Jan-chapter 4

sex stories




At school the next day, I couldn’t get sex out of my head. I kept getting a hard-on that pushed out on my loose boxer shorts and jeans conspicuously. I knew that my cock was uncommonly large. That usually didn’t bother me; most times I was proud of having a big cock, but right now I was damned embarrassed and wished that my stiff boner was smaller. I first tried having it point up, held against my belly at the waist by the elastic waistbands of my boxer shorts and jeans and my loosened belt. That was reasonably comfortable, but the end four inches of my boner were then poking up beyond my jeans and under my shirt, thick as my wrist, where it might possibly be glimpsed bulging through gaps in my buttoned shirt. So OK, that didn’t work out.

So I forced it down along my left leg, bending it at the base so much that it hurt, and it still caused a big bulge. I tried to carry my books in front of me so nobody would see the bulge, but several girls still noticed the lump in my pants with various reactions. Some turned away in disgust but most just looked surprised. Several of them smiled. One attractive red headed girl, Julie Sommers, licked her lips and winked at me all through English class, which caused my cock to harden all the more. Also, when I sat my big hard cock was too long to be confined by my boxer shorts, and extended a couple of inches out the left leg of my underwear, where only my light jeans stretched over the soft, sensitive, bulbous head, the outline of which could be seen if someone looked closely. Julie looked.

At least while sitting my big turgid prick could extend down my pants leg more comfortably. When I walked, bending my hard cock down and walking was painful, and with each step my boxer shorts and jeans rubbed my sensitive prick unmercifully, and my notebook banged against it, stimulating me further until I was nearly panting with lust.
I tried not to think about sex but girls were everywhere in the school, with their smooth, bare, shapely legs and round firm asses and bouncing, hard nippled tits and soft ripe lips and soft pink tongues that made me think of kissing and getting blow jobs and fucking every one of them.

I coupled these fantasies with vivid memories of the very real sucking and fucking I got last night from my step-mother. I thought a lot about my sister’s beautiful naked body too, young and lithe, but most of all I remembered my stepmother, and her hot wet, slippery cunt wrapped around my firm prick, a cunt that squeezed and massaged my stiff boner, incredibly warm and soft and clutching. I thought of her soft, warm naked skin pressed against mine, her firm-tipped breasts against my chest, her legs wrapped about my back, pulling my prick deeper into her with every grunting thrust. And I remembered when at last my balls tightened and spewed gobs of hot white jizz out of my throbbing prick deep into her clutching, spasming love hole, while electric shocks of pleasure shot up and down my spine, quivering through the convulsing muscles of my ass and legs, and dizzy, pounding brain, while with my last remaining breath I screamed and grunted with welcome release.

I noticed that if I whacked my notebook down on my jean covered pecker when I took each step forward with my left foot, I increased the rubbing that the tip of my cock got between the smooth skin of my bare leg and my cotton jeans, such that I was actually approaching orgasm. Twice as I walked between classes the stimulation was too much, and I ducked into a boy’s room stall and quickly pulled down my pants to free my stiff ripe tool and quickly finish jacking-off with my well practiced right-hand, sending thick gobs of white cum shooting through my thick veined, rock-hard cock, from the swollen head into a flushing toilet, as I fought back moans. It felt crazy good, and as I came I imagined that instead of my hand, it was my tight cunt that surrounded my hard, squirting prick, warm and soft and slick and clutching.

This only abated my endless teenage lust temporarily. By the end of the school day I could only focus on one thing: fucking my stepmother again. I suddenly realized that this was Jan’s track practice night, and that my father always worked until six PM. That meant that if I rushed home I would be alone with Heidi for at least two hours!

After my last class I jogged most of the way home, still sporting a huge hard-on, but rushing past people so quickly that they hopefully didn’t notice.


My school day started strangely. Before breakfast a scantily clad (as always) Heidi handed me an elegantly wrapped gift, and told me not to open it in front of Daddy or Johnny, but to wear it to school. Intrigued, I immediately opened it in the bathroom. Heidi had given Johnny and me gifts before, usually sweaters or other normal gifts. But this gift was very different, and it shocked but excited me.

Instead of the clothing I expected, it was some kind of battery powered, life-like artificial prick; a fat rubber dildo with straps to hold it inside a cunt as the wearer stood or walked. The biggest portion was a seven inch, cock shaped, rubber part that held two D-batteries like a flashlight, that widened slightly to a soft rubber base that seemed designed to cradle the wearer’s clit and hairy pubic mound, then turned and narrowed and extended down to a finger-sized firm rubber extension that was obviously supposed to go up the wearer’s ass-hole. There were straps that fit around the waist and in the ass-crack, and which held a control switch at the hip. There was also a second rubber cock that could be attached opposite the first one, presumably so the wearer could fuck someone while they were in turn fucked by the first one. I sat that one aside. One cock for my cunt, plus the ass fucking part, would be enough for me.

