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A story of a man who gets seduced by his 17 year old daughter ..This story starts off slow then picks up , please forgive the miss spellings and grammar .

It all started one hot summer day , Iwas sitting in the yard by the pool when my daughter shyan came out and said she wanted to go shopping for a new bathing suit and could I take her for it .
I reluctantly agreed and off we went to the mall , when we got there Shyan said she also needed
new under clothes as well .

Let me introduce myself , my name is Dave I’m 40 years old , I’m not in to bad of shape I’m 6 ft tall and around 180 lbs . blond hair on the short side , my body is pretty well built tone muscles and a six pack abs , I work out every day . I’m pretty well endowed with about 9 ½ inches . I’ve been single for around 2 years now since my wife left me and my daughter for another man . My daughter Shyan is a beautiful young woman at the age of 17 she has all the boys trying to get in her pants . She is 5ft 7in tall with blond hair down to about mid back , she has the deepest blue eyes you have ever seen , and the most sexy smile on any woman that I have ever seen , that’s probably why she always gets what she wants from me .

Shyan instructed me she wanted to go to one store imparticular , it was the new in store for all the girls her age , so she said . When we walked in the store there was a bunch of young women shopping
In the store so I got really uncomfortable real quick . Do to the fact I wouldn’t be able to keep from staring at all the young bodies standing in front of me . Shyan started to head off into one particular area of the store where they had pants and shorts and stuff like that , she started looking at some really short skirts and that’s when I noticed my daughter in a way I have never even thought of before , as a woman
And not just as my little girl . She was absolutely beautiful just standing there looking at the skirts , she chose one and proceeded to ask me what I thought , all I could do was stare into her eyes and smile .

Shyan by no means is a stupid person she new right away what I was thinking and smiled back
At me and said hold this daddy , so I did just that . After about thirty minuets she had a couple outfits chosen and said she was ready to try them on , she said daddy will you give me your honest opinion
On how they look on her , I just nodded my head in a gesture of agreement . Off she went into a changing room when she reappeared she just looked at me and said well daddy what do you think ? I just looked at her with what must have been a deer stuck in headlights look , because she just laughed and said thanks dad and walked back into the changing room . After about five different outfits she chose three and we went up to the counter to pay for the items when the cashier asked how are you paying and Shyan said my sugar daddy is paying for them . The woman just looked at me and smiled , with one of those dirty old man smiles .

After we left the mall Shyan informed me she still needed some underwear and bras , so I said sure where to ? She just said go straight and I will tell you when to stop . We drove for a couple miles and all of a sudden she said in there dad in there , I pulled into the parking lot of the store and just as I stopped my truck I realized what kind of store it was . It was one of those stores where you can buy sexy lingerie and stuff to boot .

The beginning of the end ….

Shyan just looked up at me and said , dad I know you like the way I looked in the skirts so I thought it would be nice to have something sexy to put on underneath the skirts you bought me .
I just looked at her and said ok lets go , In my mind I was saying what the hell are you thinking man this is your daughter your flesh and blood , but when she grabbed my hand and started to walk into the store all the reasoning in my body was left out in the parking lot . When we entered the store a pretty young woman walked up to us and asked if we needed some help finding anything special , Shyan just said she wanted to find something special kind of sexy to wear under her new skirts . The woman looked ate her and then me and said I think I have just what you are looking for and walked over to a table that had some sexy underwear on it , and said is this what you were thinking about ? Shyan just smiled and said yes , that’s exactly what I was thinking about . The woman said let me know if you need anymore help , or anything at all and just gave me a wink and walked away . Shyan started looking at the sexy panties and turned with a very small and sexy pair and asked , daddy what do you think will I look sexy in these ?
I damn near came in my pants looking at her holding them in front of her and asking me that .
Shyan picked out a bunch of sets of underwear and bras and headed to the changing room to try them on , five minuets latter she poked her head out and said daddy come here , nervously I walked over to the door to see what she wanted and let me tell you when I turned my head to look inside the door I almost died on the spot , my very sexy 17 year old daughter was standing there in front of me with the sexiest set of underclothes on that I have ever seen on a woman . I wanted to take her right there and fuck the shit out of her , and she knew it . She reached for my hand and pulled me into the stall with her and reached up and put her hands around the back of my neck and pulled our faces together and kissed me . I’m not saying just a little father daughter kiss but a full blown out woman and man kiss , she started to slide her tongue into my mouth and I just went right back at her grabbing her in my arms and feeling and touching her all over her body .

