Luc & jenny- chapter 2

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CHAPTER 2: Getting to know each other

Once I recovered from the shock of being seen, I realised that I still held my now flaccid cock in my right hand, cum leaking from its end. I quickly shook the last drops off, wiped the tiled wall, and re-arranged my clothes before I head out of the house towards Mrs. /> />
I saw him coming over. He was quite cute, a fact I hadn’t noticed before.

My grandma explained the situation and soon he was busy at work, his shirt thrown over some bushes, clearing the stubborn gutter. He has a really hard looking body with well defined muscles. Sweat was running down his face, neck and over his chest. He was extremely hot. Once in a while he stole a glance at me and I smiled shyly back.
just have to stay for dinner’ Mrs Callaghan’s was saying. ‘After the hard work, it’s really the least I can do.’

I agreed and after a quick shower, I was back enjoying dinner. However, my attention was focussed on Jenny. She was wearing a white blouse with a low cleavage that barely covered her braless breasts, her nipples clearly visible. Her long brown legs emerged from her short black skirt. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun exposing her pretty face. My God, how sexy she looked.

After dinner, Mrs Callaghan excused herself and went upstairs saying she was tired. I helped Jenny wash and dry the dishes. We then grabbed a bottle of cheap white wine and went to sit on the porch swing.

‘Want to play a game’ she asked a few glasses of wine later.

it about?’ I asked her.

take turn asking each other questions and we have to answer as truthfully as we can’

‘Ok, it’s simple enough. You start’

‘How often do you she asked.

Wow she’s fast, I thought, plunging right to the heart of the matter; no beating around the bush.

I was caught unawares.

‘Um let’s see …whenever the need arise’

‘And you?’ I asked her, sipping the wine.

‘Once in a while when I see something that turns me on’

A pause.

‘And what do you think about when you masturbate’ she asked me.

She’s sly.

‘A beautiful girl…like you’ I said looking directly at her. The light was very dim and I couldn’t see her face well but I could have sworn she was blushing.

‘Have you ever fucked anyone?’ I asked her.

She shook her head. No.

‘A couple of times’ I said.


‘I want to see your pussy.’ It wasn’t a question, more like a demand.

I held my breath as she rose from where she was sitting next to me and stood before me.

Her hands glided down her thighs and she took the hem of her skirt in her hands and gently lifted it up. I hadn’t expected her to do it.

A completely bald, pink pussy was exposed to me. It was beautiful in the truest sense of the word. The outer lips were white and puffy, and protruding, barely visible in between were the pink fleshy inner lips. I could see a slight sheen of moisture on them. My heart drummed faster.

‘Want to touch it?’ she asked.

Without waiting for a reply she took my hand and guided it to her lower lips. My fingers touched her gently, moving up and down her slit in a slow sensual way. Her breathing quickened as I parted the outer lips to stroke the pink flesh within. My fingers found her sensitive clitoris and coaxed it out from under its hood.

I removed my fingers from her, brought them to my mouth and wetted them with saliva before I reapplied them to her button. I stroked her slowly, my eyes focused on her face. Her eyes were closed tightly and she was breathing shallowly through partially opened lips.

She opened her eyes suddenly, and seeing me watching her she blushed.

‘You like that don’t you?’ I whispered to her.

One of my fingers slowly eased its way into her hot virgin pussy. I fingered her pussy lovingly, my finger gliding in and out as my thumb caressed her clitoris. I added another finger to her pussy, stretching her, as I fingered her faster and deeper, her love juice coating my fingers.

Her gasping turned to a long low moan as she came suddenly, her pussy muscles contracting rhythmically on my fingers buried deep within her.

He removed his fingers from within me and gently sucked on them as he watched me. He then lifted my blouse to expose my breasts. Apart from my girlfriends, no one had ever seen my breasts. They were a bit too big in my opinion but all feeling of evaporated when I saw the look on his face.

‘They are beautiful’ he whispered under his breath, as his fingers brushed lightly on my nipples causing goose-bumps to erupt all over my body.

His face sported the look of a child who has just received the most wonderful present in the world.

He gently caressed my breasts and cupped them in his large hands as he pinched the soft, white elastic flesh causing a groan of pleasure to escape my lips. He pulled me closer to him and another wave of pleasure engulfed my body as I felt his hot, wet mouth enclose on the tip of my left breast. His tongue encircled the hard little bud of flesh, occasionally flicking and stabbing at it. Then he began to gently suckle like a baby while his right hand pinched and caressed the other breast. My hand was in his hair holding him closer as I willed him to take more of my breast in her mouth. With his left hand he grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer so that my pelvis was pressed against his hard belly. His mouth tugged harder at my breast as I felt a strange new sensation that started in my cunt, moving through my womb, spreading to my nipples and the rest of my body.
I felt that she was close yet again to an orgasm as I sucked hungrily on her nipples, my teeth biting the soft flesh. My hands slid in between her ass cheeks, sought her wet puffy pussy lips and she cried out loudly as I slid two long fingers inside her.
literally saw stars as I came again, his fingers moving in and out of my sopping cunt.

It took me a while to return to my normal state. He was holding me against him and I could feel the huge bulge of his erection pressing against my thighs. My hand moved towards his pants and I could hear his sharp intake of breath as I stroked his hard cock.

I knelt down in between his outstretched legs and removed his hard member from his pants. His penis was fully erect and the foreskin had retracted partially exposing the dark red mushroom head. A drop of clear precum had already appeared on its tip. I looked up at him, licking my lips seductively. His hot cock jerked impatiently in my hand.

I bent down and kissed the drop of precum away. It tasted slightly salty. I ran my tongue over the head, gently licking my way down the shaft, feeling the veins throbbing beneath.
I then moved my head upwards and lowered my mouth over his penis. I had to open my mouth wide to accommodate his cock’s thickness and I could feel the head pushing on my tongue as it went in slowly.

I had never sucked a cock before but after watching a few porn movies I basically knew what I had to do. I gently sucked on it like I was sucking on a big lollipop, my tongue darting over the length of it. I figured I was doing it right because I could hear him moaning in pleasure.
I couldn’t believe it. She was sucking me like a pro, her head bobbing up and down in my crotch like a well oiled piston. With each downward stoke of her head, I could feel my cock slid a little deeper in her mouth.

My hand went to rest on her head, gently urging her to take more of it down her throat. She obliged willingly, my girth not seeming to be a problem as she deepthroathed me easily. Her throat was rhythmically milking my cock as I, in frenzy, held her head and roughly began to fuck her throat.

‘I’m about to come’ I moaned, but she just sucked harder, her eyes locked on mine.

I could feel my balls contract as my cock jerked hard and I came. Spurt after spurt of my hot spunk filled her waiting mouth and she gulped all of it down hungrily. She licked my cock clean, her tongue scooping up any drop she had missed.
It tasted salty, but had a nice flavour to it, like that of raw egg whites. It was not at all disgusting like my girlfriends had told me.

‘Ever done that before’ he asked as I sat down next to him.

first time’

‘I must say, you’re quite good at it’

I said as I blushed two shades of red.

I had enjoyed sucking his cock. It gave me a power I didn’t know I possessed before: to own a man. When he was in my mouth, he was mine and I could do anything I wanted with him.

‘Do you think your grandma heard us?’ he asked me breaking my train of thought.

‘I don’t think so. She is a little deaf in one ear.’

‘Must be late’ I said looking at my watch. It was well past midnight.

We said goodnight, with Luc kissing me chastely on the cheek.

story by: Mickmeister

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Author: Mickmeister

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