sex stories

Gail Holmes

The garden’s always looked picturesque at this time of year the daffodils had finished and summer had started; Ivan was around for the third time with the mechanical lawnmower, leaving tracks of the new mown grass in his trail, he always took pride in his grass cutting. It was said that it would be an exceptionally hot summer, Ivan always had the lawns and gardens well watered, the house was situated close to Barry's Reef half way between Trentham and the motorway south leading out of Melbourne in Australia, he always managed to pump water from a nearby river, keeping the header tanks full at all times.

Becky sat on the ledge of her bedroom window watching, they had grown up together, even though he was two years older than herself, he'd always been protective towards her, however, now she was Miss Becky, he would tip his hat if he saw her in the gardens. He'd taken over from his father Edward who'd died four years earlier, nevertheless due to staff cuts he now had three jobs Chauffeur, gardener and handyman, even the house itself was down to three staff, Mrs Wills the cook with Mary and Jo the two cleaners. But then, her father didn't entertain as he used to, the house was always full of people from somewhere or another

She was getting bored, her long childhood friend Christine had moved to Ballarat; normally she would come and stay for two weeks in the summer, now she had a town job, although she informed her that she was due for a holiday, they rang each other every week just to keep in touch. Almost everything she'd first ever done was with Christine, swimming, her first bicycle, even their first train ride they were together.

Becky looked down at the lawns as Ivan came round once again; he was a hunk; she'd always been sweet on him, nearly made it with him once, that was before he'd married Millie, she is sweet, sometimes coming to the hall to help out if things got really busy, however she was pregnant now, with just a couple of months to go. God, how Becky envied her, not so much because of the baby, she'd just love to have him lying by her side at night

Leaving her bedroom Becky went down to the kitchen Mrs Wills always cheered her up when she was down. She'd been with the family for almost seventeen years; Becky was five at the time.

"Why don't you give Miss Christine a ring, you know your mother loves her to bits Miss Becky, I'm sure she'd find some excuse to come, and if she's due a holiday why not spend it here?" Mrs Wills suggested. "I'd love to see her again, lovely girl is />
"I'll ask Mother, I'm sure you're right Mrs Wills, if it's Ok, she could be here for the end of the week!"

It was 7 o'clock when Becky finally made contact with Christine.

"Why Becky, it should be my turn, you only rang on Friday, to what do I owe this honour?"

"I'm getting terribly bored, you said that you had holiday due! Like to come up to Barry's Reef for a few days, I know you could do with a break?"

"What's the occasion, this is unlike you?" Becky heard a chuckle from the other end of the phone.

"Does it have to be an occasion, summer is only weeks away, just wondered if you would care to come up for a couple of weeks, it would be fun. We could go to Trentham do some shopping?" Becky knew that Christine wouldn't turn a shopping spree down.

The phone line went dead for a few moments; Becky assumed that they had been cut off.

"You still there?"

I was just thinking what commitments I had at present, I could make it at the end of the week. I'll see if I can take a couple of weeks off, we're not that hard pushed at present, and I could do with the break. It would be great to get into Trentham again, I picked up some smart clothes last time we went, I'll have to bring my cheque book"

"Still it won't cost you a lot anyway!" Becky laughed.

"Meaning what?" Christine quizzed with a laugh.

"Well you never have to buy any form of you?"

"On the odd occasion, but as you say, not very often, still one never knows…I might just find something suitable. Should see you Friday then!"

"Look forward to it, bye for now, let me know as to what time won't you?" Becky replied

In all the time that Becky had known Christine she'd never ever worn any form of underwear, even swam in the nude, and couldn’t have anything that fitted tight to her skin.

It was then that an idea came to her, Ivan always maintained the pool, and she was acquainted with his secret passageway to it from the boiler room, often she'd heard scuffling within one of the hollow pillars.

"So, what did she say?" Becky's mother inquired as Becky came back into the lounge.

"Friday, Christine will here on Friday" Becky informed her mother, with a grin on her face

"That will be pleasant for you both, at least it will stop you moping around here, will you be going anywhere nice?" Her mother responded with a smile.

"May go to Trentham, perhaps do a bit of />
"Now that's good, I'd like a day out!" Her mother laughed.

"Just teasing dear, but I might ask you to get a few bits and pieces, we'll get Ivan to run you both up there then you won't have to worry too much about lugging things about!"

