sex stories

Gail Holmes

“For God’s sake, I just wish I had your gift to look younger than my age, you really don’t know how lucky you are”
“But Mum, I can’t even go into a pub, they always ask for some form of ID, it’s so embarrassing when I’m with my friends. Even boy’s frown upon me, other of my friends have boyfriends, I feel more like the kid sister!”
“Kid sister my arse, to hell with the boy’s anyway you’ve stacks of time for them later. Go out and have some fun. With your beauty you’ll have no problem with /> “But there is a problem, I’m 18, they treat me as if I’m a fourteen year old, even tell me I look fourteen. I hate makeup; all that paint. Who wants to go out with a girl that looks as if she’d walked out of the school gates?”
As the doorbell rang Jenny ran upstairs, leaving her mother to answer the door.
“Is Jenny in Mrs Morgan?” It was Brenda, Jenny’s friend from work.
“Come in my Dear, she’ll be but a few moments, she’s gone up to her room, first door on the left” Jenny’s mother pointed up the stairway. “Go up if you like!”
Brenda was just turned 19, both Jenny and her had been a friend since school days, they’d even started work together for the same law firm.
“So are you ready then?” Brenda asked with a grin as she put her head around the door.
Jenny was standing in front of the wardrobe in her bra and panties, a trimmer figure a girl couldn’t have wished for, although petite 32-24-34, long legs, and blessed with the silkiest of long blonde hair right down to the middle of her back. However, having such an angelic face, people couldn’t believe she was the age she was. She pulled a dress from the rail holding it up towards Brenda.
“What do you think?” She asked, pulling it up to herself.
have them raving!” Brenda smiled.
“I wish!” Jenny put it back onto the rail, and looked back to Brenda. “Come on, what can I wear that will make me look older and sexier, I need a man! Not a bloody /> Brenda walked over to the wardrobe and stood beside her, looking in at the array of garments before her.
Brenda said with a broad grim on her face.
Jenny took the garment from her holding it up to her body, and then looked down it, with a smile.
“You really are joking! I haven’t worn this in three years; look it’s above my knees”
“You want to pull; dress like you do! Only make the right choice.” Brenda spread the dress across to Jenny’s shoulders; and stood back viewing her from a distance. “With this on, you’ll make a kill!”
“For Christ’s sake! I’ll have to stand all night”
“To pull, just sit, believe me they’ll be around you like bees around a honey pot. But make sure you have classer panties than that on than those things!”
Jenny looked down at her panties, placing her hand onto her tummy as if to hold it in, when there was no need.
“But they’re brand new, nice white cotton. First time I have worn them!”
see what’s in your panty draw, I’m sure you have something more appropriate and to go with the dress”
Brenda walked to the bedside cabinet, easing open the top draw, then thumbing though the neat piles of panties there in. Finally she pulled out a pair of light green silk panties with lace at the front, holding them in front of her she spread the gusset, surveying the pattern of lace at the front.
“Now then…these are pretty and would be no bra, you don’t need one!”
“No bra?”
“Jenny, looked at the top of the dress and it’s shape”
“You can’t wear a bra under that, it would show for a start!” Brenda smiled
not all that I’d would show!”
“Jenny, I remember at one time you’d push them out for all to see, and they we’re only weenie bee stings at the time”
Both girls sat back on to the bed and laughed, at memories of old.
“Christ, we we’re only knee high to a grass hoppers then.” Jenny brought her hands up to her mouth covering it as she spoke. “God what days they were, d’you remember my mum always making me wear those saggy jumpers and Dad telling her to let me be. And then telling her I would put her to shame one day”
Jenny looked down at her petite breasts, cupping them into her hands, and lifting them.
“Well, I haven’t caught up with her yet!” She grinned.
“Come on get dressed, or half the evening will be gone” Brenda took the dress and handed the panties to Jenny. forget the bra…here turn around I’ll undo it for you”
“Surely to God you’re not going out dressed like that are you?” Jenny’s mother was at the foot of the stairs as she descended, her father had just come into the hallway, looking up to see as to what was a miss.
