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Let me tell you about my problem that began a few years back. The problem was my 16-year-old stepdaughter. She was a little less than 5’ tall, weighed around 85 lbs., and was slim with long black hair. Before the accident she was a sweet, pleasant child. Now due to psychological and physical injures caused by an automobile accident in which her mother was killed, she has undergone a complete personality change. She became the most unpleasant human being I have ever known and almost unbearable to live with. She had all the social skills of a spoiled six-year-old child. She was nasty, angry and completely uncooperative. She spent about 18 hours a day in front of the TV and had a screaming fit if I suggest she do anything else. Every time I displeased her, she ducked her head and came at me scratching and screaming. The shrinks said she needed love and acceptance. How can you show love and acceptance to someone like that? She had placed me in a ‘Catch 22’ situation in that I had too much money for the state to pay to have her institutionalized but not enough to pay for it myself. Although I was married to her mother for less than a year, I was her nearest relative and as far as the court was concerned I was her guardian and she was all my />
Let me explain how all this came about. My first wife, Doris who was a realtor, found a really great old Victorian style house at a reasonable price. We bought it and began a renovation doing most of the work ourselves. It was a real labor of love. As we were nearing completion, Doris began to tire very quickly. A medical checkup showed cancer, which was too far along to do much about. I added a bathroom to a large downstairs room and tried to take care of her at home. After a while, I needed help and a social worker at the hospital found what seemed a perfect match. An unemployed nurse, who had just lost her apartment, she was a single mom with a 15-year-old daughter. They moved in and we made my wife’s last days as comfortable as we could. After Doris died it just seemed natural for Ellen to stay on and after a while we became lovers. Just six months after Doris died we were married and although there was no wild passion, we seemed to be a good match. Her daughter, Sally, seemed to accept me and did well in school. Several months ago Ellen and Sally went out to go shopping and were hit broadside by an uninsured drunk driver. Ellen was killed instantly and Sally was in intensive care for almost a month. Psychologically she never recovered and she became my problem. When she came home from the hospital, I put her in the room I had prepared for Doris when she became ill. It is a room with it’s own bathroom. I can lock her in, which I frequently do when I have to go out. I am a computer software specialist, and I work at home so she is in the same house with me 24 hours a day.

The public schools put up with her for less than a month before they sent her home for good saying she needed more than their services could provide.

In desperation, I have made a plan to try to solve the problem. Although she usually refuses have anything to do with me, when confronted and threatened with bodily harm, she generally sullenly resigns herself to going along with my wishes. I have decided to try a program of extreme discipline. After a few months of this I hope she will become submissive and obedient enough so that I can at least bear to have her in my house and maybe even go out to public places. Although I know that this is going to be completely illegal, I am desperate enough to take the chance. My only other option is murder and of course that is even more illegal.


Today, I started the training of my stepdaughter, Sally. In preparation I had installed special equipment and made certain changes in my study for the I led her into my study. I opened my desk drawer and took out two soft padded wrist restraints. In a few short moments Sally had her hands fastened in front of her.

I shoved her to a rope hanging from a pulley attached to the ceiling and tied the rope to the padded straps and pulled her wrists up and secured the rope to a tie down on a nearby wall. The look in her face expressed a look of bewilderment and fear. I tied a blindfold over her eyes. She struggled to avoid it but without effect and screamed at the top of her voice. I then picked up a pair of heavy scissors and began cutting away her blouse. When she realized what I was doing she began to scream even louder and thrash about. I switched the scissors for a heavy leather strap and after several heavy swats across her ass she was convinced to hold still and be quite. I now cut all her clothing away.

This is the first time I have ever seen my stepdaughter naked. She had a tiny but beautiful body. She had a pair of small but perfectly formed breasts, a very shapely narrow ass and long, slim legs. I have never looked at her as a sexual object before but I now realized that I have an erection.

I sat at my desk and quietly observed her for several minutes. She first tested her bonds, then panicked and gyrated wildly for a few minutes, then quieted down then cried softly.

I pulled a chair up in front of her and sat down. I went to great pains to explain what I was doing and why, all the while reassuring her that I loved her and that if she went along with this she would gain love and acceptance. But willingly or NOT she was going through the training. I told her that her training would involve bondage, humiliation, and punishment.

