My brother's genie – chapter 04

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Daniel heard Charlie’s sweet voice, pulling him out of his dream. He opened his eyes, and saw Charlie looking over him, smiling. She was dressed in her school uniform.
/> “Morning Dan. Have fun yesterday?” Daniel sat up, and realised he was in Harry’s room. Memories of the previous day came flooding back to him.
“Yesterday? But it was like midday?”
“You slept all day and night. You were /> “I’m not surprised. What the fuck did you do to me?”
“I made you shoot half a litre of jizz. You passed out after that, so the girls just made love to each-other while you slept.”
“Oh my God…Where are the girls, anyway?”
“I sent them home to get ready for school.”
/> “Yes Dan, school. It is Monday, you know.”
“Oh yeah…Do we really have to go to school? Can’t you just wish us up a day off?”
“Of course I could, but I’ve got all sorts of fun stuff planned, so get />
Charlie gestured to Daniel’s uniform, which she’d laid out on the bed for him.
“Come on then!” She said.
you going to look away?”
“Dan, we’re a bit past modesty right now. Get up and get />
Dan reluctantly got out of bed, and started putting his clothes on, still not quite comfortable showing his body to Charlie. When he was fully dressed, Charlie took his hand in hers, and walked downstairs with him. As they walked, they heard low, female moans. They walked into the living room, where they saw Sarosa. Her arms and legs were chained to the sofa, her legs spread far apart. She was moaning loudly.
happened to you?” Daniel asked.
“This is…my displeasing my Sarosa moaned. “I am horny…oh so horny…but I cannot touch myself…No /> “Just use your magic to take it away,” Daniel said.
cannot disobey my /> “Well Charlie, you wish it away for her then.”
“I’m not helping that bitch out,” Charlie said. “I can’t anyway. It’d be against the rules.”
“What rules?”
"The genie rules. Afericus explained them to me. One of them is I can’t interfere with someone else’s wishes.”
“What? That’s stupid.”

“Very annoying, isn’t it?” Said Harry, walking into the room. “As annoying as coming home to find there’s a magical barrier around my bedroom, and having to sleep in mum and dad’s bed.”
“Oh yes, I’m sure sleeping with your mother was a nightmare, you sicko,” Charlie said. Harry just ignored her, and walked over to Sarosa.
“Had enough?” He asked.
“Please Master!” Sarosa begged. “This is agony!”
the idea. Apologise for what you did.”
“I’m sorry Master! I’m so SORRY!”
“Do you promise to obey me completely from now on?”
“Swear to me! Swear you will never disobey me again!”
“Beg me to show mercy!”
“You may free />
Sarosa breathed a sigh of relief, and then let out a scream of pleasure as she made herself cum. Her chains vanished, and her hands rushed to her pussy. Sarosa masturbated furiously as she rode out her orgasm for what felt to her like an eternity. When it was over, she laid back, panting.
“Now dress us, we’re going out,” Harry said.
“Yes Master,” Sarosa panted, magically dressing them.
“Where are you going?” Daniel asked.
“Well if you must know, I’m entering a sports competition, and I intend to win,” Harry said, pulling the poster out of his pocket and handing it to Charlie. “No dorks />
Harry left with Sarosa, leaving Charlie and Daniel looking at the poster.
“That bastard’s going to go and cheat his way to victory,” Charlie said.
hardly the worst thing he’s done with his wishes,” Daniel said.
“No, but wouldn’t it be great if we messed up his /> “I thought we couldn’t interfere with his wishes?”
“Not directly, but I was thinking maybe help someone else to beat him. Give him the same chances as Harry.”
“No way Charlie, you’re not doing that to me.”
“I didn’t mean you, idiot. I mean just pick one of the other competitors at random and give him a few perks.”
“That could be fun I guess.”
“Good. Come on then.”

With Afericus’ help, Charlie and Daniel got tickets to see the show very easily. As the three of them sat down, the two humans looked around. They were surprised as to how big the arena was, as well as how full it was. They were surprised how they’d only just heard about this event, since something this popular must have had a lot of publicity. There weren’t a lot of young people in the audience though, since most of them were at school.