By now my cock was rock hard and threatening to bust out of my pants at any moment , Shyan must have realized it and pulled back and said oh sorry let me take care of that for you and bent down and undid my zipper and put her hand inside and pulled out my rock hard cock and said wow dad it’s bigger than I thought and proceeded to give me the best blow job I have ever gotten in my life she stuck the head of my cock into her waiting mouth and just moaned mmmm she started to lick the tip with her tongue , around and over the slit in my penis , that sent major shocks all the way to my toes . She started to bob her head up and down my shaft little by little taking more in with each stroke she managed to take around
7 inches in when she began to gag so I grabbed her head and held it in place and started to fuck her beautiful mouth right there in the changing stall , I couldn’t believe how good her mouth could feel , it was worm and wet and looked so sexy bobbing up and down on my shaft I thought I was in heaven , I started to feel that tingling in my balls telling me they’re going to burst soon when all of a sudden she looked up into my eyes with those beautiful blue eyes of hers and winked at me and I lost it , I began erupting in her mouth spurt after spurt of my baby making juice , she swallowed as much as she could but it was to much for her young mouth and it began to seep out the corners of her mouth . Finally my orgasm subsided and my cock was now getting soft and with a popping sound it came out of her mouth and she gave a hard swallow then used her fingers to wipe up the rest of the cum that escaped down onto her chin and stuck it right into her mouth and licked them clean .

Shyan was still kneeling when it finally hit me what had happened I looked down at her and she just smiled and said thanks daddy I’ve wanted to do that for a long time , I just managed to mumble “ no thank you “ . We came out of the changing room when we saw the woman from earlier standing there by a rack close to the changing rooms when she saw us she just said I take it he approves huh . Without saying anything else we paid for the clothes and started to leave when the woman stopped us and handed Shyan a piece of paper and whispered something into her ear and they both laughed and then we left the store .
On the way home it was quite for most of the ride I knew I had to say something but what ?
When all of a sudden Shyan spoke up . Dad , I’m sorry for what I did in there but like I said I wanted to do it for a long time now , it’s been you and me all this time and you only go out once in a while and , and . I finally interrupted her and said , Shyan it felt really nice but we can’t do that ever again it’s not right I’m your father for god sake , I am so sorry I let you do it but I couldn’t help myself when you started doing it . Shyan was quite for a while then spoke again , daddy listen up , I love you and no matter if it’s right or wrong I liked doing it for you and would do it again if you asked me to , and then she got real quite , she didn’t say another word the rest of the way home .

When we got home I asked her if she was hungry that I would make us something to eat if she wanted , she just went straight to her room without saying anything . I figured she must be upset at me for what I said , so I ordered a pizza and went and took a shower . By the time I was done the pizza had arrived and I yelled up to Shyan that dinner was here , when she came down the steps I had to look at the expression on her face she was wearing a t-shirt just long enough to cover her ass , barely mind you .
Dinner was mostly quite just a little of normal chat between a father and daughter , when we were through Shyan offered to clean up wile I go and watch the news . Around twenty minuets latter Shyan came in and said , all cleaned up daddy and gave me one of her beautiful smiles , I felt like a complete asshole for saying what I did to her . When all of sudden Shyan sat on my lap and rapped her arms around my neck and placed her head on my chest she mumbled I’m sorry daddy if I upset you earlier by the way I yelled at you in the truck , I said don’t be you only spoke the truth , I’m the one who should be sorry for saying what I did . She said , did you at least like the blowjob I gave you ?

