Jessica's shower

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Jessica’s Shower
By Dunchad©

Jessica had been working at the Recreation Center for a few months now. She had heard about a group of guys that were close friends and always came in together to workout and attend some of the classes. One of the trainers told her that when he was in the locker room one night that all 5 of the guys were in taking a shower at the same time. The trainer had overheard them talking about a lady that they had all taken out from the Rec Center one night and ended up at one of their houses and they had had her in the best possible ways.

Every time that Jessica thought of that story she would get instantly wet and sit at the reception desk squeezing her legs together and making herself have small orgasms. At least while working here she had learned some new exercises and one of them was Kegel’s. As she sat at the desk today all five men came in. They all approached her desk and she felt an orgasm flood her body and escape out her pussy. They greeted her with a smile and stated that they all needed to renew their memberships and wanted to know if she could help out.

She smiled and was ecstatic. “Yes I would be glad to help you gentleman. Since you are renewing it is not as painful a process. Can I please see your current membership cards and I can pull your information up and get this taken care of />
The first gentleman handed her his card and she pulled up his account. His name was Randy and he had shoulder length black hair. She verified his address and contact numbers and asked for his credit card. She processed it through and handed him his card. When it was finished she had him sign all the paperwork and the receipt and told him she would have his new card ready when he left that day.

Next was Bill, he was taller then the others with shocking red hair and a small goatee. He had bright blue eyes and freckles all over his face. She did the same process with him as she with Randy and within a few minutes he had signed his paperwork and walked off to join Randy in the locker room.

Next was Henry, he was rather short, but was well built muscularly. She figured he could probably easily bunch press 300 pounds. He provided his membership card and leaned on the desk and was looking down her front trying to see more of her cleavage. As she was verifying his information she subtly pushed her chest out some so he could get a good look. She finished his paperwork and he went the way of the others.

Ted was next in line and handed over his membership card. He had striking blonde hair and seemed to be the shy quiet one of the group. He stood before her and was constantly looking away when she asked him questions. She liked that aspect and took a little longer to complete his. The last guy gave Ted some grief about taking so long and then chided him about being so shy.

The last guy was Stan, he was rather self centered and had an attitude about him that Jessica did not like. She took his card and worked as fast as she could to get him out of her face. He tried making moves on her and she just brushed him off. She figured he was probably the leader of the group and would most likely tell the others she was a snob or something.

Once she was done with him she started to make sure that everything was in the system correctly and got the new paperwork all filled out since she had them sign before hand. She made sure that their memberships remained the same and printed out the new cards for each of them. Besides getting to meet and flirt with most of them, she was also lucky enough to get a decent commission off of their renewals. She could use the commission to take care of some bills.

As the night progressed she did not think of the group much after that and had their cards sitting on her planner to hand to them as they left. As it got later she was worried that they had left and she had missed them or they forget to get the new cards. She started to do her closing check list to make sure the foyer looked emasculate and everything was in place for opening the following day. She watered all the plants and got all of her paperwork filed.

As the last of the members left the trainers started to leave too. Her friend walked by and told her that the last members were showering and they would be out soon. She looked at him and asked who they were. He confirmed that they were the five gentlemen she had renewed earlier and was day dreaming about. She was curious why they were the last ones leaving and he just shrugged his shoulder and left. She was a bit perplexed because normally one of the male trainers would stay if there were any male members left.

The trainer stopped at the door and winked at her and locked up behind himself. She suddenly felt a jolt of arousal flood through her and wondered what was going on. She decided to be bold and grabbed their cards and headed to the lockers. She walked the offices and vacant exercise rooms first and then walked quickly into the men’s locker room.

She had been in them before when she had been fooling around with one of the trainers but she didn’t really pay a lot of attention to the layout. She walked the rows of lockers and heard that the showers were still running. She made her way to the back end and peeked around a corner and saw all five men washing off the sweet and grim from their nightly exercises. She smiled sinfully and watched as they talked and fooled around like a bunch of teenagers. She was enjoying the view of them all, especially the shy one Ted.

He was not hard like most of them were, but his dick was just as big soft. She knew she would enjoy making it hard and seeing just how large it was. She was getting wetter and her nipples were starting to push against her sports bra. Her hand idly slides down her body and in between her legs. She feels how wet she is and is grateful that no one else was around to see the apparent wet spot in her shorts. She touched her clit through the spandex and must have gasped out louder then she wanted. All five guys stopped and looked right at her.

She felt her face flush with the embarrassment of getting caught. Yet at the same time she got even more excited too. She looked at all of them and smiled weakly. “I thought I had missed you guys and was going to put your new membership cards into your mailboxes.” It was a weak excuse but the quickest she could come up with.

