Grandpa's journals: the cowgirl's confidence, partr 3

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I awoke a few minutes later to look into the loving, smiling eyes of my grand daughter Susan who was starring at me fondly, like a brand new lover looks at her mate for the first time after making love with him.
I can only hope it was a look of total love and admiration instead of disgust and wondering how to get out of this mess.

As I got control over my senses once again and gave my granddaughter a big hug with my arm, she cuddled into it and cooed, “Oh Grandpa that was the most wonderful thing in the whole world. I never knew it could possibly feel so, so, well so wonderful. It felt so completely, I don’t know how to describe it, it felt so deliciously wonderful. My tummy feels all warm and, ah, wonderful. I’m sorry that I can’t describe it any better than I am, but, my God, oh I don’t know what to say except, thank you for introducing me to a whole new world.”

I just smiled and thought that she didn’t seem like she was wondering just how to get herself out of this situation. I pulled her close into me and kissed the top of her head. We both just lay there for a moment, trying to realize that we had just made mad passionate love with each other and had both enjoyed it more than we could express. Now we must decide where we take it from here.

Susan finally asked. “Did you and Lori make love like we did?”

“Well Honey, I don’t want to kiss and tell so I won’t answer that question. But if you want to ask her then I will either confirm that we did or deny it to my grave,” I said with a smile on my face.

“Well, if you did make love with her and it was anything like what we did, then I will not only ask her but congratulate her also,” she said grinning broadly and turning to give me a big kiss.

“I feel all wet and sticky. I think we need a shower don’t you,” I asked my granddaughter.

She crawled out of my bed and stood up to go into the bathroom when she got the funniest look on her face. She cupped her pussy with her hand and scurried on in, her white cheeks bouncing away, screaming, “Oh my God, I’m leaking all over the place.” I chuckled to myself and followed her into the shower.

As I stepped into the spraying water, she came up to me, grabbed hold of my limp cock and started to rub it with the wash cloth to get her juices off of it. As she rubbed it with the hand soap, it started to come back to life and it grew in her soft hands. Her eyes got big just like my cock and finally she said, “I think it like the attention I’m giving it, don’t you?”

“Yeah I do and I think that I want to touch you back and see if you don’t get excited a little too,” I said with a smile and grabbed her by the hips. I kissed her deeply on the lips as she released my cock to throw her arms around my neck. I pushed my hips into hers as I opened my mouth and my tongue sought out its mate. My hand slipped down onto her butt and pulled her into my crotch and she reacted by opening her own mouth wide and started to fence with it deep inside her mouth.

My finger dug down between her legs and the tip came in contact with her vaginal opening and pressed into it just an inch or so. She muffled a cry through her kisses and pressed her lips even harder into mine. I placed my other hand on her butt cheek, a little closer to her crotch and pulled with all my might and as she raised her leg up from the tension, she swung it around my hip and opened up her crotch to my groping hand and fingers. I put my finger into her opening a little further and she pressed her crotch into mine and ground it around, allowing my finger to settle into her vagina a little further.

She was starting to move her hips in a rhythmic motion so I moved down her body and rested my face between her out spread legs. She moved one leg and placed it on top of my shoulder, allowing her crotch to meet with my mouth without any restrictions. I put the pointy end of my tongue directly into her red headed slit and ran it up and down the entire way. She screamed out her approval as I reinserted my finger into her little opening.

She threw back her head in enjoyment of this oral and manual stimulation and she was pressing her crotch into it with all of the force that she could. She was panting madly at the excitement and then I placed my finger on her anus and started to encircle her little rose bud.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed. “OH GOD GRANDPA, THAT FEEL SO GREAT!” she exclaimed and rammed her crotch deep onto my finger. I began to pump my fingers in and out of her two holes as she wailed her encouragement.

“Oh yes Grandpa, oh my God yes,” she cried.

My tongue was twirling around her clitoris as my fingers were plugging both of her crotch holes. She was begging for me to continue and to insert my fingers further into her until she cried out loud and shot out her juices onto my hand and face, humping my hand with all of her might. She screamed, she cried, she begged for me to stop and continue at the same time and finally she started to come down. She slumped over to sit down beside me as she twitched and jerked herself into a slumber.

I got up, turned off the water and dried us both off before carrying her back to my bed. She went straight to sleep until sometime the next morning. I watched and thought while she slept of her truly lovely body, all splayed out on the bed. Her beautiful red hair gave off a blazon hue of her perky personality. Her soft white skin told of the purity of her heart and soul. Her perfectly shaped breasts told me that she had finally become a woman and her fire red pubic mound hid the wonderful treasures that some lucky man would soon discover and hopefully never let go of them.

