Lily – chapter 1

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I sat in the living room, huddled in a ball, watching a comedy. I sat and watched for hours when I glanced at the clock and noticed it was nine o'clock. I stood up and adjusted my breasts in the bra and straightened my silk panties and walked up stairs to bed. It was a Friday night and school was a tough one today.
She crawled into bed and pulled the sheets up to her shoulders and flipped the Tv on for background noise, setting the channel back to the movie. Mom and dad were out at a fancy diner and wasn't going to be back until twelve. She was slap tired, but still wasn't able to sleep.
"Fuck. You know what…….. I might as well" she said as she kicked the covers from her body off. She turned the Tv to the exercise channel and stretched out her body on the floor until her legs were wide open and she was flat on her stomach. She took shallow breaths as she did yoga and stretched, though she felt her pussy lips spread everytime she did a leg stretch. She looked up at the television and saw that it had been only ten minutes. She felt a tense pain in her pussy, knowing it was begging for love.
She walked into her parents bedroom and fumbled through her mothers drawer and found the small colorful oval objects. She layed down on her parents bed and clipped one to her clit and let it vibrate against it. She started to groan as the warm sensation started to fill her.
"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ughhhhh!" She screamed as she came over her parents sheets. She gripped the covers as each wave tumbled over her. She felt her body relax and stuck her hand between her legs. Holy shit! It was a huge puddle swamping around there. She quickly hopped up and started to quickly clean up.
"Oh hell!" She shouted and tugged the blankets of of the bed and threw them into the washer, after finding another set of sheets. She heard a car pull into the driveway as she pulled the sheets out of the washer and pushed them into the dryer. She rushed to the window and saw her parents exiting their vehicle. Shit! She hurried into the shower and showered off all of the stickiness from her thighs and ass cheeks. She heard the steps squieking as her parents walked up to their room. She heard moans and then the door slam shut.
That's right. Her parents went out to eat and then saw a romantic film. She had read that it had a bit of adult content than it was supposed to. She'd forgotten about that, and knew they were probably going to do this after they came home.
Oh, how fucking hot would it be to watch them? Whoa! What the fuck was she thinking? Her parents having sex is what she wants to see? Well, she needed to go to bed. She jumped out of the shower and quickly dried of and covered herself with the blankets after she squirmed into her pj's. She wanted a good rest before she went for her busy Saturday.

She was fumbling through her closet to find a good jogging outfit. She found the black stretch pants and dug around to find her Burgundy red short sleeved shirt and slipped her white tenni shoes on before hopping down the steps. She grabbed her water bottle and filled it with fresh water, then grabbed her book with her blotter paper and pen and rushed outside.
She jogged to the park that was about twenty minutes away, like she did every weekend. She circled around the huge fountains brick walk way for five minutes and soon found a bench to rest for a minute.
She sat down and stretched her legs out, and noticed a boy around her age of 14 was staring at her about ten fer away. She then found that her shirt was sagging down a little so her 36C breasts were being exposed to him. She sat up feeling her cheeks grow red as they met eyes and smiled at one another.
She held her breath as he walked over and sat beside her. He had a muscular figure but he seemed a bit shy. She noticed he was studying her slender but tall figure.
She had her height from her father and her slender but curvy figure from her mother. She had the biggest breasts in her school and most of the boys were slobbering after her. She had the long, straight burnette hair from her mother as well, which reached to her lower back. She never had the stomach to cut it any shorter.
" H…h..hi" said the boy after a few awkward minutes." My names benjamin. Isn't your name lily?" She nodded slowly as she was surprised he knew her name. "I'm in your history class" he said after a moment of her staring at him. She did think he looked a bit familiar.
"Well its nice to meet you Benjamin. Were you enjoying the view from over there?" I asked him with a sweet tone in my voice. I get the compliment of being pretty ballsie for my personality. His smile stretched from ear to ear as his face turned red from embarrassment. "Kindof. Sorry, I just see you here every weekend and this is the first time I saw you with a loose shirt….. and I saw you bending down, and I was about to walk over… and….and…. I saw your ……. breasts…. but there beautiful! Don't get me wrong! …..I'm ….. I'm really sorry…. and.." he stammered but she shushed him with her hand on his shoulder, which made him blush even more.
"You see me here every weekend and watch me?" She giggled as he tried to explain again that he was sorry.
"Dont worry about it! Its fine!"she said, with a bit of a giggle in her voice.
"No, its not! Its creepy! I'm super sorry……. I'm just gonna go" he whispered and started to stand.
"No,no. Stay. I like you. Please, don't leave" she told him as she pressed firmly down on his shoulder to sit him back down though he could of easily shrugged her hand off and walked away. He obeyed and sat back down and his faced grew red again. She laughed and started to strike up a conversation with him to get him to stop being shy.
She learned he was 14 as she was, and in the same grade as her. He had worked with his grand father and father at there logging farm for the last few years, which explained his muscular size. She even found that he was not in a relationship as well as she was. She thought for a minute and grabbed a piece of paper from her book (which she took notes on about her book since she wrote reviews on her blog about the books she read) and grabbed her pen as well and wrote down her number for them to talk and text to each other. He stared at her in wonder as she wrote down the digits.
"Here. I hope we can keep seeing each other in the future to come" and handed him the piece of paper. He looked surprised that she had given him her number. She stood up and stretched her legs a quick second and looked down at him.
Who knows. We may even become great friends she said to her self as she waved a good bye to him and began her jog back home.

