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Leah curled up in her bed. Andy had only been gone 4 days and she missed him already. Even though her mom had originally forbid her from seeing him because he was 19, five years older than her, they’d managed to come through it strong. He’d gone away for a week on a mechanics training course and it felt like time was creeping by so slowly.

She lay thinking about him and the last night they’d shared before he left. Leah was still a virgin but she wasn’t totally innocent.

On his last night he’d gone down on her giving her the most amazing orgasm. Just thinking about it made her twitch, Her hand crept under the covers stroking its way gently down her stomach until she reached the top of her pj bottoms. Not wearing panties at night gave her much more easy access. Bringing her knees up she dropped them to the side and allowed her hand to glide over her soft mound wetness already forming along her slit. She dragged a finger back up from the bottom bumping it on her clit as she went, Shivering with delight her other hand soon joined the other one diving 2 fingers straight into the deep depths of her inner women. She squirmed. Fingers working in unison on her clit and in her hole. Shaking her body towards an intense orgasm. Her body spasmed and hot juice slipped down her fingers.

Relaxing back against her pillows she soon fell asleep dreaming of Andy and what might happen on his return.

Some noise outside woke Leah up she looked at her clock and saw it was 2:37 am. Not having to be up tomorrow she turned over and went back to sleep.

Andy Lifted his weight from the wall to the top of the porch standing on tip toe he could see into her bedroom where she lay sleeping. Gently he shoved at the window and it opened. Using all his strength he scrambled up the wall and in through the window. He landed with a slight thud on her carpet she stirred in her sleep but he hadn’t roused her.

He gave it a few minutes and crept t her bed. He wriggled under her covers at the end of the bed, placing his lips on her soft smooth legs. Andy could smell the coconut body lotion he loved so much. Cupping her ankle in his hand he kissed and caressed her leg and her thigh until the pyjama shorts she was wearing restricted him from going further. Sliding his body up hers she began to stir. Her eyes opened and looked straight at him. Startled confusion crossed her face. Reaching out a hand he caressed her cheek.

Looking deep into his eyes she leaned up and felt his soft lips and stubbly chin rest against her. Andy brushed his tongue against her lips, Opening her mouth Leah let him in. Tongues danced together while hands started to explore.

Leah ran her hands down Andy’s back until she got to the bottom of his t-shirt she slipped under it and dragged her nails slowly yet forcefully up his back taking his t-shirt with it.

He shuddered. She exactly how to get to him. The kissing stopped and Andy took of his top. Soon his mouth found hers again. Eager to feel her naked breasts against him he began a trail of kisses from her mouth down her neck over her breasts until he reached her navel. He pushed up her top kissing his way back up. Lifting the top up over her head he gazed at the beauty before him. Two perfect mounds developing perfectly in two perfect women’s breasts. Bending down he took a sensitive nipple into his mouth he began to suck and tease it with his teeth.

Leah moaned. Writhing around under him.

She could feel her wetness leaking down her bum onto her pj shorts. It was too much.

Wrapping her legs around his waist using all her body strength she pushed him over until she was on top. Taking his wrists she held them above his head and bent down placing her nipple just in front of his mouth. He reached trying to get it. She laughed and still holding his hands firmly above his head kissed him passionately wanting to taste him.
His hard on pushed up into her crotch just strips of materiel separating them both.

Pushing her long brown hair forward she used it to caress his chest and stomach until her mouth was level with the fly of his jeans. Her slender fingers unbuttoned them she dragged his jeans and boxers down until his rigid member popped out. He gave a little instinctive thrust as he felt her breath on him.

A hand placed itself on the thick member and a hot wet mouth on his head. Bobbing her head she attempted to take him all into her mouth but he was just too big. Beginning slowly she built up speed.

Andy began moaning and groaning. He couldn’t believe how good she was. Not wanting to cum in her mouth he pulled her up and lay her down on the bed.

He grabbed her pj shorts and looked at her through the darkness. Leah gave him a reassuring smile.

Pulling them down a string of her juice glistened in the moonlight through the window.

She opened her legs to him. His finger entered her. Leah was so hot and tight.

Andy climbed between her legs. The head of his throbbing cock just touching her slit. He pushed ever so gently. Leah’s cunt lips opened up slightly. Then without warning it was Leah that thrust up causing Andy’s cock to rip through her hymen.

He held still and she clutched at him. Soon the pain subsided and Andy began a steady rhythm.

Leah felt every pulsating vein in his dick as he slid it in and out of her.

She wriggled and writhed with pleasure. Not thinking anything could feel as good as it did.
Andy began to grunt and his pace quickened he need primal. He thurst into her almost viciously yet still not hurting her. Suddenly he stopped and Leah could feel him throbbing inside her squirting shoot after shoot of hot cream into her. This was to much for her own orgasm hit she twitch and pulsating milking every last drop from him.
Panting and sweating they fell side by side. Andy wrapped his arms around her.

‘ I have to be back in the morning I just drove to see you’ He whispered.

Leah feel asleep smiling cuddled up into his chest.

When she woke she was alone, She panicked had she dreamt it?

Smelling the pillow beside her a strong aroma or aftershave lay on it. That’s when she knew she

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Author: justme

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