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She stepped out of the cockpit and looked around. Things were as they should. She walked along the deck of the cruiser and headed for her quarters. In the highly polished finish of the walls she could glimpse herself as she strode past.

She looked good. She knew this as just another fact of life. Long, blonde hair in soft curls, beautiful face with soft, red lips and clear blue eyes. A slim figure, well trained as well. Her curves undulated from head to toe, bursting with femininity and youth. She didn’t look any different now than she’d done when she’d turned fifteen. Her full breasts strained the fabric of her clinging ship’s suit.

But she was older than she looked. This caused a bit of problems when she dealt with her human crewmates. She was older than them, but looked far younger. They didn’t seem to be able to get their heads around it.

She keyed the door to open her quarters. The sign with her name, Mellian Delloor, slid up and she entered with a sigh of relief.


There she was! Wenter nearly cried out… He had waited for ages for this opportunity. He had hacked his way into the com-unit just for this. Now he started up the system and gorged himself with spying on Mellian.

‘Shit, she’s He murmured.

Fiddling with the zoom function he set the v-cam on a slow pan all over Mellian’s gorgeous body. He sighed as the image of her curved across his screens. The small things that made her alien just highlighted her beauty: the slightly tilted eyes, the long, pointy ears and the impossible taughtness of her />

She was tired and warm. She reached for the zipper of her ship’s suit. A shower would be nice.


he all but groaned with pleasure as she started unzipping her ship’s suit. Bit by bit her perfect body was revealed to him. He took out his cock… It felt hot, hard and heavy.

That’s right, slut… Show me what you’ve />
Slowly he started jerking off.


Something was bothering her. She stopped the zipper halfway down. The cleavage between her breasts a deep chasm, the pale skin of her taught stomach an invitation and a promise.

She stood still for a brief hesitation. Then she smiled. />
Slowly, seductively, she started stripping out of the suit. A shoulder at a time. A leg at a time. She stretched far down to make sure that her feet got free, bending her ass towards the ceiling.

When she stepped into the shower she took her time. She used all but all of her allotted amount of water for the day and washed slowly… />

She didn’t have pubic hair. He didn’t know why this exited him so much, but it did. He gloated at the sight of her splendor. Drank in every scrap of her body…

It was almost too good. She took her time. He got more than he’d dreamed of. And it got better.

It was fantastically exciting to have such a perfect, young body at his perusal like this… And perfect it was. Slim, tight, swelling, curvaceous. Exploding with fresh femininity and pure, unadulterated lust.


Stepping out of the shower she gently draped a towel around herself… Walked slowly across the floor to her bed. There she slowly allowed the towel to fall to the floor. Hiding, then revealing her body again… The pert, pink nipples stood erect and hungry.

She sank down onto the bed with a sigh of pleasure… Caressed herself slowly, alluringly, across her neck, down her breasts… Trailed her flat stomach and down between her silky thighs…

She gasped slightly and arched her back as she started caressing her dripping wet pussy… She was more excited than she’d been in a long time. She felt herself growing wetter… Hotter…


What a show he was getting. He jerked his cock harder and harder, felt his thick manhood pound with pent up desire…

He locked the camera to keep her in a half-shot from the hips up, her face glimpsed in and out of focus, but he got more than his share of looks at her bulging breasts and slowly rotating pelvis…


Mellian caressed herslf hungrily… Her wet pussy slopped hungrily underneath her delicate fingers… She grasped her firm breasts roughly, marking them with white lines where her fingers had passed.

her breath came out in low moans.

Slowly she started inserting a finger in her cunt. She pressed it deeper and deeper into herself. Another finger… />

He was jerking his rigid cock roughly now. Wenter’s eyes were glued to the screen and the gorgeous alien that was fingerfucking herself. His cock throbbed with each jerk.

He too was panting. Each breath coming out ragged.

Oh, />

She was close now… Her two fingers were working as fast as they could. Her greedy pussy ached for more.

She slid down a bit and Leant a bit forward. Pressed a third finger into herslf and started slamming her hand into her cunt. Each breath was short and her free hand clawed at the sheets.

‘Oh… Oh… Mmm! Ahh! Ahhh! />

He didn’t know what to do with himself… She was so fucking hot! He was about to come.

‘God! Shit! Oooooh, FUCK!’


‘Ahhhh! AHHH! MmmmMMM!’ She was jerking around on the bed. Her whole being focused between her legs, at the hot throbbing pleasure centered there. She cried out loudly as her orgasm crashed into her.

‘Ooooooh! OOOOH! AHHHHHHH! />

‘AHHRGH! MMMMM!’ Wenter came harder than he’d ever come before. His sperm shot out all over his knee and across the />
He fell back in a shivering heap on his chair.


Mellian relaxed slowly back onto her bed. Mmm… That had been nice… She turned towards one part of the room and looked squarely into the upper corner.


What the fuck? She was looking straight into the camera!

The last thing Wenter saw was Mellian’s wicked little smile as she waved girlishly to him, and then the screen went black.


Mellian giggled a little to herself. These humans… When would they learn that she had more senses than them? For one thing her sense of smell was so acute that she could tell who had been in the room almost the second she stepped into the room, but her eyesight was far superior as well.

What… What was his name? That Walter? What he hadn’t known was that the dark corner he’d chosen for that miniature camera wasn’t really dark to her, and even though it had been small, she had easily spotted it.

She held out her hand. With a soft hiss of a cord rippling through air, the camera flew to her hand.

Of course, there were many things humans didn’t know about her…

* End? *

story by: Anders Johansson

Tags: masturbation voyeurism female solo alien science-fiction sex story

Author: Anders Johansson

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