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One year on a summer break i stayed at a friends house, his name was Brandon. He was an awesome guy and his family loved me so much they were happy to let me stay there until school started back up. He had a little sister named Brooke that had just turned 18 and she was a fox. She liked to walk around the house without a bra, i could always see her nipples through her shirt. She was very short, probably 5'0". She had short blonde hair and green eyes. She had a small figure and small boobs, she could pass for 16. I had a problem hiding my boner all the time because the way she would sit on the couch i could always see up her shorts or skirt. I think she did it on purpose. She always left her clothes in the bathroom on the floor with her panties on top for me to find. I didn't have to look up porn on my phone, i would just smell her panties and that was all i needed to get off. She wore sexy thongs and g-strings about everyday. I always sat in the same spot on the love seat to watch tv and she always chose to sit on the couch across from me with her legs spread where if i looked her way i would see up her skirt. One night i walked through the living room to get to the kitchen and she was passed out on the couch watching tv. Her leg was hanging off of the couch and the other one was hiked up against the backrest . Her legs were about as spread apart as they could be, i pulled my phone out and took a few pictures of her pretty pink thong that i could see perfectly up her shorts. I left the room and peaked back in and she was sitting up watching tv, she wanted me to creep on her. Since that moment i knew for a fact she was doing it on purpose. A few hours after i took those pictures she sent me a picture message of her in her bra and panties in the bathroom mirror. It had to be an older picture because she had long hair. "Very nice, do you have any recent pics?" I replied. A few minutes after i sent that message she walked into the guest room that i had been staying in. She was only wearing a pink floyd t-shirt and the same glittery pink thong i saw earlier that night. Before i could get off of the bed she crawled on and laid on me. "i need to know something", she said as she crawled down me while facing me. She reached in the hole in my boxers and grabbed my dick. As she squeezed my dick it started to get hard, by the time she started stroking it had become rock hard. "It is big!" She said as she leaned over to suck on it. As she wrapped her lips around my dick she got on all fours, held herself up with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other. I felt so bad getting a blowjob from my best friend's little sister, but it felt so amazing. After a few minutes i couldn't hold it back any longer, i tried to stop her but she kept sucking strong. When i couldn't hold it any longer i came in her mouth. It was a built up load because of all her teasing over the last few days. When she was done sucking she grabbed a can on my nightstand, spit the massive load into it and left the room smiling. The next day while their parents were at work Brandon wanted to go to a friends house, i told him i was going to eat lunch with a girl so i couldn't go with him. After he left i made my way to Brooke's room. When i walked in she was still asleep, it was surprising because it was past noon. I shook her and shouted her name but still no response. I noticed a pill bottle on her night stand, the label read I opened the bottle and noticed two different kinds of pills in there. I presumed one was Ambien and recognized the other as Xanax. "Oh well" i said to myself as i uncovered her. She was wearing what she had on when she sucked my dick that night. I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her really good one last time and the only response i got out of her was a drugged up slur and she was out again. "Well, i tried" i said to her as i began to grab her boobs. My dick was rock hard before i even touched her, just seeing her in her skimpy panties was enough to make me nut. I removed my shorts and boxers and slowly stroked my dick as i felt up the teenage girl's body. It was a struggle to get her shirt off but i managed. After i pulled her shirt off i reached over and felt on her panties. The rush of taking advantage of the drugged up girl and the feel of her soft pussy made me jiz a small amount. I tried to stop it from happening but i was so turned on. I grabbed a few tissues from her night stand and wiped off the small amount of cum that trickled out of my dick so i could continue. I resumed rubbing her pussy through her tiny pink panties for several minutes before i pulled her panties to the side and had a taste. She tasted very sweet like she should have, she also had a very pretty shaved pussy. She was exactly what i looked for in a girl, very firm sexy and skinny. My dick couldn't take anymore beating around the bush. Once her pussy was wet enough i slid my pelvis towards hers and slid the head of my dick into her. Just like the other girls that i have drugged she wasn't very responsive. As i fucked her deeper and faster she started to rock her hips with the flow of the motion. After just a few minutes i paused because her panties kept sliding over and rubbing my dick as i fucked her. I pulled them off and threw them by my clothes so i could take them with me and add them to my collection. "Where were we?" I said as i slid my dick back in her. As I continued to fuck her at a slow and steady pace she started quietly moaning and breathing harder. "Big dick, love your dick" she slurred out as i got deeper. I said as i started to ram her violently. After several minutes of constant hard fucking she started to scream out loud "oh!.. my!.. Fuck me!". As soon as she climaxed i grabbed her arms and rolled onto my back pulling her on top of me. "Your turn" i said with an exhausted breath. She put her hands on my chest as i grabbed her hips and helped her bounce on my dick. "I was afraid i couldn't wake you" i said as she rode my dick. "You can always wake me like this!" She screamed as she tried to get my whole dick in her pussy. She seemed to be able to get it all in except about an inch of it. After she finally came again she got off and started sucking. I leaned up, grabbed her leg and pulled her hips towards my face as she sucked my dick. She immediately got the hint and straddled my face so i could eat her pussy as she sucked my dick. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy she started sucking really hard and fast, swallowing my entire dick. Within two minutes of savagely licking and sucking her pussy i busted a large load into Brooke's throat. Even though i came in her mouth she kept sucking my dick until i stopped eating her sweaty sexed pussy. When it was all said and done i noticed she didn't spit my cum out. I think since my dick was so far into her throat she had no choice but to swallow. We laid together in exhaustion for a while before getting dressed.

story by: Famousfreak19

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Author: Famousfreak19

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