Lovely intruder part 4

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This is a multi-part story so please read the others first. Thanks for all the great feedback, and feel free to give me advice to help my writing. Enjoy 🙂

I couldn't believe the night still wasn't over yet, but I slowly nodded and felt Will direct me towards the bed. Will laid himself on the bed on his back and instructed me to straddle him. I did and I felt Sir come up behind me.

"Be gentle at first, Will, let her get used to it. She's never done it before," I heard Sir tell Will.

Will replied, "Oh I'll go slow," and winked at me. That wink scared me but I was glad that Sir was behind me and I was on top of Will; how much harm could Will possibly instill upon me when I was on top of him?

"I'm going to walk you through this, love," Sir said to me. I nodded. "Do exactly as I say, when I say it, okay baby?" I nodded again in response. "Good girl. Now slowly lower yourself onto Will's cock; let it go into that wonderful cunt of yours."

I nodded again and slowly lowered myself onto Will's semi-hard cock. I felt it stiffen inside me as I lowered myself more, letting his cock finally go all the way into willing pussy.

"Very good, now ride his cock, love. Ride his cock slow at first, and when I tell you to speed up, you will speed up, />
I nodded and raised myself up, letting almost all of his cock expel from my pussy. I lowered myself down again and felt Will's hands reach up to grasp my hips.

"Not yet, Will. Let me do this for a little while, then you can have your way with her," Sir said to Will.

"Okay, okay," Will replied.

"Keep going, baby. Ignore him," Sir said gently to me. I nodded and started to lift myself up and down, creating a slow rhythm. I felt Sir's hands reach around me and fondle my nipples, making me wetter than before.

"Go faster now, love," Sir whispered into my ear as he began to lick my earlobe and neck. I complied, and sped up my thrusting. I had to admit, I really liked this so far. Up, down, up, down, I bounced off of Will's cock. I felt Sir's cock suddenly rubbing against my ass; just very gently reminding me of its' presence. I started to get nervous, but Sir calmed me when he said, "Relax baby. I'm going to make this pleasurable for all of us, I promise." I smiled and kept my steady rhythm.

When I had started to feel another fire kindle inside my loins, Sir whispered into my ear, "I think it's time for you to feel my cock inside you as well, don't you?" as he licked up my ear.

I moaned and responded, "Yes, Sir. I think I'm ready," even though I knew I wasn't really ready. I was surprised that Will had remained almost silent underneath me; besides a few moans every now and then he hadn't said a word to me, and that was how I liked it. I felt Sir's cock head press against my asshole.

"Lean forward, love," Sir said to me. "Help my cock get inside your wonderful asshole again." I leaned forward slightly and put my hands on Will's chest. I looked into Will's eyes and prepared myself for Sir's cock once more. He tried to push into my asshole, but couldn't get his head inside. He leaned down and spat on my asshole, that being the only kind of lubrication handy. "Help me, love. Push out for me like you did the first time," he said.

I pushed my asshole out as he pressed his head against my asshole. I bit my bottom lip and clasped my eyes shut to try and hide the intense pain this was causing. His cock head popped in past my sphincter and I couldn't help but lean forward and almost make his cock exit. I let out a whimper of discomfort and pain as Sir started pushing forward more. He had his hands on my hips and was pulling me back to him.

"Ahh! Sir, please, take your cock out! I can't take two! I just can't!" I screamed at him.

"Shh, hush now little one," he replied.

"No! I can't take two, Sir!" I said as I pulled myself forward and forced his cock to exit my burning asshole.

"Come here, cunt!" Sir screamed at me as he pulled my hips back towards him. He pushed his cock into my asshole once more and I again pulled myself forward enough to make it exit yet again. I felt his hand slap my ass and he said, "Alright, I was trying to be gentle with you, but now Will is going to punish you. Get up and stand beside the bed while we decide your punishment." I let a tear fall down my cheek as I got up after he did. Will got up and stood next to Sir. They began talking quietly, but I couldn't distinguish anything they were saying. I was very scared now; Sir had said that Will was to punish me. Sir had already punished me once and it was horrible; I didn't want to know what Will's punishments felt like.

I saw Will nod and I heard him say, "Move in front of your bed, facing me," Will said. I did as I was told. "Now, spread your arms up high and your legs far apart, like you're doing jumping jacks."

I complied and I felt him tie all four of my limbs to two of my posts. I began to cry silently as I saw Sir pull out a riding crop from a bag I hadn't noticed earlier. "Now, I'm going to hit you 100 times with this, anywhere I wish. After each hit, you are to say, ‘I will not disobey!'. You will not struggle and you will not scream. Do you understand?" I nodded and heaved a breath. My whole body was trembling with fear. I swore to myself I would not resist either of them again tonight.

