Phoenix pt 4 ch 04

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It was a month later. Béla and Beth were skulking around inside a sporting goods store. It was dark outside. Béla picked out a couple of really nice bows. They had pulleys on each end to increase the speed of the arrows. Beth took the entire display of the store’s plastic arrows and dumped them into her new bag, which she had also just stolen. Out of all the stuff stolen from the ammunition dump, they discovered they liked the simple bow and arrow best for their sex play. They liked guns and those hunting knives, of course, but there was more of a game with a bow and arrow. They often hunted each other down for days at a time.

Béla disappeared to go haunt Jake. That’s what Beth began calling it when she realized that humans had a strange way of not accepting data acquired in their dream state. The single exception she knew of, of course, was her busty blond friend, Tanya.

‘I ought to return her gun,’ Beth thought as she dream-walked into the arborium carrying her bag of arrows. She saw that her sister had already dropped off the elaborate-looking bows and left again.

Mentally searching around for the little gun, she found it and walked into her freshly created image of Frank and Tanya’s bedroom. They were awake and couldn’t see her dream image. Beth left the gun on her friend’s dresser and went back to the image of the construction site where she’d found that last stash of blasting caps.

‘While Sis is off getting fucked silly, I may as well have some fun by />
She reappeared in the arborium with a box of a hundred more blasting caps and set them down.

Beth woke up feeling horny, as usual. Béla was asleep, still dream-walking with Jake so Beth teleported down to the arborium, leaving her sister behind on the bed in their quarters. Her belly was tense and her nipples were puckered with sexual excitement. It seemed she never tired of playing with the nasty little blasting caps.

Her sister would still be gone for hours, getting her dream body penetrated again and again, so she had lots of time. Her pussy was tingling in anticipation of fresh destruction and she almost came as she shoved one of the little caps up inside her.

Picking up another one, she held it in her hand and teleported it into the fleshy tissue of her left breast, forcing her skin to accommodate the end sticking out through her nipple. She did the same thing to her right breast. She was gasping from the effort of forcing her tender nips to accommodate the foreign objects. The pain she was causing herself made her come, this time. She shook as her first orgasm swept through her body.

She picked up another blasting cap and inserted it as far as she could shove it up into her ass. She teleported two more into her torso, one underneath each lung; two more into her soft, lower belly right next to her hipbones. One last blasting cap went into her belly button.

By now she was positively trembling with sexual tension and dropped down on her knees, too dizzy and aroused to remain upright. Bending backwards until her head touched the ground behind her feet, she took a deep breath while deciding which part of her incredibly horny, aroused body to destroy first.

‘I could make this a ritual – a ritual of sexual destruction! Yeah! I’m already in a sacrificial position… Okay, I sacrifice my perfect belly to… What should I sacrifice myself to? God, I’m so fucking horny… Oh, yeah – the Goddess of Lust!’

“Okay, here />
Making an image of the one sticking out of her stomach and tensing her muscles against the impending shock, she touched it with her mind and jerked sideways a bit, causing a tiny electrical current inside the blasting cap.

What came out of Beth’s throat when her belly button erupted was somewhere between a grunt and a yelp. The pain flooded through her body and seemed to concentrate in her nipples and her pussy. As Beth orgasmed, she set off the blasting caps in her breasts accidentally, spewing blood and half-cooked fatty tissue all over her chest and neck.

That orgasm was so powerful that an electrical flow flooded her entire body. Her lower ribcage blew out next, closely followed by her lower belly. Blood and her own gory flesh rained down on her as she shook uncontrollably with the wild, incredibly erotic destruction. Her body was in spasms. Her limbs shook uncontrollably as she came, crying in pure agony as her torso was blasted open.