I awoke the next morning to a sleeping beauty laying next me. I smiled as I looked at her beautiful features that only improved during her night’s slumber and wondered what she saw in an old, broken down grand father to teach her the finer points of love making. I only hoped that I had done a good enough job thus far to warrant further lessons.

I was rubbing on her nipple with the slightest of touches and she was starting to squirm under its assault when she finally opened her eyes, saw what my hand was doing and turned away from my finger as she smiled a yawning smile. She stretched out her legs and then drew one up, still in a stretch. Her knee was bent and as the sheet fell away from her crotch, I got the best look at her red pubic hair that I ever had. I couldn’t help myself as I brought my hand into play and cupped her crotch with my palm.

She cramped down with her legs as she turned to face me with a big grin on her face. She was a little embarrassed because it was daylight out and the window shades were open from the night before so I could plainly see her entire crotch through her curly red hair.

you like it when I look at you?” I inquired.

“I’m just a little self-conscious that’s all,” she said with a smile but turning a little red around her cheeks.

“But there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are down right beautiful all over and I want to see you all over,” I said moving my hand around in between her clamped tight legs.

I felt her loosen the muscles of her legs and turn back to lie on her back. She closed her eyes, sighed in contentment and spread her legs out a little to allow free access to her treasure zone. I continued on with my manual inspection by lightly stroking my fingers through her fine little hairs that she had down there and softly pressing them into her confines. She started to breathe more heavily and when I pressed my fingers in between her legs to the opening of her vagina, she squirmed to one side and drew me on top of her with a hug.

I kissed her lips with the passion that I felt in my soul and I settled in on top of her wide spread body. Scooting down to her full rich breasts and I took one into my mouth and started to suckle upon it with all of my heart. I licked the pink little areola and then took the nipple as deep into my mouth as I could. Sucking down on it hard, I then opened my mouth as wide as I could open it and took the entire breast into its confines and closed my lips around it. She was enjoying having her breasts sucked like a nursing mother as I switched from one to the other and back to the first again in rapid succession. Finally, I was getting so turned on, I pulled her over on top of me, still sucking on her breasts, so she was straddling my torso with her legs and then went down with my head until I was looking up directly into her open crotch.

I continued licking and sucking with my mouth and soon was sucking on her labia lips and then her tender little pleasure button. She streaked with excitement and scooted her hips into the sucking action of my mouth. She began to rock her hips back and forth, grinding her clitoris directly into my sucking lips, spreading her legs out even wider and trying to increase the contact on her love button. But when I sucked in into my lips and started to lip massage her most sensitive spot, she arched her back and blew a big wad of her juices right out of her hole all over my face.

She was madly humping my face, trying as hard as she could to rub her clitoris into my front teeth. I was mad also. I was clutching both breasts, squeezing the life out of them and pulling her hips down into my face and just about the time she was coming down from her adventure, I threw her off of me, sprang up to my knees between her wide open legs and lifted her knees skyward to expose her wanting vagina to my rock hard cock.

Hooking her legs with my shoulders and pressing them down to her chest, I positioned my rod at her opening, got up on my toes and fell down on her, impaling her vagina with my cock, ramming it all the way into her in one long thrust. The air came out of her lungs as I bottomed out right against her cervix. Her mouth was wide open but no words escaped over her lips. I pulled it out and threw myself back down upon her crotch, impaling her once again with a full length cock buried in her up to the hilt.

I withdrew it once again and slammed it home as far as I could make it go. All three times she took it without taking a breath but as I withdrew a fourth time she let out a scream and yelled into my ear, “SLAM IT INTO ME GRANDPA, SLAM IT IN AS FAR AS IT WILL GO!”

I did, again and again, repeating to impale her wanting vagina with my steel hard cock. Over and over I slammed it in until I could slam it in no longer and spilled my guts out of its end, deep within her womb. She accepted my abusive cock without a whimper, having loved every minute of my attack. But now, as I flaccid cock came slithering out of her gushing pussy, I felt a pang of regret over my assault on her, but when I felt her arms go tightly around my back, holding me in place, I just marveled at this little grand daughters guts and stamina.

A shrill whinny woke Susan up from her sexually induced slumber as she sat up with a start. “The horses,” she said in a panic. “Grandpa, what time is it anyway?”

