Megan's sleepover

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Megan’s Sleep Over.

Part One: Cable outage

He watched through the first floor window as she dialed the number on the back of the cable box and smiled to himself. This is going to be too easy, he decided. She waded through the menu options and then waited on hold for awhile staring at the static covered screen until she finally turned off the TV in disgust. He watched her pace back and forth in her underwear, unaware of her ill-gotten admirer just outside. He knew it must be much warmer inside than out, since she was wearing a pair of white ankle socks, red knit panties and a thin white halter top with the phrase lover girl emblazoned across the front. He tried to decide just how tall she was from here, coming to the conclusion that she had to be at least 5'7, it not a shade taller.
Her straight brown hair hung down to the middle of her back and had just a hint of red high lights in it. He watched her turn and stalk across the living room again, admiring the elegant curves of her slim figure as it passed again. He tried to decide on eye color, but couldn't make it out from where he stood. Even in the cold he felt himself grow hard as she tossed her hair and retraced her steps, kicking a pillow out of the way with a shapely leg. She stopped in mid step, turning back toward the entertainment center, clearing the support tech had answered the phone. He waited until she had discussed the problem and hung up the phone in frustration before reconnecting the coaxial cable to the adapter in the cable panel outside.
Making his way through the snow along side of the house he clipped the plastic lock that held the phone box cover on. Using his screwdriver he disconnected the phone wires to the house, leaving her without an outside line. Smiling confidently he marched around to the front door, counting off a full five minutes before he knocked loudly. The tiny peephole darkened briefly as she peered out at him and then the door opened just a crack. Brown eyes, he determined, And pretty ones. I am going to enjoy this.
She stared at him a moment before speaking.
"Yes?" She said at last, suspiciously looking past him in the gathering dusk of night fall.
"Excuse me, miss, I understand your cables out."
"They said I wouldn't see anyone until Tuesday." She replied, eyes narrow.
"I was just up the block and got the call a second ago on my way home. If you want, I can come back another time…" He turned to leave, knowing what was to come next.
"No! No, that's fine. I'm expecting some friends and I really need to get the movie channels tonight. Please, come in." She opened the door wide, letting him in along with a flurry of wind tossed snowflakes. "Brr! You must have been freezing out there." She hid behind the door, suddenly mindful of her attire as he stepped inside the entryway.
He pretended not to notice her predicament as he walked in, stomping his boots to clean off the thick snow.
the cable box?" He asked, up the hall toward where it diverged into both living and dining rooms. She closed the door behind him, stepping behind the coat rack and leaning out to look at him.
"In the living room, above the TV." She followed him at a distance, her confidence a little lost as he followed her directions. He reset the cable modem, watching the lights flash sporadically for several seconds before he turned around. She stood at the edge of the living room, arms folded across her chest, her face clearing showing that she wasn't sure what to say or do.
He smiled, feigning surprise and looked away quickly, earning a blush from the young girl.
"Not exactly the welcome I'm used to receiving, but a welcome change." He looked up again to see that her arms were uncrossed and her reddened expression showed she was very much flattered. "Um, hey, where's the remote?" He asked, putting the icing on his cake of deception.
"Right there." She pointed to the edge of the coffee table, and he picked it up, crossing the room to hand it to her.
"If you want to do the honors." She looked at him quizzically, taking the remote and turning the TV back on. MTV began blaring the latest hits immediately, and she laughed.
She tossed her hair, noticing that he was admiring her shyly.
"I don't, uh, normally dress like this…"
"You'll get no complaints from me, miss," He held up his hands defensively. "Like I said, it's a welcome change." He turned to look back at the screen. "It looks like you're up and running."
"That's it then?" She asked, brushing a lock of brown hair back behind her right ear.
“I just need a signature.” He stated, glancing back at her face and then away again. He held up his clipboard for her. “Sorry, but I lost my pen /> She took the clipboard and turned around, heading for the kitchen.
“No problem, my dad keeps all kinds of pens in his desk drawer. I’ll be right back.”