I eagerly worked the big, thick, firm rubber prick into my cunt and the smaller one into my ass and adjusted the straps. I moaned. It felt even better than my fingers as I slipped it in inch by inch, stretching my tight virgin cunt open wider than ever. It felt so different than using my own fingers; so thick and firm, different and exciting. Meanwhile the thinner rubber slipped easily into my tight ass hole.

When it was in me all the way I switched it on low. I moaned softly. The vibrations were like nothing I had ever felt before. I worked it in and out of me slowly, feeling the shape of the big prick as it stretched the inside of my cunt open, and pressing the vibrating base against my firm clit. It felt so good inside me, I could hardly stand it. The whole thing vibrated and felt warmer and warmer as it vibrated, as the batteries and vibrating motor inside created heat. The rubber prick in my cunt and the thinner one in my ass vibrated, as well as the base that pressed against my clit, stimulating my entire pubic region. I moaned.

I couldn’t wait; desperate for more, I turned it to high speed. The intense pleasure knocked my off my feet to the floor, stunning me, shorting out my whole body and brain. Muscles throughout my body twitched and spasmed involuntarily. The pleasure was so intense that I couldn’t move, and could hardly breathe. It was good, so good!

I hissed. I lay on my back with my spine arched and ass and thighs straining and convulsing, holding my vibrating cunt high above the floor. I somehow got my hands moving over my now super sensitive skin, rubbing everywhere: legs, tits, ass cheeks; skin that had all turned into one gigantic sexual organ. Within seconds I was having the longest and most intense orgasm of my life. ugh, ugh, uggggggh.” My arms and legs flopped around convulsively and my eyes rolled out of focus as my nervous system />

Outside the bathroom door I heard the unmistakable sounds of orgasm and smiled as I imagined the dildo sunk into my juicy teenage cunt. I had another identical electric dildo up my own cunt, keeping me on the edge as I stood outside the bathroom door and listened to Jan’s moans and grunts. I couldn’t stand it, I had to cum; I switched my vibrator to the highest setting and sank to the floor, a heap of moaning flesh. Finally, after my own intense orgasm, the sounds in the bathroom died down. “Hurry up Jan, you’ll miss the bus,” I said loudly.


I turned the dildo back down to low speed and quickly got ready for school. I imagined all the boys at school, every one of them with a cock that they’d love to sink into my slippery, juicy, virgin cunt. Long cocks, short cocks, thin cocks, fat cocks, white cocks, black cocks. Johnny’s cock, huge and stiff! I decided to wear the dildo to school as Heidi had suggested; set to low speed it probably wouldn’t be heard by anyone. I put on a skirt and blouse, leaving my panties off, and headed for the bus. Virtually naked under my short skirt, except for the strap-on dildo up my cunt, I felt incredibly naughty and sexy. The cool air on my naked legs and ass, and the vibrating dildo in my cunt, kept me horny as hell.

On the bus I had a window seat that I soon shared with my friend Cara. I sat with my legs slightly spread, savoring the cool air on my bare skin and the vibrations in my cunt and ass while trying to act normal. Cara was a lithe, athletic black girl that had skin the color of milk chocolate. She was on the track team, and was trying to get me to join.

“So are you coming to practice running with me today Jan, like you said?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure.”

“You get to shower />
“Yeah, sure.” Maybe it was because the dildo was jerking me off, but Cara looked yummy to me this morning. I licked my lips as I looked her over. Cara is a head taller than me, with an incredible, athletic body, slim waist and big tits, and shapely ass and legs that boys ogled like crazy. What did Cara look like naked, I wondered?

“You know, you shower because you get all hot and sweaty />
I imagined a dozen hot, sweaty, naked girls, squeezing into a shower together. I imagined Cara’s chocolate colored skin, with drips of sweet sweat streaming over smooth muscles. I imagined my own naked, sweaty body, squeezing into the shower with the other girls, my thighs and hands and tits brushing against theirs as cascades of slick, warm water streamed down on us. “Hot and sweaty. UUuuugghh.” Electric shocks raced through her as I came.

“Are you alright?” Cara asked.

“Yes. I feel good this morning. Really good. />

The rest of the day was a blur, as I went through the whole day wearing a short skirt without panties and with the dildo up my tight slippery cunt and ass. When I walked, I got extra stimulation, including the feel of cool breezes and the thin swishing skirt on my naked skin. On stairs I was worried that I'd be found out, but at the same time the thought that someone could look up my skirt and see my bare ass and cunt was driving me crazy with lust. Cunt juice kept running down my legs; I had to dab up the sticky droplets again and again, usually with my skirt.

Several times I noticed people look about, as if searching for the source of the increasingly strong musky smell that followed me wherever I went. People might have noticed the increasing black under my eyes, or my tongue licking my lips, or me breathing rapidly as I orgasmed while I imagined I was being fucked or sucked, but mostly I was able to hide the fact that I was constantly either having an orgasm or I was on the edge of having one.