Looking at my watch, I said, “It’s almost 9:30.”

“In the morning?” she exclaimed. “My god, they must be />
She hurriedly looked for her clothes from last night but when she found them, she held her dress out to examine it, trying to remember what she had worn. Then realizing and remembering that she had on just the dress and a pair of panties and they were not suitable to feed the horses in, she covered herself the best that she could, took one big leap out of my rig and ran to the house, clutching the dress to her chest. Her white little rear end was giggling as she ran away and I had to chuckle at the sight that she displayed.

I slipped on my jeans and a shirt and went to the barn to feed the horses. As she came running into the barn, all out of breath, tucking her shirt into her jeans, she stopped and saw me finishing up with her chores and let out a little cry.

“Oh Grandpa, you’ve finished my chores. I forgot to feed my horses. How could I forget about my horses,” she wailed, suddenly breaking down and sobbing. She cried for the longest time, sobbing her eyes out but as her need to cry started to subside, she said softly, “Grandpa I’ve never not fed my horses. I’ve always been out here by 7 to feed and water my horses. And then, the one night I’m alone with you and we have the most wonderful night in the whole world, I forget. Does that tell you anything? Well, it tells me that what we did was wrong and we shouldn’t do it again.”

It was a stake jammed into my heart. Her words just sat there in my ears, burning and stinging their way into my consciousness. She doesn’t want to be with me ever again. I’ve lost my darling grand daughter Susan.

It was just as well because when her mother came home from her conference, she stayed pretty much around to house for the next month or so. She would occasionally go up the Triple J to help her men around the ranch as would Susan and I but for the most part, she hung around the house.

So as the time flew by and I was starting to think about my trip out east to New York, Susan grew more distant from me in a sexual sort of way but remained my darling, appreciative grand daughter, ready to show me the love that is appropriate of a grand daughter but no more. I accepted my fate and didn’t encourage anything more from her.

But on our last weekend together before I had to say my goodbyes, I was shocked to be invited up to the cabin in the Forest for the weekend, just the two of us. I looked questioning at her when she asked me and all I got was a sly little grin and a twinkle in her eyes.

It seemed that it was the last weekend at the Triple J and her mother was heading up there to help close down the place for the winter. Susan and I were invited to attend the festivities but I declined because I wanted to get ready to go and Susan made some lame excuse not to go either. That left us free to ride up to the cabin for the weekend and be alone.

The cabin was a fairly nice log structure that was built many years ago on the National Forests Lands up on the eastern slopes of the Middle Sister. It had an old pump handle water source, an outhouse for a toilet and no electricity. It had an old lean-to for the horses and enough pasture to let them loose for a couple of days. We had decided to take up some food, our blankets and pillows and a change of clothing. Since we would be out of touch from civilization for the weekend, I didn’t bother taking my cell phone or computer and just relished the idea of being totally alone with my grand daughter.

We left on Friday morning for the four hour ride up into the range. We would climb a couple thousand feet in elevation to get to the cabin and I was wondering what kind of condition we would find it in. As we rode along, we talked about Susan’s plans for college in the fall and she told me that she had already been accepted into the local Community College and she would be taking all of her core subjects. Then in a couple of years, she would think about going on to a University and maybe studying Animal Husbandry or maybe even a Vet.

We chatted and joked with each other until we finally arrived up at the old cabin. It hadn’t change a bit since my last visit up there, it only looked older and more run down. We entered and found it remarkably clean and free from need of major repairs. We started bringing in our supplies and soon we were sitting in the rockers on the front porch sipping on the Cokes that I had brought and looking down from the ridge towards the eastern horizon. We both sighed in relief as we settled down for the weekend.

The sun was starting to go behind the mountains as I got up to fix us some dinner. I choose a can of beans and a slice of ham to warm up over the fire and as I was putting it on the plates, Susan came out of the cabin to greet me wearing the most provocative thing that I have ever seen on her. It was a very loosely fitting light grey cotton gown with a gaping hole at the neck line that fell down over her shoulder. The sleeves were a part of the gown and the arm holes were just as wide as the neck was. It flowed down to her feet and as she walked forward to the fire, her breasts swayed freely and I didn’t detect any panty line. My God, she was naked under this gown and walking right up to me to get her food.

I must have had a shocked look on my face because after taking one look at it she said rather coyly, “Do you like what you see?”