He padded along behind her quietly, waiting until she had stepped into the office before stopping. Her back still turned she dug through the drawer for a pen she liked and signed the document quickly. She turned, wanting him to be looking at her backside. He already was. “I guess you’re ready to go.” He heard a hint in her voice that said she wasn’t ready for the flirting to end.
"Megan, huh? That's a pretty name, for a pretty girl.
She blushed, and he pointed past her to a series of plaques on the wall.
“Your dad must be some kind of a big shot.”
“Yea, I guess you could say that. It just means he travels a lot, and works a lot of hours. Kind of boring, really.” She brushed another frustrating lock of hair behind her ear again, turning to stair at his outstretched hand in fear and surprise. She gasped as he stepped toward her, grabbing her by the arm.
“Try to keep calm, honey, this is a robbery. Nothing else. I am not going to hurt you.” He commanded, his grip too strong for her to break free.
“You don’t want to do this, my parents will be home any minute now.” She insisted, staring at the gun.
“Actually they won’t, they are on a trip of their own, celebrating their He grinned at her frightened expression. “Oh, yes, I know all about their little trip.”
She stood their frozen in fear for a moment before responding.
“Please don’t hurt me,” She turned away from him, reaching for the desk to anchor herself to. “I’m only fourteen, please don’t hurt me.”
“Actually, you’re sixteen, and I have no intention of hurting you, I just want your family jewels. Now calm down before I slap you.” He shoved his pistol into his coverall pockets and took hold of her wrists. “Now listen to me, and listen good. I am going to rob you, that’s it. Okay? You can scream all you want, but no one is going to hear you as far out in the country as you live. You phones lines have been cut, and I picked up your car keys in the living room. You have no where to go. She nodded, her whole body quivering with fear. “Now, I need to tie you up so that you can’t get into any trouble, okay? The sooner I get you tied up, the sooner I will be out of your hair. Now, remember, one word out of you and I'll be forced to get rough. Remember, not a peep.” He pinched her wrists between the fingers of his much more powerful left hand and dug in a cargo pocket with his right hand. Pulling the rope from his trouser pocket he looped it around her wrists and cinched it tight, circling her arms again before trying the rope off.
She stared up at him, her breath coming fast, her freckled face worked with worry, her brown eyes pained by how tightly he had tied the rope.
“I need to keep you close to me to keep you out of trouble, so you are coming with me.” Turning her around quickly he forced her hands up and over her head so that she stood with her hands behind her head. He allowed himself to admire her adolescent rump for a moment and resisted the urge to jerk down her panties here and now. Turning her roughly he pushed her ahead of him to the stairway that led to the second story. It apparently dawned on her that this is where all the beds in the house were, because she immediately started fighting him.
“Easy girl, settle down, we’re just going upstairs to where all the valuables are kept. Nothing to worry about.” He shoved her up the stairs, one hand on each of her arms as he followed her up.
He waited until they had reached the first landing and looked back, confirming that they could not be seen from the door at this point. Spinning her around on the slick hardwood floor he shoved her up against the thick railing, pinning her there with a hand on her low back.
"This should be the best place to keep you, out of the way, but close enough that I can keep an eye on you." He produced another precut piece of rope, tying this to the rope that bound her wrists. "Now bend over." She hesitated and he tossed the rope over the railing in front of her, reaching down and grabbing her ass for a handhold while he bent down. Reaching through the railing he grabbed the rope and jerked, causing her to over balance and nearly fall over the side.
"You almost made me fall!" She complained, not realizing her mistake until it was too late.
He pretended not to have noticed her outburst.
"Hands in front of you, little girl!" He commanded. He securely tied the rope around a bulge in the routed banister, forcing her to stand on tiptoe.
"You're hurting me! Stop it! You're not going to get away with this!"
He pulled out two more shorter sections of rope and used these to tie her right ankle to one wooden bar in the railing. Pulling an handkerchief he grabbed her brown hair and tugged, earning a shriek of pain that he immediately filled with the new kerchief. Holding it in her mouth while she struggled he added a quick layer of packing tape, pulling her hair up and out of the way as he would it around her head.