I reached down with my right hand and lifted her face and looked her into her eyes and said ,
Honey , I loved the blow job you gave me it was one of the best I have ever received . With that she smiled again and kissed me on the lips and said she was going to go to bed . I sat there asking myself why I said that , what is going to happen next ? My god what am I thinking she is my daughter , but the image of her sucking my cock with only those sexy bras and panties on and her looking up at me while she was doing it gave me a major hard on . I shut the TV off and headed to bed myself , it was around 11:30 .
I found it hard to fall asleep thinking about what had happened and what she had said , that she would do it when ever I wanted her to , by now my cock was a raging mass of man flesh , harder than I can ever remember it being before , I knew if I didn’t take care of it I would never get to sleep .I started to stroke my cock slowly at first and picked up speed as I went , all the time thinking of her and her beautiful body kneeling in front of me sucking my cock and I blew a massive load all over the place , it felt amazing the power of the release , just from thinking of her , my daughter , my 17 year old daughter .

Sometime around 1:30 in the morning I woke up , I thought I was dreaming about Shyan sucking my cock and was hard as a rock , it actually felt like she was sucking on it right at this moment , then I realized I was awake and not sleeping and looked down and saw my daughter on her hands and knees sucking my cock deep into her throat farther than before , my god it felt amazing her wet tongue and worm mouth going to town on my pulsating member . I tried to say stop , but couldn’t get the words out of my mouth . Shyan was turned with her ass facing me but off to the side , I reached out to grab her ass and feel her warmth when I slid my hand in between her but cheeks and down to her little pussy it was hot , inferno hot , this young girl was on fire as she sucked my cock , she was dripping pussy juice all down the inside of her legs and thighs . I thought damn you and then lifted her into a 69 position , I touched my tongue to her slit and she shuddered as if telling me she liked it , I started to lick the slit between her legs
And then started to push my tongue inside her and she squealed with delight her juice was so delicious , it was the nectar of the gods , I thought I was in heaven , Shyan was moaning very loudly now and was I .

I told her to get up , she reluctantly let go of my pole and sat up forcing her pussy down into my mouth and causing her to have a orgasm , she bucked and thrusted her hips wildly , as her orgasm over took her body and screamed , oh yes daddy oh god yes I’m Cumming , I’m fucking Cumming , yes daddy don’t stop . Her orgasm started to subside when I turned her around and got between her legs placing the tip of my cock at the entrance to her love tunnel , I looked down at her and she said , fuck me daddy fuck me now . And with that I thrusted my cock forward and entered her tight wanting pussy , my god it felt so tight and wet , wetter than any woman I had ever been with . At this point I was full of lust like a wild beast pumping in and out of my young daughters pussy like a man possessed , she started moaning and screaming out yes , yes ,yes , deeper daddy , fuck my pussy fuck your little slut whore . So I did just that
I fucked her for what seemed like hours when it was actually only 20 minuets or so , I rolled her over into the doggie style position and rammed my massive cock into her tiny hole and she screamed in pain and pleasure , she orgasmed instantly and had multiple orgasms in succession . I told her I was almost ready to cum and she rolled back onto her back and grabbed my cock and put it back into her pussy and pushed down onto it and said fuck me daddy I want to feel you cum inside me , and with that I started a rhythmic pushing in and out and I felt that feeling in my balls I knew I was going to cum any second and I yelled here I cum , oh fuck baby I’m Cumming , I’m Cumming , and started to shoot my load into her wanting
hole filling her with at least 6 or 7 shots of cum , she instantly began bucking and screaming fill my pussy daddy fill me . When both our orgasms subsided I collapsed on top of her and whispered she can have me when ever she wanted , and she replied I know .
The End …

story by: darkside101

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Author: darkside101

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