I was shocked, needless to say, as I stammered out an answer, “I, ah. Well, ah, I’m a little surprised that’s all.”

She smiled at my comment and sat down on a chair to eat her dinner. I looked on as her bare shoulder came into view and she made no attempt to pull the gown back up to cover it. Her gown slipped further and further down her arm and chest until it finally hung up on her partially covered breast. I gulped silently as I couldn’t take my eyes off of her gorgeous body but I had to find out what caused her change of heart about being together.

“Susan Honey,” I started, “I think you are confusing me with that outfit you are wearing tonight. I thought we were not going to go there any more.”

“I’ve changed my mind,” she said as a matter of fact. “It’s my prerogative isn’t it? After all, I’m the woman here aren’t I?”

Saying this, she put down her plate and stood up to ease herself over to stand right before me. The fire gave off a glow as it lost some of its flame but still off enough of a back light to show through the gown and silhouette her lovely nude body to my eyes. I could make out the hair between her legs as they straddled apart and her beautiful breasts hanging down from her bent body as she reached over to give me a very sensuous kiss right on my lips.

As our mouths met in a glorious meeting and our lips parted, she threw her arms around my neck and I reached up to grab her luscious breasts with both of my hands. She groaned and picked up her skirt with her hands and placed herself down on my lap hanging her knees over each side of my legs. She was pulling on my head and was pressing her lips into mine as she rode up on her knees. She was pressing her hips into my chest as my hands were fondling those ripe breasts for all they were worth. She was grinding herself into me and getting very aroused so I pulled up her skirt and inserted one hand down between her legs.

I found the wetness from her opening and started to plug it with my finger but my thumb went up her slit to settle on her hooded node. She cried out with passion and then buried her mouth upon mine again. Her tongue was frantically searching for its mate and when it found it, a vicious fencing match ensued. She was squirming about on my lap as I was getting rock hard and wanted more, much more so I scooted her off of my lap, jumped up and scooped her up in my arms.

“Yes Grandpa, take me into bed and put it in me. Put it in me as hard and as far as you can, make me scream with delight until I cum all over you. Take me Grandpa, take me now,” she demanded.

I was lost in lust for this little vixen. I had to do what she demanded, I had to take her, I had to slam it into her wanting pussy, I had to suck on her beautiful full breasts, my God I had to have her and I had to have her now!

I carried her into the cabin as the sun sat behind the mountains; bring the dimly lit interior of the building into a subtle shade of grey. I sat her down on her feet and immediately started stripping off my clothes. She aided by pulling my shorts off and unleashing my full hard cock to the mountain air. She grabbed it in her hand and started to pull and tug on it with passion and I grabbed the hem of her gown and started to raise it up until I took it over her head. We were suddenly both buck naked, standing there panting with lust and looking at each other with a wanting look in our eyes.

I threw out my arms around her neck and pushed her back onto the bed. We landed in a mad embrace of our arms and legs, both kissing each other passionately and grinding our bodies into one another. I felt the uncontrollable urge to take her right there and she was begging for it. I grabbed her by the ankles and threw her legs up over her head exposing her luscious pussy to my raging hard on. I aimed it towards her opening and plunged it into her madly, in one earth shaking strike, hitting the bottom of her love canal in a final thrust.

An ear piercing cry of approval came from my lustful grand daughter’s throat, “OH MY GOD YES GRANDPA, YES OH YES OH YES IT FEELS SO GOOD!” She was crying for more while thrashing around under all of my weight, slobbering saliva out of her open mouth. I was ramming it in and out of her opening with no mercy as I continued to hear her screams and felt my own lustfulness build to the breaking point. Then with a loud grunt and a shaking down to my toes, I shot out my first rope of sperm deep inside of Susan’s bottomless pit and filled her up to the brim.

She was screaming herself into a frenzy, demanding me to ram it into her further and harder and when I shot my load deep within her, she screamed, “OH YES GRANDPA, SHOT YOUR STUFF INTO MY PUSSY! FILL ME UP WITH YOU CUM! OH GRANDPA, I’M CUMMING, I’M />
She erupted into a vicious cycle of gyrations and convulsions that shook the cabin from its foundation. She strained to reach her orgasmic nirvana and reach it she did. I have never seen a woman orgasm so powerfully than I witnessed that evening. She not only reached her orgasmic bliss but she re-defined the very meaning of the term and when she finally came down from this glorious experience, she fell down to unconsciousness for the rest of the night.

