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I opened the shower door to reach for the towel and noticed the bathroom door was slightly opened. This had happened before and not really registered but I was sure I had shut it properly and yet there it was, slightly ajar and closing slowly. It puzzled me because I thought that I was in the house alone and at first I thought ‘maybe we have burglars’ but then I knew that if we had burglars they would be emptying the house rather than searching bathrooms when they could hear a shower going. That was when it came to me that I had found the bathroom door undone a couple of times before and not really thought anything about it other than maybe I had not closed it properly and the catch has slipped.

Now though, I was curious and slipping the towel around my waist I stepped out through the door to see a foot disappear into my daughter’s bedroom. Cassie is actually my step-daughter but we have been together since she was eight and we are more like real father and daughter. I went to her room and knocked on the door and she called out for me to go in.

“Hi dad,” she beamed at me.

“Hi darling” I smiled back, “I didn’t know you were home yet.”

“I’ve only just got in a couple of minutes ago; Elaine has had to go out with her mom so I came home early. Mom not home yet?”

“No she won’t be back for another hour at least; you know it’s her gym class />
“Oh yes, I forgot. Do you want me to make some coffee?”

“OK, sounds good. I’ll be right down when I’ve got dried.”

That was when I first had the idea that Cassie had been in the bathroom when I was taking a shower but that couldn’t be right. I must have got things wrong. The problem was that now I had the idea in my head, I couldn’t seem to shake it out and the more I thought about it over the next few days the more I began to see Cassie differently. I watched her moving around the house and realised that she was no longer that little girl she was when I first met her but she was turning into a woman and I also noticed her looking sort of strangely at me too. When I saw her doing this, she would colour up a little and turn away and that got my curiosity going even further.

That was when I started to watch her. I always thought she was beautiful but now I saw her differently – her breasts had filled out and she was quite a little stunner now. She has long flowing blonde hair, pouty full lips, and sleek legs which swayed her hips in an innocently sexy way as she moved. As I watched her clearing the table one evening I was suddenly aware that my cock had started to harden and I had to get up and leave the room before it was noticed.

Each Monday and Wednesday my wife is late home as she has her gym classes and then sometimes socialises afterwards so she is rarely home before nine. Having encountered with the opened bathroom door, I decided to test things out the Monday of the following week.

I work at home a lot and when I do I usually make sure I finish mid afternoon, email my contacts with whatever I have been doing and then relax. About 4.30 I stripped and started the shower but hid behind the doorway and waited. After about 15 minutes I heard movement downstairs which must have been Cassie arriving home and I stepped into the shower cubicle and started to wash down. The shower door is almost clear glass with a white pattern etched on it which offers some privacy but which can be seen through if the water is not too hot and steamy.

I stood sideways on to the bathroom door as I soaped my cock and then from the corner of my eye I saw the door edge slowly open and Cassie peep her head round to watch me. I pretended not to notice and continued to soap my cock which by now was standing hard in front of me. Again using a sideways glance I could see Cassie watching and from her movements I could tell she was stroking herself and she was too preoccupied to notice that I could see her.

I was enjoying the thought of her touching her pussy and clit and my cock had never felt as hard as I very slowly slid my fist down the shaft, squeezed the base to force more blood into the purple head, and then slowly stroked the length of the shaft back to the head. After a minute or so I heard a stifled moan from Cassie and I looked over to her as she clenched her eyes tightly shut in her pleasure and her pert breasts heaved in a breathless orgasm.

Now I turned to face her and, still stroking my rigid cock I looked directly at her as she opened her eyes and realised she had been found out. Her first response was to leap backwards from the door in case I hadn’t seen her but it was now or never and I called out “Too late Cassie, no point you hiding now so why don’t you come on in and let’s talk about this.”

The door slowly opened and a red faced Cassie shuffled in looking down at the floor as I rinsed the bubbles from my cock and stepped out of the shower. Although she kept trying to look down at her feet, I could see her eyes flick up to take in my rigid cock which bobbed and swayed as I walked towards her. “How long has this been going on Cassie, and what are you trying to do?”