For moments he said nothing, taking in the full impact of the view before him, it defiantly was a sight for sore eyes, he’s eye’s we’re glued up under her dress, the dress pushed her breasts outwards and upwards. His daughter was a woman, never had he realised she was such a beauty. His own loin throbbed at the sight.
“Leave her be Mill; She’s eighteen for Christ’s sake, give her space! You’re out of it as far as fashion is concerned; let her have her fun”
“Fun, she’ll have every dog on heat after her!”
Her father stood looking through the banisters as she descended the stairway, almost sensing the aroma of her pussy in his nasals from the elegant silk lacy panties beneath her dress. He knew he’d fuck her having half the chance.
All the three friends met in the bar of their choice, as Jenny had said she was frightened to sit down for fear of revealing too much. She’d cause quite a stir as she entered the bar. Mind you the short dress had made her legs look longer, and she appeared to look older but not that much, but many had noticed her.
“So take your pick!” Brenda smiled handing Jenny her glass. “The choice is yours, not that you have that much choice”
Brenda looked around the bar; most, she wouldn’t have given houseroom. She knew that Jenny wanted to lose her virginity, but it had to be someone who knew what they were doing, not just any Tom, Dick or Harry.
“I think it would be better for her to have it done clinically” Cindy implied with a silly grin “Look at this lot, I mean, I wouldn’t want any of them near me, they’ve virtually got their tongues out for it!”
Jenny laughed, “I didn’t know they did such things”
“Well it would be better than one of these ploughing into your body. Shouldn’t have come here really; thought it would be a bit upmarket, but it’s a let down as far as fella’s are concerned. Come on drink up; we’ll go up Spruces better clientele there!” Brenda lifted her glass as she spoke.
Jenny couldn’t remember causing so much attraction, all eye’s followed her as they left the bar. Spruces really was an up market place, however it was mainly business men looking for a goodnight out, but Jenny wanted some one genuine who’d look after a girl.
The three walk in; making for a table, very soon a waiter came to assist they’re needs, leaving with a smile on his face.
See anything you fancy” Elaine inquired looking around the bar area.
Brenda looked towards Jenny with a broad grin on her face.
She quizzed.
“The guy on his own at the bar, he looks dishy!” Jenny smiled to her friends.
“Fine, but he’s old enough to be your Dad!” Elaine laughed.
“Leave her be! I’ve heard the older men are better, know what a girl needs so to speak” Brenda grinned.
“So where do we go from here then, I’m not going over and chatting to him if that’s what you think. How do I get him to come over here?” Jenny asked her friends.
“I’ll go over to the bar and get some more drinks, and ask him if he’ll join us!” Brenda smiled.
“Just like that?” Jenny quizzed.
“No not quite like that…what I want you to do is to sit down…show him those nice lacy panties of yours when he looks back over here!”
“Brenda! I can’t do that; I mean it’s un-lady-like isn’t it!”
“If you had your way it will take all night! No need to make it to obvious, just enough that he can see up under your dress…but don’t look at him, once he sees that he’ll be over here like a shot out of a gun. And, you may depend he’ll sit right down opposite you”
“Open my legs; that’s asking for trouble surely?” Jenny laughed.
“I thought that’s what you wanted?” Brenda smiled. “Are you up for it then?”
“Well Ok, but I hope you know what you doing!”
“You fancy /> Jenny looked to both her friends and then replied with a girlish grin on her face.
“I fancy him, go on let’s get the ball rolling then!”
Brenda got up from the table collecting the three glasses and headed for the bar.
“Are you sure she knows what she’s doing?” Jenny asked Elaine.
be such a wimp! Open your legs just a smidgen, you’ll see, he’ll be over here. For a closer look at you if nothing else, you could be on a winner there. right he is quite dishy, open your legs his looking this way!”
Jenny opened her legs slightly without turning towards the bar, and continued to talk to Elaine.
“He’s he’s getting up from his stool. You’re in luck Jenny, now chat about anything when he sits down!”
