Grandpa's journals: the end and the beginning

sex stories

The call came the latter part of November, just before Thanksgiving, from my other daughter, the one that lives in Florida. She was thrilled beyond words but also was concerned with what she was going to do. She had met another fella, this one from Chile, and they had dated ever since last May and they had become very serious, so serious in fact, that he had proposed marriage and was asking her to go back down to his home in Santiago and live there with him. He had asked for all of them to come with him but the girls, although they liked him, didn’t want to move.

So my daughter called me and asked me to come live with my grand daughters until they got out of high school and into the college of their choice. That would mean, of course, that my chosen life style would come to a complete halt. What a question she had asked of me and I didn’t know how to answer. But I wanted so much to see my daughter happy that I told her that I would think about it.

Carol, my oldest daughter, was a dependant child from the beginning. She was very bright from her childhood and through her formal education. She used to be a knockout, trim, athletic and full of energy, but as soon as she got married and had her first born, Lori, she started to go down hill in the looks department until she became downright fat and sloppy looking. I still see the beauty in her, down under all that blubber, and I was thrilled to hear that someone else could see through it also.

What she was asking was for me to give up my other relationships that I had formed over the past year with my other grand daughters and I didn’t know if I was willing to do that. She had no way of knowing how strong these relationships had become and I was about to tell her, but I had to think about it earnestly.

I was debating my dilemma and not making very much headway with it until Victoria happened to mention, kind of off handedly, that they should follow me down to Florida and get out of this “Damn Big City”. That got me to thinking that maybe she was on to something and we should consider it seriously. If my Vickie and Lauren would come down to Florida with me and we all could live in Carol’s house with Lori and Melinda, then all we had to do was convince Susan to come out east to live with us and we could become a great big extended family.

The more that I thought about it the more excited that I became so I placed a call to my grand daughter back in Oregon and invited her to come live with her aunt, her cousins and with me on the beach in Central Florida. I told her that they had a Community College right here in town that I was sure she could transfer to and there was just enough room in the house for one more if she didn’t mind sharing a room with her cousin. She seemed skeptical at first but the more I talked and more excited she became until she finally said that she would talk to her parents about the move and call me back.

But regardless of her decision, I had decided that I was going to make the change and move to Florida, at least for a couple of years, until both of my grand daughters got out of high school. I had asked Victoria to move down with me with her daughter and I had hopes of my other grand daughter, Susan, joining us all real soon.

Victoria would wait here in New York until Christmas and move Lauren down to start her new school at the break. She would have to find someone the sub-lease her place but that shouldn’t be too big of a hurdle so she was as excited as I was over the whole thing. I decided to take off right after Thanksgiving and get all set up and I was really anxious to see my two beauties.

It took me a couple of days to make the trip but when I arrived in the afternoon of the second day, everybody was either at work or in school so I set up my rig on the pad in the back yard, pulled out the awning and sat down to wait for everyone to come home. Naturally, I poured myself a Rum and Coke and then walked down to the lake to see how high the water had gotten this year.

On the way back up from my walk, I came through the gate and the memories came flooding back of my discovery that night of almost a year ago when I first spotted Lori getting ready for bed. I started to get a boner just thinking of that experience and just how far I had let that one little night take me with my grand daughters. I had had relations with all of the girls except Melinda and I had promised to bed that one too this winter. I’m such a pervert but every one of them wanted it so who am I to refuse their desires.

I was on my second drink when the back door of the house flew open and out ran my two grand daughters, Lori and Melinda, back to my rig and into my arms. I hugged both of them at one time as they flew their arms around my neck and I jumped up to greet them. They were each very excited to see me finally there with them and they gave me my share of kisses and hugs before they settled down into the chairs that I had sitting under my awning.

As I gazed into their eyes, I detected a lustful look of loneliness and a definite look of longing come from Lori’s face but it was the nervous little smile of anticipation that I saw in Melinda’s eyes that made my cock start to jerk with feelings over my younger grand daughter. I smiled back into each of their eyes as I gave them each a signal that I had not forgotten and that I had a plan.