She sat in her bed and thought about the last month that had passed by. Her and Benjamin were doing projects together, were eating together at lunch, and just last week he had asked if they could go steady at dating. It didn't take her a second to answer yes to that. She really wanted him as hers. Not anyone else's but hers alone. And she just remembered he was coming over tomorrow.

Lily ran down the steps when the doorbell rang as fast she could. She threw the door open wide and saw Benjamin standing there with a smile across his face wearing a blue short sleveless polo shirt with kakies ending in thick working boots. She couldn't help but smile at him.
She invited him in and led him to her bedroom. Her parents left for a few hours to go see another movie, but this time, they said hey were going to stay at a hotel tonight. Of coarse they didn't care much about her, but that didn't dampen her spirit. They walked into her bedroom and she sat him down on her bed.
She sat down across his lap and laid her head against his shoulder, letting him take the lead of what to do. He grabbed her face and pulled her lips to his. They made out, massaghing each others tongue with one anothers. Was he a virgin like her? She wondered as her body ached for more of him.
She leaned back, withdrawing her tongue from his mouth and started kissing him down his neck then stuck her tongue out a bit and trailed it across his skin when going back up. He started to moan in his throat, and she knew he wanted more as well.
She stood up and dragged him off her bed and took him to her parents king sized mattress. She slowly pushed him down to the bed and looked at him.
"Would you like to do this?" He looked at her and nodded. He un buttoned his shirt and took it off. She stopped him as he reached for his buckle and walked to her room. She grabbed a new gown she got with her grade money the other day, because she knew she was going to need it soon. She walked back to the room Benjamin was waiting for her in, but she quickly snatched her robe and wrapped it around her sexy figure.
She walked in and posed for him in the door way. She lowered the collar of the robe to her shoulders and began to slowly do a strip tease for him. She saw his pants prick up as she started to reveal more of her flesh. She finaly dropped it, revealing her new outfit.
She had a see through black nightgown with a pair of black nilon lingerie with a red thong with fancy decorations on it. She walked up to him and arched her back forward, throwing her breasts in his direction, allowing him to do as he wished.
"Before we go any further, I must be honest. I am a virgin" he said plainly as he watched her breasts.
"I am too. Don't worry. We can experience this the best we can, together." She crawled onto the bed and sat next to him , and started to rub is thick chest. She grabbed his belt and un buckled it, then backed away so he could finish it up. He un zipped his pants and pulled them down. There was a huge bulge pressing against his boxers. She grabbed the waist line and started to slowly pull his boxers down to his knees. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and pulled them all the way down. She opened her eyes to see him stepping out of them.
She bent back up and stared at his cock. It was huge! It was atleast 7" long. There is no way that can fit in her. Benjamin grabbed her hand and pulled her up on him. She giggled as his cock rubbed against her leg while she lay across Benjamin's chest.
"Your in control darling" he whispered and layed back. She gulped and took his hand and slipped it into her gown. She groaned as he rubbed her nipple, and slightly pinched it every few seconds or so. She swung her leg over his chest and positioned herself so she could give him a blowjob, but so that he could see her pussy.
She lowered her lips to his cock and kissed it lightly. She heard him groan behind her and kept going. She stuck her tongue out and flicked it across the tip of his head. She lowered her mouth to the base and licked up to the head of his cock and circled around the rim of it. She pushed her mouth against his cock, now wanting to have her mouth full of him. She slowly pushed it into her mouth until she felt his entire head was in her mouth. She started to suck on it then she licked it. She pushed down father trying to fill her mouth with him. She got to the rim of her throat and couldn't go any further. She was only like half way on his cock. She took a deep breath and shoved down as hard as she could, not to let her think but just do. His cock was deep in her throat and she could hardly breath but it was glorious. She felt like gagging but she wasn't going to allow it. She sucked as hard as she could and heard Benjamin moan behind her.