I rested with her cuddled into my chest and soon was asleep also but when I awoke to the first light of the sunrise beaming in through the open window, I felt for my lover but felt only the vacant bed beside of me. I was just starting to get up to go look for her when she came in from the lean to where she had taken care of her animals. She was wearing her gown from the night before and, as she looked at me and grinned, she suddenly ripped it off of her naked body, took a couple of bounds over to the bed and jumped right into my open arms.

Her mouth met mine in a sensuous kiss that would melt a steel rod. She fell down into my embrace as we continued to kiss each other when she stopped to catch her breath and told me, “Grandpa, last night was unbelievable. It was so perfect I wonder what I was thinking of when I told you that I never wanted to do it with you again. I’m sorry for being so irrational. Can you ever forgive me?”

“I’ve already forgiven you, can’t you tell? If not then we can do something about telling you again,” I said teasingly.

She thought for a moment and then asked, “Grandpa, I want to give you oral sex. Will you coach me on doing it right?”

“Are you sure you want to do that? Sometimes it can get a little messy and some girls say that it doesn’t taste very good,” I cautioned.

“How bad can it be? I know when you do it to me it feels so delicious that I thought I would like to return the favor,” she explained.

“Well Sweetheart, I will be glad to receive oral sex from you,’ I said. “How would you like to start?”

“I don’t know. With you lying down I guess,” she said not knowing what to do.

“Okay, I’ll just lie here and let you do whatever you want to do to me,” I surrendered.

She scooted down between my legs on her knees until her mouth was positioned right over my flaccid cock. Picking it up her hand, she said, “Why is it so limp and squiggly like this?”

“It just needs to be put in your mouth and sucked on a little and you will feel it grow while you suck it into hardness,” I explained.

She licked her lips and opened wide to receive it in her young mouth. She let it lie there for a second and then closed her lips around it and began to suck on it gently. After awhile the blood started to flow towards the urging and it began to grow in length as well as girth. Now she had something to suck upon and was getting use to it sliding in and out over her tongue. As she continued to take it in and out of her mouth, sucking the foreskin along the way, I was starting the feel the need for action so I told her, “Why don’t you turn around so I can eat your pussy at the same time you are sucking my cock?”

She turned around to face my cock with her knees placed on either side of my head. She lowered her crotch down to my face as she resumed her oral assault on my hard cock. Looking up into her marvelous hair covered lips, I slid my tongue in between them as she slid her knees further apart and lowered her crotch even further down into my mouth. I licked the interior of her slit as she mumbled her approval through a mouth full of cock and worked her crotch back and forth over my tongue.

My hands were lying by my side so I moved them up and grabbed a fist full of her breasts and started to fondle and massage them. After a couple of minutes, I moved my right hand up to her ass and plied my finger into her crotch from the rear. She was really pumping my cock with her mouth, taking it in as far as she could without choking as I found her anus with my finger.

She squealed as I encircled it with my finger and as I ran it around and around her tight little rose bud, pressing deeper into the hole, her finger went down to find my ass hole and as I raised my knees skyward and opened up the access, I felt it try to push into my rectum as I pressed into hers to the first knuckle.

Now we were each sucking and licking each others sex tools and pumping our fingers into each others rectums. We were getting all worked up to the point that we each were about to cum and we both doubled our efforts to bring the other one off. Just as I felt her wetness start to flow out of her vagina into my mouth and her rectum start to contract, I shot my first load deep into her mouth and she started to grunt and moan with her mouth full of pulsating cock as she swallowed it down with nothing left to run down her chin.

She licked me clean but blew her juices all over my face and mouth. It tasted deliciously warm and pleasant as I tried to lick it off of my lips. She had fallen off of her perch on her knees and was grinding her pussy into my nose. She was panting deliriously as she rolled to her back, whipping her mouth with her arm, saying between breaths, “Go my god Grandpa, you make me cum every time you touch me. My God I love it when you make me cum. I love you Grandpa and I always will.”

We continued to make love the rest of the day and the next one also until we had to pack up our stuff and head back down the mountain. I left for New York two days later and we had a tearful farewell. We promised to meet next year when I come out and I vowed to try and speed our date up a little by bringing her out to the east coast for a rendezvous sometime during the winter months. I pulled out to my son’s promise to be here for me next year and a warm farewell from my daughter-in-law both of which I blew off as insincere. I knew when I came back it was for one reason and one reason only and that was to be with my grand daughter and to make mad passionate love to the only person in the family who knew how to truly love someone.

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