I told them that we may have some company very soon and they got all excited about sharing their house and their grandpa with three other people. They said they thought it would be fun to see their aunt and cousins again and the idea of everyone living under one roof appealed to both of them. I cautioned them that it may not turn out that great because six people living together in a small house could pose many problems but that didn’t seem to dampen their enthusiasm one little bit.

Pretty soon Carol came home from work and came out to join in on the impromptu party at my rig as I pulled out another chair from my storage compartment and offered to grill some steaks for the family. So as I cooked the dinner for the evening, we all sat around chatting, drinking and eating until it had gotten pitch dark and it was time for everyone to get ready for bed.

I knew where I was going to be this evening, right outside of Lori’s window where it all started, so I wasn’t too sad to see everyone turn in for the night. I wondered over to my spot behind the tree and waited for Lori to come into her room to change into her pajamas. It was only a few moments until my long wait of many months was fulfilled and the light came on through Lori’s bedroom window.

As she turned towards the mirror over her dresser on the opposite side from the window, I noticed her glancing out the unshaded widow to see if she could detect my presents. But she must have known that I would be there and because she slowly started to unbutton the front of her blouse beginning at the bottom and working her way up to the top. When she reached the last button and her blouse fell away exposing her bra covered breasts to my eyes, I bravely walked forward into the glaring light of her room to stand directly at her window as she coyly started to grin and remove the blouse from her shoulders and arms. Her next move was to remove her shorts down her hips and long thin legs and when she had finished, she stood back up to admire herself standing there in just her panties and bra.

I had almost forgotten just how lovely she was but standing there in her skimpy little underwear, showing me that she still loved for me to peep in on her, I had to pull my cock out of my pants and start to rub in back and forth. She must have sensed that I was enjoying the sight because just then she reached behind her back and pinched the bra strap apart as it fell off of her arms and away from her breasts. I sighed out loud as I yanked on my erect manhood and my eyes were treated to a wonderful show.

She turned to walk over to the bed and just before she reached the edge, she moved her hands down to her waistband of her panties and slowly moved them down over her hips and crotch, exposing her hairy little patch directly to my eyes as she laid herself down on her back with her feet towards the head of the bed. She looked directly into my starring eyes and smiled a devilish little smile as she then moved her hand down between her legs and started massaging her two little pussy lips.

I was so enthralled with the sight of my grand daughter rubbing her own pussy lips just for my enjoyment that I never heard someone come outside to join me but when I felt the hand taking over what my hand was doing, I turned to see Melinda standing directly behind me and she was taking over the task of beating my exposed meat with her own hand. I smiled a wicked sort of smile as I looked back to my other grand daughter just in time to see her finger run up her slit and stop there on her clitoris. As her hips rose up a little to meet her finger, Melinda’s hand was firmly pumping on my stiff cock and I was going wild.

I only glanced at my willing participant in my crime but I recognized that she was wearing her short little pajamas, the ones that had the thin spaghetti that held up the top and the flared leg holes to her bottoms. So I placed my hand that I used to pull on my cock and moved it back to rest between her pajama bottom leg holes and the skin of her young leg and pushed it up to her crotch to return the exploratory favor as I started to massage between her pussy lips. Her knees started to buckle as she leaned forward to steady herself and then she softly sighed into my ear, “Oh Grandpa, you’re making me want to cum.”

As I kept up my finger’s stimulation and Melinda was pounding away at my engorged cock, the person that we were both watching was placing her finger as far up her cunt as it would reach and was bucking her hips wildly into her own pumping action. Just then, I could take it no more as I reached my limits and started ejaculating out my sperm into a mad squirting of cum all along the wall that really needed repainting. Melinda’s hand was a blur as my finger was working over her clit and Lori’s finger was pumping frantically into her well. Her orgasm came just as Melinda reached hers and the pair of them exploded into a wild, mad eruption of feelings that caused them both to cry out in a muffled scream of ecstasy.