After a moment of whimpering and writhing on the ground in orgasmic agony, Beth was able to force what was left of her body to relax a bit. The only undamaged parts were her pussy and her ass. She hadn’t blown them up yet because she needed her pussy to come. While she was still coming, she concentrated as best she could on the blasting cap she’d shoved up her ass. It went off with a dull

Except for Beth’s fresh, new cry of agony as she rolled around on the ground, the only evidence of the blast that tore the inside of her ass apart was the gore that suddenly sprayed out and down her legs while Beth rolled around on the ground grasping her torn belly with both hands.

There was one blasting cap left inside her and she was ready for it, now. Moving her blood covered hands down between her legs, she pinched and clawed at her clitoris for a few seconds until she was ready to come again. Crying out at the beginning of one final orgasm, she exploded the blasting cap in her pussy.

Shaking uncontrollably in orgasm, her blown-open body flooding the ground beneath and around her with blood, Beth cried out helplessly, choking on the blood flooding her lungs.

Beth couldn’t believe she was still conscious. She also couldn’t believe the amount of pain she was learning to tolerate. Her pussy was destroyed, along with most of her torso and her beautiful breasts but her lungs were healing and she was able to breathe a bit.

Despite the fact that her pussy was destroyed, incredible orgasms were still flowing up and down her body. She wondered what she could do to herself to make her come even harder. She still had lots of blasting caps, but not much body left to blow up. Despite the gore of her own body, her pain-weakened mind and that incredible orgasmic flood only left her one viable solution.

Closing her eyes, she teleported a blasting cap deep into her ruined belly and ignited it. She closed her hands over her gut in agony as she came again.

She looked down at herself. She was so covered with blood that she couldn't even see her skin. There were huge holes blown in her chest where her breasts had been. Her torso was a mass of unidentifiable blood-soaked raw meat and it was all alive, filled with screaming nerve endings. Those raw, exposed nerve endings were what was creating all those wonderful orgasms that raked her body.

Incredibly excited by her new tolerance level and sexually aroused beyond any sanity, she decided to do the whole box – one hundred (well, ninety, now) blasting caps.

still lots of raw tissue left to blow up,’ she thought, gritting her teeth in masochistic glee, exhaustedly feeling her body respond sexually to the prospect of even more gore.

Mentally grasping several more blasting caps, she the inside of her body with them, going down each side of her body, placing them several inches apart. When she was finished with her work, she had a dozen blasting caps buried inside her in two neat rows going down each side of her gory body, beginning beneath her ribs right where her breasts had been and ending with the last two buried in her gut, one next to each hipbone.

She was going to blow up her whole body, if she could – her entire torso from her half-regenerated tits to her already exploded cunt! Beth shook for the excitement and the anticipation of all that wondrous, sensual destruction.

She decided to start from the bottom and work up. The one next to her heart could possibly damage it, so she decided to do it last. She blew her hips apart first, screaming in agony as she orgasmed. The small part of her mind that was still conscious moved up to the next inserted pair and exploded them, blowing up her lower belly. Then the next, and the next, and the next, spraying blood, guts and gore everywhere, blowing her torso completely open.

All of her organs were destroyed now, as well as her most of her nervous system. She knew that because most of the pain and raw-nerve agony was no longer there. All she could feel was the sensation of coming, over and over and over…

She blew up the last four at the same time, destroying her heart and blowing out her tits, chest and lungs, experiencing the ultimate orgasm as she died, her entire body completely destroyed from the inside out.


Beth felt the warm pulse of blood. It was very close; all she had to do was bite down and suck. She did, then sticky-sweet hot fluid was flowing into her mouth. She greedily swallowed as much as she could. The source of her sustenance removed itself before she was ready to end her feeding. She cried out her want, then slept again.

Béla sat, still stunned, and lay her sister’s body back on the blood-soaked grass after her feeding. What her sister had done was so fucking unbelievably insane. Almost half the box of those dangerously explosive dynamite caps was gone – used up by her sex-crazed sister in her self-destructive quest for the ultimate orgasm. From the looks of her, she’d succeeded.

‘Well, I hope you had Béla thought into her sister’s sleeping mind.

