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“What was that?” She gasped, “What did you just do to me?” That was perhaps the most important of the many things my new friend and I discussed the first time I visited her home. It had begun with a phone call. I had gotten home from a typically exhausting day of framing a house in the blistering Texas sun for ten hours. I went to my bedroom, went flat on my back on the floor and zoned out for about a minute to clear my mind for my exercises. I did a hundred setups, then a hundred pushups, then a couple of hundred repetitions of lifts with my weights with both arms. My exercise regimen was designed to develop strength and endurance, not body mass. I weighed in at only 165 pounds, but it was mostly muscle. I had worked up a sweat again, after sweating all day in the heat.
I mixed a tall drink, using Vodka and grapefruit juice over ice with a dash of sea salt to replenish the salt I’d lost that day and took it to the tub with me. A good soak and the drink relaxed me, and I was looking forward to a long evening of drinking and babe hunting in the bars. Typically, if I spotted one I liked I’d turn on the charm and the sweet talk and we’d spend the rest of the night in their bed or mine. I was a good looking 27 year old back then, and after I’d scored the first time or two I had the confidence it took to charm most women into the sack once I set my mind to the task.
I had shaved, applied an aftershave lotion most women seemed to like, and dressed. I was about to head to the car when the phone rang. I answered, A woman’s voiced asked, “Is this Dickie?” I replied in the affirmative, then she asked, “I’m Darlene’s cousin, Paula, remember me?”
“Of course I remember you,” I told her, “I remember all of you good looking women, including that precious baby of yours!” Her cousin I’d been going with, and had gotten more than slightly pregnant, had invited her and her two year old daughter to the beach with us one day. Darlene had told me Paula had recently divorced her first husband, after eight or nine years of marriage. I remembered her as a tiny thing I’d been very attracted to. The sight of her in a teeny bikini had kept my dick hard most of the day, despite having made mad African bush love with Darlene most of the previous night. I recalled I’d also fallen head over heels madly in love with Paula’s cute blonde baby girl that day, so her existence didn’t make me shy of her mom at all!
“I was over at Darlene’s Mom’s house today, “ she said, about their being no eligible men our age to date who aren’t hooked on dope, not working, or both. She reminded me about you, saying you and your family are the greatest.” I was pleased my family and I were well thought of by their family. I had offered Darlene every option imaginable because of the baby, including marriage. She had asked if I was in love with her, and I had to tell her I loved her, but honestly couldn’t tell her if I was in love with her yet. She went back to the husband she had been seperated from.
right, “ I told Paula, “I’m one of the few Vietnam vets I know who has never smoked weed or done harder drugs. I do drink, though.” “Oh, I can handle the alcohol,” she assured me, “come on over and I’ll pour you one!” That sounded like as good an invitation as I was likely to get that night! I wrote down her address and told her I’d be there in about twenty minutes. I remembered the difficulty I’d had that day at the beach in keeping my eyes off that bikini top with her erect nipples making little tents in it. She had small breasts, 34-B I found out later, but I’d always called any part of a titty I couldn’t get into my mouth a pity. I was hoping to be able to put a liplock on those that night, along with the rest of her small body.
She opened the door to my knock, and was every bit as cute and tiny as I remembered. The hand she extended to me thrilled me. I am partial to small women, perhaps because the women in my family tend to be that way, while Dad and all four of us boys were at or near six footers. She graciously offered me a glass of wine, which I accepted. I was thinking I should have stopped and brought a bottle with me, but my dick had been doing all my thinking since I’d picked up the phone.
We sat on her couch and discussed every topic imaginable for the next several hours while we sipped the wine. We were compatible politically and in our literary tastes. Books were important to both of us. We had several favorite science fiction and mystery authors and books in common and she was very articulate and interested in discussing them, as I was. How many of my recent acquaintances knew Agatha Christie from Dorothy Sayers and knew their characters names and traits? How many could compare the works of Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke? None of them except this woman. It was obvious this girl was a thinker and I found myself totally enchanted by her mind. We sat closer and closer to each other over the hours and held hands as we enjoyed each other’s presence and wit.