"That would be great!" Becky replied. She loved it when she was out with Ivan. "Does he have to wear that silly hat Mother?"

"You know your father, he likes to have things right, and he is the chauffeur after all!"

The next two days Becky spent picking out her distinctive and enthralling clothes, she'd a long way to go before matching Christine's attire. But then Christine earned more than twice her allowance. However she did look outstanding in her own clothes, her red hair with its silky smooth sheen flowing down to the middle of her back, not over looking her trim figure, and long legs, she'd turned many a head when she was out.

Friday soon came around; Becky sat in her bedroom window watching the driveway for Christine's taxi. Ivan stood from his gardening as the car came along the driveway tipping his hat, as Christine acknowledged him through the rear window; his eyes following the car as it passed. He walked across to the main entrance knowing that Christine would have cases or bags to carry.

Ivan was removing the baggage from the boot of the taxi when Becky came down the steps to meet her friend. It wasn't that often that Ivan came into the main building, unless work inside was needed.

"Can you take the cases straight up to Miss Christine's room?" Becky's mother asked of him.

"Of course Mrs McDonald, right away!"

Ivan's eyes followed Christine up the steps; the vision under her skirt pleased him, even though he never managed to get clear examination to the top, which would have delighted him even more. She was more than horny with her long blonde hair, he couldn't make up his mind as to which of the girls was the superior, knowing he could fuck either should he get the chance. His memories went back to the boathouse; those years back with Becky, if only they hadn't been disturbed, God she was an elegant creature.

"So how was your journey?" Becky's mother inquired. Christine smiled. "I could do with a shower"

what you shall have, go up to your bedroom and take your shower. I'll have some nice cool drinks served on the lawn when you come down!"

"You look well Ivan!" Christine remarked as she passed Ivan coming down the stairs.

"Thank you Miss!"

"How is Millie?"

"She's fine, baby is due soon now, and she's looking forward to it!"

"You will give her my regards"

"Of course Miss, thank you!"

Ivan carried on down the stairs, he was eager to look back, knowing the steepness of the stairway and as to the view he'd in all probability get, but thought better of it, knowing that she could look back.

"D'you fancy a swim before lunch?" Becky asked picking up her drink from the table.

"That sounds great, I love your pool!" Christine smiled.

"I'll get Ivan to check that everything is Ok, I haven't been in for nearly a week myself" Becky lied.

The pool was at the back of the house, always kept at a constant seventy-two degrees, and being air conditioned it was always the most comfortable place to be on hot days. Becky knew that if her plan had to work, Ivan would have to know that they were both going to use the pool. Becky walked across the lawn towards where Ivan was working.

"Christine and myself would like to use the pool Ivan, would you mind checking it out?" Becky looked at her watch as she spoke. "Be about half an hour, would that be alright?"

"Of course Miss, I'll do it straight away!" Ivan put down his garden fork, throwing his gloves onto the lawn. Becky watched as he made his way towards the back of the house to the boiler room.
Reflections of the sun through the large windows flickered on the ceiling from the water of the pool. Becky moved towards the table by the large hollow column, she knew that this was part of Ivan's secret hideout from the boiler room, it was a place that brooms and cleaning materials were kept for the pool, the door to the side was always locked, but she knew she could view inside from the balcony above.

looks refreshing!" Christine mused placing her towel onto the table.

Becky identified that her inspiration would work, not being too sure that using her friend as bait was that good an idea as Christine started removing her dress.

brought the wrong towel, I'll just pop up to my room and get another! Back in a moment" Becky needed this excuse to get up onto the balcony, ensuring that Ivan was inside the tall column, it was the widest in the pool area, at least six feet in diameter, mostly used for storage, with access to the pool from a small side doorway but that was never used.

"Don't take all day then!" Christine laughed, lifting her hair placing it into a bun.

Ivan could not believe his luck, he'd never realised she swam nude, his eyes scrutinized her body through the small vent within the column, her breasts jutted out as she lifted her hair, such a stimulating sight he'd never dreamed of, a bikini was what he expected; this was an added bonus.

Becky slowly leaned over the balcony looking into the pinnacle of the column; one of Ivan's hands was glued to the vent as he peered through it, the other placed in his groin, Becky wondered as to his thoughts as he inattentively watched Christine.