“This is Elaine…and my friend Jenny” Brenda said as she came back to the table. “Girls this is Bob”
“Nice of you ladies to invite me, can’t say I’ve seen any of you in here before”
When Bob sat, it was as Elaine had said, right opposite Jenny; she still had her legs slightly apart, which he was still casually viewing.
Elaine smiled, knowing only to well that Bob would have preferred to stand with the view that he had over the top of Jenny’s dress.
just on a girls night out!” Brenda smiled towards Jenny.
Jenny felt quite exposed, slowly pulling her knees together, although she did feel somewhat excited that she had actually excited a man, but not realising just how much. Bob viewed her leisurely as he spoke.

“Night out, for any particular event?” Bob inquired.
The girls looked towards Jenny with a smile.
“Not really, but I’m sure we could think of something. What say you Jenny?” Remarked Elaine with a silly grin on her face.
Bob was quite tall around his mid 30’s, with blonde hair, and looked quite athletic, and dressed smartly. Either of the girls would have welcomed him into their beds; Jenny did wonder how things would progress, if it was up to her, she’d not a clue as to procedures of this nature. But she knew that Bob’s eyes appeared to be focused on her most of the time, this was new to her as she’d never been the centre of attraction before. Wondering what was going through his mind, she’d never considered herself attractive, although she was.
he the One?” Elaine smiled towards Jenny as Bob stood to go to the bar for more drinks.
be a fool not to; he can have his tie next to my knickers any day!” Brenda giggled.
“I’ll agree he is quite dishy, but how do I attract him?” Jenny asked.
“I think you’ve already done that; can you not see the way he looks at you. If any one wants to get into your knickers he does,” Elaine replied with a grin.
The girls looked up towards the bar as Elaine spoke.
“He wants you to go up to the bar!” Brenda whispered, noticing that he was beckoning Jenny.
then this is your chance!” Elaine implied nudging Jenny’s knee.
As Jenny got up from her seat the eyes of others in the room followed her as she sauntered to the bar.
“Just needed a little help with the glasses” Bob lied. “ What are you doing later?” He quizzed as he looked across to the other two girls.
“Why, what have you in mind?” Jenny smiled.
to my place for coffee maybe?”
“Sounds good to me!” Jenny smiled.
When they returned to the table Bob placed his two glasses down, and smiled towards the girls “You must excuse me for a few moments ladies”
“Come on then…what did he say?” Elaine quizzed.
“He just asked if I’d like to go back to his place for coffee later” Jenny grinned.
“Well that’s you set up then…no need to ask where he’s gone!” Brenda laughed.
Jenny turned to the direction that Bob had gone, then back to her friends. “To the loo!”
“And his condoms!” Smiled Elaine. “At least he’s thoughtful, your virginity is as good as lost my girl!”
Chapter Two
The flat was spacious and elegantly set out, but typically a bachelors pad. Bob walked into the lounge offering Jenny to sit on the smart leather settee.
“Would you sooner a short than a coffee, the evening young yet?”
Jenny had been informed that this would more than lightly happen, so it didn’t come as to much of a shock to her. In fact she welcomed the idea, as an opener to what was lightly to happen.
“Would you have a Vodka and tonic?” This was in fact all Jenny ever drank.
“For you of or small!” Bob smiled poring a large one anyway.
As Bob wandered back to the settee Jenny moved allowing him space but he sat close to her.
“Here we go…down the hatch” Bob lifted his glass, placing his hand onto Jenny’s knee as he spoke.
Even this gave Jenny strange feeling in her lower regions, his hand stroked backwards and forwards up the inside of her legs. Jenny eased them together slightly feeling somewhat apprehensive towards his movements, not wanting to look to eager even though she really wanted him. Bob leaned back sliding his arm along the back of the settee, placing his hand onto her shoulder easing her towards him.
As Jenny turned, Bob kissed her on the lips gently, his free hand going to her waist. She knew this would be the start, not wanting to hinder him in any way she succumbed to his wishes and placed her hand around his neck, her finger sliding up through his hair.
