smile because I was thirty-five, the same age as Shirley, and I figured that I was ready to settle down finally and she would make a very good wife. Besides she obviously would let me fuck around.

The End
Fruit Of The Vine

story by: fbailey

Tags: fiction male/teen female consensual sex male/female mature virginity romance sex story

Author: fbailey

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