Karen and michelle’s sad story part 1 chapter 8

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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 8
By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 8, Karen’s Home Town Humiliation Begins

While Darrell was watching television, Karen was Laying in the bed. It took a while but she finally started coming out of her daze. She had time to think about everything that had happened to her in the last few days. She never imagined in her worst nightmares that something like this could ever happen to her or anybody else. She started thinking about how she begged her parents to let her go to the prom and how they said that nothing good would come of it. She started to believe that they were right. If she hadn’t gone to the prom then she wouldn’t be in her current situation. Why didn’t she listen to her parents she wondered. All she wanted to do was enjoy a dance with a boy. She didn’t want any of this to happen. And now she was in a terrible situation where she was being made to do the most perverse things. She just knew that it couldn’t get any worse. Of course Karen didn’t know how wrong she was.

Karen realized that somehow she would have to get out of this situation. Darrell had brought her back to their home town and hopefully she would be able to get away and get to her parents and convince them of what happened. Surely after her mom saw the bruises on her ass and the nipple and clit rings that she was forced to get, She would believe her about the abuse she had to endure and help her get out of this sham marriage. These were the thoughts she had while she laid on the bed in a fetal position and waited for what ever came next.

At about 7:30 pm, Darrell’s parents, John and Nancy came home from work. They welcomed Darrell home and each gave him a hug of welcome. After the greetings John asked, “How did everything go on the way home? Did they have everything set up for you? E Darrel explained, “It was absolutely perfect. She did such a good job with the three guys at the diner that I rewarded her with a real meal. She ate her burger so fast that she almost choked to death from swallowing her food without chewing it properly. I had to use the Heimlich maneuver to force the half chewed burger out of her throat and save her. I told her what to do and she didn’t do it so I reinstated the 100 swats that she had earned previously. I and the three guys at the diner gave her the 100 swats and afterward she just seemed to go into a daze and did not respond to anything I said. That’s why I decided to let her lay down on the bed to recuperate for a couple of hours. E

John spoke up immediately, “Darrell, this may be the best news we could have. It seems that we have a chance to truly break her and smash her hopes of ever getting free. She thinks she is at the bottom and things can’t get worse. But I think that if we up the ante a little on our activities tonight and especially tomorrow, we will have her broken permanently and will be able to make her a wonderful sex slave for you. Now here’s what I think we should do. E

They discussed John’s ideas and Darrell got excited about them. He thought that it would be a wonderful idea and asked John, “Dad, please make the phone calls to change the plans. I think they are perfect. I also met Sheriff Rob last night. I asked him to contact his cousin here in town that is on the police force. He is going to put together a little surprise for my slut Friday night. E He explained to his parents what he and Sheriff Rob had talked about. John thought that Darrell’s added humiliation would definitely help in their over all goal and approved.

John told Nancy, “Go get the bitch out of bed and get her ready to go eat. E Nancy immediately answered with a “Yes sir Eand departed. John turned to Darrell and told him, “Your doing a good job with Karen’s training so far. If you keep it up, she will be an even better slave than your mother. E

Nancy walked into the bedroom and looked at Karen lying on the bed, staring at the wall. As soon as she came in the room, she turned on the light and said, “Get up bitch. It’s time to go get something to eat. E

Nancy took a quick look at her and said, “You look like hell warmed over. Let’s get you cleaned up and get you changed. E

Nancy grabbed Karen’s right hand and drug her to the bathroom. She got a damp wash rag and washed Karen’s face and combed her hair like she would a little two year old girl. When she was finished she drug Karen back to the room and ordered, “Get out of those filthy clothes. We’re going out to eat tonight and I don’t want you looking like you just got done having a gang bang. E

Karen immediately complied and stripped everything off and left the nipple and clit chain off. Nancy opened the suitcase and took out the little black mini skirt and the fishnet top. She stopped and thought for a minute and put the fishnet top back and got out the white cami and threw them at Karen and ordered her to get dressed. She got out a pair of high heel shoes with three inch heels and told her to put them on. She then took out the vibrating dildo that Darrell had and told Karen to bend over. Karen complied and Nancy grabbed the dildo and pulled it out of her ass. She flipped the switch for the dildo to work by remote and shoved it up her ass causing a grunt to come from Karen. She then took her through the range of settings that the dildo had for vibrating and for shocking her. She said, “When you are good and do as your told, I will cause it to vibrate and if you don’t do as you’re told you will feel a shock. E When she finished telling Karen this, she immediately hit the shock button with it set at its maximum setting. Karen let out a scream and collapsed. Nancy grabbed her hand and picked her up saying, “Now get up and be a good little slut and let’s go get some dinner with our men. E