Hurrying back to her bedroom collecting the new towel and returned taking a last look over into the column before going down to the pool. Ivan now had his cock in his hand rubbing it brusquely, his eye still glued to the vent, she was surprised as to the size of his cock, never imagining what a fully erect cock could look like, it was generously proportion to say the least. Still, if Millie could contain it she considered, there would be no reason as to why she couldn't.

"Took your time!" Christine mused, as she stood nude beside the pool.

with you in a jiff!"

Becky knew that now she would be the centre of Ivan's attention facing the vent whist removing her clothing, she stood for moments adjusting her hair moving closer to the vent she turned and bent forward allowing a full close up view of her pussy.

"I'll go the whole hog today, I'll swim nude also!" She laughed, "I don't see why you should have all the fun!"

His balls felt as if they'd burst, watching as both girls moved closer to the pool diving in together. He looked down at his cock, which had swollen somewhat out of proportion.

"Well old fella, we can look…but we can't touch… believe me, I know just how you feel, we'll just have to take it out on Millie when we get home!" He assured himself in a low voice, not wishing to be heard.

Ivan sat on the box by the vent, now just stroking his cock in gentle rubs; he didn't want to come at this stage, there'd be more to see yet. Becky knew she'd broken the ice so to speak, she now had him just where she wanted him, she visualised he's cock as she swam, wondering as to what Christine would think, should she realise that they were both being watched.

Becky did wonder as to whether Ivan was still there watching behind the vent as they sat chatting.

was that?" Christine laughed hearing the low moan, but unaware as to where it came from.

Ivan had pushed his cock just too far, and had blown his load. He stood motionless with his hand resting on the inside of the column, cum was still spurting from his bloated cock, and it was as much as he could do to silence his heavy breathing.

"I'll go up to my room and get changed!" Christine informed Becky as she wrapped the towel around herself.

"See you in the dining room later then!" Becky grinned.

As soon as Christine was out of sight Becky bent down to the vent.

"I know you're there Ivan… Ivan!"

Ivan knew he'd been caught out and he was devastated, it was moments before he answered.

"Yes Miss!" The voice came in a low tone, he was grief-stricken, he'd done it so many times before. Ok he'd never cum so violently. "Yes Miss Becky I'm here!"

"I want to see you in my bedroom at 11.30 promptly tonight. I think there's things we have to talk about!" Becky stated with a sound of concern in her voice.

Ivan could only assume that he was in for a dressing down for his actions.

"I'll be there Miss!"

"Just you make sure you are. We have to talk!" Becky responded with a happy grin on her face, knowing that now she had him just where she wanted him.

Standing to one side of the vent as to make sure he couldn't see her getting dressed, Becky put her clothes back on and left the pool.

look happy with yourself!" Mrs. Wills implied as Becky entered the kitchen.

"Things to do, places to go…now Christine's here I hope for some fun!"

"Knowing you exactly what you're likely to get, your mother tells me that you're both going into /> "Not today…more than likely early next week, it will be too busy tomorrow!" Becky replied.

“You will let me know if you go, I like little Ivan the engine to get me some bits and pieces that I’ll be needing”

Mrs Wills always called him Ivan… Becky would have preferred to call by his name herself, but she knew her father would never consent to it…still she didn't have to call him by his surname, which they did in the olden days, it is an approved advancement she thought.

"So what are you doing here in my kitchen?" Mrs Wills quizzed.

"I've come to see if there was anymore orange juice, Christine and I will be going back out into the garden after lunch"

"Don't you worry your little head over that, I'll make sure it's on the table for you with plenty of ice…go on, away with you!"

Becky watched as Ivan continued his work on the flowerbeds, some distance from them.

"Have you ever had a man?"

not the sort of thing you ask!" Christine laughed.

"Come we friends, if I can't ask you, who can I ask?"

"Being as you put it so bluntly…no I you may I ask?"

Becky pulled her eyes away from Ivan and smiled towards her friend.

"I thought now that you're a city girl so to speak…that you’d have tried it at lest. How do I ever get the chance, stuck out here in the sticks…but wouldn't you like to try, are you not /> "Of course I've thought about it… but doing it… that's a different matter, it means involvement. I haven't got time for that, anyway what's brought this up?"