Finally satisfied that she had nowhere to go and nothing to say, he stepped back to admire his acquisition.
"You have a fine young ass," He complimented, patting her firm young bottom fondly, tracing the curve of her ass with one hand gently. Bent over the railing double, she up from between her own legs as he bound her other leg to the railing. He smiled down at her frantic expression as she realized that he had lied to her. There she stood, ass up in the air, arms and legs neutralized as defensive measures, her young full breasts hanging down invitingly. He bent down, patting her face as he tugged the T-shirt material down and revealed her perky bosoms.
"Not bad either."
He pinched one, then gave it a harsh slap.
"A little small, but not bad for a school girl." He worked the other breast until her nipple stood erect, and he could feel his own member swelling in appreciation. "Remember what I said about not hurting you, about being after your family jewels, about the valuables being upstairs?" He grinned down at her in superiority. "I won't hurt you, too much, and I am after your family jewels, particularly the ones between your legs." He stood while she screamed into her gag and struggled against her restraints with all her might. "Keeping fighting it, little pussy, I love it when they struggle. It just means that when I get down to business, you won't have any energy left to fight me." He patted her bottom once more with his right hand, rubbing his index finger against the thin red material that covered her most intimate of personal belongings. He massaged her most tender flesh for several seconds, causing her to scream all the more loudly into her gag.
Then, suddenly enough to cause her to stop screaming for a moment, he began spanking her rump as hard and fast as he could. After a second of shock she began flailing in a valiant effort to be free, but succeeded only in tightening her ropes still further. Her breast bounced with the effort she was expending until she had made her wrists and ankles raw and she sagged against the rail, her breath ragged. He smiled as her face flushed a deep red, and she found it hard to keep her eyes open.
"What's a matter little pussy? You wear yourself out, all tied up, and upside down? Funny how the blood rushes to your head, how it affects you, isn't it?" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of scissors, lifting one side of her panties and bunching the material together. "Maybe we can find a way to get some of that blood to move elsewhere, shall we?" He cut the red knit free and repeated the process on her other hip.
He pocketed the scissors and discarded the ruined panties before running a hand down each of her bare ass cheeks.
"So young, little pussy. I wonder if your honey pot has been raided or not yet? This day and age it's so hard to tell." He drew the lips of her vagina apart with his left hand and used his right index finger to examine her. "Oops. I wonder what daddy would say? Tsk, tsk, little pussy, you've already given it up to some boy. A shame, I have friends who pay top dollar for untouched pussy like yourself. Too bad for them, too bad for you. I guess I'll just have to have a little sample myself." He worked the soft flesh back and forth, probing her tight little cunt tauntingly. "You don't mind, do you? What's that? I don't understand you? Oh, well, it doesn't matter much. A sweet little pussy like you wouldn't have her ass in the air all inviting like if she didn't want some, would she? I didn't think so." He pulled some K-Y jelly from his pocket, wiping it in and around her exposed genitalia liberally. "We can't have the goods getting damaged with our fun, now can we?" He shrugged off his coveralls, then unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard penis proudly. She stared up at him wide eyed, her gaze fixed on his large penis.
"Impressed? You should be, this isn't your run of the mill cock, no ma'am. This kind of love muscle is reserved for real deserving pussy, like yourself. I really like my cunts young and tight, the younger and tighter the better. Speaking of which, when are you expecting your friends?"
If it were possible, her eyes grew larger, and she began to struggle harder still.
"You look surprised," He commented, smiling down at her while he dabbed the jelly all over his fully erect penis. "I know all about your little sleep over, all about how you and your cunt friends are going to be spending all weekend here, alone." He pressed the tip of his penis against her yielding flesh and pressed gently. "I hope you don't mind if I invite myself along to crash your party." She gave a muffled squeal of pain as he drove his shaft in and then out and in again. "All weekend, little pussy. Just think of the fun we're going to have."