The first event was the long jump. They watched the various competitors compete, and noted that the men and women competed together, and there were no age groups, which they found odd. The first few people were average, but then it was Harry’s turn. They saw him walk out onto the field, dressed in an extremely tight pair of shorts that showed off his bulge, and a vest that gave a good view of his toned muscles.
“So what now?” Daniel asked.
“We watch Harry, of course,” Charlie replied. Harry had his run up, and leaped so far that he went past the sand box. The crowd cheered.
“Surely that’s going to get someone asking questions?” Daniel asked. “That was impossible for a human.”
“He’s probably got everyone Charlie said. “And I suppose they could do drug tests and stuff and he’d come up clean anyway. Anyway, the next coming up. Afericus, wish time.”
“What do you desire, Mistress?” He asked.
“I wish for that guy to jump even further than Harry did, and nail a perfect landing,” Charlie said.
“It shall be done, />
The next guy took his run up, and jumped. As he did, Afericus stuck his hand out, grabbing hold of him with his magic. As he moved his hand, the boy flew, looking quite alarmed at how far he was jumping. He landed perfectly, as amazed as everyone else in the stadium.
“There, that should show Harry,” Charlie smiled. “I can’t wait for the next event.”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

The three of them turned around to see a woman sat behind them. She looked to be in her early 20s, and was slightly tanned. She had an Italian accent.
“Who are you?” Charlie asked.
“Word of advice Charlie, guard Dan’s mind,” the woman said. “I’ve just read everything from him. Rule one of having a genie; protect your friends and family.”
“What are you talking about? Do you have a genie too?” Daniel asked.
“No Dan, I she replied. “But that’s not important right now. What’s important is you stop your plan and get out of here.”
“Why on Earth would we do that?” Charlie asked.
you find it suspicious that this event was literally announced yesterday? Seems a bit quick for a big thing like this. And how it’s on a Monday, when most people are at work or school? It’s a trap. They’re trying to lure Masters and their genies. The short notice and poor scheduling won’t be a problem if you have a genie, and right now, they’re going around scanning people, trying to work out who’s got a genie. It’s a simple trick. Try and read your mind, and if they can’t, you’re probably a Master or genie. It’s what I did. Just be glad I got to you first.”
nonsense,” Daniel said.
“No, it’s really not. There are two guys walking around here trying to read people’s minds, and I reckon Harry and the other guy will have just caught their attention.

Meanwhile, the two guys in question, Frank, and the French delegate, Nicholas, were indeed on their way to see Harry in the changing rooms.
“I’ve checked Freddie,” said Nicholas. “He’s clean.”
“Must have been Harry wishing for them both then,” Frank said. The two of them walked into the changing rooms, where they saw Harry getting a blowjob from Sarosa, while the other competitors took no notice.
“Harry Robinson?” Frank asked.
Harry groaned. you see I’m busy here.”
“My apologies,” Frank said. “My name is Frank Johnson, and this is my associate, Nicholas Durand. We’d like to speak to you and your genie.” Sarosa stopped sucking at this, and the two of them stared at the men in shock.
“Worry not, we mean you no harm,” Nicholas said. “We represent an organisation which would be very interested in meeting you.”
not with the Brookmans’ lot, are you?” Sarosa asked. “Because if so, we’re not Frank and Nicholas looked a little bit shocked at this, but remained calm.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Frank said. “But the rest of our group would be very interested in meeting you.”
“Master, I do not recommend we go with them.”
“Shut up, Sarosa,” Harry snapeed. “What sort of group is this?”
“All will be revealed on arrival,” Nicholas said. “Come, we have a car />
Harry stood up and pulled his shorts up, and followed after the men, with Sarosa staying close to him. They led him outside to a large limo, and the 4 of them sat in the back. Nicholas clapped his hands, and the car set off.
“Where are we going?” Harry asked.
“All will be revealed,” Frank replied. He pressed a button, and a plate of vol-au-vents appeared. “Please, help /> “And if you’d like a Nicholas said.
“I’d just like to say I don’t trust you two and I think we should leave,” Sarosa said.
“No-one asked for your opinion,” Harry said, stuffing his face full of vol-au-vents.
“Yes genie, be quiet,” Nicholas ordered.
“Neither of you are genies, I’d know one of my brothers anywhere,” Sarosa said. “But there’s a large amount of magic on you both.”
“Sarosa, I said shut up!” Harry shouted, his mouth full.