Stan walked over to her, his cock hanging in the wind and stopped right in front of her. Looked her over and noticed her erect nipples and the growing wet spot in her spandex covered crotch. He smiled wickedly and looked over his shoulders, “Boys I think she was enjoying peeping on us.” He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around him so they could all see her ass and the wet spot from behind.

Jessica was scared at first that something bad was going to happen, but the other guys wrapped towels around themselves and told Stan to stop being an ass. He let her go but slapped her on the ass as he returned to the showers. He looked at her over his shoulder and even though she did not like him, she was turned on by him. She decided it was now or never and as the others looked at her, she removed her sports bra and exercise shorts that she wore and was standing before them as naked as the day she was born.

Her nipples got even harder and she felt her juices slide down her inner thigh. Randy and Bill were right inside the shower next to Stan and looked at each other enjoying the view. They all smiled and invited her into the showers. As she stepped in towels were dropped and Jessica looked over to see that Ted’s cock was starting to grow. She couldn’t resist and dropped to her knees in front of him and took his dick head into her mouth and started to suck it like there was no tomorrow.

The rest of the guys started to cheer and clap as Ted’s cock disappeared down her throat. He laid his hands on her shoulders and then slides them down to her chest and to her enlarged nipples. She was not large breasted like some of the others in the Center, but her adequate 36C’s were enough to get attention and with her large nipples, no man ever complained about them. As Ted’s fingers circled and squeezed her nipples she moaned over his cock and he bucked into her mouth and made her gag. He went to pull out. But she grabbed his ass and kept him in place. He could feel her breathing into his pubic hair as she sucked and swallowed his 9 inch cock.

Bill sidled up behind her and lifted her ass up off the floor and caressed her tight cheeks. She again moaned at the touch and attention and pushed her ass back towards him. He bent over and kissed then licked her cheeks which caused her to moan again, causing Ted to buck in her mouth some more. Next thing Jessica knew Bill was between her legs and was sucking on her engorged clit and puffed up pussy lips. His tongue felt great and she swallowed and sucked even harder on Ted’s dick. She swirled her tongue around his head and she could feel it swell and pulse in her mouth. She knew that he was getting close to spurting his load all over her tonsils and she pulled her mouth off of his cock some and sucked hard on the head. In a matter of minutes Ted grabbed her head and filled her mouth with cum.

She was in heaven. Her pussy was being eaten by a true pro and her mouth was being filled by large cock load of cum. She swallowed it as best she could as she bucked against Bill’s mouth and tongue. As he sucked on her clit and swirled his tongue around it she could feel her own orgasm building and knew it would not be much longer before she would filling his mouth. Then she felt a pair of hands on her ass and another pair on her ample breasts. She moaned again and this time Ted pulled his cock from her lips. She did not want to let it go yet, but he forced it free with a loud plop from her mouth as the suction was broken.

She looked up into his eyes and felt something there, something more then just the lust of the moment. She grabbed his hand as it trailed from her face and she kissed the fingertips as he pulled away. Then Stan was in his place and started to push his cock at her face. She was not impressed with his small dick after Ted’s but she took it anyway, hoping she could make him cum quickly so she would be done with him. Bill sucked on her clit and pushed a finger into her pussy and that was all it took and she released Stan’s cock and screamed out her orgasm.

Hands started to caress and touch her everywhere now. Bill moved from her pussy and lined up his cock. She watched over shoulder as she was sucking Stan and she reached down and grabbed his dick and guided it into her wet hole. Bill felt great and she pushed hard against him, trying to get his 7 inches as deep as she could and then she started bucking and slamming into him.

Randy dropped to his knees next to her on her left hand side as Henry dropped down on her right hand side. They leaned over and each took a tit in hand and started to knead and massage them. Following along her breasts making their way to the ends and her large nipples. She moaned again with the attention her body was getting and was amazed at how great it felt. She had never, ever had this many men pay attention to her especially all at one time.

Her juices flowed out of her pussy and covered Bill’s balls and cock easily. He was slamming into her as fast and as hard as he could. She could tell he was getting close to cumming because of how urgent his thrust were becoming. She just pushed back against him as she wrapped her delicate hand around Stan to stroke him while she sucked his dick. She wanted him done and fast.

Randy and Henry seemed to be having a good time sucking and licking her breasts and she was enjoying it too. With their attention on her nipples and Bill fucking her she was about to have her second orgasm. She looked over her shoulder and saw Bill’s face, it was all scrunched up and she knew he was about to blow his load into her. She squeezed her muscles and tightens her grip around his cock and that was it, he exploded inside of her and was moaning and groaning as loud as she was. At the same time she felt Stan start to swell and she worked harder on his dick.
She stroked Stan hard at the base as her tongue swirled and flicked over the tip. She moaned around his meat and tickled his balls with her pinky finger. Henry had released her nipple and moved away, she felt Bill pull his glorious cock from her pussy and his cum flow from her used pussy. She sucked hard on Stan and that was all it took as he unloaded a huge amount of cum into her mouth. She did not want to swallow his seed so she let it dribble out the sides to make it look like he had unloaded more then she could handle. Soon he pulled from her mouth and was gone. She looked around and saw Randy stroking his cock and letting go of her nipple.