Part Two: The early bird.

He watched the blonde climb out of her car and start up the walk from his vantage point behind the couch near the living room window. She pulled her overnight bag out of the passenger seat and closed the car door behind her. He watched as she worked her way daintily through the snow, trying hard not to get her shoes too wet or dirty. He smiled at her antics, a plan for her already forming in his mind. She was about to knock when she saw the note taped on the door.
"We're having a little bit different kind of party tonight, a 'lights out party'. Come in and change into your P.J's in the living room, then come upstairs. Megan." She read aloud. "Okay," She shrugged, not overly impressed. "Sounds like fun."
He nodded approvingly as she turned the handle and stepped inside, moving slowly in the dark. He had printed the note out earlier on Megan's personal computer to avoid a discrepancy in hand writing, and she was the first of his new recruits.
"Hey, Meg, it's Karen." She called. "I'm a few minutes early, thought I'd help you setup." When there was no answered she shrugged again, trying to flip on the light switch. Nothing happened because he had turned off all the breakers to the first floor. "You're really going all out with this theme of yours, aren't you?" She walked into the living room slowly, using her right hand to keep from bumping into something.
Finding the coffee table she sat down and removed her high heels, burying her bare feet in the lush carpet to keep them warm.
"I brought a couple of horror movies, like you asked. You know the kind, a slashers breaks into a house and kills a bunch of girls during a sleepover. I figured that would give the girls a good scare tonight." He increased the intensity of his night vision goggles, watching in amusement while she pulled off her blouse and skirt. Now in her bra and underwear, he was able to get his first good look at the girl. She was young like her friend, but he guessed her to be maybe a year older. She had an athletic figure and even in the dim green light of his goggles he could tell that she was tanned. He slipped around the side of the couch and moved slowly, crouching low to avoid any stray glint of moonlight.
He paused right behind her, holding the voice morpher to his lips.
"Hey, Karen." He greeted, his voice matching Megan's perfectly. She jumped, startled by his proximity.
"Megan, you scared the crap out of me! It isn't like you to do that! Shit, I think I peed my panties."
He thought about what to say for a second before inspiration struck. "I read this in a magazine." She turned around to face her friend, standing less than two feet from him and still was unable to see him in the dark. "You ever been through an initiation before?"
"You mean like those frat parties where they spank you and stuff? Not really my thing, /> be fun." He replied. "You do trust me, don't you?"
Karen laughed, tossing her blonde hair.
"Sure, girl, I trust you."
"Good, then put your heels back on and turn around."
Karen found her pumps one after the other, slipping them on and turned around obediently.
"You didn't go and get a vibrator like they did on that movie, did you?" Her voice sounded as though she were very much interested.
"You never know." He lied. He slipped the pair of very real handcuffs around her wrists and snapped them into place.
"You did. I've always wanted to try one of those. How did you get it, none of us are eighteen yet?"
He ignored her, pulling a blindfold from his pocket and slipping it over her eyes.
Without so much as another word he took hold of each of her arms as gently as he could and guided her from the living room across the hall toward the stairs. Karen was trembling with anticipation as he moved her and he had to smile at her predicament. This one is going to be a fun one, he decided.
"This is so kinky! I can't believe a good girl like you is into this sort of thing." She giggled as they passed the foot of the stairs. He wondered what she would think if she knew the truth of the matter, that Megan was tied up upstairs and that she was in less than friendly hands. You have no idea little girl, he thought, why take by force what you can get for free?
"Watch your step." He whispered in Megan's voice. "We're going upstairs to find a bed."