While on the brink, I found that I could have an orgasm with very little additional stimulation. I made a little game of it, trying to keep on the edge without quite going over, but inevitably a breeze up my skirt, or my smooth bare thighs rubbing together as I walked, or a tug on the straps of the dildo, would cause my cunt to convulse and cream in orgasm. If I was walking when that happened I had to stop walking and lean against a wall or sit to keep my legs from buckling. If that happened I knew that I’d lose all control; I’d be reduced to a convulsing, screaming cum-squirting slut.

My stepmother had been thoughtful enough to provide several sets of batteries, which I carried in my purse. Twice I changed them, my cunt feeling empty and neglected for brief moments in the girl’s room when I pulled the dildo out and replaced the batteries.

At last it was time for track practice. With a dozen other girls in the dressing room I had to conceal the dildo. I watched them strip down to their underwear and put on their running clothes. All of them were so lithe and trim that I wanted to run my hands over them. But I had a big problem; I had no panties on. Finally under the cover provided by my skirt I demurely pulled on skin-tight spandex running shorts over the dildo, then exchanged my blouse for a tee-shirt. My tits were small enough to do without even a sport bra, though my nipples showed through the tea-shirt. Soon I was jogging along comfortably beside Cara.

Even with the dildo turned off, the weight of it caused it to jiggle around inside my cunt and ass, effectively fucking me with each step. Watching the other girls run in their tight outfits also interested me, except when we ran past the football field, where I glimpsed boys on the football team running, sweating, and grunting. I caught numerous glimpses of tight male asses and bulging crouches, where dozens of big cocks strained.

I ran on and on, loving the feel of my calf, thigh, and butt muscles straining as the hard rubber prick thrust and shook in my hot slippery cunt and ass, and rubbed my sensitive clit. The shirt kept my nipples hard, and several people checked them out as I ran by.

I was stimulated to the brink but didn’t quite orgasm. This was a delicious sort of rest for me, one that recharged me sexually, and I ran and ran until all the other girls had stopped their training. Somehow I had done very well, running-wise. The couch, Celia Moss, a sour faced but attractive young woman, offered me a place on the team and I accepted.

When I finally entered the shower room I realized it was empty except for me and Cara, so I didn’t get to see the whole team strip. But that was good, because when I stripped I didn’t want to explain the dildo to the whole damn track team.

I wouldn’t even have to explain it to Cara, because she was already in the shower. As I looked into the shower to make sure of that, my eyes lingered on Cara's magnificent, athletic, naked body as water cascaded down on it. Water streamed all over her smooth, light brown body as she rubbed slippery, soapy hands over her trim legs, her big firm breasts and hard nipples, and her firmly muscled ass cheeks. I noticed that the tips of her long, slim, soap covered fingers lingered on the big dark nipples of her tits, pinching and rubbing them before moving on to slide down over her slim but well-muscled stomach and then down further still, into the black patch of hair covering her pubic mound and still further, to her pussy lips, one hand opening them, showing purple inside, while three soapy fingers of the other hand plunged between them, each finger disappearing to the knuckle inside her wet snatch. She moved the fingers in and out slowly.

I was startled away from the mesmerizing sight of Cara jerking herself off when I heard male voices, only slightly muffled. I realized that the boy’s locker room must be just on the other side of the wall – a very thin wall, from the sound of it. The football team practice had just ended and there would soon be dozens of naked boys showering just a few feet away. I imagined them, their cocks and balls firm from the showering water, protruding out from wet, muscular bodies.

I slipped off my shoes, sox and tea-shirt, loving the feel of the tee-shirt brushing against my skin, followed by cool air and nakedness. Lastly I pulled off the spandex running shorts, so that I was totally naked except for the now exposed dildo contraption, which I reluctantly started to pull out of my cunt and ass. Slipping it out felt too good, so instead of simply pulling it out I worked it in circles with both hands, goosing my slick cunt and tight little ass-hole. I moaned. I couldn’t help myself, I was soon working it in and out of my cunt and ass steadily, while the base of the contraption rubbed my clit.

I had to have more! I turned it on low speed. “Ugh, ugh, ugh, I grunted, as I fucked myself shamelessly. It felt really good, I had to do it, and keep doing it. ‘Ugh, ugh, ughhhh!”

“What the hell is that thing?” asked Cara, as she stepped naked from the shower stall. “Christ! Is that what I THINK it is! It’s a rubber prick, isn’t it?”

I should have stopped and covered myself, but I just couldn’t. Instead, I continued to shamelessly plunge the big dildo in and out of my hot cunt. It felt too good to stop now. I didn’t care who saw me, I had to keep going; nothing else mattered. But some of my attention turned to Cara, who was standing naked in front of me, dipping wet, droplets of water running over smooth rippling muscles and firm breasts. “Yeah. Ahhhhh!” I came again, and could talk a bit. “A gift from my new stepmother. I’ve been wearing it in me all fucking day. It vibrates. Uggghhhhh!”

“Holy shit! And here I was, worrying that you’d catch me frigging myself in the shower and freak.”

