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I worked for an oral surgeon about a year ago with a beautiful girl named Jessica. She stood about 5'6, long brown hair, brown eyes, and she had a very pretty face. She had a tanning and gym membership that she used. When i first met her i thought she was gorgeous, but i didn't really care much for her. I thought of her as a liability because me and Dr. York were fucking patients. I am an anesthesiologist, my roll is to put people under. She was his assistant, so it was difficult to fuck a patient without her walking in. I started to get interested in her when i had to distract her while the doc had his way with a patient. He would distract her while i had my way with a patient. We started having conversations, she told me she had a recent break up so i knew she was vulnerable. Once she got my attention i started buttering her up with compliments. Sometimes her hair would fall in her face and my ocd would cause me to push it behind her ear. She always gave me a certain look when i did that, or whenever i touched her for any other reason. I would best describe the look as a horny schoolgirl, big eyes, sometimes biting her lip and red cheeks. One time she was in my way when i was trying to walk into a room, i grabbed her by the hips and pushed her to the side. She let out a moan when i put my hands on her. In embarrassment she put her hand over her mouth as her face started to glow red. She showed all the signs for wanting the dick. The day i planned to ask her out to dinner i got a surprise visitor. I had been seeing an escort two or three times a week for a long time. She showed up at my work to surprise me and take me to lunch, bad timing. She came inside and told Jessica and Lindsey she was going with me to a fancy restaurant. Her name is Brandi, i took her on dates, to events, we had sex, and she sometimes would stay the night. I met her on the side of the interstate, her Infinity coupe had a blowout. She was wearing a short blue cocktail dress, matching heels, pantyhose and silky long brown hair with blonde highlights. I didn't know what to think when i saw her, i figured she was a model. She told me she was new to town and needed to meet people. After i changed her tire she gave me a business card, a kiss on the lips and she was on her way. The card read "A massage by Brandi" and a phone number. I called her that night and from then on we have not gone a few days without seeing each other. But showing up at my work, that was a first. She wanted to take me to a Japanese steakhouse. I was glad to see her like always, but bummed out that Jessica probably thought i was seeing someone. When i got back to the office Jessica said "was that your i told her that she was just a friend of mine that was in town. After hearing that she loosened up and i asked her what she was doing later that night, she said she had no plans. I asked her to dinner, to a steak place called Mickey Mantle's. She was excited to say yes, i got her address and told her i would be there to get her at 7:00. She smiled really big, said "ok, i cant wait!", and she hopped around the office like she won the lottery for the rest of the day. I never thought a woman would get that excited to go out on a date with me. When i got home i had to hide all the evidence of my hooker girlfriend. She really was like my girlfriend, but more expensive. I had pictures of us around the house, she had a few pairs of heels, outfits, and cocktail dresses that i bought her in my master closet. She even had her own bra and panty drawer in my dresser. After i got cleaned up and dressed up i was ready to go. On my way out i grabbed a roofie from my stash, just incase. It was a special night so i took the SRT8 Charger out. I made a stop at the liquor store on my way to her house and grabbed us a big bottle of pinot degregorio. When i pulled into her driveway there was a really old man sitting on the porch, probably her grandpa. As i got out of the car Jessica came outside looking like a million bucks, my jaw dropped. I couldn't tell she had those curves from the scrubs. She wore a black dress that went passed her knees, flats, and straitened her hair. I loved her sweetness and innocence but wished she was a hooker at the same time so i could tell her to suck my dick. I couldn't believe i started to get hard while i was driving and thinking about how great her pussy was going to be. She made me feel like a teenager. She seemed to get a thrill when i drove really fast, i think going over 100 made her wet. She kept telling me how she has never been that fast. When we got seated at the restaurant she had a hard time picking out something to eat because of the prices. "Get anything and everything you want, i got this" i said. I officially started our night off with two long island iced teas, she was hesitant at first because of how sour she said it was but she came around. We had a great time chatting and eating steak and salmon. Every once and a while i felt one of her feet rub on my calf. I reached down and grabbed her foot, her eyes opened wide as she took a deep breath. I started rubbing and massaging her foot as she tried to continue her sentence without pausing randomly. "When was the last time this poor girl got laid?", I thought to myself as i sat across from her rubbing her foot. After i paid the check i said "Would you like to see my house? It's not far", "i would love to" she replied as she shot up out of her chair ready to get fucked. As we stood outside waiting for the valet i grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close. I looked