When they came in to the living room where John and Darrell were waiting, John let out a wolf whistle and told Karen that she looked good enough to eat. They walked out to John and Nancy’s car and got in. It was a quick drive to the restaurant. It was a couple of miles outside of town at the entrance to a camp ground that was popular with vacationers. When they got into the restaurant, John asked for a booth for four and they were informed that there would be a 20 minute wait. They went outside and sat down on a bench that was placed outside for customers waiting for their table. There were quite a few others that were waiting outside as well as some that were waiting inside the entrance.

After they had been seated for about five minutes, Nancy leaned over and whispered into Karen’s ear, “Why don’t you give us a little show while you’re sitting there. I’m sure that there are quite a few folks that would love to see you playing with yourself while we wait. Karen shook her head and let out a soft ‘no Ethat only Nancy could hear. Nancy reached into her purse and pushed the electric shock button and sent a level 2 shock into Karen. Karen jumped and groaned in pain for a minute and then said “OK, OK, I’ll do it. E

Karen reached under her short black skirt and started fingering herself but her heart wasn’t in it and it was obvious. Nancy leaned over and asked her, “Do you want another shock with the vibrator set at 5 or maybe 10. Put some heart into it and don’t forget to play with your luscious tits too, or else. E

Karen started playing with her cunt and clit again with her left hand, this time with abandon. She also started pinching and playing with her nipples with her right hand. It wasn’t long until almost all of the guys were watching her and some of the women were as well. Every once in a while, when a group was called to their table, they would walk close to where Karen was and speak loud enough to be heard saying, ‘bitch E ‘whore E ‘hussy Eand ‘slut Eamong other names.

Karen’s face got redder and redder from both the humiliation and the building excitement of a pending orgasm. Darrell noticed how excited she was becoming and leaned over and whispered in her ear, “If you come, you’ll be coming in front of a crowd of people from town who know you. Just think of the stories they’ll spread over town. Isn’t that a lovely thought? E

Karen opened her eyes and noticed how large the crowd had become. Most of the people weren’t looking at her though and she felt a little relief at that. But she also knew that if she didn’t do something to delay the pending orgasm she would make enough noise and more people would notice.

Karen started slowing down her manipulation of her tits and cunt to try and move her from the edge. Nancy noticed and whispered in her ear, “Now, Now. There will be none of that. You get back to playing with yourself properly and when you orgasm, I want the whole world to hear it or you’ll get to feel a 10 in that sweet little cunt of yours. E

Karen went back to fingering herself as she had been previously and just started thinking about anything she could to try and delay the orgasm. She absolutely did not want to come in front of all of these people. She would be so ashamed.

Karen thought that It’s one thing to have to do things like this in front of strangers, but these are people who know who she is. Her home town was small and everyone knew who everybody was and when something happened, it didn’t take long for word to spread to the whole town and subsequently her parents. If her parents were mad at her before, when this got back to them, they would disown her and cast her out for good. She couldn’t bear the thought of that happening. But she couldn’t stand the pain of being shocked again. Tears started to stream down her cheeks as she silently cried at her humiliation.

All of these thoughts didn’t help much to delay her orgasm. She had held it off for as long as she could and she finally took herself over the precipice and her whole body began to spasm. Just as the orgasm started, the vibrator in her ass and the silver one in her cunt both started vibrating. This seemed to magnify the orgasm a hundred fold and she screamed out in pleasure and collapsed to the ground and writhed from the glorious feelings she was having. The intensity of the vibrations in the two dildos just kept the orgasm going and going for what seemed like forever. When they finally subsided, she looked up and noticed that Darrell and his parents had stepped away from her and she was essentially alone on the porch. She looked around her and noticed that almost everyone in the crowd was now staring at her with shocked and surprised faces on them. The reactions she saw on their faces ranged from sheer pleasure to disgust and everything in between.

After about a minute, she finally got enough energy to get up. Just as she was standing, Darrell came out of the door and said loud enough for everyone to hear, “There you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. We got our table five minutes ago. Now come on. E He grabbed her by the hand and started pulling her toward the door of the restaurant. He took her to a booth that was toward the back of the restaurant, but which could be seen from just about every corner of the place. The table had a nice table cloth on it that went about two thirds of the way to the floor. John and Nancy were sitting together on one side and Darrell had Karen sit against the wall and sat down on the outside of the seat.