"With no involvement, would you consider giving it a try?"

"I take it that you have someone in mind by the way you speak" Christine milled Becky's words over in her mind before continuing. "Is this why you've asked me to stay… you want sex… being as we have always had our firsts together… you want to give it a try whist I'm here?" Christine replied coyly

"Not me…us! With no />
"Involvement or a bit sudden…who is this guy?"

"You are interested then!" Becky smiled. "I mean now you're asking who?"

"What girl wouldn't be…of course I'm I just can't see how you think you can pull a guy out of a hat so to speak… I mean what does he think of this idea?"

"As yet… he's not aware of it, but almost sure he'd be happy to go along with it… I mean the pair of us!"

we do things together don't we?" Becky grinned, she knew she had it made, if Ivan was prepared to watch them, he surely wouldn't turn down fucking the pair of them. Plus for her point of view, he'd always be there when needed at a later date. She could feel herself getting wet at the thought.

"Brought you some more orange girls" Mrs Wills smiled down to the girls, placing the tray onto the table. "I'm sure you both could find something better to do on such a lovely day!" She beamed.

"That's just what we are discussing, I'm in no doubt you're right Mrs Wills" Becky laughed.

"Look we can't talk too much here… be at my bedroom at midnight, don't bother to knock, just come straight in, we won't be disturbed then. Nevertheless, you are game aren't you?"

"Well yes… I just can't see how you propose to get some guy to agree to it, I mean you can't just say to a guy" she hesitated for moments, turning to look around. "Come and fuck me, I mean… surely they have to be prepared for something like this, and with two of us?"

"Are you alright Ivan?" Millie his wife quizzed noting how down he looked.

"Fine Millie… I just wished I hadn't got to go back to work, I'm a bit bushed today what with one thing or another, only they want the pool put right before morning. The boilers are playing up, I can't go back on my word…still it shouldn't take that long"

Ivan knew he could be in serious trouble; lose his job, his home, what if Becky knew he'd done it before. He'd never get a reference, what with the baby coming soon; he couldn't afford to be without work.

"I'll ring if you're too late!" Millie smiled.

"No… no, there's no need for that… you go to bed, I don't know for sure how long it will take. Anyway, we don't want to wake the household do we?"

Walking slowly down the driveway, his mind racing, not knowing for sure what the outcome would be, God how could he face Millie when she found out. Bloody peeping Tom, that's what she'd call him, wouldn't any man take advantage of such a performance, Christ he was only human. His mind took him back, picturing the two girls as they'd stood before him nude, and then Becky pushing her pussy up to the vent towards him. But when did she realise he was there, it must have been when he'd cum, he have moaned to should if they'd have cum that much.

Ivan managed to enter the large house from the kitchen entrance. He went into the pool area knowing that Millie would most likely been looking for the lights to go on. The security lights were on in the main building; he knew his way not bothering to switch and main lights on. His watch said it was coming up to 11.30. Do the crime pay the fine he thought, so Ok he'd enjoyed it, but never did he anticipate it would come to this.

"Spot on time!" Becky smiled to herself as the light tapping came on the door, she was waiting behind it, she was eager.

"Nice to see your timekeeping is still up to standard!" Becky informed him as she opened the door.

Ivan looked into the brightly lit room Becky was wearing her housecoat but with the light behind her he could see straight through it.

"I must make an apology Miss Becky, I’ve gone over the consequences of my behaviour, and I'm sure you have good reason to take any actions you think should apply to my misdoings. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time!"

"Come in…but you're too often in the wrong place as you call it…and at the wrong time, I think as far as you're concerned it's the right place at the right time, how many times is it now?"

Ivan followed her as she walked back into the room. She didn’t suppose he would come to her with his tail between his legs as it were, she felt like the dominant teacher about to whip her naughty pupil.

"Miss Becky what can I say, you are a very beautiful young woman, as is Miss Christine, can you wonder that a man, especially myself seeing you not have certain feelings? The chance of seeing you in a state of undress it would be any mans dream…to see, but not to hold…if you consider my meanings"

Becky sat down on the edge of the bed tapping it lightly.

"Sit down Ivan!"

"Miss Becky…what if someone should come in!"

"At this time of night, I don't think so Ivan, this is why I asked you to come at this time!"