The car arrived at the building, and the two of them were lead in. Sarosa noted that the entire building, as well as all of the heavily-armed guards around were practically swimming in magic.
“It’s at this point I’d ask you to dismiss your genie,” Frank said. “Strictly humans only beyond this point.”
“Oh, alright,” Harry said. “Into your lamp, Sarosa.”
“Master, I really don’t think that’s a good idea,” Sarosa said.
“Sarosa, I wasn’t asking.”
“But Master, I-”
/> Master.”

Reluctantly, Sarosa conjured her lamp in Harry’s hands, and was then sucked into it in a cloud of dark-blue smoke. Harry then walked into the room with the men. Inside was a large conference table, though no-one was around it.
“Please, sit down,” Frank said, and Harry did so, placing Sarosa’s lamp down on the table.
Nicholas asked, and Harry nodded. Nicholas pressed a button, and a set of chains appeared, wrapping themselves around Harry and completely immobilising him.
going on!?” Harry asked.
“The first step in saving the world,” Frank said. He put a pair of gloves on, and picked up Sarosa’s lamp. “This is what people like you get.”
“What do you mean!? People like me?”
“Those who would use the power of genies to infringe on the liberties of others,” Nicholas replied. “You and the rest of your ilk are a danger to humanity, and must be />
Harry look around and saw the room changing into a completely white void, with only his chair and the door remaining.
“You will be left here until you die,” Frank said. “Which if you’ve done something silly like eliminating your need for food, will be a very long time indeed.”
“You can’t do this! This is murder!” Harry protested.
“It’s more than scum like you deserves,” Frank continued. “You and every other Master will be rounded up and killed, and humanity will be free of the genies’ tyranny forever. />
Frank and Nicholas left, and the door disappeared, leaving Harry on his own. It was true that he’d eliminated all unnecessary bodily functions, so he was likely to be here for decades before his body gave in.
“Oh, and just to speed things up a bit, as well as torture you,” Nicholas’ voice said over the intercom. going to very slowly remove the air and heat from your cell.” Now that was definitely bad. Harry didn’t have any sort of protection against anything like that.
He shouted. “Help me!”

“Look, I don’t know who you are, lady, but we’re perfectly safe here,” Charlie said.
“It is in your best interests to keep your Mistresshood secret,” the woman said.
/> “I’ll explain at your place,” the woman said. She then grabbed Daniel, and disappeared.
Charlie shouted. “You can’t do that! Afericus, I wish for you to take us home!”
“It shall be done, />
In an instant, the two of them were back in her living room, where they saw Daniel and the woman sat on the sofa.
“I’m sorry about this,” she said. “But I didn’t want to talk with anyone around.”
“Would you mind explaining who you are now and what’s going on?” Charlie asked.
“No to the former, yes to the later,” the woman replied. “It’s better if I keep myself to myself.”
“I thought genies had to obey humans?” Charlie asked.
“I’m not a genie,” the woman told her.
“But you have magic?”
“Like I said, it’s better to keep myself to myself. And anyway, even if I were a genie, I wouldn’t be obliged to obey some random girl.”
“I’m not some random girl!” Charlie shouted.
“More than 100 billion people have inhabited this planet over the years. You’re no more special than any one of them.”
“Charlie, is there a chance you could not make this woman mad please?” Daniel asked. “I’ve had quite enough of people casting random magic spells on me.”
“Okay fine,” Charlie said. “Will you at least tell us your name?”

she replied.
“What kind of a name is that?”
a girl called Charlie, and you’re insulting my name? You know, I’m really starting to regret saving you.”
“Saving us from what?”
“That event was set up purely to lure out genies and their Masters,” Antonella explained. hosting dozens of them over the next few weeks.”
/> “The UN. They’ve set up a special division specifically targeted at removing magic from the world.”
/> it obvious? Anyone who’s rubbed a genie’s lamp has near-infinite magical power at their disposal. And there are thousands of genies on Earth. They’re scared.”
no excuse to try and get rid of all the genies!”