I waited to regain my composure as Melinda leaned forward onto my back for support. I looked through Lori’s window and saw that she had rolled to her side and had drawn her knees up into a ball with her arms down between her legs. I turned to give my accomplice a hug and a kiss on her forehead as I told her, “As soon as we can, I have something very special planned just for you.”

She looked up with her sleepy eyes and gave me a big smile and then, releasing my now deflated cock, slowly walked back towards to back sliding door to the family room and I heard it lock tight for the night. I walked back to my rig, closed the door and went to bed hardly able to keep my eyes open and as my head hit the pillow, I went instantly to sleep for the entire night.

We celebrated Christmas for the first time as a family and before New Years Eve, my daughter said her tearful goodbyes to us all and headed down to her new home with her new man. I was sad to she her go, although I was pleased that she seemed so happy but the girls were almost devastated by the thought that they were going to be alone for the first time in their young lives. But it didn’t take them any time before that were laughing and joking around teasing me about peeping in on Lori again.

I made a special purchase for Melinda and gave it to her for a secret Christmas present. I bought a calf high summer dress made out of rayon fabric that clung to anything that it touched and I couldn’t wait to see what it did on Melinda’s trim little body. It tied at the neckline and was bare in the back and she gave me a big hug and kiss when I gave it to her. Now all I had to do was think of a special occasion for her to wear it when we were all alone. I did make her that promise you know.

I decided that the last Saturday night before they went back to school would be the perfect night to fulfill my promise to my younger grand daughter and when Lori found out about it, she asked if she could stay there and watch Melinda lose her virginity. I reminded her that she and I were alone on the first night we made love and I asked her to give the same courtesy to her sister. She wasn’t very happy about it but promised to be out of the house on the big night.

The sun came up on, what promised to be, a nice warm day for the first of January. The weather man said it would be mostly sunny, temperature around 78 with just a few high clouds. That meant it would be a perfect day all around for Melinda and I. I didn’t know about Melinda, but the weather couldn’t possibly put a damper on tonight’s activities.

I wasn’t around when Lori left for her friend’s house nor was I around when Melinda went into her room to shower and prepare herself for her grand moment. But when I did see her next, my mouth must have dropped open as my eyes feasted on her magnificence. She was wearing the dress that I had purchased for the event and she had fixed her long blonde hair just right. It fell over her shoulders and neckline, covering the ties that held the whole sundress in place.

Speaking of the sundress, the rayon fabric clung to her body like Cling Wrap holds to a plastic bowl and the affect on me was thrilling. It defined her smallish little breasts and her inward pushing belly button. It clung tightly over her tight abdomen muscles and gave off a little ripple effect right at her crotch. Then it defined her trim athletic legs, down her thighs and to her knees and then fell away to the hem at her calves.
She must have known that she was showing off her entire body to me went she came out to my rig because she was blushing and walking as if she was very uncomfortable.

As she stepped up into my rig, all she could do was stand there with her head down and her hand held together at her crotch. I said, the matter Melinda, don’t you like the dress that I picked out for you?”

She thought for a second without looking up to make eye contact and then answered in a low tone, “Yeah I like it but you didn’t buy me any panties to wear under it and I feel awful naked not wearing any.”

The blood drained from my head as I suddenly remembered that I bought Lori a pair of sexy panties when I took her out last winter and I didn’t even think about it for poor Melinda and now she was standing there completely nude under the dress, feeling very self-conscious but I was getting very hard just thinking of it.
My eyes immediately went back to inspect her 15 year old body again but with a whole new feeling in my loins.

As my eyes feasted on her luscious little body, she became even more embarrassed and turned a deep color of red as she asked, “Grandpa, can we go to the drive-in for dinner tonight, somewhere where we don’t have to get out of the car?”

I chuckled at the question but more at the fact that I had really blown it this time. “Oh my sweet Melinda, I’m so sorry that I didn’t buy you any panties that matched the dress. I don’t know what I was thinking about but I just, well I guess that I just didn’t think of it. Can you ever forgive me, Sweetie? I’m really sorry,” I asked with a sorrowful look in my eyes.

she said with a smile across her face, “but do I have to go out in public like this?” she asked holding the dress tight against her naked body. “I mean, I don’t mind showing off for you, but I don’t what to show off for the entire town.”

