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After I lost a second wife to a man I had encouraged to fuck her I decided on a change of Instead of watching other men fucking my wife I was going to do a bit of serious fucking for myself – other wives or daughters this time – and not caring whether the woman concerned agreed to be fucked or not! Both my wives thought I was a wimp. I was going to prove to a few other women, and to myself that I was NOT! The first thing I did was to change my job – too many people knew me in the international oil business. I became a trusted executive with a merchant bank in the City of London.

That is where I met my first target – Diane. She was employed in the administration offices in the Bank where I worked. She was no glamour girl, but was quite pretty with a good body, nice legs and natural big tits. A little overweight perhaps, but with everything in proportion. Whenever she came near me she would rub her tits against my arm or my shoulder, but when I tried to get nearer to her, or to touch her, she moved away. She was a prick teaser; she would soon learn what I thought of prick teasers!

It just happened that I had to go away on business for a few days a couple of months after I joined the Bank and decided I needed someone with me from the administration office to take notes of the discussions that were scheduled to take place. Guess who I chose?

We travelled by train to the location where the business meeting was to be held and were on friendly terms during the journey, having a few drinks in the buffet car and chatting about work and minor personal matters. Diane had booked us into a fairly good hotel in the centre of town, in adjoining single rooms. I couldn't have expected anything else I suppose, but this was a mistake she was going to suffer for later!

After checking in at the hotel we went to our own separate rooms and prepared for the evening meal and a few more drinks – we had arranged to meet in the hotel bar at 7:30. When I saw her enter the bar that evening, my eyes almost left their sockets. Loose summer skirt, bare legs, low healed shoes and a white, almost transparent, blouse over a white bra. I could just see her beautiful nipples staring at me through the material. Christ, I was going to really enjoy this later!

We had the meal, typical hotel food, not much of it, and very expensive. Still the Bank credit card took care of that, so no problem. Following a few more drinks – but not too many, I don’t fuck drunks – we made our way to our separate rooms. I allowed her a few minutes to herself before knocking on her door. I was sorry, but there were certain papers in her case that I needed to look at before tomorrow morning’s meeting. She opened the door, still fully dressed, and let me into her room. As I entered Icarefully slipping the door catch behind me.

I just gave her time to open her briefcase and bend to take out the papers – which I certainly had no intention of looking at that night – before I struck. My Swiss Army knife, small, but with a very sharp blade, was touching her under the ribs before she knew what was happening. As I turned her towards me I gave her a couple of sharp smacks to the mouth, grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor. She didn’t make a sound, just collapsed and curled into the foetal position. I soon cured her of that; a good kick in the lower back soon made her unwind – stupid bitch! She had made a bit of noise while this was going on, but no scream, just a series of loud whimpers – she must have been in shock. Now to get her into my room. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her up and dragged her towards the connecting door, which I unlocked – I’d done my side earlier. With the knife now at her throat we passed through into my room.

The first thing to do was to make quite sure she would stay fairly quiet. With the knife still at her throat I grabbed a strip of duct tape from the dressing table – prepared earlier – and stuck this firmly across her mouth. To make sure it stayed in place I then wound a couple more strips over her mouth and behind her head. Now I was ready. The next thing was to keep her still and to position her where I wanted her. I had come prepared, plenty of cable ties (assorted sizes) and nylon cord cut to convenient lengths. I also had a couple of wide leather belts (but more of them later). After grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to the floor, on her belly, I secured her hands tightly behind her back with cable ties then pulled her ankles back to her thighs and tied her ankles very tightly to the tops of her thighs with nylon cord. I then flipped her over onto her back and she was ready, wrists secured behind her back and knees pointing upwards and outwards. Her skirt had ridden up almost to her waist so I got a wonderful view of her milky white thighs and the V of her tight white panties. What now? Well the clothes could come off for a start – mine first, let her see what she was getting!

When I was naked I started on the prick teaser. First to come off was the skirt. I grabbed the waistband and sliced from there to the hem with my knife, it was off. The tight white panties were lovely, and there were a few strands of light brown pubic hair poking through the lower edges. I do love a hairy cunt, not too much and this bitch was just right. Now for the top – I was looking forward to this! A quick tug at the front, the buttons popped, and it was open, giving me a much better view of those nipples through the bra. The bra was easy too; a slit up the front and it was gone – big beautiful tits on display. She was crying and whimpering by this time, but who gives a fuck – she’d really have something to cry about soon.