Becky watched as he gingerly sat on the bed beside her.

"So you consider that I am worth looking at, in a state of undress then, something that you have made a habit of doing?"

“What would Millie think of you wasting the essence of you manhood in this way, how long were you trying for her baby" I’m sure no woman would appetite such a waste!”

Ivan sat speechless, not believing he was hearing such a conversation

"Ivan, I acknowledged for sometime that you've been inside that column when I've been in the pool… I don't deem we have rats in the place!"

"Miss consider; not only myself, but Millie and the baby if word gets to your father, we'll have no home!"

like making them, I mean how long did you try! I’m sure that if you’d had used your essence correctly Millie would have mothered your child earlier”

"I don't understand you Miss Becky!"

"How long did you try, for her baby I mean?"

"Back end of last year Miss, that's when we decided! Why do you ask?"

"So you both decided, before that you had sex without making babies!"

”Miss Becky… I don't what has baby making got to do with me being here?"

Becky smiled at his remark, moving to the middle of the bed laying lengthwise and opening her housecoat revealing her body to him.

"So you could make love to me… without considering baby making?"

Ivan felt as if he was in a fantasy world looking down at her. Her body, any man would deem worth fucking, she'd splayed her red hair onto the pillows each side of her head, her breasts stood out firmly, nipples jutting out rigidly, his eyes moved slowly down towards her red pubic down, trimmed to her bikini line. He'd come for a bollocking this has to be a hallucination.

"Miss Becky… with due respect… you can't mean what you're asking!"

" Asking, I'm not … I'm challenging you, now can you do it without getting me />
"Of course!"

"Then do it!"

Becky watched as he started to remove his clothing, his eyes never leaving her body. He'd had women in his time but redheads were his favourite, his cock was already getting the message, the times he'd just wanked at the thought of her, then there was Millie, he couldn't remember if the baby was meant for her or Miss Becky at the time of fucking her. He supposed it depended on his thoughts at the time.

"I am new to this!" Becky informed him.

This remark sent a throb to his cock; never had he had a virgin, his first, and being a redhead appealed to him. At his wedding… yes Becky was there; he'd lusted after her even then, in her blue, off the shoulder dress, no bra, breasts that stood firmly on there own, he'd notice how many eyes were turned. Now he was going to be her first, but…. but he couldn't empty his bollocks into her, small mercies he thought, at least he was getting to fuck her, and her first.

"Don't worry Miss, I'll be gentle, this is something I've been wanting for years. I'm not about to spoil it for you!" He knew if this was her first fucking, she'd be asking for more, so get it right the first time, then she'd want supplementary portions of his cock.

"So this is the wonder baby making machine, at least you have proved yourself!" Becky viewed his cock as he stood. "I've long craved to see this rod, first hand!"

Ivan ignored her words, going straight down on to her breasts, he knew if it was a baby she'd have wanted, he'd the right tool for the job, proven for its capability, but now it was just sheer lust. His hand moved down between her legs running his fingers through the soft hair, Becky broadened the gap opening her legs allowing his hand and searching fingers between. The curved finger appealed to her as it passed between her pussy lips, nevertheless, this was a man's finger… not her own, it was feeling, searching her inner depths, it had extended through her hymen, but it was male, different from her own, this was a finger that was going to take her into womanhood.

Ivan needed to go down… down on her… her pussy, the red haired new pussy… brand new, intact; he wanted the taste… taste where no man had gone before, his would be first.

Becky didn't realise the need, why was he moving down between her legs this wasn't what she'd expected it was his cock…. His cock that was what she needed, she'd smelt herself in the past, she couldn't permit him this, this was a woman's thing, rank, pungent… this would turn him against her. Reaching down she gripped him by the hair; he resisted, reaching up, removing her grip, she could but watch as his head slithered down between her legs.

Ivan loved the aroma; to him she was… new…sweet, and above all juicy, he started to lap her pussy with his tongue, Becky spread her legs, the feeling was good. Her clitoris was petite and standing prominent, Ivan pushed his lips over it, his tongue tickling its tip.

Taking in deep breaths, Becky threw herself back onto the pillows. It was then that Christine came into the bedroom; she hadn't noticed Ivan as she turned closing the door quietly, only when she walked toward the bed did she become conscious of the male form between Becky's legs.