I pushed the chair aside and picked up a two-inch wide leather strap about two feet long. My first blow landed on her ass. The sudden shock of pain quickly brought her to life. She started screaming again, so with difficulty I shoved a ball gag into her mouth. She struggled, but I finally forced her mouth open and shoved the gag deep until her mouth was too filled to scream.

Her pain and agony intensified as I directed more blows to her body. She was soon crying but the gag frustrated her attempts to scream.

I whipped her writhing body, sometimes directing a lash to her ass, back or thighs. I even walked around her and whipped her stomach and reddening cunt with the strap a few times. This provoked an even greater response, as the blows fell on her still hairless pussy.

After a few minutes, I put the strap down. I felt drained.

I felt the bulge growing in my pants at the sight of my young ward. And it surprised me that I was enjoying it. Maybe the enjoyment came from a feeling of revenge for all the agony she had put me through during the past months or maybe I had discovered a dark side of myself that I was unaware of.

By the time I finished, Sally’s body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat. I released the bonds that held her. Sally was so weak that she couldn't stand on her own. I carried her to her bed where I sat with her till she had cried herself to sleep.

The only difference in her behavior for the next few days was that she was somewhat subdued and she avoided me when possible.


A week later I took her into my study and ordered her to strip. She just looked at me and did nothing. I yelled. Her hands trembled as they fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. One by one, the buttons were undone and the blouse was finally removed to reveal a white bra. She fumbled several times before she was able to undo the zipper to her jeans. She lost her balance as she tried to pull them down but I caught her. Finally the jeans join the rest of her clothing on the floor. Clad now only in her white undergarments, she looked pleadingly at me hoping that she could stay as she is. "Please remove ALL of your clothing.” I told her. Her eyes closed as she reached behind her to unfasten her bra. She was trembling and it took her a couple of tries to finally undo the hooks. She had a distinct tan line showing the lines of the one-piece bathing suit she wore last summer and her small breasts were white against the light tan of her body. The brown nipples were hard and sticking out from her body. She hesitated for a moment with her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and then, as though coming to a decision, she awkwardly pulled them off and hid her pussy with her hands. "Thank you.” I said, "Now please clasp your hands behind your head."

She was completely naked. I was again impressed with how attractive she is. She blushed as she obeyed my request. She was deliberately avoiding looking at me. I had her stand like that for a moment or two and watched her blush travel down to the level of her breasts as she waited, quivering, for whatever comes next. I had her put her hands back down. I took the two padded wrist restraints and fastened her hands in front of her.

I moved her to the pulley attached to the ceiling and tied the rope to the padded straps and pulled them up towards the ceiling by the pulley and secured the rope. I again tied a blindfold over her eyes, which she struggled to avoid.

Once more, I explained to her what I was doing, and why I was doing it. I again told her that this is for her own good. I explained that I loved her. But willingly or NOT she was going through the training. She started to argue so I shoved the ball gag into her mouth.

I took the strap and whipped her writhing body, sometimes directing a lash to her ass, back or thighs. She was soon screaming against the gag. I struck again and again. I continued to whip her writhing body for several minutes, directing the lash to her ass, back, thighs, stomach and cunt.

Again, I whipped her until I felt completely exhausted.

By the time I finished, Sally’s body was again covered in sweat. I released the bonds that held her and she fell to the floor. I carried her to her bed where I again sat by her till she had cried herself to sleep. I felt that tenderness and acceptance after each session is important in her training.

Unplanned SESSION 3.

A few days after the last session I asked her to wash the dinner dishes (She did this before the accident.) When I insisted, she ran to her room. I explained to her that I could NOT let her sins wait until her next training session and I was going to discipline her right then and now. I ordered her to remove her shorts and panties. I informed her that I had decided she merited 20 spanks on her ass for her behavior and then proceeded to lay her on her stomach on her bed. Then I gave her twenty hard smacks on her ass cheeks with my hand pausing in between strokes, which I counted off. At about the tenth stroke she started to sob and then cry and then quickly dried her tears but on the twentieth stroke she gave out with a short high pitched gasp of pain. I told her that I had done it for her own good. She seemed for now to have accepted the fact that I will punish her and is willing, on the surface at least, to accept the punishments. She is apparently truly sorry for arousing my anger. We shall see how she behaves in the future. My hand however turned red and hurt like hell, so much for spanking with my hands.