Bob knew the time was right his hand went slowly up under her breast, although very petite it was a good handful Jenny could feel the top of her dress strain as he moved his hand in manipulating movements, the dress allowed no opening or freedom at the top. Bob eased the thin shoulder strap down from her shoulder, pulling it slowly down her arm until her breast was exposed. Jenny recognized she shouldn’t have made it so easy for him. Bob pulled away from her lips moving across to her breast placing his mouth over it. The shock made Jenny gasp for breath, she hadn’t realised the extent of the sensations.
Bob’s free hand then moved slowly down onto her knees, spreading them gently with his fingers, Jenny edged them slightly apart sanctioning his hand freedom it requested. She distinguished this was what she had really sought, sensing slight dampness between her legs as his fingers nibbled the their way up slowly between them until they reached the top, his finger now glided slowly onto her protruding pussy over her knickers, then tugged gently at the side, easing the gusset sideways. Jenny moved to the edge of the settee, spreading her legs as she did so, immediately Bob’s finger sort her pussy, sliding it into the moist but tight channel. His cock surged with excitement at the sensation of the damp passageway, she felt tight to him, his thoughts went towards his cock and to how the matching texture of sensations would feel once he entered it into her.
The sensation of his thick finger driving up inside took her breath from her; she pulled him by the shoulders turning him towards her, and then kissed him passionately on the lips; wanting to work with the activity of his finger, lifting herself up off the settee allowing him more freedom. It wasn’t until he tried the second finger that she felt any discomfort, gripping tightly around the neck, but Bob knew the restriction was too powerful, realising that extra nurturing would be essential if he was to get anywhere with her.
He laid her lengthwise along the settee, reaching under her dress gently tugging at her panties, easing them down over her slender legs and ankles. Jenny felt somewhat exposed knowing that he’d full view of her pussy, although unshaved it was virtually hairless
Lifting her foot by the ankle he placed it up onto the back of the settee, whilst placing the other onto the floor, leaving her private parts completely open to him. Then crawling up between them he went down onto her, pinching her citreous between his lips, Jenny gripped the cushions tightly sensing experiences never felt before, she reached down cupping his head with her hands. Bob lifted his fingers up towards her pussy, forcing one up her swiftly, making Jenny jump with its suddenness, he swivelled it in and out speedily, assuring that he caught her clit each time it came to the entrance.
His cock was solid, he knew he just had to fuck her, so far there had been no rejections from her what ever he did, easing himself slowly down her body kissing her as he went, until his cock was level with her pussy.
Never in his life had Bob had a virgin, and he knew this is what he was up against at this moment, he nudged his cock between her pussy lips, the feeling was sensational. Thankfully for Jenny his cock wasn’t that large, although she was not aware of this, possibly two fingers in thickness; she sensed the throbbing in her pussy entrance. Bob reached down to his cock, drawing his foreskin back between his chubby fingers exposing the large helmet, then leaned gently on his cock, feeling the encumbrance of her hymen before him, she winched slightly with the inner pressure of it
Not ever having a virgin he was uncertain of procedures, so he continued to rest on his cock. Jenny let out a loud shriek as it tore through, tearing into his back with her long nails as she did so. Bob’s cock slid straight up deep inside her as the hymen split; her tightness bewildered him, never had he had such a tight pussy, it was liken to a silken purse. He lay still with his cock deep inside her, Jenny was holding on to him tightly with her arms around his shoulders; her own feeling similar to his own, only that she had something inside her that was stretching her pussy extensively, his cock felt like a massive German sausage, the kind her mother brought from the deli counter at the local supermarket.
Jenny’s looked intently into his eyes as Bob started to ease his cock in and out of her at a unhurried pace, assuring that it never went past the soreness of her torn hymen. Jenny worked with him, such enjoyment she by no means had experienced in her life…why had she waited so long.