By now I had reached her and I placed a hand on each of her shoulders. My balls were almost bursting as she still stared downwards but it was my throbbing cock which filled her vision now rather than the floor and to add a little more tease I did a quick buttock clench which made my cock bound upwards to point straight at her face.

“I don’t know dad, I’m sorry, I’ve only done it a couple of times and didn’t think you’d find out. Please don’t tell mom, she will go mad and I’ll be grounded for months.”
not talk about your mom just yet. I still want to know what you were trying to do and why.”

“I don’t know really dad, all the girls talk about boys and about sex and I was just curious I guess.”

“Do you mean you’ve never seen a boy naked?” I asked stupidly and then followed with “Have you still not touched a cock yet at your age? Surely some boy or other has tried it on with you.”

“Well yes dad of course! What I meant was that we all make out to some extent but the boys are just so stupid and they only think of themselves. I’ve wanked a few cocks and I’ve been fingered by some of the boys but they scratch with their nails and they can be so rough. I saw your cock a couple of weeks ago when your robe opened a little as you went past my room and I couldn’t help thinking about it since then and wondering what it would be like with a grown man.”

“Well then young lady, now that you’ve seen it clearly what do you want to do now? I mean, if your mother knew about this you are right she would go really heavy on you. She’d probably stop your allowance and insist you stay in your room after school for months. No more time out with your friends at weekend either. If she found out what you’ve just told me then she’d want names and be round at their houses too”

At this she started to fill up and I began to feel guilty about the turmoil I was putting her through. My heart almost relented – but my cock kept throbbing and I couldn’t stop. “I don’t know what I want to do now but please don’t tell mom, please dad, she will be so upset.”

“OK darling, just let me think a moment.” I made a thoughtful face and then huffed in fake exasperation “I can’t think clearly in the state I’m in. You can see how red my cock is and if I don’t relieve it soon I’m going to burst.” Then, as if I’d just thought of it I said “how about we settle your curiosity and ease my torment at the same time?”

do you mean dad?”

“Well, it seems that you wanted to get a close look at my cock and you don’t seem to have had much fun with boyfriends so far and you wonder what a grown man would be like so why don’t you relax with my cock and help me out here. Of course we would then have to keep everything secret from mom and from everyone else too.”

I was still holding her shoulders and looking down at her and I saw the change immediately. A slight smile came on her face as she realised what I meant and she nodded and said “Do you really mean that dad? We can keep this secret between us and have some fun at the same time?” her eyes dropped back down to my raging cock and her voice changed into one a little more sultry as she then said “That does look so nice and big and hard. Can I feel it?”

Did I really hear that? I now began to wonder who was teasing whom. “Sure you can Cassie,” I gasped hardly believing my luck what we’ve been talking about isn’t it?” She reached out a hand and with some uncertainty she wrapped her fingers around my shaft. The thought of what was happening and the feeling of those gentle fingers around my cock almost made me cum there and then. “Just a second though Cassie, if you do much more I’m going to cum right now and if we get any on your clothes then your mom will find it and how do we explain that?”

“Good point dad,” she agreed as she took her hand from my cock “What if I get these clothes off, do you think we’ll be OK then?”

Were my ears tricking me? Now I was certain she had started to tease me. The game was on and I carried on playing. “Baby, I’d love nothing more than for you to take them off and show me that beautiful body of yours.”

“Do you really think I’m beautiful dad?” she asked as she pulled her top over her head to reveal a neat white bra enclosing her pert little titties.

“Cassie, you are exceptional. Let me stand back so that I can see you better.”

Then she unzipped her skirt and let it fall round her ankles. Her white pants matched her bra and I gasped a little as she revealed them and I could see a damp patch where she had stroked herself before. “Turn around for me baby; show me all of your body.”