Minutes later he had safely guided Karen past her unconscious friend and into Megan's bedroom. Karen now lay on her back, her arms cuffed through onto of the slats in Megan's headboard. Easing down onto the bed beside her he began gently stroking her sides from just below the armpits down to her hips and back up again. Karen shivered at the touch and giggled again.
"I never figured you for girl on girl." She gasped as he patted her vagina gently and then caressed a breast. He wondered how long this would go on before she realized that he was not female. Grabbing her right arm he rolled her onto her side and unfastened her bra, rolling her back quickly, knowing that speed would be his advantage.
"What are you doing? Oh."
Karen was almost concerned, but that melted away when he began to tenderly caress and tease her nipples.
"Just getting you warmed up before the /> Karen laughed. "This is better than any guy ever does for me. Go right ahead, girl."
He massaged her breasts slowly, taking his time as he circled her nipples with his fingers.
"Not that I'm complaining, but you might want to put some lotion on those hands. They're rougher than my dad's." He leaned over and touched his tongue to her right breast, stroking it then finally sucking on her teenage nipple. At first he did so very slowly, tenderly, but as he worked her left breast in his right hand he increased the speed and pressure he exerted on her chest. "Oh, yea. Girl, you're a natural born Lesbian, let me tell you." He smiled and continued his advances, switching breasts and sucking hard on her left nipple.
A few moments of that treatment and she was arching her back to get her breasts closer to his mouth, her breath starting to become a pant. He touched his right hand to her panties and lifted it away immediately, watching her body tremble. He repeated the process for several seconds until her hips were jerking in keen anticipation. Then he gripped her vagina firmly, pressing his fingers against the fabric that covered her labia. By now she was gasping in desire, her chest heaving, body goose pimpled and tensing at his every touch. It was then that he slipped his right hand up and under her panties, wriggling his fingers between the short hairs of her vagina to get a good grip on her pussy.
She was already turned on enough that her panties were wet and sticky, her fluid excretions coating the hair and soft flesh that he found beneath.
"Mmm." She gasped, "I think I'm ready for that vibrator now."
"I'll tell you when you're ready for that." Replied Megan's voice. "And you aren't ready." Karen pulled at the cuffs binding her wrists for the first time, and he could tell she disagreed wholeheartedly. Rising he pulled her panties down to her ankles where he quickly tied them in a tight knot, forcing her delicate feet together.
"Come on…" She complained. "This isn't fair."
He stroked her breasts again, teasing his fingers in and out and around her most intimate parts. Her breaths were coming faster now, her pelvis moving with his gentle raking motion, chest heaving when he sucked on an erect nipple. "Oh." She gasped again, "Oh." He felt her pelvis start to tremble harder and her breath came in spasms. He smiled, knowing what was to follow and pressed his fingers through her very wet labia slowly. She tensed for a moment and then her whole body began jerking in a powerful, shuddering orgasm.
"Oh. Oh." She panted, "I've never had one of those before. Oh. You didn't even have to use the /> He smiled confidently at her blindfolded face, spreading her legs and watching her whole body tremble as her orgasm passed. By the time her quivers had almost subsided, he had stripped from the waist down and was lifting her legs and climbing onto the bed with her.
"Now you're in for a treat." Megan’s voice whispered from very close to Karen's ear. "My friend here is going to give what you have really been wanting."
"Friend? Who?" Karen turned her head to the side, as though listening for someone else in the room. He touched the wide tip of his very hard penis to her vagina, doing little more than stroking the hair. He pressed his penis to her unresisting pussy once more and she sighed. "That feels so real…"
He inserted himself just a little and she cried out in shock and pleasure.
"So real! There's no way that thing is plastic or /> He grinned down at her unsuspecting form, easing himself further inside, keeping her legs lifted high. He had to admit her tight little pussy felt good, very good. Spreading her legs over his head he guided her very willing body to him, working himself in deeply for the first time.
"Uhh! Uhh! God that can't be a dildo or a vibrator… It's got to be the real thing!" He grabbed her bare bottom and pulled her tightly against him, leaning over to kiss her young lips powerfully. When he drew his lips away she lay there a moment in passion before finally managing to speak. "You brought a guy in here! Oh, God is that kinky. Do the other girls know? He has the biggest cock I have ever felt. Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!"
He did. Fast and hard, just like she wanted. When he finally ejaculated, both of them were exhausted, him from pounding her and her from hanging on with her athletic legs for all she was worth. Thoroughly satisfied he pulled out of her, sliding her rubbery legs up and over his shoulders and patting her on the ass. Pulling some tape from his coveralls on the floor he tore off and piece and wound it around her head to keep her quiet. She complained into the gag immediately, her lustful fatigue and afterglow instantly shattered by a cold reality.
"You've got a great body, cunt. I'm glad we had the opportunity to do this friendly like before we do it the hard way. You really are a cute little fuck."

To Be Continued

story by: Erotic Yahoo

Tags: fiction male/teen female young consensual sex rape bondage and restriction non-consensual sex sex story

Author: Erotic Yahoo

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