Often her friends had enlightened her of their own experiences, never had she realised just how delightful sex really was, Bob had started to fuck her harder now, she elevated up to meet his every thrust, it was good. She felt somewhat light headed by the sheer excitement of it, gripping onto his wrists as he ploughed into her, his balls swung violently hitting her bottom on each deep thrust, it felt like electric shock going though her body, orgasm was close, she moved her hands up his arms gripping hard throwing her head back, giving out loud moans on each inward thrust.
Although she felt tight, but not to tight as he forced his cock up her, it felt as if the inner walls of her pussy were opening and sliding warmly over his helmet, with a hint of embrace. Bob experienced his seed mounting; ejaculation wouldn’t be to long now, Jenny eased her knees up, gripping his waist, as if to absorb more of his cock within, he’d not had a good fuck for at least a month, and he didn’t care if she was on the pill or not. There was no-way he’d pull out of her, even his high sperm count didn’t matter now, she’d be getting the full load, and the thought of him being her first fuck influenced him even more. He knew the longer he took to fuck her the more of a load he’d deliver when he did come, the thought appealed to him, leaning over her, he kissed her passionately on the lips, whilst forcing his cock deep inside.
Jenny could feel the pressure of his helmet forcing against her womb, throbbing pains shot up inside her. She placed her hand down between them, grabbing the remains of his cock, still there was at least two inches waiting for entrance.
“I can’t take anymore!” She whimpered, pushing him by the hips trying to release the pressure within her pussy.
Bob lifted himself up onto his hands and only slightly, then started to pound into her once more, Jenny held onto his hips just in case he’d decided to ram it deep inside. Bob for moments then proceeded to fuck her at long even strokes. He was determined to pump his full load up her; his cock felt like that of a mule, his balls ached with the speed of his fucking. Jenny went in and out of orgasm, at one stage she though she might pass out.
The surge was felt; he knew he could no longer retain it; Bob leaned forwards laying along her body, placing his hands under her shoulders gripping her tightly as he pulled his cock up deep inside her. Jenny sensed that something was going to happen, her pussy walls sensed the swelling as cum compelled its way down his thick shaft intensifying the pressure within. Bob forced his head back as he came, moaning loudly. Jenny felt the swell and puffiness inside her as his seed pumped along his shaft, then spurted out at the entrance of her womb.
Her hands went down to his hips once more to endeavour alleviate the pressure; the engorgement of his seed was so immense, it had started to force back to her entrance along the sides of his cock. Bob started to withdraw from her slowly, assuring that he’d leave her pussy full without sucking any of his load out with him, he looked down at her swollen pussy as his cock flopped to one side as it left her entrance. There was no trace of sperm, which pleased him.
After two more drinks Jenny decide that she would make it back to Spruces, enthusiastic to tell her friends. Even as she walked out of the flat the seepage had already started, with the breeze up under her dress the sperm felt cold as it spread into the gusset of her knickers.
“Your soon back…what happened did you chicken out then?” Elaine quizzed.
“Nope! We did it…God it was wonderful; painful to start with though!”
“Did he have the condoms then?” Brenda asked.
didn’t use them!” Jenny replied. “It all happened so quickly. You don’t think I’ll get pregnant do you?”
a bit silly then wasn’t it; when was your last period” Elaine smiled.
“I’ve only just finished my last one!”
“Then you shouldn’t have too much to worry about!” Brenda informed her.
Jenny’s father Alf always waited up until she’d come home; tonight was no exception. He stood from his chair as he heard the key in the front door.
Jenny crept in, closing the door behind her without switching on the light she made for the stairs.
“Your late tonight!” Her father inquired as he switched on the hallway light.
Jenny was halfway up the stairs as he spoke, just about to place her left foot on the next stair.
“You shouldn’t have waited up for me Dad”
Alf walked toward the staircase and looked up towards her; from her stance he could see clearly up between her open legs, noting the large damp area, which had spread widely in her knickers.
“By the looks of it you made good use of your time!” He smiled.
Jenny realised that he could see up under her dress, feeling somewhat uncomfortable by his words, sliding her hand down towards her pussy pushing her dress between her legs, as to cover herself.