As soon as Karen and Darrell were sat down at the table, Nancy spoke to Karen and said, “That was quite the show you put on outside. Your little performance should be the talk of the town by tomorrow. I wonder what your parents will think of their little girl masturbating in such a public place? E

John spoke to her saying, “Yes, it was quite the enjoyable show. It’s a shame we weren’t able to stay there to watch it. Darrell, I could use a little relief from all the excitement, how about you? E

Darrell looked at Karen as he shook his head in agreement and ordered, “Get under the table and suck dad off and then eat out mom. When you get done with them then do me. E

Karen knew she had no choice and scooted under the table. She went over to John first and unzipped his pants. She reached into his pants and pulled out his cock and started sucking. As she was sucking John’s cock, a couple of Darrell’s friends from school stopped and said hello. They were Doug, a fellow football player that was the star linebacker for the team and Cindy, captain of the cheerleaders. Both of their parents are members of the same group as Darrell’s parents and they were welcomed into the group right after their honeymoon. Darrell invited them to join them and moved over to Karen’s seat. Cindy took Darrell’s seat and Doug took a chair that was not being used from a nearby table and sat at the end of the table. This effectively blocked Karen under the table with no way to get out, not that she was going to have any opportunity to leave any time soon.

Karen was on the verge of panic when they first came up and even more so when they were invited to join them. She started to pull away from John and to get up, but he grabbed her head and pulled it down forcing his cock all the way down Karen’s throat until her nose was in his pubic hair. He pulled her on and off of his cock, fucking her throat like there was no tomorrow. Karen tried to gasp a breath of air each time he pulled out, but he would drive back in before she could get very much. It seemed that each time he pushed his cock all of the way down her throat, he would hold it in longer. Karen started to really struggle for breath. She could only hope that he would cum soon and her ordeal would be over. Finally John rammed his cock down her throat for the last time and started cumming. To Karen it seemed like forever before he was finished but it was only a few seconds.

When he was done cumming, he lifted her head off of his now deflating cock and started pulling her head toward his wife. Karen had no choice but to squeeze around the center post of the table and everyone’s legs. Nancy grabbed her by her hair and began pulling her head between her legs. When Karen’s head was between her legs, she reached down with one hand and grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up while pulling Karen’s head to her panty less cunt. At first Karen didn’t do anything, but Nancy started tightening her grip on both sides of Karen’s hair and pulling it tighter. Karen felt as if her hair was going to be pulled out by the roots. She knew that if she didn’t do what Nancy wanted, it would only get worse so she started licking and sucking Nancy’s cunt.

Above the table, the waitress had delivered everyone’s meal and they started eating their steak and lobster. To anyone looking at the table from anywhere in the restaurant it just looked like 5 people enjoying a routine meal. Though from certain areas, if they looked just right, they could see under the table and see what was going on.

A group of church goers from Karen’s parents Echurch were at one of the tables with the best view of the action. The reverend of the church looked up from his meal and stopped with a fork full of pie half way to his mouth and said, “Will you look at that. E

Everyone else turned and looked where the reverend was looking. What they saw was a young woman on her knees under the table of 5 people with her head under the skirt of one of them. They were so focused on the girl under the table, they didn’t notice who the people around the table were. Just as they looked, Nancy finished having her orgasm and passed Karen across to Doug.

The reverend immediately exclaimed to the group, that Jack and Laura Peterson’s daughter Karen. Why that hussy. I can’t believe what she’s doing. I don’t know about you, but I am leaving. E He immediately got the waitresses attention and asked for the check. Once they had paid, they all got up and left the restaurant. If anyone would have been looking at the reverend as he led his group out of the place, they would have seen the hint of a smile on his face.

Karen meanwhile, was being face fucked by Doug. His wife, Cindy, had reached under and had pulled up Karen’s cami, exposing her tits. She was pinching her nipples and pulling and twisting her nipple rings. Nancy had reached under the table as well and was fucking Karen’s ass with the vibrating dildo. John had the control to the dildo in Karen’s ass and Darrell had the one in her cunt. They turned the vibrators on at a medium setting. Karen was starting to get excited again from all of the stimulation. She couldn’t believe that she could be approaching an orgasm while she was being forced to perform sex acts in a public restaurant.

