Mara's sexcapades chapter 2

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Ever since we got married two months ago, Scott and I have done the deed quite frequently, like rabbits. We have done every position one can conceive: doggy style, missionary, spooning, me on top, lotus, et cetera. I dress provocatively in the house, sometimes I'll let him look down my top so that he gets hard. We tease each other throughout the day in a sort of cocktease. Eventually, both of are so horny that we do it in whatever room we're in.

Just last week, Scott was lying in bed reading when I walk in wearing a black lacy bra and panty set with a dusty rose colored short silk robe.

"Hey, lover boy," I say, sauntering sexily to the bed.

"Oh my god, Mara, you look so sexy in that getup," Scott says a bit slowly, looking me over. I can tell he's hard by the bulge under the sheets. I crawl on the bed towards him as he puts his book on the nightstand. I kiss him forcefully and roughly as I pull back the covers.

"I want it rough tonight," I say, straddling his lap. Within seconds, Scott unties my robe, pulls it off, and pops my bra off. His lips descend on my breasts, kissing them all over. His tongue marks rough trails on my skin as he pinches my nipples, which harden instantly. I sigh and hope that he will take it up a notch.

"Harder, Scott, mmh," I squeak out as he squeezes my nipples. He complies and the pain from the increased pressure saturates my panties from masochistic pleasure. A hand leaves one of my nipples, but I don't notice. Without warning, he sticks a hand down my panties and rubs my clit hard, making me moan an scream like a slut. I am Scott's little slutty wife. He slides his other hand down my panties and over my ass to get to my cunt opening. He slides two fingers in and fucks me with them fast and hard.

"Oh fuck, Scott, I'm gonna cum at this rate," I moan to him as I build up to a climax. He fingers me faster and my panties are so damp wet my sexual lubricant.

"Cum, baby doll, cum for me," Scott says, pinching my clit hard. I scream and cum hard in my panties, soaking them in my juices. I breathe raggedly and whimper as I descend from my orgasm. I press my forehead against his as I close my eyes, trying to get my pussy to stop pulsing.

"Are you okay, Mara? Did I hurt you? I'm sorry if I did. I got kinda carried away, just watching you enjoy my touch and hearing you moan," Scott rambles as he takes his hand out of my wet panties. His hand glistens with my cum juice. I kiss him tenderly to reassure him that I enjoyed everything, even the pain. I then take his wet hand and lick and suckle my juices off his fingers.

"Do you mind getting kinky tonight, Scott?" I ask him in a lusty voice. His slightly shocked expression leads me to believe that he does.

"How so, love?" he replies, unsure of where to go from here. I grab the robe's sash and hand it to him. I then turn around and put my arms behind my back, my forearms pressed together.

"Tie me up, baby."

He wraps my forearms together and ties it tight but not too tight to cut off circulation. He then puts me in doggy position, with my head against the mattress. I am completely vulnerable to his wants, and it makes me so hot. He undresses quickly and rams his cock in without teasing or warning. I yelp and clench my cunt on his big cock.

"Baby, you gotta let me in," he says, trying to push his way in. I comply and he starts fucking me hard and deep. He then starts spanking me, first on the right then the left, until my ass is bright red. I whimper with each blow, begging for more.

Eventually, he starts pressing on my rosebud hole with his thumbs. I gasp and shudder, not knowing what to expect. Scott works a thumb in slowly, making me whimper and grimace in pain, but soon it becomes pleasurable.

"Fuck me, Scott, fuck my cunt hard," I moan as I get closer to another orgasm. He slams his cock in harder and faster, his balls smacking my tender clit over and over. Scott grunts and moans as he fucks me.

"Mara, I'm cumming!" he shouts, as he shoots a huge load into my pussy. I scream as hot gushes of cum fill my small pussy, causing me to cum again. His cum starts to leak out around his cock.

Soon, our orgasms subside as he unties my arms. Scott flips me over while keeping his cock inside me, which is slowly going soft. I smile at him, exhausted and drained. He chuckles and leans down to kiss me. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and we kiss gently for what seems like an eternity. Scott rolls us over to put me on top. I giggle and rub the tip of my nose to his, taking in the intimate moment.

"You certainly are my giggly girl, aren't you?" he says, smiling and rubbing my lower back. I nod and rest my head in the crook of his neck, closing my eyes and sighing.

"Are you sleepy, Mara?" he asks me in the same tone a parent uses with a toddler. Normally that would annoy me, but at the moment I don't mind at all. I nod and shift my body a bit. He nuzzles my shoulder and whispers good night to me as I drift off with his now-soft cock inside me.

story by: Lovelylady92

Tags: fiction erotica spanking mature romance bondage and restriction wife sex story written by women

Author: Lovelylady92

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