I ordered her to strip and she slowly obeyed. I strapped her wrists together and tied then to the rope and pulled them up towards the ceiling and secured the rope.

She hung there, no blindfold, no gag. In preparation I had inserted earplugs into my own ears. I had decided to just let her yell! My first blow landed on her left breast. I directed more blows to her body and put energy into every stroke of the strap. She was soon dancing and screaming since I had not secured her feet or used a gag. I kept whipping her writhing body, directing lashes to her ass, back and thighs. After about 10 minutes of whipping, my arm grew tired and I put the strap down. I felt emotionally drained. Sally’s body as usual by now was covered with sweat. I had decided in the beginning to always be careful not to break the skin or to bruise her. She just hung from the ropes crying. I told her that her training would involve much more bondage, humiliation, and punishment and that I was the one who decided when and how much. I released the nude girl and carried her to the couch and held her while she cried herself to sleep.


I continued the training of my ward, Sally. The day after our last session she was subdued and polite. At dinner the next day, I explained what I was doing, and why I was doing it. She seemed to understand but was reluctant to talk about it.

Just now I took her hand and lead her into my study and locked the door. I warned her that if she persisted in her unacceptable behavior, I would increase the time that she would have to spend being gagged and bound and that I would punish her for all her transgressions. I would inform her at the beginning of each session what punishment she has merited for her sins since the last session.

I ordered her to strip and she did. I had previously cleaned off a library table and moved it to the center of my study. I now asked her to lie on it face down. I then put her wrists in cuffs and secure each to a table leg. I then put her ankles in cuffs and tied them to the table legs. This stretched her legs apart and exposed a beautiful little cunt and ass.

I felt myself getting aroused as I took the strap and whipped her writhing body. She was soon screaming. After about five minutes I stopped to let her rest. I released her bonds enough to roll her over on to her back and again place her in restraints.

I stepped back and looked at this beautiful young thing strapped securely face up o the table. I looked at those beautiful breasts, quivering with each breath. I took out some fishing line and cut off some short lengths. I made a good fisherman’s knot and slipped it over her fully erect nipple. The fishing line, when tightened, closed down on her tender flesh. I pulled it tight and saw that Sally was shaking with the pain. My panting young ward started screaming again. She got so noisy that I had to jam the ball gag into her mouth. It was easier to work in the sudden quiet. I tied her other nipple in the same way. Amazing what a little bit of strategically placed fishing line could do. Sally squirmed as the line bite into her tender flesh. Finally she just laid there, her eyes partially closed, gagged and breathing heavily through her nose. Her body shook with occasional spasms. She was completely flushed and humiliated.

She hated the blindfold, but I had to use it because I don’t want her to see how aroused I got. When she saw the blindfold, she shook her head wildly straining to avoid it. I tied the blindfold over her eyes. Without further ado, I took a thin leather strap and swung it down on her upper legs. I noticed her thighs were becoming very red. She was in very obvious pain. I then begin gently slapping the end of the strap against her pussy. I struck very gently at first to try to make the sensation pleasant. The strokes, however, become steadily stronger and stronger. Her pussy was turning red and her whole body felt warm. The final stroke was a hard one and she jerked. I reached into a nearby jar of ointment and took a small dab on one finger. Holding her pussy lips apart with one hand, I applied the ointment directly onto her clit. The ointment tickled a bit and she started to involuntarily move her hips. The tickle on her clit has now become hot. The ointment was made from hot peppers. She started to squirm uncontrollably. She moaned continuously into her gag and struggled to free her hands. Finally, without anyone touching her she experienced an orgasm. The orgasm continued for what seemed forever as she screamed into the ball gag and squirmed on the table.