All of a sudden, Doug forced his cock all of the way down her throat and held it there as he started cumming. When he was done, he shook his head in the affirmative to John and Darrell. They immediately set the vibrators to the highest setting and pushed the button. This pushed Karen over the cliff into a very intense orgasm as Doug pulled his deflated cock out of her mouth. Everyone had put their hands back up above the table and were eating there food as if everything was normal just as Karen let out her scream of passion. Almost every eye in the restaurant was now turned toward their table. Only a few could actually see Karen under the table, but those that could, couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The vast majority of the people that saw Karen, recognized who she was and were surprised at her brazen behavior in such a public place.

Karen was mortified that so many people that knew her and her parents had seen her both here and outside. She knew her parents would not want to have anything to do with her when they found out. All she could think about as she was pulled to Darrell’s cock and forced to suck him, was how to escape and get to her parents and explain to them that they had forced her to do these terrible things. She knew in her heart that they wouldn’t believe her but it was the only hope that she had. She silently cried in humiliation.

Karen finished sucking off Darrell just as they were finishing their meal. While they were waiting for dessert to be served, Karen was pulled to Cindy and forced to eat her out. While she was eating Cindy, Nancy and Doug were playing with a tit each. John was pumping her ass dildo in and out with the vibrator on high and Darrell was doing the same with her cunt dildo. Soon Karen was brought to another mind blowing orgasm, only this time the noise was muffled by Cindy’s cunt. Cindy went into a silent orgasm immediately when she felt the vibrations caused by Karen’s scream.

When Cindy was done with her orgasm, she looked under the table and quietly told Karen, “Get ready bitch. I have to piss like a race horse. You better not spill a drop or things are going to get a whole lot worse for you. E

When Cindy felt Karen’s mouth cover her cunt and piss hole, she let loose with a heavy stream of piss. It seemed to Karen as if Cindy had been saving up all day because she pissed so much for so long. Karen struggled to keep up, but she was just barely able to drink all of the piss down.

While Karen was drinking Cindy’s piss, the dessert was served. The waitress, who was a member of the group that John and Nancy belonged to, leaned down and whispered into Nancy’s ear, “That was about the hottest show I’ve ever seen in a long time. I can’t wait to get a piece of that sweet young pussy. E

Nancy smiled and asked, “Would you like to have about 10 minutes with her when we got done eating? E

The waitress shook her head yes. Nancy told her, “Take a bathroom break after you bring us our bill. We will send Karen in for you to play with there. Take as much time as you need. E

Everyone at the table took turns forcing Karen to drink their piss while they were eating their desert. When they were done with desert, Nancy leaned down and ordered Karen, “That was nice dear. I hope you enjoyed your dinner, I’m quite sure that we did. Now make yourself presentable and come out from under the table when the waitress comes with the bill. E

John got the waitress’s attention and asked for the bill. The waitress went up to her boss and asked for a 10 minute bathroom break after she took the bill to the Mitchell table. He gave her the go ahead and she bent in and whispered in his ear, “If you would like a nice blow job, why don’t you come in and join me. E He told her that he would follow her there after she took the bill to the Mitchell table.

She took the bill and gave it to John. Nancy ordered Karen to come out from under the table. Karen reluctantly obeyed and stood up once she had gotten out from under the table cloth. She saw that almost every eye in the restaurant was looking at her. The looks on the few faces she saw ranged from lust to disgust. She recognized a lot of them as friends and neighbors of her parents. She cried silently in humiliation at the public exposure of what she had been made to do. She turned beet red in embarrassment. She finally turned around and looked at Nancy and waited. Nancy looked at her with a smile and added to her humiliation by saying, “You put on quite the show this evening dear. Why between what you did outside and during dinner, I’m quite sure that you will be the talk of the town tomorrow. Oh yes my dear Karen, we made sure that they all saw what you were doing. I do believe that I saw the dear reverend and several of his women’s auxiliary leave in disgust when they saw you. Why, I bet they’ve already gone and told your parents all about what kind of slut their daughter is. Now I want you to go with this nice young lady and give her a really good tip. You do everything she tells you just like you would Darrell or us. You will come back with proof by coming back with a mouthful of her piss. E

Karen reluctantly went with the waitress to the employee’s bathroom. She hung her head down in shame and looked at the floor as she followed the waitress. If she had been looking at her she would have seen the waitress wave at the boss as she went. Her thoughts were racing at the implications of what Nancy had just told her. She knew how rigid and conservative her parents were. Once word got to them about what she had been made to do, it would just reinforce their belief that she was nothing but a wanton harlot. She was so focused on her inner turmoil that she didn’t realize that the waitress had stopped and walked into her.