As I watched, Cara’s hands found her own mound, and she started rubbing herself steadily, one hand on her dark-haired pussy, the other wandering shamelessly over her still wet hard-nippled tits and firm muscles. She sat down on the bench right in front of me with her legs spread wide open, and jerked herself off in front of me. With one hand she frigged her cunt, her biggest finger rubbing her wet slick clit and reaching deep into her slippery cunt, while her other fingers held her cunt lips open wide, exposing slimy pink/purple insides that she caressed faster and faster. Cara’s eyes were riveted to the sight of the rubber dildo that I was fucking myself with. “Hey girlfriend, you got to let me try that thing,” she said.

I already had a similar idea. “Ugh, ugh, yes! Look in my bag.”

Still frigging herself, Cara soon pulled a thick rubber dong out of my purse. “What the fuck?” she asked, in surprise, fascinated how big and life-like it looked.

“Give it to me,” I said, between grunts. The second rubber prick quickly attached to the base of the one I already wore. “Bend over the bench, I told her.

Cara straddled the wood bench and bent over, holding onto the bench to steady herself as she exposed her ass and slick open cunt to me. I moved behind her and slowly slipped the rubber cock into my friend’s juicy love canal, savoring the feeling in my own cunt as the double-dong pushed back into my own tight twat.

moaned Cara. “That thing feels almost like a real cock. Fuck me, fuck me good and hard,” she pleaded.

I grabbed Cara’s hips and pulled my white thighs against Cara’s firm chocolate colored ass cheeks. When my pubic mound and cunt lips and clit pressed against my friend’s own puckered cunt it was like an electric shock going through me. This was the first time I had ever been so intimate with someone else. It felt fantastic to have my own hot cunt pressing against another hot cunt. It felt harm and soft, almost like my own tongue felt when I sucked myself off.

I switched the vibrating double-donged dildo to medium speed, suddenly sending waves of delight through us both. We mashed their cunts harder together, savoring the feel of slipping, vibrating lips and clits pressed together.

yeh, yeh,” moaned Cara. I knew that she had been fucked by several boys, but she had probably never felt anything like this before. The vibrations must have set her cunt on fire and she started to come. “Ugggh,

Meantime I was enjoying this, my first fuck, even if it was with a girl, and even if it was me doing the fucking. “UUUgghhh, um, um, um, ahhh,” I moaned. Then I pulled back a couple of inches and drove forward firmly, driving the rubber prick fully back into Cara’s grasping cunt. It had also moved a little in my own cunt, pushing in then pulling out an inch or two as it vibrated.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” Cara grunted, as I drove the rubber prick deep into her cunt again and again. But she must have wanted even more; she wanted more skin against hers, and even more pressure on her clit, so she could come again. “Lay down, Jan, let me fuck you.”

That sounded good to me. I reluctantly pulled out of Cara’s cunt and lay back on the bench with my back on the floor, using some towels as a mattress. Cara straddled me, her full tits hanging over mine. The rubber prick stood up proudly, pointing at Cara’s open cunt, which was now poised above it, dripping with slick sweet cunt juice.

“Just relax, Jan,” said Cara, as she eased her magnificent body down towards me. “This will feel real good.”

I watched in fascination as Cara kneeled and lowered her pussy slowly onto the rubber prick . “Oh, oh, oh, that’s nice, girlfriend. I love the way your prick feels in my hot cunt. It’s so firm and hot.” She lowered herself further, until all eight inches of the fat vibrating rubber prick filled her wet pussy, and her cunt lips pressed against mine, our cunt juices mixing. Then she bent lower, so that her tits hung down against my tits and her stomach pressed against mine, her arms wrapped around me, and my arms wrapped around Cara and pulled the two of us together, skin on skin.

I moaned, as I felt Cara’s soft, wet, slick smooth skin press harder against me. My own body was sweaty to begin with, after my running, while Cara’s was still wet from the shower. It felt so good, I could hardly believe it. Cara started moving her hips up and down, fucking herself and me with the twin rubber pricks. At the same time our two bodies slid together, skin rubbing skin while hard vibrating rubber cocks slid inside our grasping, hot slick cunts. Best of all, our pussy mounds mashed together with each thrust, so that at the moment when each cunt was filled to its maximum with vibrating rubber cock, juicy cunt lips and clit nubs meshed and pressed together.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” Cara grunted, as we both moaned louder and louder. “Yes, yes, ugh, ugh, ugh.”

On the other side of the thin shower wall I showered with a dozen other athletic, naked teenage boys. Lukewarm water rained down on us as I tried desperately to think about cars, algebra, and anything else to keep my mind off sex, and to ignore the naked, muscular bodies that surrounded me, and avoid physical contact with them at all costs. It didn’t help that as a fifteen year old freshman I was one of the youngest guys on the team.

I tried not to look at the other guys, but I could hardly help it. Even to a normal, healthy, straight guy like me, there was something compelling about the naked muscular male bodies with their dangling cocks. Their balls were full and firm from the cooling spray, but most of their cocks hung shrunken and soft.

