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Quick Deions
Danny- 14 year old freshman, he's white, decently averaged in height and weight, has an attraction for boys but still likes girls. He only has a mom, and a averaged sized house. He has a 6 and 1/2in dick

Matthew- He's polite, charming, and sweet. He is 11 but in the 7th grade (meaning he will turn 12 soon). He has a baby face, and extremely cute. He is also Skinny and the shortest of the three. He has a 4 and a 1/2in dick.

Tommy- He is more savy, tough, and also brave. He is also in the 7th grade and he will also turn 12 soon. He is developing he is a little chubby, but still is skinny. He has a 4in dick as well.

Part 2

Well we decided not to continue with all the fun we were having because doing anything more at this point would be down right stupid and risky too many people and adults couldn’t risk getting caught.

We washed off, a bit and, got changed. The party didn’t last much longer and I bid my farewells to both Matthew, and Tommy, but we exchanged numbers and I told them if both of them were not busy and I’ll call them to over to my house and that we could continue our fun one day.

That one day came two weeks later. School had started this week. It was a Friday, it was a half a day at school and I arrived at my House by myself, my mom left a note on the fridge “Sorry Danny, working late today, be back around 7ish okay, there’s a lot of leftover lasagna okay behave understand?

I smiled devilishly took out my cell phone and called Matthew then Tommy. I knew they also had half days because everyone had half days all around schools today. They both eventually picked up, I simply explained the situation, and how to get to my house and they were both keen, and enthusiastic to the idea, and said they’d both meet up and get to my house A.S.A.P.

I was ecstatic with the shitload of time we had today, and I prepared Matthew’s and Tommy’s visit. I undressed to my shorts, got some lube, fixed up my room and turned on my T.V. awaiting their arrivals.

Not too much longer, I heard a doorbell, checked out of my window and saw both Matthew and Tommy outside my door. I rushed downstairs and opened the door.

I welcomed them into my house, and greeted them; they smiled walked in, and said their hellos. Tommy plopped himself on couch and asked “So how much time do we got?” I said “a lot, but to be safe you guys have to be out of the house by 5:30.”
“damn that’s a lot of time.” Matthew said while taking off his shoes.

I tapped Tommy on his shoes and said “okay, c’mon let’s go upstairs.” He jumped up and both Matthew and Tommy followed me upstairs, as we were going up the stairs Tommy kidded “nice underwear.” We all laughed and approached my door, and entered.

“Okay, guys no time to waste, undress.” Matthew and Tommy took off their shirts, and pants fast and both them had no underwear on, I guess they were prepared.

Their dicks were already erect, probably from all the anticipation. I removed my shorts, and exposed myself and I was semi erect. “Hmm I guess I need to be warmed up a bit, you guy’s mind?”

They smiled, and got working, Matthew started licking the tip of my cock ever so gently, while Tommy licked the sides, and base of my cock slowly, and used a lot of salvia. Soon Matthew swallowed my entire cock, and Tommy got up laid me down on my bed and started to make-out with me.

I pierced into Tommy’s mouth with my tongue and we wrapped each other around with our tongues. Matthew had picked up pace remarkably, and made me groan, that broke my kiss with Tommy, I instinctively grabbed Matthew’s head and forced him to quicken his already blazing speed.

Tommy began to lick and touch all over my body arousing my senses greater, I had enough I closed my eyes and came inside of Matthew’s mouth. He swallowed it whole, and Tommy said “Hey, next time share!” Matthew satisfyingly replied “nah, it’s too tasty to share,” and made a face.

“Well I got ripped off; hey to make things fair, Danny, I think you need to suck my dick.” Tommy questioned I liked the idea but wasn’t so sure. “You are the one who brought up the idea returning favors remember?” Tommy continued in a cocky face. I thought “Eh, I guess he beat me there” “okay, sure I’ll do it” I said out loud.

I slowly approached Tommy’s hard as a rock dick, but I made my move, quickly and consumed his entire dick in one gulp. I tried to go fast but lack of lubrication disallowed me to suck harder so I took it out of my mouth and spat all over it.

It was a lot easier now, I was going fast but I swallowed it whole and kept in my mouth for an extended period of time, until I began to gag. I was beginning to get my flow, but something stopped me. I shocked me in pain, I was too concentrated on Tommy’s dick, I didn’t realize that Matthew approached me, and entered my ass with his cock.

I thought “these whores, they probably had this planned out, oh well at least I can try to enjoy this.” I looked over my shoulder and saw Matthew smiling.

He said “ready Danny?” I began “well since you give me no choi-” he cut me off, like I did to him early and he rammed his dick as hard as he could into my virgin ass.

I began to access the pain, feeling his thickness in my asshole, trying to adjust. Tommy didn’t let me adjust he shoved his penis into my mouth, and now Tommy was face fucking me, and Matthew was fucking me, hard.

Matthew was surprisingly relentless, pumping his hips away to fuck me as hard as possible, he then started to call me “you fucking like that don’t ya bitch?” I never knew Matthew had a dark side to him. Not really focused on the question “Fucking answer the question bitch, do you like my dick tearing up your ass?”

Actually I was loving it, and Tommy took his dick out just so I could answer. I didn’t respond, Matthew continued “Okay I guess I’ll take it out.” He did it fast, and like a knife being pulled away. I yelped, and looked at him, with much longing in my face.

“Say, that you’re my bitch, and you love my cock in your ass, slut.” He was being cruel and surely I was going to have my revenge but that was for later so I desperately answered. “I’m your bitch and all I fucking want is your big dick in my ass.” Without a moments hesitation he rammed it right back in him I was still in doggy style and Tommy presumed to face fuck me. He grinded me with all his 11 year body could produce and I rolled right with him.

Matthew was increasing his speed, to insane rate that made him turn red. I began moaned loudly “OH YES MATTHEW, I’M YOUR BITCH FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Tommy was only motivated by the intensity, and pushed his hips harder. Matthew roared and I knew he had erupted in my ass, I could feel his semen in my ass. He slowly took his dick out, and I removed all the cum that was seeping out.

Tommy soon released his load he filled the insides of my mouth with his precious cum. I looked at my Matthew, and I began to kiss him with all the cum I had in my mouth, a mixture of cum and saliva, sweet delight.
We decided to call it a day, we were all exhausted, although we had a lot of time left, Tommy and Matthew left after a quick clean up, and I reflected on such a glorious day I had experienced.

story by: The_UC

Tags: fiction young anal boy / boy sex story

Author: The_UC

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