Housekeeper 3

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Even after a couple of days I still couldn't quite believe what had
happened at work. I still had a fire in my pussy from the encounter with
John, and I dreamed every night about him. There were so many questions
now, could I still work for him? Would he still want me to work for him?
Would I still feel as free there as I had? And so on…
The next day was Monday, and I was due to go back and resume work
for another week, but how would I do it? I decided to go back as if
nothing had happened, then see what the situation was. So I got ready
bed, feeling that fire, at the last minute taking off my pajamas,
sliding between the sheets naked. The memory of John's mouth on my
nipples made them stand out at attention, waiting for my hands to carress
them. Although it wasn't the same, My hands made my tits tingle, begging
to be rubbed, and I willingly acted on the impulse. I crushed them in my
hands, rubbing hard, then rolled my nipples between my fingers, sending
waves of pleasure through my body. As I squeezed and rubbed, I could
feel my pussy getting wetter and starting to ache with desire. While I
did this, my thoughts centered on the memory of John's touch, increasing
my heat, the pulsing in my pussy rising. I started running my hands up
and down my body, each time they came to my breasts giving a squeeze, and
a twist to my nipples, bringing me to a crashing climax, my whole body
quivering in spasm.
As I lay there, I still felt empty, but had nothing to satisfy my
desire, eventually falling into a dream filled sleep, thoughts of John
and his body whirling through my mind.
The morning came finally, and I wandered through breakfast and
getting ready for work. As I got into my car, I took a deep breath,
saying to myself: "Just take it one step at a time. He might not even
be there, or he might be busy with work, you never know…"
Upon entering John's house, I noticed a note addressed to me on the
hall table with a boquet of flowers. I dreaded reading the note, as I
picked it up, but as I read I relaxed. It said he loved our time the
other day, that he wanted to have me keep working for him, and that we
should talk about the consequences of our changed relationship. It
closed by saying that he would be out for most of the day, and that we
could talk when he returned.
Holding the note in my hand, I looked out the window at the pool,
with the sun streaming over it and reflecting on the ripples on it's
surface. "Well" I said to myself, "I guess I had better get to work
then", and started in. I kept my clothes on, not wanting to get caught
in a position like last time without talking with John first. The day
went by uneventfully, and I finished my work, but there was no sign of
John yet, so I went out to sit by the pool.
The heat baked right through me, and as I lay there, I just couldn't
resist undressing some. So I took my blouse and pants off, feeling the
sun on my exposed skin. I thought about what John would think if he saw
me like this when he returned, and started feeling the desire to be
totally naked when he did. Then I took off my bra and thong, and dove
into the water, feeling the water rush over my body like thousands of
tiny hands caressing my skin. This made the heat start rising again, and
I began caressing myself as I relaxed by the side of the pool. My
fingers strayed to my pussy, rubbing the folds of my lips, letting my
finger slide into my slit, then up to flick my clit. My other hand
started working on my breast, massaging it and pulling on the nipple.
This attention quickly put me over the edge, giving me a beautiful,
if not overly strong orgasm. I leaned back against the edge of the pool
while I recovered, then swam a couple of laps around the pool. I got
out, lay down and let the sun dry my body as I thought once again of John
and our time together.
I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, was John's
hand running over my hair and down my back, continuing down my ass and my
leg to my foot. Then it began moving up the inside of my leg, and I moved
my other one giving his hand room to go wherever it would. It ran up my
thigh, to my crotch, till it touched my lips, then ran up my ass crack,
and up my back to my neck. I turned over to look at him, and as our eyes
met, the now familiar rush of passion swept through me. I put my hands
on his face, feeling his skin, then moved them back over his hair, down
his neck, to his chest, feeling his muscles through his shirt. I began
unbuttoning it, exposing his chest hair, black, mixed with a little gray,
thinking how odd it was that I should be attracted to a man of his age.
But as I pulled his shirt off, and he ran his hands over my skin, my
arms, shoulders, then lightly touching my breasts, all thoughts of age
fell from my mind and the inner animal took over sending shock waves
straight to my pussy.
As my arousal increased, so did my desire for John to be naked with
me. I undid his pants and slid them down his legs, freeing his cock to
bob in front of me. I sat up on the chaise, wrapped my fingers around
the shaft, and felt it throb to my touch. A drop of precum appeared on
the tip, and I licked it off, then, licking my lips, pushed the tip into
my mouth, sliding my tongue down the shaft as I engulfed it in my hungry
mouth. Then I opened my mouth and exhaled hot breath over it. Next I
closed my mouth and sucked hard, stroking it with my tongue, loving the
feel of it growing till it exploded in my mouth. John's hands grabbed my
hair as he came in me, holding my head on his cock till he was done
cumming. When he started to soften, I pulled my mouth off his cock,
stood up and gave him a big hug and a deep lingering kiss. When we broke
off, I said "I'm so glad you're here, John."
"I can tell" he said as he sat down next to me. "I thought we would
talk before we did anything like this again. But I'm certainly not /> I got on my knees in front of him and took off his shoes, socks and
finished taking off his pants. "That should make you more comfortable,
As we sat in the sun, we had our "talk", decicing neither one of us
wanted to change our living arrrangements right now, prefering to keep
our relationship the same, me working for him, he taking his trips, and
us having incredible sex whenever we felt like it. Which so far has been
each time we saw each other. Once we had this settled , we went into his
bedroom, and had another round of sex, and I finally achieved the
fulfillment I had craved all day.
As I left to go home, John reminded me again that he wanted to have
the guest bedroom ready for his friend to stay in.

story by: Samantha Wilde

Tags: fiction masturbation blowjob consensual sex male/female sex story

Author: Samantha Wilde

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