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My fiancée
Introduction : This is a true story. It was happened about 15 years ago. At that time we were young, ignorance and innocent in exploring sex.
I had been dating my fiancée for sometime. Today I decided to take her cherry a week after we were engaged . I was 22 then and Anna was 17 y. o. I took her to a lodging house in the out-skirt downtown which I had surveyed the other day. It was a bit run-down and old but quite cozy and clean.

As soon as I shoved my fiancée in the main hall, a fat middle aged man, presumed the boss, asked us “Want a room?” I quickly said: “Yes please”

His eyes stared at my face and her body, then he told us to hand out our ID cards which my fiancée was reluctant. But she finally dug from her small bag and gave it to me. I handed over both cards to him. He took a quick glance and gave us the key, “No.8 up stair” he said to us.

We quickly walked up the staircase, found the No.8 room and closed the door. She was a bit uneasy and scared. After my sweet talk and hugging all over her body she became to calm down. This was the room where I fucked my fiancée the first time. And I found out that she was not a virgin. She looked at me and knew that was wrong. I asked her who took her cherry? She honestly told me it was her two big brothers when she was 16 y. o. Her eldest brother started it first. When the big brother was away, the other brother did it. On and off,they had a few times before their mother found out. She scolded her brothers and from then on she slept with her mother.

We had a romantic and joyful sex and she was enjoying every moment. Even she wanted another fuck before we left.

When we were getting dress up to go home, we heard the door being thumped briefly. I open it and saw the boss standing there, his face was pale. As he entered the room, he told us that the authority officers were checking the rooms down stair. He added that my girl-friend was less than 18 year old and it was an offence to take an under-aged girl to do this thing in their lodging house. He also advised us to give the offices $500 to pay them off. Otherwise they would take us to the police. We were very frighten and told him we don’t have that much money. My fiancée was crying. Then the fat man said he could pay first and talk to us latter. I thanked him and we would do what he wanted us to do for his help.

Ten minutes later, the fat man returned to our room. He raised his voice and told us he had paid the officers off and asked us how much money we had. I told him I had a hundred and fifty and gave him all the money. He said how were we going to pay the rest. We shook our heads.

Then he told me to use her to pay up the balance by taking a few customers of his. My fiancée refused. The fat man was angry and said he had help us, otherwise if those five officers came up here and saw your under aged pretty little girl, they would not only take money but would certainly intimidate you and definitely took turns to fuck her. Then she wouldn’t be able to walk for few days. My fiancée was very terrified and said she couldn’t let so many men to fuck her. The fat man smiled, that was it, if you cooperated with him and made him enjoy, he could be the only man here to fuck her. and we don’t have to pay the rest of money. We were reluctance and finally she agreed when she realised only let him fuck her was better than so many others.

The boss told me to leave the room and asked me to wait at his office down stair. He shut the door with my fiancée and him in the room

I walk to his office there was nobody in the hall and the main door was shut. I sat in his office and I noticed a small TV was on and someone was talking on the screen. To my horror, they were my fiancée and the fat man. They were completely naked. My fiancée was laying on the bed with her hands covered her eyes and the naked fat man was fondling, grasping and kissing her small breasts. My second thought made me more shivered when I realised the fat man might had seen everything when I fucked my fiancee a moment earlier as he watched us from this TV. I was not willing to see further in this situation. But I was tempted by the groaning sound made by Anna and the sexy dirty words uttered by the wicked man, so my eyes were drawn back to the TV screen. The fat man was holding Anna legs and spread then wide apart by his two powerful hands. He was licking and mowing her pussy with his mouth; tongue and lips. Anna was moaning with her eyes closed. Later, when I glanced at the TV again the fat man was fucking my fiancée with his big fat dick.

About thirty minutes soon after, I saw the fat man walk down the stair fellow by my fiancée. He saw me sitting in his office with the TV facing me, he made a immoral smile. Before he handed over our ID cards he also returned my money. He commented that she had given him very good service and he was satisfied. But I had to bring her back next week for him to use one more time. I was to tell him no way while I look at my fiancée. She seemed no objection as she nodded her head. The fat man said, he had already discussed with her in the room. She had cried and as well agreed to come back one more time. I did not know why my fiancée so quickly consented to allow him again to fuck her as we were going to leave this place and not coming back.

We left the lodge and took Anna back to her house. On the way back we did not say a word.

For three days I did not see Anna or give her a phone call. Then late in the evening I received a call. It was my fiancée. She said, she wanted to see me tonight. At eight, I picked her up and drove to a isolated place. From there I was going to tell her how sorry I was to get her into this mess. Before I could open my mouth to speak, I head her said “Darling, I am sorry. Do you still want me?”

I was rather surprised and said “Sorry for what.”

“I was not a virgin, I had been used by my brothers and now fucked by the fat man.” she told me.

I said to her, of course I wanted her and I love her. it was not your fault. It was not your willingness. It was a bad encounter in our experience. We would try to forgive and forget and don’t let it happen again

But we had to go back next Monday to face the fat man, she told me.

Otherwise he would come to my house and looked for me and all people should know about it… because from my ID card he knew where I live the fat man reminded me that day, she said.

I was shocked to learn that and stared at her not knowing what to do. Then I recalled what I had seen in his office's TV. The fat man might used the video to blackmail her if she don’t fulfill her promise. All these things came over my mind and I dared not tell my fiancée about her being video-tape in the sex act as this might hurt her further.

“Darling, as long as you promise you love me and want me, I am not afraid to go and face him again. What he want is to use my body to satisfy his lust. He did not hurt me that day and was very polite to me,” she told me.