it? Look at this from their perspective. Most Masters use their genies to have fun. But what’s fun for one person isn’t necessarily fun for another. Their idea of fun might involve torturing random people on the street. Hell, Daniel’s brother has, without any specific malicious intent, committed several hundred counts of what is effectively mind-controlled rape. Many would see that as reason enough to have him killed.”
“And do you agree with that?”
“Of course not. Magic, when used properly, can be a tool for great good. And in truth, this group only poses a danger to those foolish enough to allow themselves to be harmed. With what I’ve read from your mind, Daniel, I fear that your brother may fall into that /> Daniel asked. “You think he’s in danger?”
Antonella replied. “Assuming he allowed the group to lead him into a trap.”
“Well we’ve got to do />
Asked Frank.
“I’m sorry Mr Johnson, but we’ve not been able to determine anything,” replied the Professor. Asrah was laid naked on a table, after extensive examination.
/> “Her heart rate is 86bpm,” the Professor said. “Blood type AB-, which, while rare, isn’t anything unheard of in a human. Body temperature approximately 36.7 degrees. X-Rays reveal she’s perfectly normal on the inside, as far as we can tell. We could perform a vivisection, if you’d like.”
“No no, I wouldn’t want to break her. So you can’t find anything unusual about her?”
“No Mr Johnson. As far as we can tell, she’s a perfectly normal human girl. Though to be fair, you didn’t tell us what we were supposed to be looking for.”
“That girl is far from a perfectly normal human being. That girl could have you screaming in indescribable agony with a flutter of her eyelashes. That girl could knock over the Eiffel Tower with a light blow from her lips. That girl could bring down every government on Earth with nothing but a wiggle of her finger.”

The Professor looked at him with a look of confusion. He didn’t understand Mr Johnson’s fascination with this girl. She seemed like a perfectly ordinary girl, maybe 19 or 20. He wondered where she’d come from. Aside from the perfectly legitimate work he and his team did, their bosses tended to give them jobs which might appear to the outside world to be a tad immoral or illegal. Truth be told, the only reason he stayed where he was was because of the money. The government did love throwing taxpayers’ money at him.

The girl had seemed friendly enough. Certainly if she had indeed been kidnapped, she wasn’t letting on. She happily went along with anything she was asked, though she’d politely declined his offer for a cup of tea. The girl had however gotten rather less cheery when Mr Johnson had returned.
“That will be all then,” said Frank. “Come along, Asrah. And put some clothes on.”
“Yes Master.”

Asrah stood up, dressed herself, and walked out with her Master. Frank looked at her as they walked. How could she be so…human? This girl was an abomination, so how could she be so similar to a normal person? What gave her her magical abilities? The lamp they’d taken from Harry had been taken to be cracked open, but they’d failed at that too. A series of power drills had not even made a scratch. Nor had a 30-foot drop, or being hit with hammers. Being left to the mercy of a pot of thermite had simply warmed it up, and a dip in liquid nitrogen had achieved little other than cleaning it. It seemed />
Antonella said. They’d gone back to the event, and discovered from one of the boys in the changing rooms that Harry had left with two men. “This is bad, this is very bad.”
Daniel asked.
“Because they’ve got your /> “Maybe he’s there /> “Oh he might have gone along willingly, yes. But whatever’s going on in there, he won’t be enjoying it.”
“What do we do then?” Charlie asked, slightly annoyed with herself for feeling compassion for Harry’s situation.
Antonella replied.

Daniel shouted. my big /> “And I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.”
“There must be /> “Daniel, we only have genie magic at our disposal. Genie magic cannot fight genie magic.”
“You mean they’ve got a genie at their /> “Their UK headquarters is practically swimming in magic. There’s definitely a genie there.”
“So there’s nothing we can do?”
“I’m sorry Daniel, your brother is gone.”

The three of them sat in silence for a while. Daniel had had his problems with his brother, particularly over the past few days, but he was still his brother. He dreaded to think what those people were doing to him. Charlie meanwhile was thinking. She was desperately trying to come up with a solution to this. She didn’t like Harry, but she didn’t want Dan to be unhappy. Her mind raced, looking for something, anything, which could help their predicament.

get them to let Harry go?” Charlie asked.
“Oh yes, and how exactly do you expect to achieve that?” Asked Antonella. “Write them a strongly-worded letter? Harry is gone, accept it.”
“Well maybe some of us don’t want to give up so easily!”
“You know, I’m not so sure that’s such a bad idea,” Daniel said.
“It’s a terrible idea,” Antonella said.
“Hear me out,” Daniel said. “What if we make them think one of their superiors has ordered his /> suggesting we impersonate a high-up UN official?” Antonella asked.
“Would it work?”