I could no longer control myself. I pinched and prodded her clit my fingers. I felt her body shudder. I rubbed the hairless lips of her cunt, which by now were very wet, and my rubbing and pinching had slowly pushed her toward another orgasm she was softly moaning with pleasure, and moved her hips against my thrusting hand. I slipped a finger into her tight hole while my other hand rubbed her clit and fingered her pretty pink lips. She was soon moving against my hand, and my fingers kept on working while her cunt flooded my hands with juice. I kept working on her cunt till she had finished coming. The force of her orgasms seemed to have drained her. She now lay very limply on the table. All resistance was gone from her body.

I couldn't control my lust any longer. I pulled my stiff dick out of my pants and jerked off watching the bound and blindfolded young girl shiver and groan. It wasn't long before I came and I had to turn around to keep from shooting my come all over her. I was shaking with lust.

I left her bound, blindfolded, and gagged for several more minutes before carrying her to her bed. She seemed to be asleep and never responded.

Unplanned SESSION 6

Sally was doing so well that I decided to take her with me while I shopped for groceries one morning. She begged for some junk food snacks. She had done fairly well since her last training session so I said, “O.K., This will be a reward for your good behavior.” At her insistence I bought her enough to last till the next shopping trip.

At supper that evening she said she did not feel well and did not want to eat. I checked the kitchen and discovered all the snacks were missing. She finally admitted that she had ‘pigged out’ and eaten all the snacks at one sitting.

"Come with me.” I said and she followed me upstairs to the bathroom. Sally looked scared because she didn't know what was going to happen. I took out a large red enema syringe and Sally seemed not know what it was.

"First I’m going to clean you out and then you'll be punished." I filled the basin with warm water and a little liquid soap then sat down on a little chair. I said, "Off with your clothes!" Sally was looking at the floor but she didn't hesitate. As soon as she was completely naked, she came over to me and stood in front. She was so scared she was trembling. I had Sally get on her knees facing away from me. With my hands I spread her legs apart. With her white bottom and almost no pubic hair, the view was fantastic. I took some Vaseline on my finger and slowly worked it way up into her very tight bottom. She tried to close her legs but I told her to keep them open. I kept moving my finger in and out until her bottom was slippery. Then I took the enema syringe and filled it from the basin of warm soapy water.

My hand moved beneath her to adjust the nozzle so it is touching the center of her anus. The hard long thick enema nozzle moved slowly but relentlessly into her bottom. She gasped at the sensation as the unyielding intruder slid further and further into her body. She was breathing in short ragged breaths and her whole body was trembling by the time the enema nozzle stops moving. She was fully impaled by it. Her ass was stretched uncomfortably wide and she was filled totally. I saw Sally's toes curl as it went all the way in. Then I squeezed the red bulb and the water went into her and she let out a little moan as she felt the warm water gushing into her. I pulled the nozzle out and filled it and emptied it into Sally's bottom two more times. Her abdomen was very tight with the water of the enema. After watching this beautiful creature in fantastic discomfort for a few minutes, I let her go to the toilet.

When Sally had finished, I took her to the training room still completely naked. "Please turn around and bend over,” I said. I strapped her wrists behind her back and tied them to the rope dangling from the pulley in the ceiling and pulled it up tight and tied it off. This pulled her hands up high behind her causing her to bend over and come up onto her toes.

I told her that if she were quiet, I would not use the gag. A hard long thick vibrator moved slowly but relentlessly into her bottom. She gasps at the sensation as the vibrator went further and further into her body. She was fully impaled by it. Her ass was stretched uncomfortably wide and again she was filled totally.

I felt the bulge growing in my pants as my eyes took in the sight of my stepdaughter. Her bottom now had the end of a plastic butt plug sticking from it. Her strapping was about to start and I watched as I swung the nylon strap onto her helpless white buttocks. The sharp crack of it sounds again and again as she is spanked. The anal dildo in her rear now started to move slowly in and out in long full strokes. She gasped at every insertion. The dildo continued to move and she moved herself franticly trying to get away from it. Please don't whip my pussy,” begged my ward. I just smiled. The first stroke of the crop on her pussy is quick and is quickly followed by several more. I watched as the crop strikes all over the sensitive flesh. The crop was now aimed at Sally's sensitive anus and I see it strike at and around the butt plug there. Sally pulled at her bonds as she squirmed back and forth. She let herself go totally into an orgasm. Her stomach and thighs spammed again and again. Finally the anal vibrator is removed. As she felt the dildo slide out she is almost in a dream state.