into her eyes and said "do you understand how beautiful you are?". She smiled really big as she tried to tear up and said "you're so sweet", i leaned towards her and gave her a kiss. The way she froze up i could tell she was weak at the knees. I guess i have had alot of practice being romantic, i always treated Brandi like a queen. Sure there were many times i called her over for just sex or a blowjob, but i took her to nice restaurants at least once a week. On the way home i rested my right hand on her thigh, she rested her hand over mine as i slid it up and down her thigh. I started sliding my hand up her dress towards her pussy about the time i pulled into my driveway. i said as i reached up and pressed the garage door remote. As we walked in my Rottweiler, Rocky, charged towards us to greet us. Jessica wasn't expecting him to be so forceful, he pushed his side up to her hard enough to knock her down. He proceeded to lick at her face, i pulled him off her and rushed in outside. After i got rid of the beast i helped Jessica off the ground, "I am so sorry, he doesn't normally do that" i said as i dusted her off. She didn't really get dusty but it was a good reason to feel her ass, it was firm. I spent a bit of time giving her a tour of the house, she was blown away by its size and beauty. "You have a pool?" She shouted as she looked out into the back yard through the back door. "Yep" i replied as i flipped a couple of switches on the wall lighting up the entire yard. "Rocky uses it more than i do, when i first moved in i through a bunch of parties. Then I got burnt out and tired of idiots disrespecting my house". I walked into the kitchen, uncorked the bottle of wine, grabbed a couple of glasses and met her in the back yard. Rocky brought her a tennis ball so she began playing fetch with him. While she had fun doing that, i poured us each a glass of wine. I had my phone synced to my house stereo via bluetooth, i scrolled through my playlists and selected "Brandi Mix". The first song that played was "call me" by Pretty Ricky. Jessica came and set with me at a patio table by the pool, we enjoyed each others company as we each drank two glasses of wine. We had interesting conversations about life and experiences. "Were you lying when you said your dog uses the pool?" She asked. "Nope" i said, then called for him. Rocky sprung up off the chair he was laying in and charged into the pool. After he dove into the pool he swam in circles drinking the pool water. "Wanna see something cool?" I asked, Jessica nodded. I reached down and grabbed a large bouncy ball that was on the ground and held it up. "Hey Rocky! want the ball?" I said as i tossed the ball into the shallow end. The ball sank to the bottom and Rocky went underwater and retrieved it. After he got the ball he swam to the steps, got out of the pool and took off with the ball. We were halfway through our third glass of wine when i decided to go for a swim. I stood up and started to unbutton my shirt, "hey now!" Jessica shouted as she started to blush. "Don't you wanna get wet?" I said as i untied my shoes. She continued to sit and drink her glass of wine as i stripped down to my boxers and dived into the pool. I expected her to get the hint. She came over, kicked her shoes off, sat on the edge of the pool and dipped her feet in the water. "Don't be shy!, Rocky wont judge you" i said as i swam around in the pool. She stood up, reached behind her back, unzipped her dress and worked it down to her feet. "Good lord!" I thought to myself as she stood there in her bra and panties. Her tanned and toned body would pass for a Sports Illustrated model. She had a tattoo of colorful flowers on her side. She built confidence in the fact that she took my breath away. She slowly walked to the edge of the diving board, held her nose and jumped in. She swam around the pool a little bit then started splashing me with water. To get her back i made my way to her and dunked her. We were both pretty drunk, so i might have got too aggressive with her. When she emerged she was choking and mad because water went up her nose. "I'm so sorry!, i got carried away" i said as i gave her a hug. It didn't take long for her to forgive me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and held onto my neck as we bobbed around the swimming pool. "Are you wet yet?" I whispered in her ear as her body grinded against mine. She smiled real big and with a slurred speech she shouted "yup!". She let go of my neck and let her upper body float as she still had her legs wrapped around me. I put my hands on her waist and felt up her tight abs and midsection as she floated care free. After a few minutes she detached from me, swam to the edge and climbed out of the pool. "Where you goin?" I shouted as she skipped towards the house. "I gotta pee, where's a towel?" She shouted back. I pointed to the towels on a shelf on the porch, she grabbed one and wiped herself down as she skipped through my house. I got out of the pool and dried myself off, i didn't realize how drunk i was until i got out of the pool. When i got inside Jessica was no where to be found, she wasn't in the bathrooms or anywhere downstairs. I found her upstairs in my bed, she was laying face down. Her feet were hanging off the side, she was only wearing a red lace bra and matching thong. "Your bed is so soft!" She said as she crawled further up my bed. I leaned over and grabbed her ankles and started massaging her ankles and feet. She moaned into one of my pillows as i massaged up her calves and thighs. She started humming as i fondled her ass and massaged her hips. I gave her a