“Of course not. They’re presumably reading everyone’s minds in there, which would mean they’d spot us right away. Mine and Charlie’s minds are shielded, while Daniel’s is completely exposed. Either way, we’re not getting in /> “Could we fake something?” Charlie asked. “Make them think they’re reading our minds, but actually they’re reading something else?”
Antonella thought about it.
“It’s possible,” she said. “But it would be very, very /> “But it’s possible?” Daniel asked hopefully.
Antonella replied. “But very very /> “But we can do it.”
determined to do this, aren’t you?”
“Yes. Fine then. Follow my />
Frank returned to the facility, to help with the planning for the future events. Asrah was returned to her which was more of a cell. Meanwhile, in an unmarked black van, Antonella, Charlie and Daniel were preparing themselves. She picked up her phone, and willed it to call directly to Frank’s. She picked it up, and spoke.
“So I hear you’ve captured one?” She asked.
“Yes sir, we’ve got him trapped now,” Frank replied. be dead soon.”
said Antonella. “Death is more than that boy /> “I agree, but it is the only /> “Nonsense. There are plenty of ways to make the boy suffer. It’s why we’ve decided to have him transferred to the US for imprisonment and /> “Sir, with all due respect, is that wise? We don’t know what he’s capable of.”
“You have his lamp, don’t you?”
/> “Then he’s harmless. Our agents will be there soon to collect him. You are to co-operate fully with all of their orders.”
“Yes sir.”

Antonella put the phone down, and Charlie and Daniel looked at her, Afericus sat next to them.
“That was Charlie said, referring to the uncanny impression Antonella had done of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.
“Not really,” Antonella said. “Incredible will be if we are able to pull this off. Remember, I’ll be projecting mock thoughts at you constantly for them to read, but if you see any signs of trouble, use Afericus to get out of there. Remember, you’re just going to get Harry out. Don’t try anything else.”
said Daniel.
“Good, because we’re here.”

The van, being driven by a mindless human construct, pulled up outside the facility. Charlie, Afericus and Daniel, dressed in what was essentially Men in Black cosplay, and magically altered to look 10 years older, got out of the van, and approached the entrance. They flashed their IDs, and were allowed in. They were led in by the guards, and met by Frank.
“You seem surprised to see us,” Charlie said.
“Well yes,” Frank said, analysing the three of them. “Our group had made our stance very clear. All Masters must die.”
“Your power comes from the UN,” Daniel said. been /> push it,” Antonella said in Daniel’s head. “Just get Harry and get out of there.”
you take us to him then?” Daniel asked.
“Very well,” Frank said. “But know that I am not happy about this.”
“Just take us to him,” Charlie said.

Frank led them through the corridors, to a rather uninteresting room. He placed his hand on a scanner, and the door unlocked. He opened the door.
“Asrah, come out of there,” he said.
“Yes Master!” They heard, and Asrah emerged quickly from the room. “What do you desire?”
“Take us to where the boy is being held,” he ordered.
“At once, Master.”

In his escape proof cell, Harry was thinking. Or at least, he was trying to think. It was all he could do to avoid passing into unconsciousness. The air was getting very, very thin, and the temperature was plummeting. Harry was using his last time on Earth to think about everything he’d done in the past 7 months. He’d always thought of himself as a good person, but has he really stuck with that? Harry thought back to when he’d first gotten Sarosa…

Thursday the 5th of November, 2015. Harry was walking home from school from the bus stop, carrying his large school bag on his back, and thinking about the ridiculous amount of homework he had to do tonight. He hated GCSEs.

Harry walked past a stream, as he always did. He stopped for a while to enjoy the view. As he looked out, he saw something glistening, sticking out of the ground. Normally he wouldn’t have paid attention to something like that, but in this case, he couldn’t help but stare at it. Harry climbed over, and down to the object, trying to stay out of the mud as best he could. He pulled the object out easily, and he saw it appeared to be some sort of oil lamp. Figuring he could probably get some money for it on eBay, he dipped it in the stream to was off some of the mud, and then put it in his school bag, not particularly worried about his books getting dirty.