Becky sat back up, lifting her finger to her mouth; a gesture of quietness, Ivan heard nothing over the noise he himself was making with the slurping of his tongue. Becky patted the bed; willing Christine to sit beside her, then reach forwards running her fingers through Ivan's thick blonde hair.

"God, that feels good Ivan!"

Ivan was too preoccupied to hear her words, his hand moving under him, directing his chunky impatient finger towards her pussy. Becky let out a loud gasp, her hands falling each side of her, gripping the sheet, the sensation of his finger as it slid up her activated every nerve in her body. Christine clutched her wrist, not fully understanding quite what was happening, Becky shook her head, gesturing that all was fine. Ivan eased his finger with gentle movements in and out of her; he'd never felt such a restricting pussy, Millie had been well serviced before he'd met her, then with the baby coming, she was bound to be stretched somewhat. His cock ached for want; it was now solid digging into the sheets, rolling his body to one side allowing it its freedom.

Christine couldn't believe her own eyes as it came into view, she turned to Becky, however, she was in another world, going through her first orgasm. His cock appeared massive to her, bulky veins protruded and wavered along its sides, it's head not unlike a large pear, she could only presume this was for ease of entry. Her hand went down to her own pussy, dipping a single finger inside, she was wet, abnormally wet, her pussy inner walls clung to her finger as she moved it freely, her eyes focused on his cock once more, Ivan was now holding it in his hand, drawing the thick skin backwards and forwards enveloping the pear shaped end, which itself glistened with moisture.

Ivan knew it was time to fuck, or he himself would blow his load, Becky's body was quivering, her juices running freely, everything seemed right. He tried the second finger, but her hymen restricted its entry, Becky was on cloud nine, not sensing any form of pressure, her world was a merry-go-round, never had she felt sensations of this kind.

It was only when Ivan sat up that he realised that Christine was on the bed. He heaved a sigh.

"I didn't realise that you were in on this too Miss Christine, I never heard you come in"

They both looked at Becky as she began to sit back up.

"Can you handle the pair of us then Ivan?" Becky put her hand down to her pussy. "I don't know exactly what you we're doing, but hell, it felt real good… Christine lay beside me, sample some of his action!"

Ivan watched as the girls lie down before him, his cock wanted to fuck; he'd done the primary foreplay for Becky, she was ready as was he, but to start again…not that he didn't want to… Christ he could fuck them both all night, should his balls hold out, but at present he just wanted to blow his load. Only then would he start again.

"That wouldn't be a problem Miss… however I think its time that you gave me gratification, I think it's only fair!"

"How so?" Becky smiled.

"Sit up…sit up the pair of you!" Ivan felt some sort of authority was needed now, and it appeared he was in the chair.

As the girls sat up Ivan laid between them, his cock standing up like soldier on ceremonial duties.

"Now Miss Becky…take Long John there, into your mouth… suck him real good!" Ivan sat up on his elbows pointing down the bed.

"In my mouth… Ivan, that's filthy!"

Becky moved down the bed for a closer inspection.

"So what I did for you… was that filthy as you put it!" Ivan knew she’s succumb to his wishes, if only to prove herself to Christine.

Becky took his cock into her hand and leaned over it.

"God, its enormous! So this… this, is what a baby making tool looks like close up?"

"You do have a point there!" Christine responded. "What happens if we become />
"He's made me a solemn promise in that field. No babies…. That's right isn't it Ivan, and I mean both of us!"

"You have my word Miss… but please… suck it!" Ivan was by this stage going mad for it, if she didn’t suck he’d have fuck her, and now.

Becky went down on him, her mouth just managing to contain its girth, if the mouth and pussy comparison was anything to go by… he was going to have one hell of a job when he came around to fucking her thought Ivan.

"Miss Christine, move across over my face let me savour your pussy now!"

Christine moved spreading her legs over him, cautiously lowering her pussy over his mouth. Ivan raised his hands to clasp her hips easing her down slowly, her pussy-smelt dam good; he brought down one of his hands and inserted his finger gradually pushing up inside her. She leaned forward gripping his waist.

"Is it enjoyable?" Becky looked up and smiled, seeing the look of pleasure on her friends face, then went back onto Ivan' cock.