I released the nude girl and carried her to her bed and tucked her in.

Two nights later I awoke to find her bed with me, naked, with her hands on my penis. She begged me to fuck to her. I had known from the beginning that this would happen sooner or later but I wanted it to occur when I was in control. This situation was good, however, because she now would think it was her decision. I told her, and put her back in her own bed.


The training of Sally continued. She was more submissive than before and on the surface seemed eager to please me. As a sign of her submission I have made her agree to voluntarily place herself in bondage and to agree to accept the number of strokes I decide necessary for her />
She thought the strokes were for her and did NOT suspect that they were really to break her spirit. More stringent bondage sessions and more with the whip are going to be necessary before she will have reached the point of instant unquestioning obedience to me.

The previous week I worked on the library table in my study and had made some special alterations to it. It was ready to be tested.

I directed her into my study and told her to strip and she obeyed. I had placed the customized library table in the center of my study. I now asked her to lie on it face up. I then proceeded to put her wrists in cuffs and secured each to a table leg. Then I put her ankles in cuffs and secured them to the table legs, which stretched her legs apart.

I took out the same pieces of fish line that I had previously used on her. I made the fisherman’s knots and slipped them over her erect nipples. I pulled them tight and saw that Sally squirm as the line bite into her nipples. She just laid there, her eyes partially closed. She was breathing heavy and fast and was completely flushed.

I started turning a crank on the side of the table. She seemed startled by the movement as the surface under her begins to shift. The lower end of the table spread apart. It pulled her legs open thus spreading open her anus and pussy.

I had removed my pants and underclothing. She was startled when she saw my cock. It was monstrously erect. It is eight inches in length with a girth equal to her wrist. She gave a shudder of apprehension.

I released her ankles from their bonds. I ran my hands down her legs, grabbed her ankles and pulled her calves onto my shoulders. I took my cock in my hand and moved forward a bit, and then let it smack down onto her abdomen. I felt it throbbing there, the purplish knob just barely short of her navel.

I backed up until I could push the tip of my stiff prong between her legs, and then wedged it against her slippery pussy lips.

My arms curled around her legs and gripped her hips. I put one hand on my cock, to guide it and with the fingers of the other hand spread her pussy lips as much as possible.

I began pushing into her.

The sound was forced from her mouth as she felt her cunt being wedged open by the hard, thick cock. Her tight pussy was resisting.

I pushed half the glans into her and stopped. My hands moved her hips from side to side, stretching her small hole against my dick. When I pushed again, She jerked her arms and hissed loudly as the knob finally popped into her.

I tightened my grip on her hips and began pulling her onto my shaft. Sally screamed uncontrollably as I went deeper and deeper. I felt her heat as I probed into her tight wet depths. She gasped when I touched bottom and I immediately began pulling her off my cock, till only the head was still in her.

More quickly, I pulled her onto my wide prick. She squirmed with pain as it probed her, pressing her to her limits and then a little more.

I slowly sank the full length of my cock into her.

Sally screamed with lust. Her legs were bent back to her shoulders and her pelvis was arched up to receive me as deeply as possible. I felt my balls land on her upturned ass cheeks and the base of my cock pressed into her stretched labia. It felt as if my glans was embedding itself in her stomach. My cock possessed her.

She'd done everything she could to hide how much it was hurting. She was totally mine.

I began pumping in and out of her. Slowly, at first, then with faster strokes, I worked my meat in her tight, convulsing cunt. I could feel the juice squirting out of her with each withdrawal, and feel the pressure inside her tummy with each insertion.

My thrusts took on more urgency and I felt my prick swelling even more inside her, testing the containment of her tight, clenching cunt.

I could feel the surge swell the length of my prick and then I was jammed to the bone inside her, moaning with release as I poured in her. Feeling my throbs, hearing my rumble of pleasure, she thrashed up at me even harder as I impaled her with my spurting cock.