“I don’t know what you mean Dad!”
“By the state of your knickers you took no precautions, and he must have wanted you real bad. Mind you, the way you’re dressed you’d have turned anybody on. You even brought my old cock up when you went out, and your mother and I packed that sort of thing up years ago, but there’s life in the old dog yet” Her father implied, his eyes still straining to see up under her dress.
“I’m sorry Dad, I didn’t intend to make you feel that way!” Jenny smiled now placing both hands onto the stair rail.
Her father took advantage of the view up under her dress once more, feeling his own manhood stir.
“How remorseful can you be then?” He grinned.
Jenny whispered in a low tone, looking back up the stairs, wondering if her mother could have heard.
worry you little head about her, she’s had her tablets she’ll not wake to the morning. Come on down into the lounge, lets have a little chat, I want to know all about this boyfriend of yours!”
“I don’t have a boyfriend as you put it Dad!” Jenny turned as she spoke heading slowly back down the stairway.
“Well if you don’t have a boyfriend, he must be a very excellent friend to give you a filling like that young lady”
Alf walked back into the lounge holding the door as Jenny cautiously wander through her eyes glued to his
“Sit yourself down on the settee, we’ll have a little chat” Her father smiled
know all about the birds and the bees!” Jenny said in a soft tone.
“That good…its not that what I am thinking about. So how many young men have taken pleasure with you then?”
Jenny sat down in the middle of the settee, not allowing much room other than for herself.
“Shift along a bit…come on tell Dad all about it?”
Jenny moved along allowing room for him to sit.
a start; there’s only been one young man as you put it!”
“So how long have you known him then?” Her father quizzed, with his eyes fixed on her bear knees.
“I met him /> “My he’s a fast worker!” Alf looked at his watch. only been out of the house for a matter of three hours! So your saying that tonight was your first time then?”
Don’t be so /> “I just want to know if he did you proud?”
“How d’you mean, did me proud?”
you enjoy it? By the looks of things he certainly did!”
“Why do you say that?”
“Are you telling me that you don’t feel in the least a bit damp? He must have wanted you badly to cum that much leaving you in a state like that. I hope he done the job aptly?”
“And how would I know that pray?”
wouldn’t really, it depends on the size of his cock!”
“Are you saying that I could still be a virgin?” Jenny said in a disbelieving manner.
This was just the answer that her father needed; his cock pulsed in his trousers at the thought of getting his cock inside her.
“How big was his cock then?” He asked shifting himself, allowing his trousers to be less tight around his private area.
“Well it seemed enormous to me!”
“May be so…but that doesn’t mean that he done the job, or at least done it /> “Then how will I know for sure then?” Jenny felt somewhat gutted to think that she might not have actually lost her virginity.
“Do you mind if I check for you?”
Jenny looked up at her father. my father, you don’t do things like that!”
“The guy thinks his taken your virginity right? Now what happens if he hasn’t, then the next lover does take it…it can only happen once you know…you can’t have two guys feeling proud of the same thing now can you?”
“I didn’t think men thought like that?”
“Yes they do! It’s not easy to find a virgin these days, and it really is something to be proud of, that’s if a guy gets the chance…now let me check…if only to put your mind at rest!”
His hand went down to her knees easing them slightly apart. Jenny nodded, permitting him access and parting her legs, his hand was warm to her as it slid between them reaching up towards her knickers. Alf tugged at the side allowing himself entry to her pussy.
“God, your wet!” He implied; he knew that one finger would go in effortlessly, and he meant for her to feel the tautness in her pussy. Putting three fingers together he tried to force them up her, she’d reduced in size since Bob had left her, and her pussy felt tense.
“That hurts Dad!”
“I thought so…his cock might have felt big…but it just proves that it wasn’t big enough” Her father withdrew his fingers, wiping the thick cum on to his handkerchief which he pulled it from his pocket. “Well he hasn’t done the job properly has he?” Alf looked up at Jenny, as if to say. “Well it hasn’t been done, don’t you want me to do about it for you?”