She giggled a little self-consciously and then did a little theatrical turn. Her lightly tanned back looked sensational with those bands of white from her bra and panties and as she looked back over her shoulder at me she bent forwards to thrust a superb ass towards me and she giggled again as she saw my eyes widen. “I thought you might like me doing that. Now how about this?” and she reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting it drop at her feet and then she hooked her thumbs into her panties and slowly slid them down her legs, bending as she did so to reveal a neat pair of pussy lips peeking between her thighs.

“Damn Cassie! I can’t hold much longer so come on over here and get back to where we were before.”

She laughed at that and slinked over to me, taking hold of my cock without further invite and sliding her hand along the shaft “Is this right dad? Do you like it like this? Do you want me to go faster because all the boys like it fast?”

“No baby, that’s just fine what you are doing. Do you want a closer look? Kneel down in front of me so that it’s at your eye level.”

She did as asked and I looked down at her slowly stroking my cock and studying it with almost an intense stare. “Oh baby,” I gasped “you are making me cum, I can’t hold back much longer.”

She took hold with both hands now and upped her pace as she looked directly into my eyes. “Let me see it dad, I want your cum all over me now. I want to see it squirt and I want to feel it on me.”

That did it and however much I wanted to prolong this, I couldn’t hold back any more and a long streak of cum shot from my cock spraying right over her head with some of it landing in her hair and on her face and splattering her arms and titties. Looking at her face and watching her gasp I’m sure she came right then with me and my cock shot spurt after spurt onto her in what I’m sure was the biggest cum of my life and still she kept milking my cock, squeezing the cum from it.

“Oh that’s good, it feels so hot on me and there’s such a lot. I’ve never done this before dad but can I taste it?” without waiting for a reply she put her mouth over the head and sucked the last few drops of cum from it murmuring as she did so. “This tastes nice dad. Do you like this too? The boys keep asking me to do it but I won’t, at least I won’t let them cum in my mouth so I’ve never tasted it before.”

Looking down at my teenaged step-daughter covered in my spunk and sucking on my cock as she continued to wank it I could hardly believe what had happened but at the same time, I wanted more and figured I needed to please her too so that she would want more as well.

“Now it’s your turn baby, so just lie back and let me make you feel good too.” I eased her onto her back and parted her legs to reveal a neat little pussy with trimmed downy hair gently oozing her fluid between the lips. “Oh, that is so beautiful!” Taking hold behind her bent knees I gently raised her butt off the floor to give me better access to this virginal slit and I lowered my head to it, inhaling the saltiness of her juices as I nuzzled into her hair.

Clamping my mouth over her pussy I began to gently slide my tongue along the length of her lips, drinking in her wetness and twirling the tip of my tongue on her little clit which responded immediately and hardened in my mouth. It took me back to the years of my youth when tasting young pussy – it is so much different to a mature one and there is a certain sweetness blending in with the salty taste.

She was now bucking her hips up to my face and I could tell she was getting near her orgasm so I slid my finger into her and gently swirled it around in her hot moist tunnel which contracted on me as she started to cum. She felt so hot and tight as her pussy walls rippled and rhythmically gripped me. My cock was hard again by now and I could feel it throb against the floor but I was too preoccupied with Cassie’s gorgeous pussy to pay it any attention.

I kept licking and sucking on her as I swirled my finger around in her and she tripped through orgasm after orgasm letting little mewling sounds escape from her at each spasm.

I raised my eyes and looked up along her body as she rocked her head from side to side and she clenched and unclenched her fists. Peering up across that firm flat belly I watched her pert little titties shudder and shake along with her movements. They stood neat and proud like little cones with hard bright pink nipples and I slid my finger from her and reached up with both hands to knead and fondle these lovely mounds. They felt so good and firm and her nipples scratched across my palms like little hard nodules as I stroked them in long slow circles.

“Oh Cassie, you are so beautiful and you taste wonderful! But my cock is bursting again. If I slide around will you stroke it for me once more?”

