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I never thought i was relly gay, i loved girls, big tits, juicy pussy, yano the usual.

But when i was younger i had a best friend his name was sam, i did everything with him, i even watched porn with him first, he was just my friend.But one day he slept at my house, he slept naked, when i woke in the morning and saw his rock hard 9 inch cock in the air i felt all good inside.It wasnt new to me, a few years earlier my former science teacher fucked me and i liked it but never spoke about it just in case.

I lay for a hour jaking myslef off looking at his cock, when i realised… gay. I ran upstairs and grabbed lube that was in the bathroom (both my dads were gay) rubbed it all over my ass hole and began fingering my self.It felt good just like my science teacher made me feel good. I then went in my parents room, you see one of my dads used to be my mom, before she had a sex change.He kept all his bras and thongs .

I was a fat child and had man boobs but no other fat, my boobs were atleast a dd (i knew that cus the bras fit perfectly).I pu on the bra and thongs and posed in a mirror, i got turned on at the thought of sam coming behind me holding me while kissing me on the neck,,,,,i relly wanted to be his bitch, let him fuck me all the time but he was straight.

i heard a noise, it was sam coming upstairz shit , there was no were to hide, i jumped inside my parents bed. Sam walked in and said wats up dude, he had his boxers on but his pecks were lovely i wanted to nibble on his nipple so bad my dick grew and sam saw.

"are you…getting turned on at me"

i nodded, i then told him everything well was teling him before he went and kissed me, it was the best feling ever.he shoved his tongue down my throat then pulled me away and removed his boxers. He told me to play with him. so i got up and then he saw me in bra and thongs, his dick grew.he rose and took the bra off and began licking my nipples, i groaned in joy. he then pulled my thong off revealing my 8 inch dick, he took it in his mouth, all in his mouth. It was like heaven, he tickled my head as i felt a orgasm coming. He pulled his mouth off and lay down, i wasted no time and started masturbate his smooth uncut cock, he groaned a few times and he cummed nearly 5 times mostly in my mouth, it was like heaven, i made sure every drop hit my stomach.

i stood up and began doing sexy poses with my boobs, all i saw was sams dick grow larger and he negan jacking it off, i carryed on and he kept cumming i took his hand and shoved it in my cum filled mouth licking all his semen off it. I walked across the room opened a draw, i didnt just open a draw, i opened a draw full of sex toys. I pulled out a dildo and began turning him on my licking it and rubbing against the crack of my ass. I cat walked 2 him bent over and began sucking his huge dick, while plunging the dildo up my ass lubricating it at the same time, i chocked a little but it was worth it.

I rose from his dick and opened my ass, begging him 2 fuck me, he stuck his penis right up my ass hole i had a orgasm staright away, he kept doing me and i loved it, his cock went in and out, in and out 4 atleast half an hour as he was doing that i kept sucking my dildo. After he fucked my Sam went into the bathroom, i walked over to the draw again and pulled out a viabrator, I layed on the bed spread open my legs and began pleasearing myself. i Then pulled out a strawberry cock rub, called Sam over i wiped it all over his cock and began sucking it, it was like heaven once again.

We Decided to finish and said our goodbyes, he left at the door while i was in my robe, wearing my bra and thong underneath, i felt sexy.

I Was sitting in the living room watching tv and licking my dildo when my phone rang, it was Sam, i picked it up.

"Come to my house, nobodies in and my dick is going dry"

I hung the phone and ran upstairs, i went in my parents room and pulled out a fishnet suit, and a nurses outfit. I stuck the net with my bra and thongs on and stuffed the nurses outfit in my bag, i stuck on a football top and some jogging bottoms and ran down the road to his house.I Was let in his house, gave him a kiss on the lips then ran to his bathroom to get dressed.

i stripped, but decided to feel myslef like a girl and began feeling my tits and rubbed my cock like a pussy. Then pulled out my clothes, i put on a bra and thongs saying Fucking Whore. I Pulled up my fishnet, and then put on my nurses outfit. I felt fucking sexy.

i Strolled down the stairs where he was naked and ready to fuck me, he was rubbing his rock hard pecks came over to me and kissed me like i was a girl.I felt like i was his bitch, actuly i was his bitch. He kept feeling my body all over and then began pulling the zip down of my outfit and began to cup my breasts i felt all the pre cum rush to the tip of my penis, i felt great.

I wrapped my arms around him and began kissing him all around his face, then sticking my tongue down his mouth. He carryed me upstairs and threw me on his bed and began ripping my fishnet off, i took his clothes off in return and took all 9 inches of his manlyhood into my mouth, i jumped on top of him like all the girls do in porno movies. We sucked each other off for a long time, i swallowed so much cum, it was unbelivable. Then he got lube rubbed it on my asshole and he fucked me, i felt a pop inside my ass, the all so sexy Sam popped my cherry, i screamed in joy. We heard a door slam we got scared, i held him. He told me to wait, we heard steps and the his dad walked in.All he saw was his son and his sons best friend naked with cum all over their faces.

We thought that he was gonna yell but he came over to me and told me to suck his dick, i nodded and unzipped his trousers and took out his dick ( i then knew where sam got his dick size from) i began sucking on his huge cock, until i gagged.I loved every moment of it, his cum tasted great. As soon as i finished, he chuckled and walked out the room, Sam had been sitting their wanking himself off.

I decided it was time for me to leave seeing as his dad was home, he gave me a kiss and i was off , i felt horny in my bra, (i left my thong), when i got home i ran to my room and pulled out my dildo.I began sucking it thinking of sam then i fucked myself. We were together for another few years till his family moved, we had 1 more passionate night 2gether before he left, but we promised not 2 forget each other and 6 years on i havent forgot my first love.

If anyboy wants 2 chat 2 me, private message me and i will give you my email.

story by: Cock Slag

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Author: Cock Slag

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