“I think a drive-in would be perfect,” I said taking her into my arms and giving her a big hug. In so doing, my cock sprang to life feeling her warm, nude body push through the dress and into mine and as I released her from it, she looked into my eyes with a twinkle in hers and said, “I don’t think that we can wait long enough for a sit down restaurant anyway.” She turned to lead me out of the 5th wheel and we walked to the car to go out for a hamburger and a coke.

We had our hamburgers in the car and the conversation was somewhat lacking on both of our parts. I wolfed my burger down but she just picked at hers. I guess that she was nervous because when I asked her if the hamburger wasn’t any good, she just said, “I’m not very hungry I guess,” and pushed the sandwich back into the bag. I took that as an announcement that she was ready to leave so I started the car and drove us back to the house.

I pulled into the garage and lowered the door with the opener and then looked at my grand daughter with questioning eyes. “Are you having second thoughts?” I inquired.

She looked at me for a second then scooted over and put her arms around my neck. “No,” she replied, “I’m just wondering what it will feel like to actually do it, you know, actually make love with />
“Someone like ME?” I asked of her comment.

“I didn’t mean YOU,” she said in her own defense. “I meant to say “a guy like you” you know a man, a guy, a male, someone with a thingy growing between his legs. I’ve messed around with Lori before and it felt so great and all, but I was just wondering what it would feel like when I guy puts it in me. Will it hurt or will it feel better than Lori’s finger?”

only one way to find out,” I said but I felt like a lecher as soon as it came out of my mouth.

“Melinda, I thought that you wanted this. I thought that you would be all over me with excitement. But if you have changed your mind and don’t want me to make love with you then all you have to do is just say so, I’ll />
“Oh Grandpa,” she said in a grateful tone. “Of course I want you to make love with me that will never change. I guess that I was having some feelings of apprehension over finally losing my virginity but I want my life to change in that way. I really excited about doing it with you,” she said. “Lori says that you are the best you know,” she whispered into my ear as she gave me seductive kiss on my ear. “I’m ready now, are you?”

We entered the house and went directly to her room but when I turned on the light and looked at her tiny little single bed, I made an about face and guided her into her mothers room and the King sized bed that that room afforded us. I flipped on the overhead light, made sure the shades were pulled shut and finally turned to my grand daughter and gave her a smile. She smiled back at me but I noticed a little nervousness by her lower lip placed between her teeth.

I started to remove my clothing, first my button shirt, next my trousers and finally I slipped off my underwear leaving me completely naked for her eyes to examine. Her cheeks turned a pinkish color as her eyes darted across my body and settled on my cock. Her lower lip was getting a work out and I saw her nipples start to harden. She was squirming a little and I wondered if I had moved too quickly to disrobe, thinking that maybe I should have taken her clothes off before mine.

But a funny look came across her face and then she told me, “Grandpa, I’m leaking fluids down my leg and it feels so gross. What should I do?”

I chuckled and finally said, “Come on over here and give your grandpa a hug and we will see about that leakage />
I drew her into my arms and gave her a big hug around her waist and then started pulling up her dress in an effort to remove it from her nude little body. As it rose up past her waist and over her breasts, my arms began to feel the smooth warm flesh as it made contact with my own. We both melted into the sensation as I slipped the dress over her outstretched arms and threw it to the side. I took a step backward, still hanging on to her hands and moved my gaze down to her entire naked body.

I lusted over her small rounded nipples that sat upon her developing breasts, her tight tummy muscles that gave way to her abdomen and her light brown little patch of pubic hair and finally her thin, athletic legs that seemed to stretch downward forever. But my eye caught upon the blob of womanly fluids that fell onto her inner thigh and I knew right then that I had to taste it quickly.

I lowered myself down on my knees and pulled her towards me in a loving way and as she took a step forward, I placed her feet a foot or so apart. She sheepishly complied with my directions and was soon standing right against my chest with her feet on either side of my body. I then bent down and ran my tongue to her inner thigh to the spot where the fluids had gone and began to savor the sweet taste of her vaginal juices.