Karen looked up and saw that they were in a bathroom. She watched as the waitress took off her panties and ordered, “Now you sweet little cunt. Come over hear and plant your mouth on my pussy. I am absolutely dripping from watching the show you put on out there. You better do it quickly or I’ll make you go back out there without your top on. E

Karen got down on her knees and quickly went to work gently chewing the lips of the waitress Ecunt and her clit. The waitress ordered, “Stick your finger up my ass and fuck me with it. E

Karen complied as the waitress pulled her head tighter into her cunt and came. Just as she pulled off of Karen, the manager came in to the bathroom. He saw Karen on her knees on the floor with the glisten of fresh cunt juices around her mouth and he got a grin on his face as he recognized who she was. The waitress told Karen to suck the finger she had just fucked her ass with clean it. While Karen complied with a look of disgust on her face, the waitress informed her boss, all yours. You can only fuck her throat though. When you get done, make sure you cum all over her face. We want to send her back to her hubby all decorated so that everyone can see what a slut she is. E

The manager walked up to Karen and ordered, “Open your mouth bitch. E He grabbed her hair above her ears on either side of her head and pulled her onto his cock. He told her, “Get your tongue to work while I fuck your throat. E He began face fucking Karen, driving his cock in and out as rapidly as he could. He knew that as busy as the restaurant was, he and the waitress couldn’t be gone too long. After just a couple of minutes he pulled out and started jacking his cock off, aiming between her eyes. He grabbed the hair at the top of her head and tilted it up slightly as he came, shooting 6 or 7 shots of cum. He made sure to spread each shot of cum to a different part of her face. When he was done, he let her go and zipped up his pants. He patted her on the head as if she was a dog and said, “Thanks for the wonderful blow job. E

The manager looked at the waitress as he left and told her, “Finish up quickly and get back to work. E

The waitress told him thanks and went over to Karen, grabbed her by the hair, and stepped over her placing her cunt over Karen’s mouth. All she said to Karen was, “Drink up bitch and don’t forget to keep a mouthful for Nancy. She let loose with a heavy flow of piss and Karen struggled to keep up. She had managed to get pretty good at drinking piss over the last few days though and managed not to spill any and finished with her cheeks bulging from the amount of piss in her mouth.

The waitress sighed with relief and pulled her panties up under her skirt. She then told Karen, “I can’t wait until I can have more time to spend with you. We could have so much fun. E She grabbed Karen by the hand and headed out of the door pulling Karen behind her. She led Karen across the restaurant the longest way possible to the Mitchell’s table. She wanted to humiliate Karen by letting as many people as possible see her with cum all over her face.

As they went through the restaurant, Karen felt her entire world caving in around her. As she saw everyone staring at her and exclaiming disgust, she saw her hopes of getting away and convincing her parent’s that she was forced into all of this despicable behavior being dashed. She loathed herself for being too weak to resist these monsters. She had been raised to believe that even the most wanton of harlots wouldn’t do the kinds of things that she had been made to do. She wondered what other disgusting things she was going to be made to do before she would be able to get away. She started to believe that not only was she loosing her parents, she was loosing her very soul. Her despair was beginning to deepen even more. She had to get away from them somehow and win her parents trust back. She just had to. She knew that she couldn’t continue to live like this.

When they reached the table, the waitress thanked them saying, “It was absolutely wonderful of you to loan your new toy to me. She was absolutely wonderful. I even got some brownie points with my boss out of it. You guys have a nice night. I’ll see you at the next party. E

Nancy looked at Karen’s face and then at the waitress and said, “Thanks for decorating her up for us. She really looks like a slut now. If everyone didn’t think it before, anyone who sees her now will have no doubt. E

John spoke up and said it was time to go. He handed the waitress the bill and enough cash to pay it with a 25% tip. There was also a note with it inviting her and the manager to the reception on Saturday. She thanked him and immediately went to the manager and showed him the note. He hurried and met them at the door. He thanked them and said, “I just wanted to let you know that we accept your invitation for Saturday. We wouldn’t miss it for the world. You guys always put on such fantastic shows. I can’t wait to see what you do with her. You all have a good night. E

They led Karen out to the car and told her to get in. Darrell turned to Doug and Cindy and said, “I’m going to have a little party Saturday at noon. I would sure like you guys to come and bring any of the gang that you think might be interested in further using and humiliating Karen. E

Karen sat in the back seat of the car listening with the mouthful of putrid piss from the waitress. She was too scared to swallow it and the longer it stayed in her mouth the more rancid it became. All she could do was wait for them to tell her to either spit it out or swallow it and hope that she wouldn’t get sick.