Except for Ken’s. He stood next to me facing the wall with his ear and hips pressed against it, his hard cock hidden from his team-mates except me. “Holy shit!” he said. His big boner was pressed between the wall and his stomach.

Ed, the huge tackle who stood on the other side of him, was the only one besides me that heard him. He also noticed the expression on Ken’s face, and saw that he was starting to move his hips. “Hey freak, what’s up? You fucking the wall?”

“I hear girls through the wall of the shower!” announced Ken. “I think they’re screwing each other over there!”

“What? No way!” Ed and I pressed our own ears against the wall. I heard girl’s voices, but it wasn’t the light hearted chatter that usually could be heard. That was sexy enough, to hear girl’s voices while stripping naked and showering, but this was even worse! Instead, I clearly heard moans and grunts of passion. “Shit, he’s right,” said Ed. “Turn off the damn shower and listen.”

Soon everyone on the team was pressed against the shower wall, listening intently.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, that’s sooooo good, fuck me harder,” said one of the muffled female voices clearly.

“Ugh, ugh, ughhhh,” moaned the other female voice.

I said.

“Shush freshman,” commanded Ed. spook them.”

I was already spooked. We were all crowded against the wall now, and in our haste to hear the sexy sounds of the moaning girls, our own naked young bodies were touching each other, bare legs and arms and chests pressed against bare backs and buts and shoulders. All the normal rules had seemed to disappear at the sound of the moans coming through the wall, to be replaced by pure animal lust. My own seven inch cock had sprung up and I glanced down to see that it was only inches from Ken’s hard prick, which Ken was now shamelessly pumping with one hand, jerking off his thick eight-inch boner openly. I had an impulse to pull away but I was pinned by Ed’s big black body, which held me against the wall.

Ed really spooked me. Ed’s huge hairy leg moved between mine, and his chest and shoulder pressed against my back. Worse, I could feel the big senior tackle’s huge hard cock press against his my ass-cheek. His body moved in even closer. Soon I could clearly feel the huge hardness of Ed’s prick, pressed along the side of my hip. Looking down and back, I could see it, its black length, over ten inches of hot, thick cock, pressed against my white skin, its purple bulging tip, the size of a big plum, leaking a big juicy drop of thick white pre-cum. I knew that I should have squirmed away in protest, but through the sounds of heavy male breathing I could hear the unmistakable sounds of female love making on the other side of the thin wall, and that seemed to make everything alright. All rules were suspended; animal instincts had taken over. We were all panting now through open mouths.

One of my thighs was pressed uncomfortably against the soap dish that jutted out from the shower wall. The thing seemed to be loose though, and I suddenly had the idea that maybe it could be removed, giving me more room. After a few experimental twists I was soon rotating the dish, which seemed to be literally screwed into the wall. It got looser and looser and suddenly dropped to the floor with a clang.

“Shut up.” Whispered Ed.

But I wasn’t paying attention. Where I had removed the soap dish there was a hole in the wall through which light came, and sound—the moaning and grunting of the girls. I was only a fifteen year old freshman wide receiver, but I was horny. Though it brought protests from several of my team-mates, I pushed them back and dropped to my knees, bringing my eyes to hole-level. The smooth hole was round and about four inched across, and led through a wall that was only a half-inch of fiberglass.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Maybe ten feet from my eyes, on the other side of their shower, I could see two naked girls on a bench in the midst of their lovemaking. It was that sexy black bitch Cara on top, and her little blonde friend under her; both were squirming and moaning as Cara’s hips moved up and down between the blonde girl’s fantastic, upraised, clutching legs. With each stroke she exposed about four inches of something that was clearly impelling the cunts of both girls.

“Agh, agh, agh, agh,” grunted the blonde.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” grunted Cara.

“Holy shits,” I mumbled. They were fucking each other!

The other guys quickly noticed the hole. I felt himself pulled away by strong hands. Ed was peeking through the hole next, then Big George. Everyone pushed his way in for at least one long peek, though Ed monopolized the hole most. By now Ken wasn’t the only one openly jerking off his hard-on, everyone was doing it. Heavy breathing and slapping sounds filled the silence between the moans and grunts of the rutting females. The pungent smell of jizz filled the shower-room.

It was again my turn at the hole. grunted Cara, as she finally orgasmed powerfully. Her convulsing, vibrating cunt was pressed against that of the smaller girl, and their entire bodies were pressed and rubbing together, cunt to cunt, belly to belly, tit to tit, sweating and straining, each apparently speared deeply by the rubber dildo-thing that joined them.

screamed the smaller white girl, as she came also. Her legs pulled Cara against herself even more tightly as the two became one in their moment of release, quivering, convulsing, hot creaming cunts mashed together, muscles straining to press hot skin against hot skin. “AHH, AHHHHH, AHHHHHHHH!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing! I held my hard cock in my right hand, squeezing it firmly as I imagined that it was buried in Cara’s cunt.

Frank pulled me away from the hole and was soon watching the girls, jerking himself off as he knelt before the hole, and I was standing right next to him, jerking myself off furiously.