Just as I felt my balls stop their jerking where they lay in the shallow furrow of her ass, I raised myself on trembling arms. She pulled her legs back and wider, free of my arms, as I knelt up. My cock had lost its stiffness and was slowly shriveling inside her.

I reached back and released her hands then raised her legs straight up and pulled them together, then slowly lowered to one side. I bent enough to get one forearm under her butt and hoisted her 85 pounds off the table. Keeping our genitals joined, I rolled her over onto her stomach and drew her to me with a grunt of pleasure.

I had one hand caressing her back, between her shoulder blades. The other was resting on her butt. I moved my finger to her slick anus and probed. She groaned and pulled away from me.

I withdrew the finger from her ass and I squeezed her buttocks. "Yeah, one day soon."


She has come full circle psychologically. She now freely admits that she wanted the sessions to continue and to be punished by me. She also admits that the sessions aroused feelings of 'being special' and newly felt pleasurable desires. I felt it is perfectly normal for this to occur. I wanted her to want and expect bondage and discipline. Put a young girl without any experience of sex in an environment of strict bondage and severe discipline, and she should eventually respond by learning to get turned on with pain.

I called her into my study and told her to strip naked and she obeyed without any sign of resistance. I asked her to lie on the customized library table face up. I then proceeded to put her wrists and ankles in cuffs and secure each to a table leg. Her legs were stretched apart. I then attached the fish line to her nipples.

I next reached down and picked up my newest acquisition, two long, shiny steel dildos, each about ten inches long. They were thick and could be held in place by a special leather harness. I slipped the harness around her waist and between her legs. It was designed to hold cunt and ass probes securely in their slippery holes. After I secured the harness, I was ready to ram the steel dildo into her pussy. I rubbed the dildo's head around her cunt lips for a moment and smiled to see Sally's cunt start to juice from the metallic caresses. Sally just lay there waiting, waiting for the pain/pleasure that was sure to come. Her nipples and breasts must have been in agony from the fish line.

She was totally stuffed, like a Thanksgiving turkey, by the large metal dildos in her. Her tenderest membranes were swollen and red. I took the strap and whipped her, sometimes directing a lash to her ass, back or thighs. She soon screamed against the gag. I struck again and again. I whipped her writhing body for several minutes, directing the lash to her ass, back, thighs, stomach and cunt. Sally was looking groggy, with a dazed look in her eyes. She was wearing out quickly. The pain was driving her beyond the edge and she knew she couldn't take much more.

SESSION 9 the reward

It is Saturday evening and we have just finished a fabulous meal. The meal was a reward for good behavior. She has done so well for the last few weeks that I have trouble finding excuses for her training. I even talked her into wearing a skirt and blouse to replace her cutoffs and T-shirt

"Come on.” I said, "Let's go play." She gave me a coy, little-girl smile. "Yes Sir.” She said. She followed me meekly into her bedroom. She isn't sure quite what to expect as I have made the evening an experience of the unexpected.

I have arranged her room with candles. Very tenderly I removed her clothing, kissing each part of her as it comes into view. First her blouse drops to the floor and she felt my hot breathe as I kissed her neck and shoulders. She moaned softly as I gave her a gentle bite. I stand behind her and she leaned back against me as I reached around to undo the front clasp on her bra. My hands moved softly across her smooth skin, stroking it and moved in ever-smaller circles toward her already hard nipples. My hands moved lower now, stroking her belly. My fingers opened the clasp to her skirt. It fell away from her revealing pale blue silk panties. I looked to see us reflected in the full-length mirror.

Her small body was stretched out as though attached to me. I slowly sank to my knees behind her and slid her panties down her legs. She stepped out of her panties, now naked before me. My hands guided her to the bed laying her face down. She felt my hands touch her feet. They are drenched in warm oil. Starting at her toes, I slowly moved all the way up her legs to her bottom. Over and over I rubbed her legs until all the knots are out. This was totally unexpected but wonderful. From her legs, I moved up and start massaging her bottom.