I saw him crack the crop in the air a few times; my whole body wincing with each crack, anticipating each blow onto my soft body. Will walked over towards me and I saw an evil lust in his eyes. He loved it that I had disobeyed and that he got to punish me. I closed my eyes tightly and bit my bottom lip. I wasn't allowed to scream and I didn't want to get a more severe punishment for doing so. I anticipated the first blow, and felt it land on and scratch my left breast.

"Ohh!" I whimpered out in pain. Will waited a few minutes before he cracked the whip down on me again, this time landing on my right breast. I resisted the urge to scream at the top of my lungs as the third one hit my gaping cunt. The fourth came down twice as hard as the third had, and on the same place.

"AHH!" I screamed out; I couldn't help it.

I was prepared to hear Will or Sir verbally punish me, but Will only said, "That's it. Scream for me baby. And you're not saying what I asked you to. You'd better start saying it."

I nodded and from that point on I always said "I will not disobey!" after every hit. He hit me over and over again, not only on my breasts and my soaking cunt, but also on my thighs, shins and stomach. I hurt all over by the time he got to 50 and he untied me and turned me around. I almost didn't comply; I was in so much pain that I could hardly move. I reluctantly turned around and let him tie me in the same position. My ass got abused for the second time of the night.

When he had finally reached 100, my whole body was trembling with pain and I was barely whispering "I will not disobey" to Will. I had no more energy. It seemed like all of my energy had just been beaten out of me, and against my will at that. Will untied me and pushed me onto the bed. I curled myself up, trying to fall asleep I think, when Sir came over and gave me something to drink.

"Drink this. It will give you your energy back. We're not done yet, love," he said as he pressed a straw to my mouth. I drank all of the drink and he was right; within a few minutes I had all of my energy back. I was still in severe pain, but I was energized at least.

"Now, time to try again baby," Sir said. I nodded and we all three got situated. "We're starting over, little one, so remember, lower yourself onto his cock and slowly ride him until I say otherwise. Do not struggle this time when I try to put my cock into your asshole. Trust me, love, you'll love it after the pain goes away." I nodded again in response.

I lowered myself down onto Will's now very hard cock; apparently he loved to hit women, because it had turned him on so much. His cock was already gleaming with precum and throbbing when I felt it slip into my cunt. I moved my hips around so that his whole cock could get inside my quivering body.

"Very good, now start riding his cock, baby," Sir said to me.

I raised myself up and lowered myself back down. I began the slow rhythm as I had before, and not too long after I felt Sir's breath on my neck telling me to go a bit faster. Faster and harder I pumped myself on top of Will. His hands were on my hips, guiding me; pulling and pushing me up and down. I felt his cock rubbing against my g-spot very roughly and it felt amazing. I was lost in my passion again and almost didn't notice Sir rubbing his cock against my ass as I bounced off Will's hard rod.

"Stop, love. Lean forward like before," Sir said. I complied and leaned forward for him, closed my eyes shut, and waited for the pain. He reached under me and lubricated his fingers a bit with my leaking pussy juice. He gently pressed two fingers into my delicate asshole and began to slowly finger fuck my ass. I tried to forget the fact that his monster cock would be going up there within minutes, and I just tried to enjoy the feeling he was giving me. I grasped his fingers and Will's cock with my muscles and I heard Will moan underneath me. I felt Sir add another digit into my now loosened up asshole and he began pumping his fingers in and out of me ruthlessly. I banged his fingers, moving my hips back to meet his amazing fingers. Just as I felt my orgasm building up steadily, he removed his fingers and I felt his cock press against my asshole.

"Kiss Will while I do this, love. Focus on the kiss only. Do you understand?" Sir asked.

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

"Good girl. Now lean down and kiss him."

I complied and felt my lips wrap around Will's. It wasn't long before our tongues were passionately playing with each other. The kiss alone made me quiver with lust for him. I felt Sir press against my asshole and felt his enormous head enter my asshole, popping past my sphincter. I tried to lift my head up and let out a squeal of pain, but Will held my head down and kissed me harder.

"Focus on the kiss, love. I'm not even here," Sir said.

I relaxed my asshole and felt Sir push forward into my asshole. He kept pushing and pushing, deeper and deeper, as I tried to focus only on this amazing kiss I was having. Will was a phenomenal kisser. He knew all the right places to kiss in and around my mouth, and knew how to move his tongue a certain way to give me shivers of pleasure and desire. I didn't hardly notice Sir's cock again until he so matter-of-factly announced that he was all the way in.

"Now I want you to sit up slightly, love. Just a little over halfway," Sir said.

