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A shabby-looking guy enters a pub and sees a pretty young blonde sitting at a corner table. Seeing her all alone, he goes up to and says "Hey baby, you wanna have a good time with me?" She looks at him disgustedly and tells him to get lost. The next day he sees her again and walks up to her. Before she can dismiss him he says "Now wait a minute, I've come here to show you a most amazing trick…I bet you a hundred bucks that I can bite my left eye with my teeth!"
"Ha, get outta impossible!" the blonde exclaims.
"Any bets!" the guy persists.
"OK, 100 bucks…" she concedes.
The man wordlessly removes his false left eye, bites it and puts it back in its socket. Amazed, the girl gives him the money. The next day he comes back again, finds the girl there and tells her, "Today I've come to show you another amazing trick!"
What's it this time?" the girl asks warily.
"This time I bet you two hundred bucks that I can bite my right eye also with my teeth!" The blonde ponders for a while. She realises hell, this guy is not blind so there's no way he can have two false eyes…of course he's making an impossible claim!
"OK, 200 bucks!" she declares confidently.
The man triumphantly takes out his false teeth, bites the right eye and puts his teeth back in his mouth. Defeated, the girl gives him the money once more. The day after, he comes back yet again, finds the blonde and says, "I have yet another amazing trick to show you!" The girl is quite firm this time: "Now way, Jose! Thanks to you I've lost my whole week's wages…I can't afford any more bets or I'll have nothing to eat!"
The guy replies "Yes, I have thought of that, therefore this time we shall bet only one dollar!"
The girl is intrigued. "OK, what's the bet?"
The guy says "I bet you one dollar that I can screw you without taking your panties off!"
The girl thinks hey, how can he do that? "OK, the bet's One dollar…!" So they both go upstairs. The guy throws the blonde upon the bed, pulls down her panties, screws her, gives her a dollar saying, "Sorry, I've lost this time!" and walks away…

story by: The Porn Joker

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Author: The Porn Joker

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