Behind me I soon felt the huge bulk of Ed, moving behind me, pressing his naked front against my back, bending down and slipping his cock between my legs. I tried to move away, but I was surrounded by bodies straining to be next at the peep-hole. Soon the end of Ed’s big black cock was just under my balls and cock, and rubbing between my ass crack. With everyone pushing against us, I couldn’t do anything about it, except maybe try to punch or kick Ed, which would have been suicide.

“Jerk me off too, freshman,” Ed said in my ear.

I was terrified, as Ed outweighed me by a hundred pounds, but aroused to the point that nothing seemed to matter except getting off. While with my right hand I jerked my own cock off, with my left I grasped the end of Ed’s black prick and pulled it up so that it more firmly pressed against my white balls and ass, while I clamped my legs together so that they clasped the big black cock. Ed’s cock began moving slowly back and forth, each stroke pushing under and through my balls. I couldn’t believe how long and thick and firm Ed’s prick was, as it rubbed against me from my ass hole, through my balls, and into my grasping hand. Ed’s prick was so huge that it jutted out in front of me almost as far as my own.

We were standing right behind Frank as he peeked through the wall at the girls, our cocks above his shoulder next to his face. Suddenly Frank moaned loudly and I looked down to see thick gobs of cum shooting out of the end of his prick and onto the shower wall and floor. It seemed like a waste somehow, and I licked my lips, wondering for the first time in my life what it would feel like to have a prick in my mouth and feel it erupt with warm salty jizz.

A couple of the guys pulled Frank away from the hole, and I again felt himself pushed forward by the press of eager bodies towards the hole. Not even through his own volition, it was suddenly my third turn at the hole. I tried to bend down to look through it, but there was no room; Ed had me pressed practically against the wall. Ed’s naked muscular body was pressed against me, chest to back, and Ed’s huge hard wet cock was between my ass cheeks and legs. I froze in shock as Ed reached his big right hand around me and grabbed both my firm white boner and his own black cock, pressing the two hot turgid cocks together as he moved his massive hips back and forth, jerking the two of us off. I turned my head to the side, and I could see that the other muscular young men of the team standing around us were watching and several were openly jerking themselves off as they watched, fists furiously grasping hot hard cocks. My face and right ear were pressed against the wall again, and through the thin wall I could hear the girls still moaning.

“Put our cocks through the hole,” ordered Ed.
I complied, stooping just a little to help manage it. I felt Ed adjust too, so that what pressed through the hole was my entire stiff cock and balls, and two or three inches of Ed’s enormous black prick under them.

“Hey Cara,” yelled Ed suddenly.

The unnatural silence in the boy’s shower was suddenly released. “Cara, Cara, Cara,” the other boys began to chant, to the rhythm of the fists pounding their wongs.


On the Girl’s side, Cara had been lying atop me, as we languished in the after-effects of our orgasms, pressing our bodies together deliciously, the shout from the boy’s shower hit us like a bucket of cold water. Eyes wide, Cara rolled off me and looked towards the sound of the voice, which had seemed to come from within our own shower stall. Cara and I were astonished to see a set of male sex organs protruding from the shower wall only ten feet from us. No, one and a half cocks – below the nice white cock and balls the end of a huge black cock was also visible. “Holly shits,” Cara exclaimed.

I lay frozen and frightened, then grabbed a towel and held it in front of me. I loosened the straps and removed the double dildo contraption that I had worn all day. It felt good to take it off, I was getting sore from wearing it. Without it I also felt even more naked.

My eyes were again drawn to the sight of the cocks in the shower, and I licked my lips reflexively. I felt even more naked without the rubber cock inside me, but not afraid any more.

Cara, meanwhile, laughed with glee and entered the shower and turned on the water. First she directed shower spray onto the pricks. Then she soaped up her hands, knelt before the two stiff cocks, and gently rubbed the soap over them. “Come on she said to me. two here, which one you want? Chocolate or />

Ed and I gasped and moaned as we felt first the shower spray and then the soft soapy, female hands, gently washing our cocks on the other side of the wall. But that was nothing compared to what I felt next, as someone slipped her soft warm wet lips and tongue over the tip of my cock and slowly engulfed half its length in her eager, sucking mouth, her lips slipping over my firm hot prick and her tongue swirling over its sensitive surface. Other than me jerking myself off every day, and Ed’s clumsy groping, this was first-time sex for me.

I moaned uncontrollably. Electric shocks emanating from my mouth-sucked cock shot through me, and I gave in to it, surrendering myself completely to the sensations. It seemed that everything in the universe was fucking me, the hidden girl with the soft sucking lips and swirling tongue, Big Ed with his hot naked body pressed against me and his huge raging prick planted between my ass cheeks, thighs, and balls, and even the hard, cool shower wall that I was pinned against helplessly.