“Dad this feels so good but now you just lie back and I’ll stroke your cock for you again. You can lick me some more later.” She eased herself from beneath me and rolled me onto my back as she knelt alongside me. She reached out and took hold of my rigid cock again and with an incredibly light touch she began to stroke the length of the shaft. Pre – cum started to ooze from the tip and dribble down onto the back of her hand and she giggled as she bent forwards to lick it from me. Her tongue twirled around the head of my cock as her hand worked the length of the shaft.

he purred “can I put it in me?”

I nearly choked when I heard this “Cassie, I’d love to put it inside you but do you think you would be OK to take it?

“I don’t know dad, but I want to try. This has been so good and that must be even better.”

“OK Cassie but you need to take charge now. You squat over me and guide me in. That way you can go at your own pace and if it hurts too much you can stop.”

She nodded and hoisted her leg across me so that she was squatting over my cock and then she held it rigid below her with one hand whilst parting her pussy lips with the other and lowering herself onto the head of my cock. Immediately I felt her heat on me as she slowly lowered herself an inch or so at a time before pausing and grinning at me as if to say ‘See, I told you I could do it’.

The feeling was sensational. She was well lubricated but still superbly tight on my cock as she began to slide down its length. I expected her to give up and say it hurt too much but I clearly underestimated her and the pleasure she was experiencing overtook any discomfort. She paused and I looked down to see just about three more inches of cock still protruding from her. “This feels so good dad. I’ve never felt as full as this before and it’s so much better than a finger or anything else I’ve put in there. I’m going to get it all in now.”

With that she dropped hard down onto me and I felt my cock slam in her to the hilt as the head bashed against her cervix and she just sat there laughing at me for a few seconds before starting to rock on my rigid pole, feeling it throb inside her.

“Steady Cassie, steady or you will make me cum in you and we don’t want that.”

“Yes I do, I want to feel it in me.”

“No baby, not this time. Next time I’ll put a condom on and then I can cum in you but it’s too risky without. Just let’s enjoy the feel for a few minutes then I’ll have to pull out before I cum.”

“Oh!” she complained then brightened up “OK but promise to cum inside me next time!”

“I promise sweetheart. Now let me take over” and I rolled her onto her back, not moving my cock from its place wedged high up in her, and I lifted her legs up and placed her ankles over my shoulders.

“Oh this feels so good dad, it’s so deep in me now.”

“Yes baby, it does feel good and now we are going to fuck a little.” So saying I began to slowly slide in and out of her. She still gripped me like a little virgin but now I knew different and she had lost that some time ago. I reached beneath her and began to stroke her puckered little asshole and she began bucking like crazy on me. The sensations she brought nearly caused me to blow my load there and then but I didn’t dare. Gradually though, the intense feeling took over and I could hold back no longer.

“Here it comes Cassie, God damn, I’m cuming now! Fuck yes!” I pulled out from her hot little hole and began pumping my cock over her, shooting thick streams of spunk across her belly and over her tits and she raised herself on her elbows to watch it shoot. I don’t think I’ve ever seem her smile as broadly as she did then. Like she would do on Christmas mornings when she opened her presents.

My cock was still slick with her juices as I drained the final dribble of cum from it and laying down beside her we both just looked up at the ceiling as we gasped back our breathing. After a few minutes I knew we had to move or my wife would be home soon and catch us like this.

“OK baby,” I finally said better get yourself in that shower before your mom comes home and I’d better get some clothes on. There isn’t time for us both to shower so I’ll just quickly wash off but you have my cum all over from your head to your toes and that would never do for mom to see.”

We both laughed at the idea and she started to rise from the floor in agreement with what I’d said. As she stood alongside me I looked up at those gorgeous downy curls and just couldn’t resist again and I reached up and wrapped my arms around her hips and plunged my tongue into her still open hole and savoured the flavour of her juices once more before letting her get in the shower.

As I moved towards the door she called over to me with an impish grin on her face forget your promise! Next time you said you’d cum inside me!”

“Oh I won’t forget baby!” and I knew I wouldn’t as I made a mental note to be sure and buy some condoms tomorrow.

story by: jimfox

Tags: fiction male/teen female consensual sex sex story

Author: jimfox

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