Beth’s mind responded lightly, on a purely animal level. />
Béla didn’t know if her sister wanted to suck more blood or if she wanted more orgasmic destruction.

‘Probably both,’ Béla decided, shaking her head in amazed disbelief at the erotic images her sister was unconsciously projecting. She curled up next to her gory, blood-covered sister and went to sleep.

Several hours later, Béla woke up. Her sister was still sleeping, but now, at least, she looked more like a girl than a raw slab of butchered meat. Her breasts were almost grown back and the horrible holes ripped in her torso were nearly closed. It was time to feed her again.

She rolled over against Beth and raised her head, cradling it with her shoulder. Beth stirred, her vampiric nature guiding her mouth to the alluring source of fresh blood coursing through veins. Béla let her feed until she felt weak and light-headed again then pulled away, ignoring the plaintive plea that weakly radiated out from her half-dead sister.

Lying Beth gently in the grass, Béla got up to go find more food. She teleported into her quarters, startling a crewmember who was restocking the cooler. She vanished quickly, returning to the arborium. Once stable in one location, she scanned her body with her mind, quickly cleaning off the blood and dirt stains, and deposited the residue on the floor of the arborium to be recycled by the plants. Then she returned to her quarters to find the crewman picking up the fruit and meat he’d dropped a moment before.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” the princess apologized.

The orderly glanced up at his naked princess. He was sure she had been much more soiled the first time she had appeared.

‘It could have been just shadows,’ Béla helped him think. ‘She looks normal, now. A little thin, perhaps. She must not be eating enough.’

He remembered her feeding difficulties on the long journey out. He wasn’t surprised to notice she wasn’t eating right, again, despite the fact that the two princesses were continually cleaning out the cooler. He made a mental note to ‘up’ their rations.

Béla watched him leave, then opened the cooler and took several handfuls of whatever was on top. Cradling her booty in her arms, she teleported back down to the arborium and sat down to eat. She needed to stay well fed while she nursed her sister to recovery.

After she ate, she mentally cleaned the blood and gore off her sister’s sleeping form and from the grass around them both, causing a dry rain of precious fertilizer over a section of growth some distance away. Then she curled up around her sister and went back to sleep.

It was nighttime again. Béla dream-walked into Jake’s bedroom. He was asleep. He woke up as he felt her approach. He was getting used to her visiting in his dreams again. He wondered what they would do together this time. Béla walked into his welcoming arms, evidently not having any other plans than what she was doing right now.

He returned her kisses, allowing his mind to merge with hers. He was right. She didn’t have an agenda for tonight. All she wanted was to be held and to make love. He pulled her down to the bed, both already naked. The soft touch of her warm body against his pleasantly aroused him as their kisses grew more intense.

Feeling his increasing arousal, Béla shifted her hips. His growing cock, suddenly freed from between their warm bodies, sprang up between her legs. She slid down his body slightly, letting his cock press against the various openings between her legs. She wasn’t ready yet for him to enter her, but she was more than willing to tease him for awhile.

Béla licked and kissed Jake’s shoulders and chest for a few moments, continually moving her pelvis so that she caressed the head of his dick with her pussy lips. She pushed herself away from his chest, arching her back to display her breasts for him to maul. Jake took the hint and began roughly caressing and squeezing them. Béla moaned with desire, wanting more of this rough treatment of her sweet, tender flesh.

Holding her upper body up with her arms and hands braced against Jake’s hairy chest, she continued to move her pelvis, stroking Jake’s cock with her pussy lips. She could feel moisture down there, now, as her natural lubrication coated the tip of his cock.

She stopped when she was felt his warm, hard cock probing the exact right spot, and slid down, lovingly enveloping him with her own wet warmth. As he felt her slide down on him, he thrust up into her, welcoming the tight embrace of her hot, moist flesh.

They stayed that way for a moment, then Béla began squeezing him between her legs; not moving, just using pressure to massage him. She could come from just doing that. She wasn’t sure he could – Jake always erupted into frenzied activity before he pumped her full of his cum.