The gasp that escaped from her mouth was intense as she opened her thighs to my oral assault. I cleaned every last drop of the fluids that had escaped down her leg and then I lifted my tongue up to find the source of her leakage. Her knees began to buckle as she began to utter the strangest sound of encouragement. My tongue found the hole from which the fluids were coming from but slurping one gigantic lick on her opening, I switched my attention up her slit in search of her love button.

My tongue plied her two lips apart and it went upward until it found her hood node. With one flick of my tongue, I brought out a violent reaction from my young lover that caused to her stumble backward until her hamstrings hit the edge of the bed and she fell back onto her back with her knees curled over the mattress. I quickly followed her and nestled between those knees and placed my mouth directly down on her crotch. She squealed with pleasure and excitement as I dove my tongue down upon her sensitive clitoris and started bringing her to new heights.

She was moaning loudly as she raised her hips in a way that told me she wanted more of my tongue. Then in a demanding voice she told me, “Grandpa, put it in me. Put it in me NOW!”

“Oh Sweetness, are you getting excited?” I asked.

“OH GRANDPA, PLEASE I’M GOING CRAZY!” she exclaimed, thrashing her body around />
“But Baby, it’s too soon. I’m not ready yet. Go ahead and climax; shot your juices all over my face but I’m going to continue this for a while. It’s alright to climax without me,” I tried to explain.

Just then I felt her hands on the back of my head pulling my face into her wanting pussy and her back arch up off of the bed. Her voice began to rise in a loud climactic way. Suddenly her juices flooded out of her vagina and she began her first release under my guidance. And what a release it was! She was writhing around under my tongue, begging me to stop and crying for me to continue both at the same time.

I scooted her further on to the bed but kept her legs spread with me in between them. I pulled up her knees and spread them apart as far as they would go and looked down at the most wondrous sight; her curly brown pubic hair that gave way to the puffiest lips I had ever seen. They were large and pouty, almost like they were kissing my finger that I slid to her slit but as it sloshed down until it circled the vaginal opening, they separated out to invite my penetration.

I let my finger slide into her cavity to the first knuckle and I ran it around the perimeter mixing up her juices. I then spotted her rose bud sitting there begging for some attention so I withdrew my finger and slid it down among all of her fluids and ran it around her anus.

She stiffened up at the surprise and when my finger plied itself in a little, she shrieked about her objection. “OH MY GOD GRANDPA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“I’m doing what I know feels good for you. Doesn’t it feel super?” I asked of her.

“Oh God yes,” she said with her eyes tightly closed, “but I didn’t expect you to be feeling my butt hole, but I think that I like it.”

As I penetrated deeper into her colon with my finger, she actually spread her legs out further and humped up with her hips forcing it into her a little more. I was getting really turned on at this point and I felt the growing need start to raise it ugly head so, keeping my finger where it was, I shifted myself up to her breasts and took one into my mouth.

I licked on her nipple hungrily and took it between my lips and began sucking and biting on it tenderly. She moaned out loud at the new stimulation but kept up her meeting of my finger in her ass. She was building up to another orgasm and I let her build and build until she couldn’t take it any longer and bursting into another orgasmic release. She cried out for more and threw herself into my anal penetration with just my finger.

Her second eruption paled her first as she threw her entire body around trying to get the most satisfaction out of her experience and as she reached for the pinnacle of her orgasm, she shout out loud, “ OH MY GOD GRANDPA, I’M GOING TO EXPLODE! I’M />
I discontinued my stimulus for the moment; letting her come down gradually from her ordeal, but after a few minutes of relaxation, I started in again by lightly rubbing her nipples with the backs of my fingers and they started getting hard once again. She looked into my eyes sleepily as she cuddled into my touch and then she rolled to her back, closed her eyes and moaned a soft little moan.