I finally decided the enchantment was mutual, and it was time for me to make my big play to see if we were compatible in other ways. “You know,” I told her, only one thing I enjoy more than an evening of literary discussion with a charming, beautiful, and intelligent woman.”
“Oh,” she whispered, “and what would that be?” “Making passionate love to her until the sun rises.” I answered, as I bent to kiss her lips. She seemed as eager as I was to explore the possibilities and responded more than willingly. We tongue wrestled for minutes before I reached to squeeze a small breast. I must have been doing something right because she began stripping for action.
“The baby is asleep in my bed, and it’s the only one we have.” She told me as she hurriedly removed her bra and panties, the last items of her clothing. “Would you prefer a pallet on the floor or the couch?”
I appreciated her giving me the choice, and told her, more room on the floor, Sweetheart, and I have a feeling we’ll need it before morning!” She went for a blanket while my hard cock pointed in the direction of her pretty butt like a compass needle points north!
I reached for my wallet and pulled out a condom package as she came back into the room. Since I’d knocked up her cousin I thought Paula might be gun shy around me. She satisfied that concern quickly as she smiled and spread the blanket, “I’m on the pill and have a diaphragm. I work as a receptionist for two doctors and have regular exams. I should be safe, even around you!” It was a relief to know we were relatively safe. I joined her on the blanket.
We resumed kissing where we’d left off and my hands roamed over her body. Paula returned the favor and stroked my cock. I was enjoying exploring her mouth, but my mouth was already salivating at the thought of sucking those little breasts I was stroking and that pretty pussy. I began kissing and sucking on her neck, then down to her hard nipples. Oh, yes, they tasted as delicious as I’d suspected! My hand began warming her pussy in anticipation of some righteous muff diving. I began moving my mouth that direction, licking and sucking her navel, then moving lower across her belly. My motto has always been the woman cums first and I usually prefer to get them off once or twice orally before ever entering them with my prick.
Paula interrupted me by saying, “I want to feel you inside me now!” Okay, I’d let her call the shots, but I’d never known a woman to refuse a few minutes of tongue on clit and pussy lip action and a couple of quick orgasms before getting down to some serious fucking. She was acting very hot, but something was different with her from any woman I’d been in bed with up to then. I couldn’t figure it out yet from the clues I’d been given.
I moved over her and slid my prick inside her. Oh fuck, she was tight! I settled in to stroking, varying my speed and force and the depth of my strokes every few minutes in reaction to subtle cues and vocal requests from her. She was thrusting up, seemingly enjoying the action. “My God! How long can you last?” She exclaimed, after we’d fucked for about thirty minutes. I told her, “Ask me that again while we watch the sun rise,
We’d been at it another thirty minutes or so, and she was still meeting my thrusts with her own and clutching me to her when I noticed the blanket we were on was sliding toward her kitchen. I told her, “Sweetie, when we go past the fridge if you’re thirsty you’d better get a drink, because we may not be back that direction for a while!” She laughed at my joke, which made her tight pussy do some unique things to my prick, but neither of us wanted to stop. She was rating right up there with the best fucks I’d ever had so far, but it was still early in this game, and at that time in my life it sometimes it took me five or six hours or more to cum doing it straight missionary position. That seemed to be the position she preferred.
I was wondering after another thirty minutes or so why she hadn’t had several orgasms already. We’d been going at it hard and strong for a couple of hours, and most of my sex partners would have been watching the fireworks display long ago. Was it possible I was losing my touch? Of a sudden she began fucking harder up to me and clenched her fingernails into the cheeks of my ass. She shrieked so loudly I hoped she hadn’t woke the baby. I saw by the dim lights in the kitchen her mouth was drooling and her eyes were rolled back in her head.
“What was that?” She gasped out after a moment, “What did you just do to me?” I kissed her and laughed, but kept up my stroking. darling, I just gave you your first orgasm at age twenty-five! Now that you know what it feels like we’re going for your second!”
“Oh my!” she said, “I’ve never felt anything so pleasurable and so intense! Mom asked me years ago if I was experiencing them and then told me I hadn’t when I told her I guess so. Now I know how she knew!”

story by: BikeWriter

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Author: BikeWriter

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