God my hardon was beginning to hurt. Here I was, naked, with Diane on the floor, hands tied and unable to make a sound, in just her little white panties. A spot of humiliation for the prick teaser first I think. Standing over her, cock in hand I started to toss myself off over the prick-teasing bitch. After a very few, very enjoyable, strokes great gobs of cum were splashing over her neck and face. She squirmed a bit when the jism hit her she wasn’t expecting me to do that! She looked great, jism running down her face and into her hair. Now for the some real fun, the white panties! A quick slit through the crotch and they were just a rag round her waist, that hairy cunt was all mine. Now I don’t like a dry fuck, I do appreciate some lubrication. Again I was prepared – a large tube of KY. A blob of that on my fingers and I was on her, rubbing the cream round her labia and into the mouth of her cunt. Even after the wank, I was still hard and more than ready for another go. Down on top of her, a quick wipe of my knob in the KY round her cunt and I pushed in. Strange, she was much tighter than I expected. I guessed she’d be tight, but there was something there I wasn’t expecting. Christ, a VIRGIN and nearly thirty years old! Fucking hell, I was really going to enjoy this! Push hard and again very hard, and I was all the way in. Now I don’t claim to be one of those 12 inch freaks you read about but a very stiff 7 inch prick forcing its way up your cunt for the very first time must hurt – she certainly wasn’t a virgin anymore. I kept at it banging away, in – out – in – out hard, very hard and very fast. If she could have screamed now I’m sure she would – there was certainly a very pained look on her face. I kept this up for quite a while but eventually I was filling her up – and for her first time too – it felt like gallons of it going in to her.

Now what – we have all night? Well she’s had the joy of being fucked, now how about a bit of pain? The hardened leather belts I had with me were about an inch wide and about a yard long. As soon as I stood up I grabbed two of these, wound them round my fist, and even before Diane had time to recover from her first fuck – WHACK! The first one caught her square across the belly. The next was down between the tops of her thighs and over her cunt, then across her breasts. She tried desperately to turn over but that wasn’t going to help – the next was across her side and over the small of her back. God this was fun! I just kept going, down her legs, back up her belly and even a couple to the side of her face. Big red weals were appearing all over. But I couldn’t reach all of her because of the way I had her tied. I would have to re-think.

It was easy to rearrange things. I just flipped her over, cut the ankle cords and cable tie on her wrists, she was in no condition to fight back but just in case I sat on her while I considered what to do next. Got it, I would make her comfortable on the bed – after all the hotel had been paid for the use of it so why not. It was easy to drag her to the bed and onto her belly, she was nearly unconscious anyway. I then used cord to tie her wrists to the bedposts, pushed several pillows under her belly, so her arse was raised and then tied her ankles, with her legs wide spread to the sides of the bed. Perfect, just what I wanted. I was going to use the belts again to really punish her back and arse, but the position she was in, and my renewed hardon, gave me another idea. I’m not usually into anal, never tried it, and never really fancied it – but what the hell, there’s always a first time for everything? Now where did I put that KY? If her cunt was virgin then I guessed her other hole must be as well, and I was fancying a good tight fuck again. With the KY I lubricated my prick and shoved plenty into her dark little hole. When all was ready I climbed aboard, reached up to grab hold of her hair and aimed my knob at her well-lubricated little hole. But I was getting nowhere – the bitch was trying to stop me gaining access. She was squeezing her arse cheeks together and trying to contract her sphincter. I didn’t like that – if I wanted to fuck her up the arse then she was going to be fucked up the arse, like it or not! To convince her I was right I reached round and dug my thumbnails into the base of her nipples and squeezed hard, very hard. That made her open up! In no time I had all 7 inches rammed inside her and was pumping away. God she was tight and within a couple of minutes I was cumming a gallon of jism into her bowels. I just lay there for a while, enjoying the feeling, and imagining Diane’s pain and humiliation – especially the pain – but what now? Well I still had the leather belts. Again not giving Diane time to recover from the anal fuck I climbed off, wiped my prick on her blouse, and wound the belts round my hand again. WHACK! The first one was across her shoulders, the next lower down, across her back, then her arse, thighs and shoulders again – and finally the soles of her feet. I kept this up for a few minutes but then had to rest, this was damned hard work. Her back was starting to bleed now so I guess Diane thought it was hard work too! After a refreshing beer from the minibar I was ready to try something different. On her back this time I think. Untying her and retying her face up was easy, the cow had passed out. She was now tied on her back with her wrists and ankles secured to the four corners of the bed. Wake up time now, it was no fun if she was going to sleep through it all. A jug full of iced water from the top of the minibar across the breasts and belly did the trick. If she hadn’t been tied down she would probably have hit the ceiling. The next thing to hit her was the belt, across her belly, over her cunt, down the inside of her thighs, back to her cunt and then her tits. The belt had broken her skin again and was streaked with blood. I then shortened the straps, stood over her on the bed and gave her cunt and tits a more thorough thrashing. Judging by the swelling that was building up, and the bleeding weals appearing, I guessed it would be a while before anybody else fucked her, if ever. Maybe the prick teaser had learned a lesson.

I left her like that, but added a couple of refinement. First I tore out a good hank of her pubic hair and slipped it in my pocket – a keepsake to remember her by. I then took the meeting papers I had asked her to take from her briefcase, rolled them into a tight tube and rammed them up her cunt. A dramatic touch that I thought!

After a shower I walked out of the hotel as though nothing had happened and put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. They will discover her in the morning I suppose, in a hell of a lot of discomfort, but still alive I supposed. OK, she will tell them it was me who did all this to her, and the Police will be after me. But who cares, with the £500,000 I took from the Bank strongroom before I left yesterday and a single air ticket to Rio in my briefcase, who gives a fuck!

I enjoyed that little adventure. If I have any more I shall let you know.

The End

story by: j Shaw

Tags: rape true story humiliation bondage and restriction extreme sex story

Author: j Shaw

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