I knew that I had to take her this time because I could not withstand another run at getting her to orgasm without spewing forth with my sperm so I decided on my tact for reaching mine with hers. I once again decided to take it as slow as I possibly could and see where it led me, so I began to caress her breasts as I moved up to give her a warm, sensuous kiss on her parted lips. She was breathing heavily as I opened my own lips in passion and pressed down upon her gasping mouth and she readily kissed me back with the feeling that was building inside of her.

As I rested my body on hers with my hip pressing into her groin, she writhed away from its contact with a violent reaction as she warned me against any further stimulation down there, “Oh Grandpa, NO, I can’t take any more down there. Please don’t touch me for now, please?”

“But I have to touch you; I must touch you, there and everywhere. I’m going to enter you now and I will touch you in spots where you’ve never been touch and you will feel things you’ve never felt before. I will excite you beyond anything imaginable and you will love it. I will bring you to the point of begging me for more and I will try to comply with all your wishes but I will not satisfy all of your desires. You will always want more, always,” I warned her. “After feeling the desires one time, you will always beg for more.”

“Oh Grandpa, put it in me. Make me beg for more, I want it, I want it now,” she begged.

I reached down and guided my engorged cock to the entrance of her vagina and ran it around her opening until we were both ready for its penetration and softly I told her, “I will take it easy and if you feel any pain then I will stop. I’m going to make you a woman now,” and began the long slide in.

It went in about half way with no trouble from the lubrication and the fact that it had been penetrated this fall before, but the second half was much more difficult to enter then the first time. Her walls were much more reluctant to allow my penetration and she flinched a little from the discomfort of having my cock squeeze through to her depths. But when I finally felt my crotch touch hers and our pubic hairs mingled with each other, she let out her breath that she had been holding and a satisfied sigh escaped her lips.

“That wasn’t so bad now was it?” I asked in a reassuring voice.

“Uh uh,” she said breathlessly.

“Now it will start feel real good,” I said, pulling out of her.

I started t insert it all the way again, with force and speed this time and she reacted by making an “O” with her mouth and raising her chin. With every insertion and withdrawal from her waiting and eager vagina she would push back with her hips and start to moan out loud, forming the word from her mouth.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she kept repeating in a louder and higher pitch voice.

“Oh, OH, OH!” she started to scream. “OH, OH, OH, GRANDPA! OH MY GOD YOU MAKING ME CUM AGAIN! OH, OH, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, YESSSSS!” she finally scream just as I let loose with an eruption of my own.

I felt the release of my load explode out of the end of my cock deep inside of her womb as it splashed again her cervix and mingled with her own juices. Rope after rope shot into her confines and I ejaculated with power and force until I was a sobbing mass of emotions, laying there between her pulsation hips, trying to come down from yet another wonderful orgasm. I lay there on top of my grand daughter, wondering if she enjoyed her first time with a man and wondered if she was as satisfied as I was.

Within a couple of weeks, we were joined by my daughter Victoria and my grand daughter Lauren in our ever shrinking home and then we found out from Oregon that Susan would be out with us in another week. That meant there would be five girls in the three bedroom house and me in my 5trth wheel trailer in the back yard. I commented that we were going to need a bigger house if we all were going to stay there but was soon reminded that Susan would be away at college during the week and next year Lori would be away also and that left Victoria, Lauren and Melinda left at home. That would be just right so my idea of getting a larger home went out the widow.

Lori did put in for Saturday nights with her grandpa and Susan quickly said that she had dibs on Friday nights and the three just smiled and let the two of them make their reservations with their grandpa. It seemed that they had made some sort of agreement between the five of them of who had what time alone with me and they were sticking to that routine but I didn’t know who would show up at my door step each night but I enjoyed the speculation of guessing which one it would be.

But on the night before Susan went away to college during the weekdays, I was busily getting ready for bed and had just removed my boxers when I received a knock on my front door and when I answered, all five of my girls came in all as one and stood there grinning at my nakedness. I looked at them blushingly and asked, up?”

My daughter seemed to be the spokesperson for the lovely group so she said in a laughing sort of way, “Well, the five of us wanted to come out to tell you how much we appreciate all of the love you have shown us this last year and before one of us has to leave to go to college, we wanted to show you how much we all love you.” She stopped and looked at her niece Susan in an indication for her to take over.