Around us the rest of the team had suspended logical thought and were jerking themselves off openly, with naked, young, well-muscled legs and torsos and arms pressed shamelessly against those of other team-mates. In the tangled mass of hot, sex crazed bodies, hands of team-mates grasped cocks of other team-mates and slid enfolding cock skin over turgid pricks, pulling, jerking, milking spurts of white hot cum in ancient rhythm, moans and exclamations echoing through the bare walls of the shower, the smell of jizz filling the steamy air as the whole football team orgasmed, spattering gobs of hot white cum on naked ass cheeks, legs, and feet.

#Coach Moss#

It was worst nightmare and craziest fantasy come true. It was my turn to stay late until everyone had gone; the men’s team coach had left half an hour ago. When I first heard suspicious sounds from the woman’s showers, I almost went in to get the girls to stop. It was sex all right; at only twenty-three I hadn’t much sex experience myself, but I had heard it often enough, at movies and behind walls, and there was that one time when in college I let myself be fucked to get my virginity behind me, and when I discovered that like me, my dorm room-mate also liked girls. Exactly what were the girls in the locker room doing to each other, I wondered, licking my lips and thinking of my old college room-mate’s wet pussy and long wet tongue, working on my own wet pussy. Just imagining the possibilities, my own pussy was already dripping wet.

It wasn’t right though. Let them do that at home, if they wanted to; this was a school. This was simply too much; control had to be kept in place at school. But my own panties were already soaked, as they always were when I thought of all the naked young boys and girls in the showers. And now this, these sounds of sex, the grunting and moaning and so-forth; it was too much. I had to stop it.

But I didn’t stop it. Instead, panting and on shaky legs I retreated to my own office behind the showers and locked the door. Here through the thin walls I could hear even more clearly hear the girls moan and grunt, while I quickly slid my own sweat-pants down around my ankles and plunged my eager fingers into my sopping wet pussy, then spread the slick juice over my whole pubic area. Soon I was rubbing my sensitive clit furiously. When I started hearing the male grunts and yells, I was too far gone to do anything but collapse to the floor, my legs spread and quivering, as I came again and again.


In the girl’s shower, I had to have more of the stiff white cock I was sucking. I slipped my eager cock sucking lips over the soft sensitive tip of the stiff white prick once more, swirling the tip with my tongue, then I quickly turned around and backed up towards the exposed prick, while reaching behind myself to pull open my juicy cunt lips.

Jan had just kneeled close to me and was watching me suck the white cock, and seemed disappointed when I turned away from my cock-sucking. She smiled though, when she realized that I intended to fuck the turgid cock I had just been sucking.


I gasped when my prick was quickly again enveloped again by a warm, wet, slick something. This time however, my hard prick was grasped firmly along its entire length, and I realized it was a cunt this time that I was fucking, a warm, wet, prick-grasping love tunnel that was designed to pleasure my cock. Despite Ed’s body pressed against me, I moved my hips, fucking the mystery girl on the other side of the thin wall, moving my cock in and out of her wonderful grasping cunt. I could also feel the press of Ed’s huge hard prick rubbing against the opening of my ass, between my thighs, under my balls, and along the under-side of my cock. “Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” I grunted, as I fucked a girl for the first time. I knew would shoot my hot cum into her soon.


I was laying under Cara on the hard shower floor, my head between her spread, muscular legs, watching as a long hard white cock pumped in and out of her slick, purple lipped cunt. Drops of cunt juice dripped down and into my eager open mouth, smelling musky and tasting salty. Cara bent down even further, so her cunt could receive every inch of hard cock, resting her hands on my upraised bent knees. The huge black cock under the white one poked Cara’s clit with each thrust. Warm water cascaded over Cara’s naked skin, gathered, and ran all-over my own naked body. I used my hands to rub every inch of my skin, as I watched Cara fuck the mystery white cock that protruded from the shower wall, and watched the mystery black cock-head pound into her clit.

“Oh yeah, yes, yes, oh, ugh, ugh, ugh, uggggh,” Cara grunted and moaned. Her big tits hung down and swung about above me as the cocks pounded into her and she pushed back, using my legs for leverage, so she could get every available inch of the firm prick deep inside her with each stroke. Both of my hands were rubbing my own wet slippery body, over my legs and stomach, then focusing on my cunt, pulling my outer cunt-lips open, showing Cara the pink inside of my hot twat, and my stiff little clit, before plunging three fingers of my hand inside my inner cunt lips, finger-fucking myself in front of my friend.

As I jerked myself off, working my fingers in and out and rubbing my firm clit with my juicy fingers, I reached up with my other hand and tweaked Cara’s nipples at the tips of her big hanging tits, then rubbed her smooth, muscular, chocolate colored legs.

I longed to get my lips around the big black cock that was blocking much of my view of the fucking that was happening just above it, but I needed both hands for that, and I didn’t want to abandon my own cunt. I squirmed away from the fuck scene for a few moments, quickly retrieved her double dildo, and lay down again between Cara’s legs.