Jake lay beneath his dead dream-lover, enjoying the internal caresses she provided as she squeezed him with her vagina. As he ever so gradually increased the pressure of his hands on her tender breasts, he felt her tremble. Then she was much wetter inside than she had been; her girl-cum leaking past his balls and down into the crack of his ass. He began stroking his cock gently up and down, matching his up-stroke with her gentle squeeze.

Béla was beginning to squirm. She thought this would be a nice, quiet lovemaking session, but she’d already come twice. Her body demanded more activity now.

‘Beth must be a bad influence on me,’ she thought, chuckling to herself.

She increased her own motion, beginning to fuck Jake back. Soon, their bellies were slapping together loudly, almost drowning out whimpering cries. Soon, Jake heard that familiar keening letting him know it was time to try to tear her breasts off while he erupted in her hungry, wet cunt.

Crying out as Jake unmercifully squeezed her tits, Béla came, soaking his balls with her girl-cum. Jake released his load of rejuvenating fluid deep inside her, adding to the flood of liquid already there.

As Jake’s cock slipped out of her, he was inundated by the flow of their juices pouring out of her pussy. Béla rolled over and off, trying to prevent any more leakage. It was much too late. They were both soaked between their legs. A widening area of wetness was spreading across the bed. Playfully, Jake leaned over and bit her on the nipple, hard, waking her up.

Something bit her nipple, hard! eyes flew open. The small crystal sun, embedded high overhead in the roof of the arborium, blinded her. She heard a tinkle of cheerful laughter, and then something dark crossed over her body and bit her other nipple.

“Ow!” Béla cried, pushing her sister off of her.

Beth sniffed the air. She could smell male cum on Béla and realized, “You were fucking Jake! I hope you were finished. It smells like you were

Béla sat up and leaned toward her grinning sister, trying to return the favor to Beth’s sweet smelling, brand new tits.

“No, Beth exclaimed, laughing, curling her shoulders forward protectively and drawing away. “They are *way* too tender for you to mess with!”

Béla fell back in the grass, glowing admiration at her brave, but probably very foolish little sister.

“You used up half a box of explosives! Selfish bitch!” Béla exclaimed, cheerfully.

“Yeah! I know!” Beth said, excitedly. “I had a dozen of them inside of me all at one time! God! I almost died from pure pleasure! I can’t wait to do it again!”

“Well, you almost died, that’s for sure,” Béla agreed. “But, make sure you’re not alone when you try that again. If I’d been gone much longer, you wouldn’t be here

Béla projected the image of the carnage she’d discovered when she woke up in her quarters and started searching for her missing sister.

Properly chastised, Beth sat, silent, gazing raptly at the image of the carnage she’d done to herself. She was starting to throb between her legs just from looking at that gory corpse all ruptured and blown open like that and realizing that it was her.

‘It was still a lot of she insisted, pouting at her sister.

‘I didn’t say don’t do it,’ Béla repeated. ‘I said, don’t do it alone!’

“I’m not alone, Beth suggested, watching her sister hopefully. She radiated lust at Béla, hoping she was still horny after fucking Jake.

Béla stared at her unbelievable sister. She had just recovered from blowing herself into tiny pieces and now she wanted to do it again, right now! The lust she felt radiating from Beth was reflected through cunt. It was ready for some real action, not just a dream.

Beth was delighted! Béla was actually returning her sex flow! She gritted her teeth as her brand new breasts objected to the sudden imposition of two fresh dynamite caps.

Béla saw her sister’s new tits suddenly bounce and expand unnaturally. She could even see the tips of the little caps that Beth had just teleported inside her breasts. Beth leaned forward to embrace her sister. She wanted to be hugging Béla tightly when the explosives blew her tits off.

Béla was actually dizzy with desire, deeply immersed in her sister’s erotic images of physical mutilation and sexual frenzy. She pulled her sister to her, pressing her tits hard against her sister’s tits, matching her nipples up with the ends of the blasting caps and embracing her tightly.