I lifted myself up quickly and dropped back down, giving out a whimper of pain after I had sat up a bit.

"Do it slowly, love. Don't hurt yourself too much," Sir said, as if he'd forgotten to earlier.

I very slowly pushed myself up with the palms of my hands. It felt much better slower and I even let out a slight moan as I was up at the angle Sir wanted me to be.

"Good girl, how does that feel?"

"It hurts, Sir, but I like it that it hurts. I love the pain you give me," I found myself saying.

"Mmm, that was the right answer. Now lift your hips up just a little baby. I'm going to stay put while Will is going to fuck your pussy gently," he emphasized and looked down at Will as he said it, "and then when I think you can handle it, I'm going to start moving my cock in and out of your ass at the same time that Will will be fucking your cunt. You will not resist us. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now Will, it's your turn to have the />
When I had raised my hips up, Will had followed me with his hips, keeping his cock in my pussy. I felt him lower himself slowly and pull completely out. He made sure that his cock was going to go into my entrance as he raised himself up again slightly, just as slow as he had went going out. I felt his cock stretch my pussy so wide it felt, but managed to keep quiet for the most part, even though my stretching pussy was telling me to scream at the top of my lungs. Will lifted himself up and down in a slow rhythm for several minutes before I found myself moving slightly with him. I felt Sir's cock slowly start to move out a little bit, but then I thought it must have been imagination because he hadn't moved except with my hips as I rose up and down to meet Will's thrusts. I clenched my muscles around what meant to be Will's cock, but Sir felt it too and they both moaned aloud in unison. I smiled to myself when I felt Will stop dead in his tracks; completely stopping his amazingly sensational rhythm that was simply enticing.

"Ride my cock again, baby. I want to lie here and watch you fuck my cock with that amazing cunt of yours," Will said to me.

I nodded and raised myself up. Just as I was about to plunge back down, I heard Sir whisper, "I'm going to start fucking your asshole now, love. Ignore the pain and just think about how hard you're going to make Will and I cum by letting us do this. Think about how much you're pleasing us."

"Mmm, yes Sir," I replied.

I plunged myself back down and I felt Sir remove his cock from my asshole. I lifted myself back up and held myself there as I felt him push his cock back into my ass. It hurt because he hadn't moved since he had entered the first time, but I tried to ignore it, like he had said. I let myself drop back down as he pulled out. We began this slow alternating rhythm and he waited until he thought I was comfortable enough to go faster.

"Pump his cock faster, love. Ride him harder now," Sir said to me.

I nodded and began a new rhythm, this one faster and fiercer than before. I felt Sir speed up at the same time as me and go with my thrusts. It felt so amazing to have two cocks inside me at once. I felt so full like I never had before, and it felt so wonderful. I went faster and faster, now slamming myself onto Will's cock as I felt Sir's cock plunge into my asshole harder and harder with every thrust. Yet another orgasm was building up quickly inside me; I could tell this one would be the most powerful of all.

I clenched my muscles around their cocks as I bounced up and down with my own thrusts and Sir's as well. I heard them moaning behind and below me as I myself was moaning and whimpering in pleasure. I soon felt the orgasm begin to surface; taking my breath and almost taking my motor skills away as well. I couldn't move as my orgasm rushed through me. My breath was gone and I became lightheaded. I vaguely felt Sir and Will pumping my pussy and ass below and behind me as I was lost in my orgasm. I tried to breathe as it seemed like wave after wave of immense pleasure was streaming throughout my body. I was trembling all over and my pussy and ass clenched their cocks so tightly that I could tell they were having a hard time moving at all. They both moaned loudly and groaned as they came almost at the same time. The waves hit me even harder when I felt their hot cum fill my ass and pussy.

When I could finally take a breath, I let it out by letting out the most animalistic, guttural groan that had ever escaped my throat. I couldn't keep myself up and I felt Sir and Will hold me in my position as they let the last few shots of cum fill me up. I began to get the feeling back in my trembling arms as we all caught our breaths. Somehow I knew that this was their best threesome they'd ever had…it was just too obvious that they had done this to another girl before; everything was so planned.

I jerked awake and sat straight up in my bed. The lights were out, I was in my sleepwear, everything was as it had been before. There was no way that could have been a dream. I looked at my clock: 1:17. I almost laid back down but something caught my eye. Something hanging on my bedpost. I tried to adjust my eyes to the darkness, but ended up getting up and turning on the light. I took a deep breath as I turned around to look at my bedpost…I was so afraid that I was going to see Sir's jacket there. When I turned around, I did see a coat…my own that I had hung up after I had came home late that evening. So, it was all a dream. Simply an amazing, erotic dream on a Saturday night.

story by: Slavegirl777

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Author: Slavegirl777

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