"Oh fuck! Damn that feels fucking teriffic! Fuck! Yes! Lily, please…… stop! Please don't!" He shouted out and she obeyed. She plunged faster and harder, and she licked as much as she could while she sucked as hard as her body let her.
"Oh gosh fuck! Oh hell yes! Fuck! I'm gonna I am going to cum! Oh hell yeeeessss!" He roared as she felt his cock throb and grow in her small mouth. She felt shots of his hot cum coat against her tongue and down her throat, as she swallowed as fast as she could.
She was caught off guard as Benjamin's large hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back, making her land flat on her back, looking straight at him. She had his cum and her drool dripping from her chin and was plastered across her lips.
"That was teriffic. But I think its your turn now." He lowered himself and opened her legs. She looked down and watched him pull her thong to the side and he took a strong wiff of her pussy. He pulled her thong off and stared down at her pussy. She watched him, afraid that she would do something wrong. He took his index finger and pressed it slowly into her cunt. She moaned as he got deeper into her pussy. She felt his thumb rubbing her clit as he plunged his finger in and out. She soon felt a second finger enter her pussy hole.
"Oh Benjamin. You are so good…….. oh fuck! This feels wonderful…….. fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh yes, Benjamin…….. rub my little sex button! Fuck yes! Oh Benjamin!" She shouted as she felt his tongue clasping across her entire pussy. He licked her clit and thin sucked on it, then lightly nipped it, making her squel with pleasure. She felt him plunging his stiff tongue in her cunt and then lapping at her clit.
"Oh Benjamin! I'm gonna…….. I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck! Shit, this feels wonderful! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ughhhh!" She screamed as she felt the wave of her juices washing over her making her stiff. Her orgazims always took over her body and made her freeze.
Benjamin looked up, with his chin dripping with her pussy juices and his lips covered in white thickness. She just layed still staring at him, still shaking from her most amazing orgasm ever.
"Fuck me, Benjamin. Fuck me!" She shouted at him. He grabbed her and picked her up in his muscular arms, lifting her from under her legs. She leaned back against his chest and locked her arms together behind their heads. Her breasts were pointing out, leaving the cold air nip at her tender nipples. He held her up and slowly pushed her down on his standing dick. She wailed softly, feeling her pain trail through her body. She felt her lips part and his head push into her fuck hole. Her pussy slowly adjusted to the massive size as he slowly lowered her onto it. She felt she was about to break in half, knowing that her vaginal walls were stretched to the max.
He went as fast as she wanted him to but she didn't stop him when he lowered all the fully onto his dick. He was completely inside of her.
"Oh fuck lily. Your pussy is so tight, your suffocating my cock, but damn does it feel fucking teriffic." He whispered in her ear as he raised her up slowly and lowered her back down. She was tearing up but he was right. It was great.
"Faster! I want you to go faster!" She ordered him and he lifted her easily up and lowered her back down, every time increasing speed. The slapping sound was echoeing around the room with his grunting and her groaning.
"Fuck yes! I need to pull out……. I'm gonna cum lily….. I need to get out of your cavern." He shouted to her trying to pull out of her.
"No! Don't! Shoot it in me! I want your sperm in me! Don't pull out! Come on you bastered. Fuck your little whore. Fuck me as hard as you can!"
"Damnable fuck! I'm gonna cuuuummmmm!" He roared once again as he shot loads of cum into her small little body. Her head had flung back as his first load pumeled into her, leaving her breathless in each shot. She was grabbing his shoulders behind her as tight as she could for an un known reason but just to feel him there.
She relaxed in his arms, leaving her feet to dangle as he walked over to a mirror. She saw how she looked under his control, vulnerable in his inormous arms, holding her in air with his hands holding her sides while her thighs were in his underarm. She watched as a flood of cum came pouring out of her pussy, running down her ass cheeks and his cock, dripping to the floor, forming a small puddle below them.
They looked perfect together.

If there is good replies and you want me to write the second story, let me know and is will. I already have some really good ideas. If you want me to make the next one, you can send me a certain idea or action to happen somewhere in the next story or so of lily and Benjamin that you may want to read about hem to do. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

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