Susan took a couple of steps towards where I had sat down on my bed, smiled a shy little smile and began to speak. “Grandpa, you took me from a girl with no confidence at all and taught me that I could be a beautiful woman, in here, in my heart if not anywhere else. You brought me to the point where I had the vision of myself and the attitude to become anything that I wanted to become. I now I want to thank you in the way that I know you will />
Susan began to unbutton her blouse and when she had finished, she slipped it off of her shoulders and went on to her shorts. As they fell to the floor, she stepped out of them and reached behind her and unfastened her bra. Looking straight into my wide eyes, she smiled and released the bra off of her shoulders and down her front, exposing her lily white breasts to everyone in the rig. They were so full yet firm, that the very thought of my touching them caused a stir down in my groin.

Her hands went down to her panties and slowly stripped down her hips and legs and she finally stepped out of them. She stood back up so that I could appraise her luscious body and then walked over to where I was sitting, bent forward to give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek when her breasts rubbed up against my shoulder. She giggled a little and took a seat behind me on my right.

Next my daughter Vickie stepped forward with a broad grin on her face. She instantly started to say, “Daddy, I’ve had this fantasy for as long as I can remember. It is always the same with little variations. In this fantasy, you take me into your arms and make mad passion love with me. You suck my pussy and slide it in to me, all the way up to the hilt, until I scream with She started to pull up her dress over her head as she continued to narrate her story.

As she pulled it off of her arms and threw it on the floor, she placed her hands behind her and unfastened her bra. Sliding it off of her chest, she said, “And when you finally fulfilled this fantasy, it was much more than I could ever imagine.” Her hands were on her hips grabbing her underwear and with one tug downward, they came off of her bushy crotch and down to her ankles. “I just want to thank you for making my fantasy come to life and now I want to fulfill another fantasy, this one will be />
She walked over to me and stood right next to the bed and grabbed my hand and placed it on her ripe breast. She smiled at me warmly and sat down on my left side as Susan took my other hand and placed it on her breast. I gulped my enthusiasm with this new treat as I turned my attention back to the three remaining girls.

Melinda stepped forward with just a little hesitation and she kind of blushed a little but started to speak. “Grandpa, I had to wait almost a whole year before you took my virginity but you made me a promise and you kept it. It was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I want to thank you for making it so special.” She stopped and pulled off the tee shirt that she was wearing and tossed it to the floor. Taking off her shorts, she revealed that she was wearing a tiny pair of panties that barely covered the essentials. She saw where we were all staring and this caused her to turn a deeper color of red around her cheeks but she kept up with the stripping.

She slipped off her bra straps and removed her arms from them and then pulled it down and twirled it around to unfasten. Her developing breasts stood out at attention as she removed their restraint and her arm came up to hide them as she involuntarily tried to cover herself. But knowing that she was being silly and that she wasn’t really shy about showing off her body, she looked up at my eyes and pulled her panties down and off. She stood back up and said in a hesitant tone, “Well I guess that’s it,” and threw her arms out wide and walked over to sit down directly behind me.

Lori was the next to step forward with all of the confidence in the world. “Grandpa, if you hadn’t stopped by my window that night, the things we are grateful for this evening may not have happened. That first night after I spotted you out side my room, I knew that I wanted to show you everything. And you wanted me to show you everything. Well, here it is, she said unbuttoning her dress down the front. As she made her way down, it became apparent that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I soon discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. She stepped out of the dress and stood there showing the world her lovely body that I loved to look at.

“I love to show off for you Grandpa, I love for you to look and to see, see everything and now I want everybody to see how much I like to sow off for you. Do you like what you see?” she asked seductively. Not waiting for an answer, she walked up to me and reached out her hand and took my cock into it and started to rub it back and forth.

Now both hands were caressing Susan’s and Vickie’s breasts, Melinda was rubbing my chest and Lori was stroking my hard cock, all at the same time. If I could have I would pinch myself to make sure that I was not dreaming but just then I heard the voice of the last little girl, my Lauren clearing her voice.