I said: “I don’t want to see you in bed with that fat man again, if I could. But if we don’t go, I afraid he might harm you. We don’t have a choice.”

The next Monday afternoon, we were in that lodging house again. The fat man was already in the office doing something to his TV. When he saw my fiancée, he hurriedly came to greet us and said “ Hi young lady, you look absolutely cute today. I am so glad to see you />
“Please go upstairs, make yourself comfortable. Uncle will come to serve you in a jiffy,” he added.

My fiancée without hesitation walked up the staircase and I saw an elderly lady fellow her. She was holding a sag bag. It was fairly big.

When they disappeared from our sight, the fat man told me to leave and come back two hours later.

Seeing that, there was a woman with them, I was quite relaxed to leave her alone.
Two hours was quite long for me to wait at this time but it was gradually passed by. When I came back to the lodging house, I saw my fiancée was sitting in the couch waiting.

The fat man was not there, the woman told me to take my fiancée back. They had promised not to disturb us anymore.

On our way my fiancée said she was hungry and wish to eat something. While we were eating I asked her how she felt. She said, she was fine but hungry and tired.

I said why she took so long in the lodging house.

She said: "The fat man fucked her once and later again he fucked another," almost cried out.

What about the woman, why was she there with you.

“Oh that woman, she is the fat man’s wife. She wants to watch her husband fucked me. She was in the room all the time with us,” my fiancé was hesitating.

Was that all she wanted to watch?

Anna was reluctance to say further, and I think it was not that simple. So after our meals I took her back to her house.

We married after a year. Anna and I live happily and we have two children.

It was quite sometimes ago after our marriage, that once during our lovemaking and she was high as she was not able to hold her old secret any more, she told me what had happened that day.

Below was what had happen to Anna that day:-

Once in that same room No.8, the elder woman ordered Anna to strip completely naked and she did the same.

After that, the woman open the bag and threw the contents on the bed. They were sex toys, all sort of dildos of different size and color. Ann was surprised and did not quite understand what were they for, neither did she had seen or used them before.

Anna asked the woman what was she doing here and where was the uncle.

The woman smiled: “Young lady, you like uncle Tom, don’t you? He is my husband. Your uncle likes young pussy, so do I !!!! Make yourself relax on the bed, I will eat your little succulent pussy first then your uncle will come to take his turn to make you happy.”

Before Anna could question further, the woman pushed Anna on the bed and started to lick and rubbed her big fat tongue all over her cunt.

Anna had stopped arguing and was enjoying her fantastic pleasure. This was the second time she had her cunnilingus on her small pussy. But this time was done by a woman and far better than the man (as women know where are their most sensitive spots of the pussy ) and served better pleasure for Anna

Anna gratefully spreading her legs as far as they would go and even used her fingers to spread open her labium for the woman enhanced access.

When Anna's cunt was getting wetter, the woman put her finger inside Anna love tunnel. She finger-fucked her. Seemingly that the litter girl not satisfied, she reached out the bed and grabbed a dildo and thrust it into Anna's cunt.

After playing Anna’s pussy with some more didos she asked Anna to eat her pussy.

Anna refused because she never did that before.

While Anna was reluctant to give the woman a pussy lickjob , the bedroom door flunk open , the fat man was in the room and shut the door. He was naked except his boxer. He already had a hard on, very huge bulge on his boxer.

He was smiling as he walked towards them. He told his wife: “ Don’t scare the litter girl. We will try to teach her how to do it.”

He was very kind taking the naked Ann to the bed and laid her on the bed with her legs hanging down on each side of the bed corner.

Anna was particulary happy to see the fat man with them and was willingly to act what he wanted her to do.

The man knew that, Anna needed badly a real cock inside her wet pussy but he was not going for that yet. Instead he took his pecker over Anna’s face and asked her to suck his cock.

Anna shilly-shally a moment but decided to taste a man’s cock so she obliged taking the man’s cock to her open mouth and looking at him, “I don’t know how.”

After some instructions, Anna had pick up the skill and was going fine.

The fat man turned around, his face was facing Anna’s pussy, he licked her cunt while Anna was giving him a blowjob in 69 ways.

The older lady was watching all the while and was very horny and aroused told her husband: “Tom, fuck her, fuck the litter pussy for me to watch.”

Tom was getting ready with his erected dick. Anna saw it was much bigger than last time she had seen it. But she did not close her eyes anymore. She wanted to enjoy sex.

After several minutes of fucking at Anna’s tight pussy, Tom told Anna to give his wife’s pussy a lickjob, as his wife needed it badly.

At first Anna refused but after several coaxing, Anna begun to like the idea by licking a woman’s pussy and her husband fucking her.

As soon as without telling, the woman dashed to Anna and crouched between her head with her cunt full of dripping succulence.

Anna enjoyed her first cunnilingus for the woman.

At this point, my wife, Anna was reluctance to tell me further of her encounter but unrelentingly to say that, that day the fat man had fucked her twice within the two hours.

I notice my wife was extremely horny after she related her story to me so I asked her “Darling, can I fuck you another round.

“Yes, I too need it badly,” she moaned.

That second round was far better than any fuck that I ever had with her and she enjoyed very much. We had the first time doing fellatio and cunnillingus to each other.

After I cum my load inside her, I looked at her eyes and said, “Do you mind to try something which we have had missed out 15 years.”

Anna was interested: “What was that.”

I was serious and talked straight at her. “Do you want to fuck 3some with another man?”

“Of course I do and longing for you to say that” she smile gleefully.

Our sex activities have improved and we love each other more than ever.

The end.

story by: jeff

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Author: jeff

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