Harry finished walking home, and went straight up to his bedroom. He took his blazer off, and took the lamp out of his bag. It looked very old, and had what appeared to be glorious sapphires decorating it. It reminded Harry of the lamp from Aladdin, so he decided it would be fun to rub it. On doing so, he felt the cold lamp begin to warm up. Clouds of dark blue smoke began pouring out, and Harry dropped the lamp in shock. He backed away slowly, as the smoke gathered together on the floor, and began to take the shape of a gorgeous, naked girl.

said the girl. “Je suis Sarosa, votre génie. Que /> Harry said.
“Me asked Sarosa. français? Können Sie Deutsch? Usted habla español? Parla l’italiano? Do you speak /> Harry replied.
“Very well then Master,” Sarosa smiled. “I shall repeat myself. I am Sarosa, your genie. What do you desire?”
“Um, well, /> “Yes Master,” she smiled. She noticed Harry staring at her breasts, and he looked away. “Master, do not be embarrassed. I am yours to do with as you desire. Your every wish is my /> /> “Perhaps a demonstration of my power is in order?”

Sarosa snapped her fingers, and Harry felt a set of invisible hands grab hold of him, and lay him down on his bed. Sarosa floated into the air, and knelt down on the bed in front of him. She made a series of complex hand motions, and Harry’s tie undid itself, before she flicked her hand, and the tie flew off him. She then flicked her finger, causing his top button to fly off. She flicked again, and again, as every one of the buttons on Harry’s shirt flew off. She then waved her hands, causing his shirt to also fly off his body.

Harry was incredibly tense and nervous. This girl seemed to possess incredible magical powers. He was simultaneously terrifying at the thoughts of what this girl might do to him, and aroused at the thoughts of what this girl might do to him. She looked down at the bulge forming in his trousers, and grinned. She wiggled her finger again, and the zip on the front of Harry’s trousers worked its way down. Then, with a swipe of Sarosa’s hands, Harry’s trousers and pants flew off completely, leaving him completely naked in front of her.

“Awww, you’ve got a beautiful dick, Master,” Sarosa smiled. Harry just smiled nervously. “Master, you need not fear me. It is my only desire to bring you joy, happiness and pleasure.” Sarosa crawled on top of Harry, and leaned down, kissing him tenderly. Harry was shocked by this, but soon he was very much in the swing of it, enjoying his first ever kiss. Sarosa broke the kiss, and looked at him.
“Do you enjoy my body?” Sarosa asked, and Harry nodded, his cock hard as stone. “Have you ever touched boobs?” Harry shook his head. Sarosa smiled, and gently gripped Harry’s wrist. Slowly, she moved his hand towards her, and laid it on her breast. She then took his other hand, and did the same.
“Oh my Harry said.
“Squeeze them Master,” Sarosa said. Harry did so, and feelings of joy passed through him as he finally got to experience the thing he’d imagined so many times. Sarosa moaned softly, encouraging her Master as he kneaded her breasts. His face had turned from one of fear to one of joy.

“What is your name, Master?” she asked him.
he replied, mesmerised by Sarosa’s boobs.
“Well then Master Harry, how would you like a spot of /> Harry shuttered, stopping squeezing her boobs. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he knew what that word meant.
“Yes Master,” she said cheerfully. “Head, oral sex, dick sucking, a blowjob. Would you like that, Master?”
“Well, um, I only just Harry said, swallowing hard, foreshadowing things to come.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Sarosa moved down Harry’s body, and moved her head down to his groin. Lightly, she started blowing air on Harry’s genitals, causing him to shiver.
“Just relax, Master,” she cooed. “And let your loyal genie take you to Sarosa kissed Harry’s balls, before taking them into her mouth. The boy moaned deeply as she sucked on them, enjoying the sounds of her Master’s pleasure. She then released Harry’s testicles from her mouth, and gave a long, slow lick to his cock.
“Oh my Harry moaned, and Sarosa smiled. She pulled his foreskin back, and gave slow, gentle licks to the head, causing Harry’s moans to intensify. She kissed the tip of his dick, before slowly sliding it into her mouth. />
Sarosa held his dick there, licking it occasionally, and humming the tune of “La donna è mobile”, which sent a series of pleasurable vibrations down Harry’s cock. Then, still humming, she finally began bobbing her head up and down, sucking as hard as she possibly could on his penis. Harry grabbed hold of the bedsheets at this. He could barely believe what he was feeling. For years he’d dreamed what this would feel like, and now, he knew. It felt like Heaven. Every bit of his dick was alive with pleasure, and he closed his eyes, wondering what he’d done to deserve such a feeling.