Jenny was somewhat dismayed, after the pain that she went through, and the thought of revealing to her friends that she was still a virgin, after telling them that she was now a woman, didn’t appeal to her.
Alf noticed the slight watering of her eyes, but did not comment.
upset you hasn’t it?” He reached for her hand and clasped it tightly. “Do you want the job done /> For a moment Jenny was lost for words, the thought of her father fucking her, surely he was to old at 52 to fuck any woman. She knew she’d enjoyed Bob…but he could have only been in his late 30’s.
Alf knew that she would need some coxing, she wouldn’t walk straight into it, and at present he had a rod on him that you could stoke a fire with.
“Come on I’m your to know; at least you’ll know it’s been done, and done accurately. You go off up to your room I’ll be with you in about five minutes” He held out his hand as he stood, Jenny took his hand and lifted herself from the seat.
“Are you sure this is right Dad?”
“You want the job done…that I do know…now get yourself up to your room, I’ll be there in a few minutes.
Jenny pulled her dress straight and left the room; Alf couldn’t believe his luck, he’d not had a fuck for at least two and a half years, then he couldn’t call it a decent fuck. He listened as he heard Jenny in the bathroom. “Ah, she’s cleaning herself up he thought, I should slide in flawlessly” he thought.
“Well boyo, you’re going to have a nice tight pussy tonight, so it was worth waiting up for!” He said gripping his cock hard.
After checking that his wife was fast asleep, he close her bedroom door, then moved towards Jenny’s room; the light was off when he entered, so he moved straight towards the bed and sat to remove his clothes.
“Are you sure this is alright Dad?” Jenny whispered up towards him.
be the best judge of that sweetie, just wait until you get a real cock up you!”
Jenny eased herself across the bed as her father got in; her bed wasn’t that spacious but Alf knew it would be more than adequate for his needs. He placed his hand onto Jenny’s breast although they were not large, they gave him more than a thrill as he rolled the nipple between his finger and thumb, never did he appreciate that he’d ever have one to hold. Finding her hand he moved it down the bed to his cock.
“Christ Dad…that feels enormous!” Jenny mused, feeling somewhat apprehensive towards its size and wondering whether or not she’d be able to take such an organ.
“All the better to fuck you with” Alf chuckled. do a proper job soon!”
“I often wondered as to why Mum made all those noises, but I must admit it’s sometime since I have heard her”
Alf moved his hand down between her legs, noting now that she was quite dry since last time he’d had a dip, as he pushed one finger slowly up her, Jenny moaned and turned towards him, cuddling Alf around the neck.
“That feels lovely Dad” Jenny implied lifting her leg to allow him more freedom.
Alf knew that he didn’t think he’d have to finger her that much as she was still moist inside after the load that had been shot up her, even though her pussy had reduce near enough to its normal size. He wanted her to feel his cock when he pushed it up her, little did he realise that his was twice the thickness of it predecessor. She felt good to him, nice and moist his cock throbbed as he fingered her and toyed with her clitoris, Jenny’s back curved as she went through her first finger orgasm.
“I think your more than ready for some real cock now young lady. Prepare to become
Alf rolled Jenny over onto her back spreading her legs wide, and pulling her knees up to her chest. Even he thought his cock felt big when he place his hand around it, mind you two and a half years is a long time for any man, Ok he’d had the quick wank, a few of those had been because of Jenny, thinking who might be fucking her.
Jenny gripped the sheets as he started to enter her.
“I don’t think it will go hurting me…Christ that feels huge,” She whimpered.
Alf hadn’t anticipated that she be so tight after just being fucked by some other guy; he knew he was well enhanced in that department but to follow someone else, he thought she’d take him at her ease. As a lad he often had to follow one of his mates in order to get a decent fuck, although he was sort after by some just because of his sheer size. Only to often when he fancied a girl that much his cock would grow to an extreme size just at the thought of fucking her. He knew he’d have to finger fuck her more if he was going to get to fuck Jenny, he was hoping for a nice tight pussy, still if he got her worked up enough she should still be tight without to many fingers.
