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Gertie was a naive gal. She certainly didn't know how to choose her boyfriends very well. Just like her current boyfriend Curt, they all had abused her in one way or another. Being this kind of guy, their only real interest in Gertie was in getting into her pants. Curt was especially mentally abusive towards Gertie. He would come to her house and demand that she suck his cock while he would tell her about fucking another one of his girlfriends.

Gertie hated what he did to her but couldn't seem to make herself leave him. Of course the fact that he was the father of two of her kids didn't help either. Even when he went to prison for abusing one of his girlfriends she visited him there and even married him while he was in prison. She yearned for him to get out as she needed him to invade her body and satisfy her sexual needs.

Gertie decided to try and go visit him but wasn't quite sure how she would accomplish that as he was several hundred miles away and she had no vehicle. On hearing of her plight one of her neighbors offered to give her a ride. She never even considered the motive of her neighbor for offering her a ride. It just didn't matter to Gertie as she was willing to do almost anything to get to see her Curt.

As they rode down the interstate in her neighbor's Cadilac toward the prison Gertie was telling her neighbor about her life. She didn't know why she was being so open with him but he did seem kind and understanding.

"You know we are going to have to stay overnight in a motel don't you?" asked her neighbor.

"I figured that" replied Gertie.

"Do you have any money to help with gas?" He asked.

"No but I thought I could repay you another way" Gertie replied as she slid over in the seat. "Ever get a blowjob going down the highway?" she asked as she put her hands on the bulge in his pants.

"You got my attention" he replied as his dick grew under her hand.

She rubbed it through the fabric of his pants as it continued to grow. She undid his pants and lowered his zipper. She put her hands inside his shorts and pulled his dick out. She was on her knees in the seat so she could better get access as she lowered her mouth over his dick. She sucked him in all the way until his dick was tickling her tonsils and began a pumping action taking it in and out of her mouth. "Nice dick" she muttered between sucking. He reached under her to play with her titties as she furiously sucked on his dick. He felt his cum starting to swell in his balls and then he filled her mouth with what seemed to her like a gallon of the stuff. She drank it all down and milked his dick dry.

Just then a semi went by and the driver did a double take as he looked over and saw a gal on her knees giving a guy a blowjob with her panty covered ass sticking up in the air. "Hey Caddie, you got your ears on?" he asked on his CB radio.

"Yup" came the reply.

"Want to share the action?" the semi driver asked.

"Tell him to meet us at the motel tonight" Gertie told her neighbor. "I need to be fucked good.

"If you want to come to the little motel just outside the next town tonight Gertie says you will get your rocks off." replied Gertie's neighbor.

"I'll be there for sure" replied the semi driver.

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