The twin explosions evaporated Beth’s new breasts and turned nipples into blood-filled little craters. Béla held her sister tightly as she shook, both sisters radiating the agony of having their breasts destroyed. The sexual frenzy flowed back and forth between them, causing them both to orgasm continually for several minutes.

Some time later they were both able to stop trembling. Béla took a deep breath and pulled away from her sister.

“God! That is sooo much better with you holding me,” Beth murmured as she pulled back, panting heavily.

Then she gasped in pain and surprise as she looked down at herself. Their breasts were stuck together with dried blood and freshly grown new tissue. They both stared down in shock. Beth’s breast tissue, as it regenerated, had actually grown into breasts, connecting their bodies together sharing one pair of nipples between them.

"Damn!" Béla moaned. "That's the second time that…"

“New game!” Beth cried, suddenly excited at the prospect of a new kind of gore and sensation. grow together and slice ourselves apart!”

sour look from just inches away discouraged her from saying more.

“I’ll agree with the slicing ourselves apart,” Béla told her. She materialized one of the fighting knives in her hand. “Do you want to, or do you want me to?”

“You do it!” Beth said excitedly and pulled back, stretching their shared breast tissue between them.

She cried out as Béla deftly sliced their nipples apart, radiating pain and orgasmic frenzy. Béla came, too, as she sliced through the other nipple, separating the two not-quite Siamese sisters.
Breathing heavily, the sisters embraced each other, each one supporting the other, making sure one’s wounded breasts didn’t touch where the other’s wounded breasts were regenerating so they wouldn’t grow together this time.

“Do you have any more of the those things in you?” Béla asked, not knowing if her sister planned on blowing up any more of her body parts.

“I could have,” Beth said, tentatively. She teleported a blasting cap into her quivering, hungry pussy.

‘There might be one in my cunt, dear sister, just waiting for you to make me Beth radiated.

senses rocked with the intensity of Beth’s overpowering desires. They were so closely aligned with her own self-destructive impulses that she found them impossible to resist.

‘Maybe you could put one in me, Darling, so I could come with Béla thought sensuously.

She felt the cold, narrow object suddenly invading her, inside her pussy. Her juices started flowing. In a moment, she would be leaking down her legs, her desire visible for anyone to see.

They embraced more tightly, twining their legs together and humping each other’s thighs. The sexual tension increased quickly. In less than a minute, Béla was ready to come.

'I’m coming!' Béla cried into Beth’s mind. 'Do it now!'

Béla jerked violently and gasped in agony as the blasting cap liquefied her insides. She radiated her intense agony and incredible ecstasy through her sister, who echoed it all back at her as she blew up her own cunt. They embraced tightly, both unable to breathe, radiating their intense sensations through each other.

They lay, entwined together in the grass, the only indication that they were more than just two girl lovers was the blood flowing out from between their legs, staining their flesh and the grass beneath them. They lay for almost an hour, mind-linked together, savoring each sensation the other was experiencing as they regenerated.

Finally, they separated. Beth sat up, feeling more sated than when she'd detonated a dozen of the darling little devices inside of her.

“Those last four were a lot better than the first twenty,” Beth sighed happily. “It’s so much better when you />
It occurred to Béla that her sister might not have blown herself up so thoroughly if she hadn’t been alone. Was it her loneliness that caused her to do it, or did she do it simply because there was no one there to tell her not to? Béla looked at her sister, wondering what Beth had given up to come with her on this strange adventure.

‘Whatever I gave up,’ Beth replied in her mind, ‘this is hundreds of times better!’

Béla had forgotten. Her sister was as adept as she was at reading minds, maybe even better. Beth smiled to herself, enjoying the thought that Béla believed she might be good at something besides sex.

story by: dank

Tags: violence female/female female solo extreme body modification science-fiction sex story

Author: dank

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