Harry could barely contain his feelings, and, rather sooner than he would have liked, he let out a loud groan, and unleashed his load into Sarosa’s mouth. It was the greatest orgasm of his life, and he felt like his entire body was being ejaculated into Sarosa. When it was finally over, he laid back, panting, while Sarosa pulled off his softening cock. She opened her mouth to reveal the enormous amount of semen he’d shot into her, before swallowing it in one big gulp.
“Did that please you, Master?” She asked, and Harry just nodded contently. “I thought it would. So then, what now? I believe intercourse is the standard?” Oh God, Harry thought. A blowjob was one thing, but this girl was now offering to take his virginity.
he said. “I, uh…just give me a minute or two. You know, to /> “Master, have you forgotten the power I possess?” Sarosa asked. “We can resume sexual activity instantly if you so desire.”
/> “Yes Master. Do you wish me to fuck you right now?”
“Then your wish is my />
Sarosa wasted no time. She moved back up Harry’s body, and lowered her pussy down onto his dick, which, with a snap of her fingers, was back at full mast. The boy moaned as the genie made him a man. If Sarosa’s mouth had felt good, her pussy felt absolutely fucking fantastic. Sarosa leaned down to kiss him, and she bounced up and down on his cock, sending wave after wave of amazing, sexual sensations through both of their bodies. Sarosa grabbed hold of Harry’s hands again, and moved them onto her bottom. Harry squeezed it, and Sarosa moaned into his mouth.

Harry eventually worked up the strength and courage to do some thrusting of his own, moving his hips up and down. He moved his hands from Sarosa’s ass, and the two of them simply took their hands in enjoying the feeling of their joyous union.
“Oh God gonna cum!”
“Me too Master! Give it to me!”
“Here it />
Harry and Sarosa both moaned loudly, going over the edge simultaneously. Harry fired another huge load into Sarosa’s pussy, which he could feel milking him with every ounce of strength it had. As he came, Harry heard the first of the night’s fireworks going off outside, exploding perfectly in time with his ejaculation.
Harry remembered how well Sarosa had treated him. She’d been like a mother to him, looking after him, giving him everything he wanted, and generally loving him. But he’d treated her with everything from general rudeness to full on torture. He’d have given anything to hear her sweet voice right now. He only hoped that whatever afterlife awaited was forgiving to him.

Harry was so deep in thought, as well as so close to death, that he didn’t notice the door appearing in front of him. Nor did he notice the air and heat returning to his room. Hell, he barely noticed his chains vanishing. Frank, Asrah, Daniel, Charlie and Afericus walked into the room, and looked at him.
“He’s dead!” Charlie exclaimed.
“He is not dead, Asrah said.
“None of your business,” said Charlie. “How do you know he’s not dead?”
“He’s still linked to his genie,” Asrah replied.
“Alright then. Afericus, pick him up.”
“As you command, Afericus said, trying not to blow their cover. He picked up the barely-conscious Harry.
“Alright, now just get out of there,” Antonella said in Daniel’s head. “Get him out to the van and we’ll get the hell out of here.”

They carried Harry out of the facility to the van, and put him in it. With Frank watching, they drove away as quickly as they could.

Author's message: "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." – Douglas Adams

Now, I don't have any actual deadlines for this story. My are simply the points where people start to wonder if I've died. So I'm sorry about how long it's taken. Aside from the normal excuses, this chapter was actually quite a difficult one to write. To make up for it, I added in the flashback sex scene, which I'd instead been planning for later.

SEXSTORIES EXCLUSIVE BIT OF THIS MESSAGE: This chapter took especially long for you guys because of the fact that the moderation team seemed to go into hibernation for two weeks, so that's how long it took for Chapter 3 to go up. It's now finally up, more than 2 weeks after submitting it, so I can post this too.

I did consider killing Harry off, but I have things planned for him later on, so I decided against it. I'm also aware that Afericus is currently less of a character than Kamelion or Kininger, and I'd like to fix that later on, so I hope so.

Any French speakers out there want to correct my French, by the way?

Let's hope Chapter 5 doesn't take as long… And let's hope this one goes up in decent time.

story by: DragoTime

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Author: DragoTime

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