Ivan was taking long slow licks, but giving his tongue a wriggle as it passed over her clitoris, he could feel her nails digging into his skin. Her pussy was not as tight to his finger as Becky, nevertheless, he did wonder if she herself was also in mint condition, and never been fucked.

His cock and balls throbbed; he knew only too soon they would erupt; he started to lift his hips to meet Becky's own sucking movements. She felt the shaft thicken, unaware of gross filling that was about to be discharged into her mouth. Ivan knew there was no stopping it, holding his hips up as he blew his load.

God!" Becky threw her head back; glutinous sperm was running down each side of her mouth. She lifted her hand, wiping it with the back.

Christine sat up abruptly, wondering as to what had made her friend cry out in such a way. Ivan was nearly stifled as her pussy was pushed firmly over his mouth due to her sudden action. Christine could only think that her friend was having a fit of some kind, foaming at the mouth as she was.

"I didn't expect that!" Becky squealed with a note of surprise in her voice, then sitting back like a child that had just eaten a bowl of gruel. "I must go to the bathroom!" She laughed.

Ivan said nothing, and continued to finger fuck and lick Christine pussy, awaiting his next erection, his cock now flaccid, laying along over his pubic hair. Christine adjusted her position enjoying his activities beneath, her pussy pulsated along its inner walls as his finger gyrated within.

Becky came back into the room, tissue placed up to her mouth with a girlish grin on her face.

"My, that was some explosion!" She smiled sitting on the bed staring down at Ivan's cock, which by now was becoming revitalised, she reached out taking it into her hand.

"It's so bloody ugly!" She mused feeling the blood strengthening and thickening the shaft as she held it.

Ivan sensed his cock was raring to go once more, there was no way he about to blow another load before he'd at least fucked one or the other of them. He knew Christine would be the wetter of the two.

“One could take umbrage, being called names such as that!” Ivan informed her.

Becky felt somewhat guilty by his reaction to her words. “I didn’t mean it in a spiteful way!”

“Well! I think I'd better bestow you both with some cock, after all, that's what you got me here to do in the first place!”. He eased Christine up off his face, and crawled to one side of the bed.

"Miss Christine I think you'd better be first, as Miss Becky will be wanting some more foreplay yet, or I shall never get the dam thing into her!"

Ivan assisted Christine to lay the full length of the bed, spreading her legs before climbing in between.

"Come on Miss Becky…you lay along side… then you can have some finger, to get you back in the mood!"

Ivan moved up over Christine taking his cock into his hand guiding it up to her pussy, the feel of her moist lips touching it end, sent shivers down his spine. Christine glared up at him as she felt the pressure of its presents within. He butted it up to her hymen; it was then he recognized he was going to be her first also, leaning over he kissed her on the lips giving his cock a swift thrust forwards through the dreaded obstruction. He was surprised that she only gave a low moan; it felt to him as if he tore through a piece of canvas. His cock slid up her with little effort, the feeling was sensational, never had he had a pussy that gripped him so comfortably. This was a new awareness to him, there was no false grasping just an even pressure the whole length of his cock, it was almost as if her pussy tickled his protruding veins as he slid in and out of her.

Becky watched as his cock slid to and fro from Christine's pussy, seeing the white fluids of her juices as they spread along the thick shaft. She placed her hand down between her own legs gently forcing a finger up inside. Christine was laying back, her body movements in time with Ivan's, low moans, and squeals even sighs came from her mouth.

Whatever was he doing to cause this Becky />
Ivan speeded his rhythm. To him this was a fuck from another world, up against this, all other pussies really needed a re-sleeve, never had he known a fuck to be so gratifying, so natural, his helmet rippled within the inner walls, nothing gripping, nothing fake, his whole body was alive to the new soothing senses. He looked across to Becky, her eyes glued between his legs, however, her hand was between her own, he knew he should fuck her now. The sight of the plume of red hair between her legs, sent a shockwave through his cock, he reached across between her legs, she moved her hand as she sensed his searching fingers, as if to allow him entrance, instantly he forced his finger up her, Becky jumped at its suddenness.

"I think you're ready for old Long John Miss Becky"

Becky observed his long cock as he slowly withdrew from within Christine, his balls looked not unlike that of a Bull. She then lie back onto the bed spreading herself spaciously as he manoeuvred across the bed above her, she squealed like a piglet when he entered her, just the sharp jab as he'd done with Christine, but she didn't appear to be as thick as her friends, his cock had gone through quite easily, she grabbed his arms as he lifted them to her sides.