Henry was behind her now and was almost waiting for approval. She looked around and found a nearby bench and nodded towards it. The men understood and helped her to her feet and over to the bench. She lay back onto it and was relieved to be off her knees. Ted came back over and was stroking his large cock again.

Jessica grabbed Randy and guided him to her mouth as Henry leaned over and attacked her clit. She felt him suck and swirl her nub and that was it, she orgasmed a second time and was bucking on the bench. Henry moved in quickly and as she came down on the bench she pushed herself onto his 7 inches of thick cock flesh. She cried out in surprise and a little bit of pain and he immediately stopped. She smiled at him to let him know it was ok as she spread her legs wider to let him in easier.

Randy slowly pushed his cock over her face and she grabbed it and looked at it closely. She had rarely seen the underside of a cock before but found to be as attractive as the rest. She started to suck at his balls and then worked her way up the underside of his cock. She got right to the sensitive part of the head and flicked her tongue over it fast and furiously. She smiled inwardly when he moaned and tried pushing it into her mouth.

Henry was doing a good job of fucking her used pussy now and was getting into her good and deep. He was an expert of how to use his size and where to put it inside of a pussy. He was also rubbing her clit at the same time and Jessica knew that she would be having another orgasm shortly. She pushed against him as much as she could and enjoyed the feel of it all.

Then Ted step forward again and started to play with her tits and nipples. Squeezing and mashing them. Pushing them together and then letting them flop apart. He was smiling and then stepped over her mid section and spit onto his cock then pushed it between her tits. Very rarely was Jessica ever titty fucked, but she loved it when it happened. She was moaning and groaning around Randy’s cock and was bucking onto Henry. With all the attention she was getting she was about to orgasm again and she wasn’t sure how much more she could handle.

With all the bucking and squeezing his dick was getting from inside of Jessica he lost the battle and exploded inside of her pussy. He filled her to overflowing and pulled his cock out and let the rest explode onto her clit and lips and down to her anus. He stroked his cock a few times to get it all out and then stepped back into a stream of hot water and showered off again.
Randy was close to cumming too and was not able to hold off anymore. His cock twitched and pulsed and swelled in her mouth and he let it go. She swallowed as much as she could, only to allow a small amount to trickle down her cheeks and into her hair. Ted was pounding her tits pretty good when he realized that Henry was no longer fucking Jessica. He looked around and saw that Stan was in the lockers bitching to Bill as Henry and Randy finished showering and was heading to the lockers next.

Ted slipped off of Jessica and looked into her eyes. He smiled and asked, “Would you like to shower and get cleaned up. I am sure you could use it.” Jessica smiled back at him and went to stand up. Her legs were weak and she had a hard time standing. Ted slipped his arm around her and as he did his large cock bounced against her ribs. She giggled and allowed him to help her to the showers.

She leaned against the center pole as Ted moved the shower heads to focus on her. Henry was the last one and leaned over to her and smiled, “Thinks for the wild ride darling, we will need to do that again.” He kissed her forehead and left the showers. Ted was left alone with her.

He grabbed a washcloth and started to gently wash her body. He washed her from head face to toe and then washed her hair. Bill stepped into the archway of the showers and said, “Yo man are you joining us or not?”

“No I think I am going to make sure Jessica gets home safely. See you tomorrow at work.”

Bill responded, “Okay man, but be warned that Stan is pissed and will give you crap later. But if I were you, tell him to shove it up his ass and take care of our darling receptionist here.” Bill smiled at her and waved goodbye.

Ted smiled down at Jessica and finished washing her hair. When he was done he helped her out to the lockers where he found her discarded clothes. Stan was waiting for them and made some rude comments that Jessica didn’t quite hear. But she saw that Ted stood up to Stan and he was truly shocked and he stormed out of the lockers.

He looked back at her and smiled once again, “He will get over it, has a huge ego and horrible personality. But he is a very loyal friend and will back me up. Don’t worry about him.”

“Okay, I am not that fond of him anyhow. But he is your friend and I will trust you. I am starving want to take a girl to get something to eat.” She batted her eyes at him and leaned into his muscular body. His cock was still hard and she gently stroked it. “After I eat, I will be more then happy to take care of this monster for you.”

Ted smiled and helped her with her clothes. She gathered them up and took them to the ladies locker room. Ted followed her in and watched as she got dressed into more conventional clothes. He rushed back to the lockers and got dressed as Jessica finished closing up the Center and then left hand in hand.

story by: Brother Prophet

Tags: erotica exhibitionism first time fantasy group sex sex story

Author: Brother Prophet

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