“I know that I’m the littlest and the least developed so therefore, I’m the least desirable, sexually that is. But when I was forced on you back in New York, you took me graciously and willingly and wanted to thank you for that.” She pulled down the straps to her jumpsuit and as it fell to the floor, she tugged at her tee shirt until it released over her head. “I know my boobies are kind of small compared to everybody she said removing her bra, “and my patch is kind of light,” pulling down her panties to show off what she was describing, “I know my lips are puffy and tight instead of full and ready like Mommy’s and Cousin Susan’s, but you seemed to like them anyway,” she said with her fingers rubbing her pussy lips lightly. “So I just wanted to say thank you for putting up with a young little girl when you could have spent more time with any other girl here.”

As she walked forward, Melinda started to recline me backwards and Susan and Vickie got up on their knees and spread their legs apart. Lori scooted down between my legs just as little Lauren jumped up on the bed and came over to straddle my reclined body. As Vickie and Susan switched my hands from their breasts to their crotches and I felt the warmth of their two little slits slide out to my fingers, I looked up and saw a pair of breasts lower themselves down to my mouth and I opened it to greet them there

At that very moment, I felt the warm breath of air encompass my stiff cock and experience the sensational feeling of Lori’s lips taking it down her throat all in one long plunge. I groaned out my approval as I felt Lauren little pussy grind into my stomach and I knew that I was in for a most wondrous experience. Soon I let Melinda’s breasts slip out from my mouth and they were replaced by the smell of a fresh little cunt hovering inches over my mouth. I stuck out my tongue as it settled down upon it as I tasted the joy of Melinda’s fresh juices starting to escape from her hole.

I was finger fucking both cunts with my fingers and I thought “What the hell!” and switched my fingers out of the vaginas and sought out their rose buds. Finding them with my middle fingers, I inserted them both and rammed my thumbs up to replace my fingers in their other holes. Both girls screamed their pleasure and ground down into my insertions.

Meanwhile, Lori’s mouth was doing a job on my cock and I was starting to become very excited, too excited I feared, but as I kept up my tongue action in Melinda’s hot little slit and my ramming into Susan’s and Vickie’s cunt and ass holes, my poor little Lauren was trying to press her little pussy into my stomach and I almost wanted to stop my manual manipulation with one hand and try to get our youngest member off somehow. It was then that I felt a hand, someone’s hand go down on my tummy and start to manually stimulate poor little Lauren’s clitoris and I heard her shriek with enjoyment.

It was just about that time when everything seemed to gather together and I could tell that the end was very near. I felt the unbelievable sensation of having Lori’s lips touching my pubic hair and the squatting action of Melinda’s cunt down on my face. I felt and heard the gushing sound coming from my two lovely girl’s cunts that I was manually assaulting and the wild thrashing of Lauren’s hot little hairy lips grind away on someone’s finger and then I could hold it back no longer.

A muffled cry leapt out of my lips as I arched my back and shot my first of many ropes down Lori’s throat. I heard shortly after, Susan’s cry of release followed by my own daughter Vickie’s. Melinda was humping my face as she cried out her release and poor little Lauren was the last to make it but not before that someone, Vickie her mother, rammed her finger into her vagina and pumped her for all she was worth.

We laid there for the longest time all six of us in a tight little ball, arms and legs strung everywhere. Some of us slept there on my bed through the entire night, some left for the comfort of their own bed, but to the last person, everyone said that that was the most intense, greatest sexual encounter of their lives. It was one that no one will ever forget nor try to duplicate. It was simply the ultimate, the best, the greatest experience that a person could expect. And it happened in Grandpa’s Journals.

P.S. Thank you to all who have encouraged my Trilogy to become a reality. And now that it has ended on my part, I invite others to take up the challenge and write other stories along the same line that I have started. I hope that you will use “Grandpa Journals” as a theme in the title so I can detect your story from all of the vast numbers of other stories and take it where you would like. You have my permission and encouragement so please continue the story. Good luck and happy writing! 2stfauther

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Author: 2stfauther

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