Another drop of thick smelly cream dripped from the wet cunt above me, streamed around and off the interceding black prick and fell into my open mouth, and I again savored the musky smell of the rutting couple above me and the tangy taste of their juices.
My own slit hole was burning to be filled. I didn’t bother to strap the dildo on, but simply plunged it into my slick gaping cunt and switched it on low speed, before returning my attentions to the fucking above me.
I wrapped my arms around Cara, grasping her firm ass cheeks, and pulled myself up, twisting my head so my mouth was at last able to take in the bulbous tip of the huge black cock. The cock was huge, as big as Johnny’s. Licking and sucking on the soft black skin, I pushed up on it with eager tongue and lips, so that it pressed more firmly against the white cock and balls above it, and it pounded against Cara’s clit when she moved her ass to meet each prick-thrust into her grasping cunt. Meanwhile Cara was thrusting herself across my face as she fucked the boys, her soft thighs rubbing each side of my head, her soft ass and cunt lips bushing against her with each thrust.


I yelled, when I felt the soft tongue and lips work the end of my prick. At the same time, Mike’s thighs, ass and balls were wrapped around most of its length, moving back and forth around it, jerking me off, while his tight ass cheeks slapped against my belly. I grabbed Mike’s hips and helped the kid thrust even harder, sliding his cock against my cock faster and faster. All around me, the rest of the football team was jerking off, some for a second or third time, shooting gobs of sticky white come from their pricks and onto other guys. The air was thick with grunts and moans, and with the potent smell of our team’s creamy white jizz as it squirted was all over the team, covering naked skin and running down legs and backs and asses.


As Cara felt the thrusting cocks pounding into her pussy and against her clit, she had grasped my knees for support and must have been watching the electric dildo work on my cunt, because it had to be her that reached down between my legs and switched it to />
I screamed in response, as I again began to again orgasm. “Ugh, ugh, uggghhh,” I screamed against the big black cock-head I was sucking.

I saw the big black cock thrust forward with one final thrust. Amazingly, as my reaching lips helped to aim it, the head and a couple of inches of the big black prick popped into Cara’s already occupied cunt, right in front of my eyes. The thrusting of the boys stopped. Cara had both cocks inside of her, both of them pushing through the wall to get as deep into her pussy as possible. I heard the guys moan. She stopped thrusting too, as she strained back to get as much of both cocks into her pussy as she could. I grasped her ass cheeks even harder as I saw the cocks pulse and saw Cara’s cunt tighten around them as she moaned loudly. Everyone was moaning and convulsing in orgasm. In seconds thick gobs of come ran out of Cara’s cunt and into my screaming mouth as the vibrating dildo caused my own cunt to spasm again. I swallowed some of the musky, salty cum juice but there was too much of it; most of it drenched my face and hair.

The dildo didn’t stop, and neither did my orgasm. I moaned and moaned as I continued to orgasm from the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and the vibrating rubber cock in my twat. The big black cock slowly withdrew from Cara’s cunt, and I sucked and licked up thick gobs of smelly, salty jizz that streamed from it, my tongue swirling against the sensitive tip. I came, and came, my grunts and moans blending with that of my school-mates, the vibrations of my voice coaxing final squirts of cum from the big black prick.

Finally, as I swallowed the last tasty gobs of prick juice and licked my lips in satisfaction, I shut off the dildo. Cara had withdrawn from the hole and stood leaning against a shower wall, shaking and breathing in long gasps. There were a few more moans and grunts from the boy’s side, then everyone was spent and relatively quiet for a few moments.

“Get going in there,” rang out an angry voice from outside suddenly. “Everyone out in two minutes!”

It was Coach Moss, we realized, and she sounded pissed. We could hear a mad scramble on each side of the wall as teens scrambled for towels and clothes. The guys did something to the shower wall that closed the wondrous hole. Everyone was out in less than two minutes, guys grinning and joking as if they had just won a game, as Cara and I returned their stares, wondering whose cocks we had just serviced.

I knew my reputation was screwed. By tomorrow, the school would be buzzing.

###Couch Moss##

After everyone else was gone, I inspected the girls locker room. Other than a faint musky odor of sex, there was nothing unusual. A bit disappointed, I inspected the boy’s side. Immediately my senses were assaulted by the sweet, pungent odor of cum in the damp air, mingled with sweat. The muscles of my cunt tightened and my jaw dropped in shock when I looked in the shower stall. The tiled floor and walls were covered with dozens of gobs of white jizz. The boys must have heard the girls carrying on, and had a jerk-off party of their own.

My breath came in ragged gasps, and I quickly kicked off my shoes and stripped off my cotton jogging outfit, exposing my trim naked body. Then with a moan I dropped to the floor, and was soon rolling and sliding around in the melting gobs of teenage prick juice. I was soon covered with it from head to toes, my hands desperately rubbing it into my tingling skin like body lotion, over my tits and legs and stomach. I gathered gobs of it with my hands for my hot, gaping cunt, rubbing my clit and cunt lips with it, plunging my jizz-slick fingers into my grasping pussy, jerking myself off with the seed of dozens of sexy young teenage boys. I imagined they were standing all around me, jerking off and shooting their cum all over my naked body.

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