Doug shook Darrell’s hand and told him, “I think that I can get about a third of the football team there. I don’t trust the others enough to invite them. E

Cindy said, “I’ll have the entire cheerleading squad there. I also know a few more girls that would love to get a chance to put Karen in her place. I can’t wait to get my hands on the bitch. I’ve wanted to get back at her for ages. E

Darrell thanked them and got into the car along with his parents. During the drive home, Karen thought about what she had heard. She knew that they had some kind of party arranged for her Saturday. She wondered what other depraved acts she would be forced to endure in front of the people she knew and went to school with. She stared at the back of the front seat as her thoughts ran wild at the possible ways that they could humiliate her and she was sure that was what they had in mind for her.

When they arrived at home, they immediately went inside. Once in the door, Nancy grabbed Karen and kissed her hard forcing her tongue into Karen’s piss filled mouth. They exchanged the piss back and forth a few times before Nancy released her and ordered her to swallow the remaining piss in her mouth. She grabbed Karen on either side of her face and started licking the cum off of her. Once she had all of the cum cleaned off, she ordered, “It’s time for you to get out of those clothes. Make sure you take the dildos out as well. You will be joining John and me in bed tonight. E

Karen headed off toward Darrell’s bedroom to take her clothes off while Darrell and his parents took some time to finalize the activities for tomorrow. Once the appropriate phone calls and coordination was completed, Nancy turned to their son and asked, “Would you like to join us in bed for a little post dinner fun? E

Darrell readily agreed. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that he would get a chance to fuck his mother.

They all went up to the master bedroom and found Karen sitting naked in the middle of the bed crying. Nancy got up on the bed and immediately crawled over to Karen. She pushed her down on her back, placed her cunt over her face and lowered it down. Karen didn’t need to be told what to do and immediately started to lick and nibble her cunt and clit.

John watched for a couple of minutes and then turned to Darrell and said, “Darrel, why don’t you get up behind your mother and give her a good fucking while I put it to your beautiful bride here. E Darrell thanked his dad and they both got up on the bed. John moved up to Karen and inserted his cock into her cunt and began fucking her with abandon. He grabbed his wife behind the head and pulled her in for a kiss. They began kissing very passionately as he fucked Karen and she was being eaten by her. She soon felt Darrell move in behind her and grab her by the hips.

Darrell got in position and inserted his cock into his mother’s cunt, sinking it in to the hilt. He couldn’t believe he was now fucking his mom, it was one of his favorite fantasies that he never thought would ever come true. He marveled at the feel of Karen’s tongue as she continued to lick around his dick and on his mom’s cunt and clit. The men continued to fuck the women for about 15 minutes until Darrell couldn’t hold back any more and started pumping cum up into his mother’s womb.

When Darrell was finished cumming, he pulled back and ordered, “Clean my cock bitch. E

Karen quit sucking on Nancy’s clit and moved her mouth to his cock and began to suck his cock clean. When she was done sucking their combined juices off of his cock, he fell back onto the bed. He moved back and sat up against the headboard of the bed and watched as his father and mother continued to take it to Karen. Karen attached her mouth to Nancy’s cum filled cunt without being told and started lapping up Darrell’s and his mother’s mixed cum. Shortly after that, John came deep in Karen’s cunt and pulled out offering his cock to his wife. She sucked it clean and then moved down into a 69 position with Karen and started sucking the cum mixture from her daughter in law’s cunt.

They continued to 69 each other until each had achieved at least three more orgasms. When they were finally too exhausted to continue, they all went to sleep in the huge bed. The two men were lying on the outside of the bed with Nancy cuddled up to her son and John cuddled up to Karen. Everyone fell into a deep sleep except for Karen who slept fitfully throughout the night wondering what other perverse things that they would make her do.

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    This is a true story, only the names have changed. OK I didn't have to change the names because I'm not using any. It's a short story, as stories go, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this couple and making this encounter a story. I hope you enjoy it. I was looking at some swinger ads online a few years ago when an IM popped up. It was a guy asking if I wanted to have his wife suck my...

Vacation visit with sister

Masturbation before my Birthday Gang Bang

My best sex story ever

Our first by sexuial experence

Unexpected playtime

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