"That wasn't very nice!"

Ivan ignored her words, but continued to fuck her; his eyes were closed, with his head back, as he'd surmised, she was tight, bloody tight. He felt her soft hands touch his face; she looked angelic when he looked down at her, her red hair splayed across the two pillows, He couldn't envisage as to how many times he'd imagined himself in the position he was in now, and knowing that this wasn't to be his last. Her hips lifted as she went into orgasm, he continued to pump his cock in and out of her as she thrust beneath him, her pussy was giving sucking sensations along the length of his shaft, gentle but deliberate, his helmet felt as if satin was being drawn leisurely over it, Ivan leaned forwards over her, speeding his motion, her arms went around him, gripping his broad shoulders.

He experience the tell-tail feelings in his balls, he was about to blow once more, he would have loved to fill her to capacity, but knowing that it would ruin any chances of fucking her again, he readied himself to pull out.

"Miss Becky…. Miss I'm going to blow… please open />
Before he could finish his sentence he had to pull out, Christine notice that Becky either hadn't heard him or was in a world of her own. She quickly leaped forward taking his cock as he withdrew. Ivan gasped as Christine took it into her mouth, sucking intensely as he commenced his blow; she reached under him clasping his drooping sac.

To Christine it was thick and syrupy, with slight salty taste; she continued well after he'd finished. He did wonder if she was intending to renovate the old fella again.

She looked up to him smiling wiping her mouth, but with a tissue she’s collect from the bedside cabinet.

babies!" She grinned, "You've proven that you don't have to plant your seed every time, but I do envy Millie, you are a wonderful lover. Well at least I think you are, never having one before!"

"Thank you Miss… if that is the case, can I consider that you'll require my services yet again before you return home?"

Ivan meant this as a joke, at least by the way to which he was addressing himself, as if he was an old fashioned servant serving her ladyship.

"Yes Ivan… I think I'd like that… but I think not only for myself!” Christine looked down at Becky as she spoke.

Miss Becky" She smiled "I think we'd both prefer if we could go all the way, with you're experience I'm sure you could arrange that someway"

"Condoms Miss!"

"If that's what it takes Ivan, we are both in your hands so to speak. I take it that we can both confide in your up most />
faith in me; I am a married man… with a baby on the way I'm hardly likely to broadcast anything of this nature, not only to yourselves, but it would be detrimental to myself, however, I am grateful to be of service to you both"

"Can we say tomorrow then… all the way…I do mean both of us?" Christine turned to Becky, who'd now fell asleep, but still lying with her legs apart.

Ivan moved towards Becky leaning over, giving her pussy a lasting lick or two, and then lifting and placing her into the bed, drawing the bed covers over her.

"Tomorrow would be fine Miss… except I don't think it would be fair on Millie, that's unless we can select a different time of day. It is my half day tomorrow however!"

"In that case I'll have a word with Miss Becky in the morning, I'm sure we'll be able to arrange something, I'm sure she’ll not won't want to miss out, even if it means you taking us both out in the car, at least you'll be paid for your time!"

Ivan made sure all the lights were out in the pool before he left, whistling to himself as he walked down the lane towards his cottage. He couldn't believe that he was fucking the pair of them, and now he was going to get paid for doing it.

Millie was still up when he entered the cottage, telling him to sit down and she would bring him a Fosters from the fridge. Ivan removed his coat and sat at the table, his mind running overtime with tomorrow looming within hours.

" I take it you managed to get them both up and running then?" Millie asked placing the can of Fosters onto the table with a glass.

Ivan looked up baffled, how could she know as to what he'd been up to.

"Get them up and running?" I'm not with you!"

"The got them working, whatever did you think I meant?" Millie smiled

"Sorry Millie…I was miles away there for the moment, yes there both fine now!"

"By the state of you hair, it looks as if it's been up the flue pipe! I hope you'll take a shower before you come to bed… I know it's late, but there's a little something that I have that could do with a little stoking" Millie winked. "That's of course if you're up to it, never known you too be tired for that yet!"

story by: Gail Holmes

Tags: fiction young erotica group sex male / female teens sex story

Author: Gail Holmes

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