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This a short story that happened to me years ago, but i still remember it as if it happened yesterday. After all, not every day do you get to fuck 2 hot chicks in the school building.

It was the beginning of a new school year. There was this retarded policy at my high school, that changed the people in your class every year.I woke up early that day, so I ran. When I came to school and was directed towards my homeroom class. As i entered i quickly scanned the room and saw some familiar and unfamiliar faces. Among them in the back, was sitting an incredibly hot blond girl, whose name i found out to be Jessica. The Classroom was packed and when i asked my teacher where to sit, she answered:

a seat next to Jessica over there, why don't you sit there"

YES! I kept thinking. A great way to start off the school year. I sat down next to her and said hi. She answered with a very enthusiastic "Hey there!" and smiled. Again i had noticed her beautiful face and accidentally made a quick glance at her ass. I gotta tell you, it wasn't any worse than her face. And her breasts, oh my god, i just wanted to pull her shirt off and squeeze them and do all sorts of things to them.

Before i knew it, my cock up and the only thing that kept it from coming out of my pants, was the rough material of my Jeans. Praise whoever invented jeans.

As the day progressed, i found that me and Jessica had 3 classes together. 1st period, 4th period and 6th period. We also had the lunch period together, but that didn't really count. First period, i was lucky enough to be put next to hear. Fourth period, math, i was sitting in front of her. Not bad. Sixth period really sucked, because i was on the other side of the room.

For the first few weeks nothing exiting really happened, but sometime around the 3rd or fourth week into the school year i found that she was often taking glances at me. Whenever i would look at her she would smile, and i smiled back, trying to make a good impression. Sometimes we talked about things like sports and movies. This continued until one day she tapped my shoulder during math class (Fourth Period) and passed me a note. She was smiling as she did so, with one of her nails in her mouth. As i opened the note, i was careful not to get any attention form other people in the class or the teacher. What i read both shocked, surprised and made me the happiest guy alive. The note said:

closet on the third floor, the one next to the science lab, Today during lunch"

Below that she drew a heart. A thousand things raced through my head, some of them being or "No fucking way". Either way, i was about 90% sure that she wanted some. WITH ME!!

The two periods i had to wait for it where some of the longest and most agonizing in my life. MY cock was once again screaming to come out. Wild fantasies were running through my head, and on some occasions, i found my hand reaching for the zipper in my jeans. Of course i stopped myself, for two reasons. One – I was in School. And two – I had a feeling i was going to get a lot more that lunch period.

When the time finally came, me and Jessica (We both have the same 6th period) walked out of the classroom, not saying a word to each other. As we walked i kept making glances at her perfect round ass, her tits and her face. I was certain that she noticed, but all she did was giggle or smile in response. When we finally arrived at the closet, we waited until there were no people around (It took a whole five minutes, at that time it seemed like forever!) and both entered the closet.

I turned the light on and Jessica locked the door behind her. Before i knew it, she wrapped her arms around me and we started kissing. She had really nice lips and was very good at it. A few seconds after we started her tongue was wrapped around mine. This lasted for about a minute until she reached with one had for the zipper of my pants, and began to slowly unzip it. As she did, she was surprised to find how quickly my cock had slipped out of my pants.

"You horny son of a bitch" She said

She grabbed my cock with one hand and put it inside her mouth. It was unbelievable. She moved her tongue around with such grace, it was like heaven. She was jerking my cock off and she working her magic with her lips. It felt really good. I felt a warm feeling in my stomach. At some points i couldn't resist giving out a moan because of how good it felt. Her warm mouth had engulfed my cock and it was the best feeling in the world. Without hesitation i shot a load into her mouth, but she continued blowing me. After about another minutes, my cock was out of her mouth, but her hand sitll on it, jerking back and forth.

"Fuck me, I want you to fuck me" She said

I didn't need to be told anything else as i quickly took her shirt off and then unclipped her bra. Even without it, she had perfect breasts that i took a few moments to squeeze. My cock was still in her hand, i felt another load coming soon. She stood up and pulled her jeans off. She let go off my cock and took a quick moment to pull off her panties. She had a shaved pussy. My cock was raging furiously. She turned around, bent over and started teasing me. Without hesitation, i slid my cock into her pussy, and started pushing. She was so wet and warm. As i pushed i realized that she wasn't a virgin. honestly, i didn't expect her to be. With looks and a body like that, hell it could've been gone since like the 6th grade. As i pushed i felt intense pleasure in my dick and i was going in and out, her muscles squeezed together and made it feel even better. As i was ready to pull my cock out, she without any hesitation, turned around and out it inside her mouth. She started sucking on it. When i finally ejaculated, i felt her mouth become filled with sperm, but she kept blowing. This was one tough bitch. Finally, i pulled my cock out and was surprised to see that she swallowed all the cum.

Just then, we heard the bell ring. We put our clothes back on and before i was ready to leave she said to me:

"Again, tomorrow, Again. I'll bring a friend over"

If my day wasn't going good enough already, this made me even happier.

I couldn't wait until tomorrow.

story by: Sector100

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Author: Sector100

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