Now my hands massaged her back in long, strong strokes from the small of her back all the way to her neck. By the time I have done with her back, she is almost asleep. She offers no resistance when I turned her over to begin on her front. I started with her temples and moved down her face. The massage continues down her body, firmly massaging her arms and fingers and then moved back up to her chest. The hot oil was softly worked into her breasts and nipples and then my hands moved lower down to her belly and finally she felt her legs being spread apart to receive the last of the massage and oil on the lips of her pussy. The whole process has taken perhaps an hour, maybe less. I hold up several silk scarves. " I am going to use these on you I said.

"O.K.", she whispers. My hands are very gentle as they tie her wrists to the head of the bed. One scarf becomes a gag and her mouth opens wide to offer herself submissively to it. Now that she was truly helpless. I felt her pussy starting to get very wet. I sit down beside her and begin playing with her slippery nipples.

I dripped more hot oil on them and began rubbing it in. I slipped a fish line loop over her nipple and tightened it. She moaned at the sensation. The other nipple was pulled and pinched as I attached the fish line to it. My hands gently opened her legs and her knees were now tied wide apart thus exposing her wet pussy lips. My fingers pulled her tender pussy lips wide apart to further expose her. Do you want me to use a vibrator Sally?" I turned on the toy and began touching her hot, oiled body with the humming instrument. I started at the inside of her bound knees and worked my way upward.

Soon she was straining to be touched directly on her pussy but didn’t happen. I touched her all over, first her belly, next her breasts, then the nipples and finally back to her upper thighs but it is a long time before she felt the vibrator right on her clit. I can't leave it there long because it will only take a moment for her to come and I want it to last longer. It seemed like an eternity for Sally as her body writhes in its bonds seeking relief.

Finally, she opened her eyes to see that my clothes are now on the floor and I am sporting an erection that is, to say the least, impressive. I untied her and walked her to my study, and reattached her bent over with hands tied behind and up to the ceiling. Her legs wide apart which left her completely accessible to me.

I moved in behind holding a small leather strap. I swung the leather against that beautiful butt. The first few strokes are very light but soon I was smacking her in sharp stinging strokes. The spanking seemed to turn her on. My hand rubbed her firm bottom and felt the heat rising from it. One then two of my fingers moved into her dripping pussy to wet them and then they move further behind to lubricate her tight bottom.

She reached up on her toes and moaned behind the silk gag as my fingers went particularly deep. I was standing behind her and I felt the tip of my massive hard-on nudging against her pussy. I slowly moved my fingers deep into her butt and she moved forward and bounced back and impaled herself on my cock. I controlled the rhythm now as my fingers slide in and out of her rear pushing her harder and harder forward then let her fall back onto my cock. I removed my fingers and a large metal dildo quickly replaced them. Now she is filled as never before.

My large organ filled her pussy completely while the dildo filled her bottom. I heard the hum of the vibrator as it started sliding in and out. The dildo and I started thrusting in a perfect rhythm. It pulled out as I pushed in then visa versa. I felt my body tighten in the beginning of my orgasm. I felt both your pussy and ass tighten as your orgasm started from the depths of your belly and flowed outward. She cried out hard against the gag, letting herself scream as we begin coming

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    I have always had a fanticy to see my wife with another man, but she would not have any of this. Said I was sick and preverse. We had a good marrage, but over the years, we needed some sparks, I had tried everything I knew, but no cigar. A new masage parlor opened up in town, one of those upscale expensive types. Sauna, jacusie, Roman outfit kind of place. Not my cup of tea, but my wife enjoyed it...

  • Tami

    we usually go to the local club each wed nite. she usually dont have to work on thursday so she can recooperate she says. the club usually has a pool tournament, however this nite there were few there and no one wanted to play pool. they all were there for the texas holdem poker. tami and i began to play pool. tami was dressed in a very short dress, black thigh highs and boots. each time she bent over to...

  • Watching my wife get fucked for the first time

    I have always been a very horney guy. My wife on the other hand is fairly reserved althought she loves getting her pussy licked and really gets into it once she is hot. I have always been a little kinky and kept pushing my wife to be more advernitious. Last month I finally talked her into going to an adult bookstore with me in Louisville. She had never been to one and was emparresed to go but i finally convinced...

Gang bang with Jackie

My girlfriend’s Mum

A stranger in town

Hard persuading my wife

Stopping by for a drink with friends

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