“Please to big!” Jenny whispered up to him.
Alf eased himself to one side of her, his hand going straight between her legs, she was tight for just two of his fingers to start with, but he took it gently, managing to get them in. She seemed more relaxed now he’d moved his cock away from her, and was taking his thrusting fingers effortlessly, he could just make out her breasts in the light coming through the bedroom window, they stood up firmly with the nipples pecking.
He was getting quite frustrated, knowing that his cock was swelling even more as he gazed at her, his thoughts went towards the load that he would be pumping up her once given the chance, there was a numb ache in his balls. He tried for a third finger and it appeared that it would go, but he didn’t want to open her up that much, his cock would do that, and she’d still be tight to him. Moving across her, he positioned himself between her legs, fingers still gyrating inside her pussy, pushing her knees up once more he pulled his fingers out of her, wiping some of her juices along his thickened shaft, then offered it up to her pussy lips.
Jenny gasped as it started to slither into her, spreading her pussy walls extensively in front of it. As Alf leaned over her she reached up placing her hands around his neck.
“God Dad, that feels real good!” She sighed pulling his head down kissing him firmly on the lips.
Alf thought he might cum before he’d got his cock all the way inside her, never had he had sensations like this before, she was so tight but so juicy, his cock was gilding into her with such ease. Never ever did he surmise that he would ever actually fuck his daughter, often he’d got a had-on at just the sight of her in the mornings going to the bathroom when her housecoat had caped open revealing a little more than it should do. Once he’d got his cock fully inside her he stopped and looked down at her.
“Now you’re a real woman…you have an appropriate cock this time. Doe’s it feel different to your Alf started to pump his cock in and out of her as he spoke, not waiting for her to answer.
“It feels fantastic, I thought it was enjoyable before but this is absolute heaven. I can’t envisage the pleasure that mother had when I was conceived” Jenny elevated her body up to meet his on each stoke that Alf made.
Her body was taut with the sensations of the huge organ that was pounding away inside her, wanting it to last forever. She relaxed to the rhythm of his actions totally consumed by the sensations within her body, her pussy tingled as Alf fucked her even harder. Jenny arched her back going into a majestic orgasm; he was fucking her so hard now that she was forced up the bed.
Alf knew his time was limited, his seed welled inside him, he knew he’d cum buckets when he finally came. He looked down at her angelic face, her eyes were closed, all most as if she was preparing herself for the consignment that was about to be donated.
Jenny winched as the puffiness of his cock increased, her eyes widened, she glanced up into her father face; her hands gripped the sheets on the bed until her knuckles whitened. But it was to late…Alf leaned back assuring his cock was deep inside her as his balls started to empty. Jenny felt the pressure within her pussy, but this time the cock within was far to fat to permit his spunk down its sides. Alf moaned loudly as it pumped along his huge cock, the feeling was tremendous, her tight pussy made it spurt deeply. Her hand went to her lower tummy feeling the sense of swelling inside.
He pulled his cock out gradually; reaching down he placed her long legs together, kissing her in the cheek as he did so.
“I take it that your evening went well” Her mother asked as Jenny walked towards the breakfast table. “Where did you go in the end then?”
Even though Jenny had bathed before she had ventured down stairs, her father’s spunk was still seeping into her knickers; she gingerly sat down at the table knowing full well that before she removed herself she’d have to go the bathroom once more.
“Are you alright?” Her father quizzed with a broad smile on he’s face, knowing only to well of her predicament. “Have you hurt your back?”
a little stiff I think!” Jenny lied. “We went to Spruces at the other end of town” She informed her mother.
“Bit of a classy place isn’t it…I take it that you enjoyed yourselves then?”

“She was more than full of it when she came home” Her father smiled, with a sparkle in his eye, remembering the filling he gave her.

story by: Gail Holmes

Tags: fiction consensual sex erotica hardcore incest sex story

Author: Gail Holmes

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