full body massage. Everything from her toes to her neck and head. By the time i finished rubbing on her she wasn't moaning anymore, she passed out on me. I grabbed her hip and shoulder then rolled her over, she wasn't responsive. I shook her and shouted her name a few times. She halfway opened her eyes and whispered "hey", then she was out again. Overshot the wine i guess. I knew one way to snap her out of it, i grabbed her boobs and started to squeeze on them. She didn't do a great job drying off, her bra was still really wet. After a few minutes of rubbing her tits i reached behind her and unhooked her bra. After i took her bra off i sucked and kissed on her tits, still no response. As i sucked on her nipples i rubbed on her pussy, still no response. I pulled my boxers off and started stroking my halfway hard dick as i slid my fingers under her wet panties and rubbed on her smooth soft pussy. She stayed unresponsive even after i slid my middle finger in her. I was pretty drunk so i was having a hard time getting all the way hard. When i got hard enough i pulled her panties to the side and slid the head of my dick inside. The feeling of her hot and wet pussy got me rock hard instantaneously. She was really tight, i had to work and ease my way in bit by bit. About the time i was two thirds of the way in she started breathing really hard. I started fucking her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Her ab muscles started flexing and she moaned quietly. When she started moaning i got really turned on and started ramming my entire dick in her. Her eyes opened halfway and she put her right hand on my chest. After a minute or so she was awake, moaning louder and bouncing on my dick as i fucked her at a fast pace. I grabbed her hip bones and started pulling her body into my thrusts. I fucked her like that until her quiet innocent moans turned into slutty shouting moans. I took a break, leaned back and held myself up with my arms as she put her arms around my neck and rode my dick while facing me and sitting on my lap. She fucked me so hard she started screaming like she was in pain, when she slowed down i started thrusting back until she climaxed again. After she got off she started fucking me really fast again, "your turn, tell me when your close" she said. Another ten minutes of deep hard fucking passed by and she got off again, as her pussy tightened on my dick i started to get off. "Now" i shouted, she hopped off of my dick and started ferociously stroking me off. I lost the load that i waited so long to let go of, she wasn't paying attention where she was pointing my dick. I came all over her neck and face, down her chest and some on her stomach. I even got some in her hair. After i got off we each fell back and just laid there, exhausted. After a couple of minutes Jessica got up to take a shower, i found her a pair of my gym shorts and a t-shirt. While she was in the shower i stepped in, we spent several minutes touching and kissing. "Why do you have women's razor?" She asked as she noticed the feminine things in my shower such as shampoo and body wash. I forgot to check the shower, i told her it was from a recent ex of mine. After the shower we laid in bed, she laid her head on my chest, hiked her right leg over mine and we fell asleep. I woke up at about 8:00 with a rock solid hard on, i looked over and Jessica was still asleep. She was laying on her back. I ran my hand up and down her stomach and felt her boobs, her leg twitched as my hand explored. I slid my hand down her shorts and started fingering her clit, "well good morning!" She said as i woke her up by sliding two fingers in her. "Good morning, did you have fun last night?" I replied. "I dont remember much, but i kinda remember taking a shower with you" she said as she pulled my dick out of my boxers and started stroking it. "Thats a shame, i want you to remember a good time" i said to her. She turned on her stomach and pulled the covers off of us. She pulled my boxers off, crawled down, looked up at me and said "I'll remember this". She put her mouth on the head of my dick and slowly bobbed her head. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her head further down on my cock. She started to suck more of it and faster, i already felt like nutting but wanted to see what she was planning. She put as much of it in her mouth as she could, then went back to sucking half of it really fast. She slid her gym shorts off while she was sucking my dick. She stopped sucking and crawled up my body and started grinding on my dick. Grinding her wet clit up and down the head of my dick. She grabbed my dick and put it inside, her wet pussy let it slide right in. She bounced on my dick with her hands on my chest, i put my hands on her waist and forced her all the way down as she rode my cock. She whispered to herself "oh my god, oh my god" as she started to get off. When i felt her tightening up i started fucking her as hard as i could in that position, she shouted "i'm on birth control, don't worry". As soon as i heard that i released my load into her tight hot wet pussy, she moaned out loud as she felt my dick pulsate from the ejaculation. She laid on my chest as my dick was still in her, i reached over and grabbed a roll of paper towels on my night stand and handed it to her. I laid in shock of how well the night turned out. I didn't have to pay for it either. After we showered and got dressed i took her to Ihop for breakfast then dropped her off at home. It was a great night, a great start to another chapter of my life as well.

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